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No Sense drawingartist’s impression of ‘No Sense’

‘Feeding The Fire’ were a political straight-edge band from Dutch Limburg (Kerkrade). Burt & Michiel of ‘Man Lifting Banner’ released their No Submission 7” on their label, Red Wax recs (in 1993). The line-up was (I think) Rob Franssen (vocals), Roger (bass), Dennis ‘Crustbus’ Niesing ? (drums; René Natzel played on the 7″), and guitarists Illona Stephan & Har(ald) Brosselt. (see 91-12-21)

92-04-18 FTF No Submission cover

Also ‘No Sense’ were from The Netherlands’ ‘deep south’… Eric Hellebrand’s (bass) favourite bands are ‘No Means No’ & ‘Victims Family’ so you get an idea of how they sounded… Also in the band: Har(ald) Brosselt (vocals; guitar for ‘F.T.F.’), Roy Moonen (drums) and Léon Kleikers (guitar). A few months after this they would record their 7” Ruminating Small Fry.

A month after their 1st passage ‘Born Against’ was here again… Saying goodbye to their tour-mates (‘Nations On Fire’) and us…. (92-03-08)

‘A.M.D.’ (‘Anti Military Demonstration’) from Budapest, Hungary were (at that time) Sotar (vocals), Lörke (Sandor Fuleki; guitar), Kiskovacs (Zoltan Kovacs; drums) and Sik Endre (bass)… Their music was metal-influenced HC/thrash and the lyrics were in Hungarian. The guys hardly spoke English, only the bassist… I’d gotten to know them via their Sucking Stalin tape in 1988 but they also had an LP out called The Horrors Of War, And Worse! (1991)… (For those who speak Hungarian go to

92-04-18 AMD tape cover

I was really sick and had a fever before the show which was gone afterwards. Bands like ‘Born Against’ and that whole scene marked the beginning for a lot of people (including us). We were being too politically correct for a while, unrealistic and very black and white about things. Obviously not saying people shouldn’t be political but it was a scene being against almost everything. We grew out of it fast luckily. It was a really good show and ‘Born Against’ were at their height back then.

Rob Franssen, ‘F.T.F.’

The second time I was at the V.V. I think for ‘Born Against’ this was the last one of their tour. I don’t recall much of the gig other than ‘B.A.’ were pretty intense. I didn’t know their records until then but was immediately blown away.

Cartsen Pötter, visiter from Frankfurt

The kick-pedal of the drum-kit was totally double-folded by ‘Born Against’s drummer…

Léon Kleikers, ‘No Sense’ guitarist

‘Born Against’ was an emotional wreck on that tour but looking back on most of the videos on YouTube, we played pretty well. And I do think we had a (hypocritical) point about the U.S. musical/style imperialism in Europe at the time that allowed us to tour [Brob: In my view ‘Born Against’ was totally different from the ‘imperialists’…], but also rewarded so many American bands who came over just for being American.

I am still in touch with Sam, saw Jon at a ‘Rorschach’ reunion show and I hear Bret’s doing AOK right now. I am happily living in Richmond, Virginia with my two daughters and wife Alyssa (she sang in ‘Disrupt’ for awhile). I run a jail education-program here and teach adult literacy and English as a Second Language.

Adam Nathanson, ‘Born Against’ guitarist

First of all, many thanks to Brob for persistently inviting us to stroll down memory-lane, a.k.a. harshly confronting us with a long-gone past, which we’ve been carefully moulding and polishing into semi-self-critical historical bliss. If you have young children, you know how often Lightning McQueen says: “Master, this did not happen”… Which leads me to quote Rob Franssen, who said in this blog: “… We grew out of it (being against almost everything) pretty fast”… Oh dear, how I envy your good memory. Mine must be totally distorted. Just like I seem to remember how ‘F.T.F.’ got the VortnVis gig in the first place. After years of lobbying, Bruno VdV and I had signed a contract in triplicate that ‘No Sense’ were going to play at the V.V., together with a German band we knew (seriously, I can’t remember their name right now but they were not straight-edge, they were not well known at all; they were amazing musicians and very nice people though). When Rob F. found out, he insisted that ‘F.T.F.’ deserved to play instead (picture Boris Becker with a tantrum and you get the idea); so that’s what happened. The German band didn’t seem to object very much. They were not political and felt that ‘Born Against’ would tear them to bits because of their apparent lack of political commitment. For those who know German, the phrase he used was “Die werden uns in der Luft zerreissen.”. I think he captured well how ‘B.A.’ were perceived and respected by many at the time. What impressed me most was their explosive sadness-driven (rather than the index-finger-we-know-what’s-good-for-you-lecturing attempts from the imperialist fleet) story-telling. It seemed very real at the time, certainly not hypocritical as Adam Nathanson seems to think. For our band ‘No Sense’, this gig was the absolute pinnacle in terms of crowd-intensity and joy-while-playing. I have fondly accessible rock-star memory snippets of being carried-by-the-crowd-while-playing but according to my V.V. guestbook-entry, I was more concerned with the quality of the sanitary facilities. ‘No Sense’ continued until early 2000s but gradually started to dissolve after I moved to grad school in ‘97. We all have successful careers, abandoned the ideals we never pretended to have and continue to have different opinions about whether ‘Kreator’s Pleasure To Kill is better than ‘Metallica’s Master Of Puppets.

