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In the Dutch zine Trauma the band ‘Point Of No Return’ (with Roger NBH) had been announced…

At some timepoint, there was also rumours that the Rotterdammers of ‘Anarcrust’ and ‘Aphrodite’s Lawyer’ would play…

In Dorst #1 (written somewhere in ’92 by ‘N.O.F.’s Edward Verhaeghe), there’s mention of the first ever gig of ‘Shortsight’. Here it was with Hans Verbeke singing… A bit later, on 91-12-21, still in its early stages, the band played with with David ‘Mong’ Dumont on vocals (the one and only time; later he started playing guitar), Björn Lescouhier (drums), Jeroen Lauwers (bass; also ‘N.O.F.’) & Kurt Deprez (guitar; later bass). I believe the 1st time ‘Shortsight’ performed with Saskia singing was 92-09-05. On the first demo (released on Edward Verhaeghe & Jeroen Lauwers’ label Warehouse recs in ‘92) Hans did vocals…

‘Behind The Smile’ were a French (Valenciennes) melodic hardcore/punk band with my mate Arnaud Huftier on bass (he did Uprising Decay zine). They had just recorded their demo-tape (June/July) with Laurent (drums), Rudy (guitar) & Christophe Chojna (vocals). In 1992 they did a split 7” with the Finnish ‘Juggling Jugulars’ called ‘A Wish To Dream’ on Sylvain Vilette’s Bad Card recs (1992) on which Laurent & Christophe were replaced. (They took a second guitarist, Pierre, later). They played a second show on 93-02-21.

‘Behind The Smile’

Trottel’ had already played here the year before (90-10-13). The band is also sometimes referred to as ‘Die Trottel’ (German for “the fools/idiots”). In 1991, Armin Hofmann released the double album The Final Salute In The Name Of Human Misery (on his label X-Mist recs). That music was described as “a melancholic variety of punk” or also “jazzy, eclectic, experimental hardcore”. Only bassist Tamás Rupaszov remains of that era of the band (from Budapest, Hungary). I believe the others were Ildi(kó) Asztalos (vocals), György ‘Kaztusz’/‘Kaktusz’ Kakuszi (guitar) and a drummer nicknamed ‘Garfield’ Péter Nagy (drums; or was it Sándor Orosz? Or Csaba Ákos who played on the double-LP?).

‘Billy & The EPs’ was a band from the French-speaking part of Belgium. They did a split-tape with ‘Noise Gate’ (from Brussels) in 1988 (also released as a 7” on the French label On A Faim!), a promo-tape (recorded with a drum-machine, bassist Sylvie Hendrick, guitarist Philippe Boulanger & Philippe Petit and singer Jean Vanesse) and Yves Baudhuin of ‘Noise Gate’ released some of their songs on a 12” EP.


I left ‘Trottel’ in 1991, September or October. Nobody replaced me. They did a kind of instrumental stuff.

Ildi Asztalos

‘Billy & The EPs’ were more industrial rock than punk… In 1992 they were on the compilation Reunion De La Famille (as ‘The EPs’). The band was from Liège. The drummer is well known in the pop/rock-scene (playing in several bands) but I don’t remember his name…

Marcor Aredje

‘P.O.N.R.’ was the precursor of ‘Feeding The Fire’. The bands overlapped for a while but after a bit I continued with just ‘F.T.F.’ alone. In the beginning ‘P.O.N.R.’ was in: Rob [Franssen], Michel [‘Mike’ Senden] (first ‘F.T.F.’ guitarist/later in ‘Bloodsport’ & ‘Rancor’) & Roy (a guy from Maastricht) and myself. Later Har [Har Brosselt] (‘F.T.F.’/‘No Sense’) took over the drums sometimes… As far as I remember ‘P.O.N.R.’ never played the V.V. ‘G.O.D.’ (‘Gloves Of Destruction’), another project of Rob & myself, did.

