91-04-28 Nausea – Chronic Disease (photos)

Posted: June 28, 2012 in VV 1991
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More on this concert: 91-04-28 Nausea – Chronic Disease

Here’s a bunch of snapshots; kindly donated by Klaas Hardeman:

‘Nausea’: Vic (guitar), Amy (vocals), Roy (drums) John John (bass) & [below] Al (vocals)

…notice a very enthusiastic Dieter R. and an attentive Jan C. in the crowd…

‘Nausea’s Al crowdsurfing… supported by a blushing Ghislain V. (L) & Ward V. (R)

‘Nausea’ & friends having dinner in the ‘upstairs’ room… At the table: John John, Vic & roadie Jim Martin.

‘Nausea’s friend Dan (Profane Existence editor)

‘Chronic Disease’: Meyer (guitar), Sling (drums), Leffe (vocals), Vrokker (bass)

Peter Roose, David Stubbe, Dieter Roelstraete, Hans Verbeke, Stephane Boens, etc. in the audience…

  1. Dieter Roelstraete a.k.a. 'Lord Moloch' says:

    ‘Nausea’ in the Vort’n Vis?!? I had no idea anymore. Great pics donated by an old acquaintance… So much semantic action going on in the panoply of band-shirts!

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