Eric Hellebrand, ‘No Sense’ bassist

From Reminder zine (done by Wim & Chat’n ‘Blindfold’): >>‘Feeding The Fire’ is a communist band and they carry that out on stage. Rumour is they will get a new drummer. They should. The slow parts are heavy and moving, but the fast bits are too fast. ‘No Sense’ is fun-HC. Yes! The music is silly but (most) lyrics are serious. This made us go wild. We’d never heard of ‘A.M.D.’ before. They were good, musically. Social lyrics. Listening-music. But they played too long. ‘Born Against’ played the V.V. for the second time and it was the best. Last show of their Euro-tour and they gave everything they had left. A short but good set. The drummer let out his frustrations on the drum-set in a negative way; the only negative aspect of the show…<<

At first I couldn’t remember where the V.V. was and what happened at the gig; we did so many concerts those days and we did drugs… Later a few things came to my mind because we had only one concert in Belgium during that tour. That whole tour was managed by Esteban [brother of Macario (Alternativnoise)], a friend from France. We came from somewhere Germany and teased him on the way, because we got lost a lot of the time and arrived late, so tired and hungry. Sotar, the singer was disappointed because of the vegetarian food. He was mad about meat. I have good memories of the concert, the place and response. How can I forget playing with ‘Born Against’!? They did a very intensive concert – I listened to it with an open mouth. It was great( By the way, thanks for organising this, it was a real experience for an Eastern-European band that time. In ’87, when we started to play, we got no passports, so we couldn’t play abroad. Two years later things had changed here in Hungary, the borders opened, so we did lots of concerts between ’89 and ’94. Then in 1994 Sotar died, what overwhelmed us. With a new singer (Cséb) we did a new album (Túlélők, meaning Survivers) but it was somehow different than before. My drug-addiction also progressed and ‘A.M.D.’ started to fall apart. The band-members changed a lot. In 2005 – when I had been clean for a while – I was asked to play again. Until that time we just played concerts in our country. The members of ‘A.M.D.’ are the same: Kiskovács (drums), Sík (bass), Lörke (guitar); we asked our old friend Fido to play guitar as well. And we found a good singer: Seza. In 2012 we finished our new album. But because of families and work we have little time to play music. One of us is printer, the other is driver and I’m a social-worker, making music- and theatre-therapy. All ‘A.M.D.’ albums can be downloaded from our blog:

Lőrke, AMD’s guitar-player

92-04-18 Born Against (reviwe Reminder #1)gig-review (Reminder #1)

excerpts from the V.V. guestbook:

VV 92-04-18 - (book A) No Sense Eric

VV 92-04-18 - (book A) FTF Illona

VV 92-04-18 - (book A) AMD

additions wellcome!…

90-10-27 Zygote - Bad Influenceposter kindly provided by ‘Leffe’

90-10-27 Bad Influence - New Age Witch Hunt

90-10-27 Zygote cover

I wasn’t at this gig ‘cause the same day ‘Life But How To Live It’ were playing at the O.H.K. in Oostende… A show I had arranged for them…

‘Amebix’ was announced somewhere but by then ‘Zygote’ had risen from it’s ashes and they came over (and they would be back…91-04-21). They formed after ‘Amebix’ split up in the late 80s and consisted of ‘Spider’ (Robert Richards; drums), ‘Smutpig’ (George Fletcher; vocals/guitar) & ‘Stig’ (Chris Miller; vocals/guitar) (all 3 ex ‘Amebix’) with the addition of bassist Tim ‘Crow’ Shapland (ex ‘Smartpils’; later also in ‘Bad Influence’ for a while). The band was short-lived and only released one full-length album: Mike Foster released it on his label MCR that year (Wind Of Knives – Skuld releases compiled this and their demo a few years later…), making the Bath connection complete.