Roger NBH

excerpts from the V.V. guestbook:

additions wellcome!…


91-08-18 Oi Polloi (photos)

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More on this concert: 91-08-18 Oi Polloi – Upside – One By One

Deek Allan: “In these pictures it’s Chris Orr on guitar (living in London nowadays), me on vocals and ‘Filthy’ Phil (can’t remember his real surname) [Murray; see comment] on bass – he never recorded anything with us but played bass for a while, including the tour with ‘One By One’.”

photos by Eric ‘React’ W.

91-08-18 Oi Polloi - Phil-Chris-Deek (by Eric W)centrally: Karin R. (with necklace – later ‘One By One’ vocalist), Manu (red T-shirt – Nabate, and later ‘Unhinged vocalist) & ‘Veggie’ Stephane Boens (bowing his head – R.I.P.)

91-08-18 Oi Polloi - Deek & Phil (by Eric W)Sacha ‘Chat’n’ Baelen (R corner – later ‘Blindfold’ drummer)

91-08-18 Oi Polloi - Deek & Phil' (by Eric W)

91-08-18 Oi Polloi - Deek (+Sned) (by Eric W)‘Sned’ (in the background)

91-08-18 Oi Polloi - Chris (by Eric W)Chris Orr

91-08-18 Oi Polloi - Dan (by Eric W)‘Dreaming Dan Rhythm’

More on this concert: 91-03-16 N.O.F. – Scraps – P.J.D. – C.F.C.

Here’s a some extra photos, contrbitued by Justin ‘Nunca Mas’ Neumaier:

91-03-16 NOF (Justin Nunca Mas)91-03-16 NOF' (Justin Nunca Mas)‘Nations On Fire’  (with a young Hans Verbele in the crowd)

91-03-16 PJD - Sies & Spatje (Justin Nunca Mas)91-03-16 PJD - Leffe (Justin Nunca Mas)91-03-16 PJD - Pette (Justin Nunca Mas)91-03-16 PJD - Spatje & Sies (Justin Nunca Mas)‘Private Jesus Detector’

91-03-16 Scraps'' (Justin Nunca Mas) (-)91-03-16 Scraps' (Justin Nunca Mas)‘Scraps’

91-03-16 Bruno VdV (Justin Nunca Mas)Bruno, the spider in the web ;-)

LMOOR logo(in memory of Hans Engel)

‘Headstart’ was a Glaswegian band playing fast HC. It was the band of my mate Adam Johnston (vocals), who did Go! zine, and Jamie Usher (guitar; ex ‘The Disturbed’, also 1st incarnation of ‘Sedition’, ‘Quarantine’ & ‘Scatha’ for a while; played in ‘Scraps’ at some time-point…). The others were ‘Jaf’ (the drummer; John Motson) & ‘Schultz’ (Mark Brown, the bassplayer)…

‘Union Morbide’ from Heemskerk/Beverwijk played melodic HC with very recognisable passionate vocals. We’d had them over at a Smurfpunx gig before (89-03-25): Maxim Aafjes was still doing vocals, Dennis Cornelissens had replaced the original bassplayer Eelco Boonacker (who now played guitar), guitarist Philip van Koeveringe & drummer Michel Weijgertse (R.I.P. 2008; Marcel Hommes joined when Michel quit in late 1992). This must’ve been around the time their 7” called 015 came out on Hans Engel’s Let’s Make Our Own recs; it was recorded in June that year. Apparently they also played 91-12-31 but I can’t remember that…

Union Morbide 015 insert‘Union Morbide’ 015 insert: L=>R: Philip, Dennis, Michel, Eelco & Maxim

This would’ve been ‘Exhaustless Revolt’s 2nd time after 91-05-03 but apparently they didn’t play… (Can’t remember.)