‘Bad Influence’ was about to record the New Age Witch Hunt LP (released by the German labels 42 recs & Skuld releases) so I guess the line-up here was ‘Holy’ Herwin De Winter (vocals) & Joris Rombouts (drums) – as usual, and Patrick ‘Labie’ Delabie (ex ‘Scoundrels’) on bass and Thomas Noppe on guitar (also @ Smurfpunx: 88-05-13). ‘Zygote’s Tim would join them later (and played on the split 7” with ‘Sharon Tate’s Children’ and on the Afterbirth 10”).

‘Private Jesus Detector’ were back too after only a couple of months (their first gig was 90-08-25): Spatje & Vrokker (vocals), Pette (guitar), Siesele (bass) and Leffe (drums)…


In 1990 ‘Amebix’ would have been disbanded. Maybe it meant ex-‘Amebix’. I remember (vaguely) playing there with ‘Zygote’ and ‘Bad influence’… ‘Amebix’ was over by 1987; the guys and me did ‘Zygote’ to keep doing something and so that we could abuse our way across Europe… And we did so successfully that I can’t really recall very much at all. Good vague times…

Christian Miller, ‘Amebix’/’Zygote’

The 2nd gig of ‘P.J.D.’ at the Vort’n Vis, I’m 100% certain that we did this one!…because it’s in the notebook with all our concerts that I kept over the years…and according to me ‘Hiatus’ didn’t play that day. [According to Leffe ‘Amebix’ didn’t play but Hiatus did… But maybe he’s mixing things up with the other ‘Zygote’ gig]. We played because we were all there anyway and ‘Amebix’ had cancelled or something… Although ‘Zygote’ = ‘Amebix’…

Siesele, ‘P.J.D.’ bassplayer

As far as I can recall this was the first time of many times to come over the following years. That we headed to the Vort’Vis. The name had a certain smell to it…we had heard about the place and getting into that little bar – with quite some house-rules, we would find out. One way or the other it directly felt like home. Memories from that night are vague en blurry. I remember ‘Stig’ (of the mighty ‘Zygote’) set the tone directly by dropping one of his pills in a beer, resulting in bubbling brew straight out of a ancient horror-movie. Not really well appreciated by the bar-staff. A colourful bunch we were in those days, us Baddies. Mr Thomas [Noppe, guitarist] – cowboy-boots, a blue or purple scarf (mostly worn in his hair) – immediately got a ‘Guns & Roses’ tag. Myself, I was completely in the biker-look, so leather-pants could have been part of the deal, as well as bondage-cuffs – directly a great topic for discussion. Same as the ‘Zygote’ crew. None of us looked punk by the book during those days, guess. We also were all in to wearing top-hats that ‘Ben’ [Herwin’s partner at that time…] made herself. George and Rupert (‘Zygote’) were real mad hatters. The crowd that night – big or small in numbers, I can’t really remember, as we played actually a lot of shows on tour with ‘Zygote’ – was “just we for them and they for us”. I guess punk wasn’t ready yet for these pagan sounds but I can remember that we did quite some new stuff that ended up on the New Age Witch Hunt LP. Two years later (to be honest, I found a set-list) we already had Thomas playing guitar with us alongside to Bart [Belmans, original guitarist] (but my brain fails me I think: Bart had left by then with Chris [original singer] – though the set-list says no). Some of the new stuff had this haunting phaser psychedelic twist to it… Songs like 3B, Unchained and of course Heavy World were still in their jam-phase then. We also played some stuff from the Together We Are demo and songs like The Innocent, The World Is Getting Dirtier, that never ever made it to vinyl or even on tape. My little scrabble-book of those days tells me we got the crowd moving to our unpredictable mix of old straight-forward Baddies punk from the 80s and our new premature New Age Witch Hunt sounds kinda paralysed them all in all. I think they liked us as we got a few times more invited to the Vort’n Vis.

What ‘Zygote’ did that night, I can’t remember but I’m quite sure they shredded the place to pieces. ‘Amebix’ definitely didn’t play! Who put that on the poster must have had a big fantasy or wishful thinking. The only ‘Amebix’ tune ‘Zygote’ ever played was Ride To Ride, which ‘Zygote’ changed into Man In The Crowd; a steady song in their set and I must say better then the ‘Amebix’ jam.

‘Private Jesus Detector’ – always loved the name – were fast and furious. Vrokker played for them in those days; they had two vocalist, I believe.

As usual the night ended in a drinking-session but someone must have driven us home… Hail to the freak behind the steering-wheel. Luckily I have a better memory of other V.V. passages. 2 things I’m sure of… Brob was dancing behind his table, selling zines & records. [That must’ve been another day ‘cause I was in Ostend with ‘Life But How To Live It’…] And we probably met Bruno their for the first time; first of many encounters to come as Bruno set up a lot of shows for us from then on and even co released the Afterbirth CD in 1995.

Holy Herwin a.k.a. Hellwin – as Brob invented so nicely :-)

About that whole ‘Amebix’ thing on the poster: I made it and it clearly states featuring EX ‘Amebix’ members. I remember Herwin looking at it and giving it his approval. If I find it I’ll post it straight away! Siesele might still have a copy I suppose… Anyway I also remember that Munpie (‘Dona Nobis Pacem’) did some poetry during the Baddies’ set, which was really good by the way! Quite a statement if you know they’re from Antwerp haha… They were really good that night!!!

The one thing I don’t remember is ‘Private Jesus Detector’ playing but we must have one way or another, blurry haze that one!

Tim (ex ‘Smartpills’) revealed that their drummer Richard Chadwick was moving over to the ‘Hawkwind’ camp where he still is. Also me and ‘Spider’ had a great time. ‘Zygote’ were brilliant that day. I went to see ‘em again in London with the ‘Subhumans’ head-lining. Ah good times; people; good times…

Spatje ‘P.J.D.’

A month and a half after our Germany/Poland tour, the lads from Bath came back to do some gigs together. I don’t remember where we all played but of course the V.V. was always a highlight in a kind of way. The nicest thing about V.V. was that you could park the van on the premises next to the venue, so we always had our ‘backstage’. At that time we always used my van, I was probably that drunken driver that Herwin mentioned earlier. I have to admit that I do not remember anything about ‘Private Jesus Detector’ playing then, but as most of the time, I was probably talking to other people outside (sorry guys). The times we spend with ‘Zygote’ on the road were mostly associated with a lot of blond beverages and other substances. Probably the reason why not everybody remembers everything from those days. I do recall we did a good gig but completely forgot about Munpie doing poetry before or in between. After reading it, I remember that he also did this at the other gigs in Germany. I think I enjoyed every ‘Zygote’ gig I’ve seen, so for sure they were good that night. The rest of the evening probably ended up like most of these evenings, drinking beer with my mate ‘Spider’ and the others. It’s sad to say but as Rob Miller from ‘Amebix’ said: “These days will never come again.”.

Joris, ‘Bad Influence’ drummer

the ‘Baddies’ as pictured on the New Age Witch Hunt LP:

90-10-27 Bad Influence (1990)90-10-27 Bad Influence' (1990)

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93-03-14 Naïve (photos)

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More on this concert: 93-03-14

Here’s a bunch of photos -taken by Cammie Toloui-; kindly donated by Max Kotchetkov:

93-03-14 Naïve ruki 1 (-)93-03-14 Naïve ruki 2 (-)93-03-14 Naïve ruki 4 (-)93-03-14 Naïve ruki 6 (-)93-03-14 Naïve ruki 7 (-)93-03-14 Naïve ruki 8 (-)93-03-14 Naïve ruki 9 (-)93-03-14 Naïve stul 3 (-)93-03-14 Naïve stul 4 (-)93-03-14 Naïve stul 5 (-)

The text on the pictures is almost the same everywhere. It says Belgium 1993, and that the singer has inscriptions on his arms and torso (inspired by the ‘Ramones’, ‘Mad’, etc.) which you can read in English….