Unless any proof pops up, I would doubt that we played with those two bands that day…

Filip Staes, ‘Exhaustless Revolt’ singer/guitarist

Can’t remember if ‘E.R.’ actually played. ‘Union Morbide’ definitely did. I was there…

Joris De Buysser, Bonds Of Friendship zine

I can remember that we were touring around New Year… We bumped into ‘Disturbing Foresights’ [They played at the V.V. 91-12-31] on a lot of places… We were touring almost 2 weeks then: Germany, Switzerland. The attic of the Vort’n Vis was cold/moist. We were all a bit ill, because of little sleep and the booze. We went looking for a warm hotel-room but couldn’t find anything. After the soundcheck the beer went down well. The atmosphere was good and our we felt like playing, just as always. Myself, I was in a miserable state and asked someone for some aspirin. I got some but it was as big as a guilder. Little did I know, I was in Belgium and thought that was OK. I crammed the thing inside and thought to flush it with a few gulps of coke. After two seconds my mouth was filled with foam. Turned out it was one of those fizzy-tablets and I spent the whole concert belching on stage.

Dennis Cornelissens, ‘Union Morbide’ bassist

I think I still have a tape with recordings of ‘Union Morbide’s concert here…

Eric ‘React’ W.

‘Headstart’ was an attempt by 4 Glasgow punks to start a fast-as-hell hardcore band, which was severely lacking in the Scottish scene, in our opinion. It was kind of a straight-edge band, the problem being that 2 of the members seemed to have an alcohol problem! The other problem was the fact that everybody was not playing the instrument they should have: the drummer was actually a bass-player (He’d played in a couple of other bands before ‘Headstart’.), the guitarist was a good drummer, the bass-player was pretty good on all instruments. And the vocalist? Well, this was my first band and the excitement/nervousness didn’t do me any favours.

We somehow managed to persuade a guy from Belgium (Ghilain [Vermeersch, of Be Yourself recs] from Nieuwpoort) to set up a mini-tour (3 gigs!) in Belgium [91-11-24 (‘Volkshuis, Ekeren, a benefit for the non-profit organisation ‘For Mother Earth’] – with ‘Union Morbide’ and all-female band- & in Breda, Holland (where we played a squatted church with a post-punk band called ‘Accidental Youth’, I think… Jaf got in contact with Ghilain after getting the ‘Scraps’ LP (he’d been kinda pals with David, I think) and just asking for a gig or two. We’d only played 1 gig by that point (haha!) so it was a bit cheeky of Jaf to ask. But he went for it anyway. Ghilain picked us up and we stayed at his and he drove us to the gigs.

At the ferryport at Oostende we met an English guy who would end up going to the gig (he was a local to the V.V. [Steve ‘Neuthrone’?]. His stories about the venue and the other stuff I’d read about it made us pretty excited about playing there. A major problem, though, was that we were actually pretty crap. This isn’t me being modest, it’s the absolute truth. I think word got out about this Scottish “straight-edge band” amongst the gig-going Belgian youth and there was a decent crowd expecting ‘Youth Of Today’-type HC. What they got was a rather poor, un-tight mess of a band, with my lyric-book at the front of the stage as I was so nervous about playing in front of people that I’d forget my lyrics. I jumped about a lot, partly to cover up for the fact that we were so bad. The kids seemed to enjoy my enthusiasm and I was able to crowd-surf for a while and look like a real hardcore hero. Either that or one of those bodies you see being carried by a massive crowd at a funeral in Gaza or something. I honestly was enjoying myself and hating it all at the same time as I felt we were conning the crowd (like Johnny Rotten said: Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?!) We should have been arrested for crimes against hardcore and deported on the next boat to the UK from Oostende. Apparently the kids wanted us to go on earlier as a lot of them had school the next morning (I think it was a Sunday night? [It was a Saturday but gigs always started rather early because Ieper is so far away for most who wanted to catch the last train…]), so they missed an actual decent band in ‘Union Morbide’. I’m sorry but I have no memory of ‘Exhaustless Revolt’ at all. ‘Union Morbide’ were proper musicians and I remember the vocalist actually singing, in a kind of ‘Funeral Oration’ way. Oh, and how can I forget meeting up with Mr. Brob who I had been writing to and met briefly before when he visited Glasgow!

I remember having tokens to trade for drink at the bar. Man, I’ve never drank so much orange-juice in my life! Two of the others (Jamie and Schultz) were probably desperate for a beer or 6, but stuck to the non-drinking “policy” for the whole ‘tour’. Oh yeah, I had an It’s OK Not To Drink! t-shirt that I bought and wore at the gig. I was still straight-edge for a few years after this time then gave in to the evil of drink & drugs, not in an addictive way, though. Wish I still had that t-shirt [Brob: I have! ;-)] as I’ve reverted to a non-drinking/drugging lifestyle. Belgium seemed to have a thriving S.E. scene at the time and it was cool to see it for myself.

We stayed upstairs in the band-rooms after the gig and it was not what I was used to. I’m a clean kinda guy and it was a bit on the smelly/dirty side for me, though I certainly appreciate the fact that we were fed, watered and put up at the venue. We had breakfast in the morning which was chocolate cakes and pastries which we found bizarre – cakes for breakfast?! Are you kidding me?! Like I said, bizzare, but nice! We had nothing like the V.V. in Scotland and still don’t…

Jamie played on tour with ‘Scraps’ right after we were here. Him and his girlfriend stayed on at Ghilain’s, then went on tour with ‘Scraps’. I went to Lille when Jamie was asked to play 2nd guitar with ‘Scraps’ and he went to learn the songs. Only David spoke any English, really, and Jamie was not the best guitarist. I think David fell out with Jamie on the tour as he made quite a few mistakes while playing. But he got to visit a few other places and generally enjoyed himself, I think.

Adam Johnston, ‘Headstart’ singer

[Brob: Adam provided a bunch of pics of ‘Headstart’ playing live but the resolution is just not good enough for publication unfortunately…]

After the Freely Chosen album in 1989 I started playing guitar and Dennis Cornelissens took over on bass. You could hear the new line-up on the 015 single. I played here too…

Eelco Boonacker, ‘Union Morbide’ guitarist

excerpts from the V.V. guestbook:

VV 91-11-23 - (book A) Headstart

VV 91-11-23 - (book A) Union Morbide DennisVV 91-11-23 - (book A) Union Morbide PhilipVV 91-11-23 - (book A) Union Morbide Worm

additions wellcome!…

The day before there was a punx picnic. The poster reads “Picknick in the open nature around Ieper. Bring your own gear (tent, food, booze, common sense, guitar, amp, socks, …). We meet up at Ieper railway station at 2.30 pm. In the evening there will be a party at the Vort’n Vis. Of course everybody can sleep over and attend the gig on Sunday.”.

‘Systemphobia’ were from Riemst (Limburg): Mario Liesens (vocals), Kristof Moors (guitar), Erik (bass), Stefan Claesen (drums) and Geert (guitar; later replaced Sam Liesens). Their music was crunchy HC/punk-rock with political lyrics (see their presentation in my zine Tilt!). As far as I can remember they didn’t put out any vinyl. They did a reunion-show in the noughties (check out the vids on the internet). Did they also play the Vort’n Vis on 94-12-10 or was it just 94-04-02 as Mario & Krstof commented?

I read somewhere Kristof also was in an “emo-crust” band with someone of ‘Agathocles’, named ‘Drawback’. Mario also did a blog with his rants for a while (…

From the same area came ‘Acoustic Grinder’, a grind-/noise-core band. Playing for them were Raf ‘Stevie’ Vandeweyer (vocals; later drummer of ‘Spliff’), Jan ‘Gore’ Beckers (guitar; later ‘Kindred’, etc.), ‘Putrid’ Peter Peumans a.ka. ‘Slebber’ (bass) & Joost Peumans (drums). They’ld play at the V.V again on 93-02-27. They did a demo entitled demo De Pruimen Zijn Rot (The Plums Are Rotten). Eric ‘React’ recorded this gig here and put it out as a split-tape. A Slovenian label did another one with ‘Extinction Of Mankind’. Later there were some split-7”s (with ‘Entrails Massacre’, the Turkish ‘Turmoil’ and ‘Agathocles’) and a solo 7” (Can’t Ignore This Fucking War).