I can barely remember anything…I was ‘lucky’ enough to win a bet with the rest of the ‘Naïve’ guys and got to stay in the tour-van overnight and in the morning (without any guy snoring or farting and stinking next to me) with my future wife Cammie Toloui from the ‘Yeastie Girlz’ (the chick with a mohawk in front of ‘Anarcrust’). The guy with the moustache (same ‘Anarcrust’ pic) was our tour-manager Adam Schwartz from Copenhagen, who helped to put this tour together (42 shows in 14 countries, including Belgium) after the release of our first album Switch-Blade Knaife (LP and tape) on Maximum Rock’n’Roll in San Francisco (back in 1990). I remember Cammie, the-eco-bitch [Brob: I knew Cammie as a caring/intelligent woman…] making a fuss (“…What kind of a punk-place is this?…”) over the fact that drinks were served in plastic cups. No other recollections…we were getting drunk and stoned every night on that tour. It was a lot of fun!!!

In Russian the name of the band is spelled in Cyrillic as: НАИВ. Run a search and you’ll get a shit-load ‘Naïve’s music, videos and what not on numerous sites…

Max Kotchetkov, ‘Naïve’ bassplayer

That was me! I was on tour with ‘Naïve’. (I later married and had a child with Max, the bass-player.) In that shot I’m standing next to Adam P. Schwartz, the tour-manager.

Cammie Toloui

‘Naïve’ was formed in autumn 1988 by Maksim ‘Max’ Kochetkov (bass) and Alexander ‘Sasha’ ‘Mad’ Ivanov (vocals). [Michael ‘Mike’ Poleschuk – drums/backing-vocals, Ruslan ‘Stuporok’ ‘Stoopid’ Stupin – guitar, backing-vocals] They became part of the ‘Moscow Rock Laboratory’ [club that promoted musicians who do not belong to state concert-organisations]. Their debut-album was in the private collection of Kurt Cobain; he repeatedly said it was “the best that I know about Russia”. In 1993, after the release of the second album Beer For The Naïve, they toured Finland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic and Italy (a total of 40 concerts).


93-03-14 Anarcrust artwork

The problem was not a broken van but the customs didn’t let us enter Switzerland and we were totally broke. We borrowed money from a German friend to make our way back, than I tried to get the Polish guys [‘Wiwisekcja’; stuck at the Swiss border] to continue from the Czech Republic to Belgium but they didn’t want to take risk again, they were very pessimistic after the first part of the tour…

Martin Valášek, personal communication 1993

In 1993 ‘Wiwisekcja’ (who were touring but couldn’t make it here) did the 12” Until The Next Time. I think they were Tores (bass), Lesny Sportowiec (guitar), Rafal (drums) & Sasza (vocals). Contact was Konrad Zawadzki…

‘Anarcrust’, from Rotterdam, were Ed Romijn (guitar), Ronny Speckneck (drums), Sas Schilten (bass) and Bart (vocals). Kees de Greef was the drummer after Ronny (94-96). They played anarcho-crust with a metal edge. DIY people, part of my ‘Network of Friends’, I dare say… This gig was around the time their Progression Or Decline LP was out on Zooid/Equality recs (Zooid was sort of an umbrella foundation, of which the independent record-label Equality was a part). It was distributed by K-baal (a follow-up of book- & record-shop Zwartboek), which was ran by their friend (and my correspondent) Joost Van Twist (who used to do the tape-distro Drop-It) & Sas (They also set up gigs in a placed called Zwijnzicht -“pig-view”- in Dordrecht.). Also Freedom Of Coalescence (a CD with tracks from the Coalescence LP and various others) was re-released on Martin’s Malarie recs around that time.

Anarcrust promo‘Anarcrust’ promotion-picture

‘Christ On A Crutch’ were living in the Seattle (Wa) area at that time but they were originally a Washington D.C. band. On the Spread Your Filth LP (1988) on Over The Top recs the line-up was Jerry (guitar/vocals), Glen (bass) and Wayne Kelly(drums/vocals). On this tour (I think) were Eric Akre (drums), Nate Mendel (bass; ex ‘Brotherhood’ and later ‘Sunny Day Real Estate’ & ‘Foo Fighters’), Glen Essary (vocals) and Jerry Brady (guitar). They played straight-up hardcore (“without any metal wanking”) with political lyrics and attitude. A few years before they’d released Crime Pays When Pigs Die (an LP on New Red Archives) and Kill William Bennett! (7”on Black Label recs).

In an interview Nate said: “C.O.A.C. was sort of winding down and I was finding myself disillusioned with super-aggressive, political hardcore. Not so much the music, but we’d just done a tour in Europe playing squats, and it was kind of a wake-up call for me that I was kind of over that.”.