The flyer also mentions the British bands ‘Disaster’ & ‘Thrashed’… No idea who they were or if they turned up…


I have no memories of that show. I think ‘Oi Polloi’ was there [Brob: In ’91 they were touring with ‘One By One’ and played here a month later…] (what a surprise). One of the people in another band couldn’t understand why we covered ‘Youth Of Today’ but drank beer. I feel that straight-edge sounds at its best when you’re drunk out of your mind…:-)

Mario Liesens, ‘Systemphobia’ singer

I ripped the tape with the live recordings of ‘Acoustic Grinder’ and ‘Systemphobia’ [‘Zyklome-A’ cover!]

Eric ‘React’ Wawr

cover of the split-tape

excerpts from the V.V. guestbook:

VV 91-07-21 - (book A) Systemphobia

VV 91-07-21 - (book A) Bastian

VV 91-07-21 - (book A) visitor 1

VV 91-07-21 - (book A) visitor 2

additions wellcome!…

91-10-05 Chaos UK - Rectify - Sloth

‘Chaos UK’ didn’t play on Oct 5th 1991 at the VV. They were announced but the tour-bus broke down (I think) and they didn’t make it. [Brob: Did the ‘Mushrooms – see 90-12-31 – fill in for them…?]

Wim Hollevoet

In 1987 I was visiting John & Baz of ‘Ripcord’ in their hometown Weston-Super-Mare… One day Baz took us to Bristol and we dropped by at the squat (St Michael’s Park) where the Chaos lads – ‘Mower’ (Kieran Moylett), ‘Chaos’ (Adrien Rice), ‘Gabba’ & Chuck – lived (I remember Bear Hackenbusch of the ‘psychedelic’ Skate Muties From the 5th Dimension zine and Shane Dabinett of Manic Ears recs being there too – and Tim Bennett of Children Of The Revolution recs hung around there aswell I believe…). The band was about to start a ‘rehearsal’ so they pushed all the ‘furniture’ aside and rocked out! I’d seen them a couple of times live but this was even more impressive… In ’91 I was asked to help find them some gigs in the area: they played in Terneuzen (The Netherlands) and were supposed to play here aswell… ‘Chaos UK’, at that time, was (if I remember well) ‘Beckie ‘Beki’ Gibbons on bass, ‘Chaos’ (a.k.a. ‘Lice’) doing the vocals (‘Mower’ wasn’t in the band anymore by then), ‘Gabba’ playing guitar and Chuck hitting the drums. In the end they didn’t show up at the V.V. (They made it here a couple of years later, 93-11-21, though…)

‘Rectify’ (I think these replaced ‘Knucklehead’ – a legendary pioneering ska-punk band from Bristol/Bath, that were planned at first) were a political (anarcho) punk band from Blaina in Wales. I think they were: Wayne ‘Pig(gy)’ Cole (vocals), Mark ‘Wedge’ Wedgebury (drums), Andrew ‘Footy’ Foot (bass) & Michael ‘Mudgie’ Mudge (guitar; R.I.P.)… I thought they only had the20th Century 7” on Taff Core recs (’88) out at that time. Welly of Artcore zine pointed out there was also a split-LP with ‘Bazzy And The Budgies’ around then…

Later ‘Pig’ and ‘Wedge’ started the band ‘This System Kills’…

‘Debiele Eenheid’ from the Rotterdam Jazzbunker scene were probably introduced by ‘Political Asylum’s Stevie Dewar (who lived in R’dam at that time). Back then the band consisted of Jorem (vocals), Niek Den Braven (bass), Henk Van Schaik (sax), Karel(tje) Dops (drums) and Joop ‘Dops’ De Doelder (guitar). Long Kees played guitar on the Venus Has A Penis tape and on the 7” on Tirana Tunes in1989 (Here’s some original studio recordings.). Carla (van der Marel; of ‘Bat Attack‘) told me Jorem had the most incredible stage-acts but I can’t recall any of that. There’s some vids out there so you can see the chaotic bunch. I read somewhere Jello Biafra was a big fan…

This was the last ever gig for ‘Sloth’; the line-up (see also 91-02-08) was Dieter Roelstraete (vocals), David Stubbe (guitar), Fabrice Baclet (bass) & Jeroen Vanhandsame (drums).