‘Quite Fresh Phobia’ from Eindhoven played HC/punk They consisted of Antoine (bass), Skip ‘Kort’ (drums), Maarten Van De Ven (vocals) and Roland ‘Rolansky’ Molegraaf (guitar). They had a track on the Bits Of Noise CD, a compilation of Ducth bands on WRF recs. Roland also booked bands (Burgers, a concert-venue in Eondhoven) and sometimes set up tours… Here they played over ‘Anarcrust’s backline; they were touring together… They came back another time for a festival (94-04-02).

I don’t have any info on ‘Naïve’ (Russia) but Skip provided a link below… I got in touch with Max Kotchetkov (the bassist on this tour), who told me ‘Naïve’ turns 25 in 2013 and they are publishing a book.


I just remember that it was a bit of a hectic weekend, with multiple flat tires…

Ronny Speckneck

Ah, that was a very memorable day! ‘Christ On A Crutch’ were super, if I can remember well, and it was always good to be around ‘Anarcrust’. And let’s not forget the Belgian hospitality. :-)

Maarten Van De Ven, ‘Q.F.P.’ singer

We played 2 times at the V.V.; this was the the first time. We were on the road with our friends of ‘Anarcrust’. The day before we played in La Zone, Liège [Brob: With Acoustic Grinder]. I don’t recall much of that day ‘cause of the beer-absorbing the day before. What do I remember? There were many people walking the streets in Ieper, something to do, I don’t know what. We had our own party at Vort’n Vis. During the gig, sitting behind the drums, I had a funny split view: In front of me: my band and the crowd, listening, dancing, drinking etc.; and to my right, looking trough the window, the wondering citizens on the street, passing by or taking a short look.

I really liked ‘Christ On A Crutch’, very solid gig. I still have a CD of them, which I probably bought that day. The singer of ‘Naïve’ was really drunk when he had to play. Elastic-leg moves and brave efforts to walk the catwalk made of chairs by the public. this was their first tour outside Russia. (more info on ‘Naïve’)

I Had a great time over there, loads of spliffs too. On the way back I sat in the van with ‘Anarcrust’ when a tyre blew, the driver just had his driving-license but managed to handle the van. The backline in the middle wasn’t tied up but didn’t move. We were lucky that we didn’t tip over. It only took us about 4 hours more to get home…

Skip Kort, ‘Q.F.P.’ drummer

The main reason to come over was ‘Christ On A Crutch’, who delivered pure, intense and ingenuous hardcore-punk, as I had hoped. Hardcore, the logical result of Punk in the U.S., lost. aggression, intensity, anger and impended to be stripped from its frustration. ‘Christ On A Crutch’ produced a solid set that found approval from the majority of the audience. An encore was wellcomed… As one of their last songs they played a brilliant version of Johnny Cash’s Folsom Prison Blues; a fairly big surprise, even astonishment from many in the public, that didn’t know the repertoire of the ‘Man In Black’. Whatever…, to me this was definitely more than a win on points and a top recollection, that I still eagerly trump up.

Dirk ‘Bowy’ Bauwens

93-03-14 Anarcrust (by Karl P)‘Anarcrust’ live (photographed by Karl Penando)

93-03-14 Anarcrust (Ras l'Bol)‘Anarcrust’ (pic taken from Ludivic Hache’s zine Ras l’Bol)

93-03-14 Quite Fresh Phobia‘Quite Fresh Phobia’ (courtesy of the band)

93-03-14 Naïve (by QFP)93-03-14 Naïve' (by QFP)‘Naïve’ (courtesy of Skip ‘Q.F.P.’)

excerpts from the V.V. guestbook:

VV 93-03-14 - (book A) Christ On A Crutch

VV 93-03-14 - (book A) Anarcrust

VV 93-03-14 - (book A) Quite Fresh Fobia

VV 93-03-14 - (book A) NaiveVV 93-03-14 - (book A) Naive'

English translations of what we wrote in the guestbook… Very intelligent :-)

(Heart Picture) Хорош! Мозги ебать! Вы охуели все, на хуй. Но… Спасибо, всё равно => Cut it out! Fucking the brains! You are all fucked up, all the way. But … Thank you, anyway.

(Mickey Mouse) Если ты такой Умный и знаешь, Как научить меня жить правильно, То пошёл ты на хуй! А?! Я – великий, вот и всё что я хотел сказать => If you’re so smart and know how to teach me to live in a right way, then fuck off! Huh?! I am the Great, that’s all I wanted to say.

Max Kotchetkov, ‘Naïve’ bassplayer

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