I thought ‘Neuthrone’s first gig at the V.V. was on 91-12-31 but Steve W. explained it wasn’t. They did a short, un-announced set at the Leet fest (91-09-14) and also played here with ‘Debiele Eenheid’. “That was perhaps our first official 1st gig as ‘Neuthrone’.”; Steve said: “Fabrice played in the band from August 1991 to June 1992. Then he started a training to become a sailor & was at sea for months and months. In the summer of ‘92 we asked Tim (‘Nutje’) if he was interested. We recorded 5 songs in August ‘92 in Brugge (3 for the 1st 7” on Genet recs & another 2 for compilations and stuff (but they actually only appeared on a ‘Neuthrone’ LP with unpublished songs in 2004). Because Tim wasn’t ready for recordings yet, I played all the bass-tracks.”


Bassist ‘Footy’ left ‘Rectify’ years before that. He was only in ‘Classified Protest’…

Dean Jeffery Beddis, ‘Cowboy Killers’ vocalist

I played in ‘Debiele Eenheid’ until ‘89/’90 so I can’t recall anything about the Vort’n Vis in Ieper…

‘Long Tall’ Keesie

I played for ‘Debiele Eenheid’ in the nineties but I can’t remember this concert…The gigs were a bit chaotic yeah… Drummer small Kees (De Greef) played also with ‘Political Asylum’ for a bit and is on the recordings of the last two records. He also played in ‘Budrot’ with members of the ‘Stink Sisters’ and ‘Anarcrust’. Long Kees still plays in ‘Reknub’ – a long-standing psychedelic punk duo. Small Kees played drums when I was in the band between ‘92 and ‘94 I think. Long Kees was before that indeed…

Stevie Dewar, ‘Political Asylum’

I was in ‘Chaos UK’ between the beginning of 1991 to 1993. We toured Europe in October ’91.

Beckie Gibbons

91-10-05 Chaos UK & Beckie on tourThe ‘Chaos UK’ van broke down… ;-)

Your intro sounds right!… I left in 1989. So it was ‘Chaos’ singing in ‘91…


I played keyboards and trumpet in ‘Knucklehead’. I don’t think we ever played at the Vort’n Vis but I recognise a lot of the band-names of those that did… If you want to update your site with what we’re up to now I can tell you the following:

Jon (singer) went and lived in Bremen (92-95) and sang in ‘A38’. He’s now back in the UK (in Bath I think) fronting a band called ‘Seven Crowns’. They were called ‘Tiny Elvis’ for a few years but changed to ‘Seven Crowns’ a few years ago and regularly tour all over the world I think. Mets (singer/shouter) also went to Bremen and played bass in ‘A38’ and came back the same time as Jon. Back in Bath now. Painter and decorator. Cheesey Coles (singer) stayed in or around Bath. Not sure what he did for years but is now singing in a Northern Soul band called ‘The All Nighters’ (far cry from punk-rock!). Pete’Chopper’ Panton (guitar) – not sure what he did in the years after ‘Knucklehead’ but now lives in London and doing graphics for films and ads or something similar. Si Spoons (bass) stayed in Bath. Still there or thereabouts playing bass in ‘The All Nighters’. No idea what he’s doing for a living… Adrien ‘Ade’ Poole (drums) – drummer in ‘The All Nighters’. Still in Bath (or maybe Trowbridge I think). He’s a teacher I think. ‘Fingers Fourgang’ (keyboards & trumpet) – that’s me – went to Prague for 6 years ‘Knucklehead’ and played in a reggae band called ‘Hermakoute’. Now living in Edinburgh working as a freelance copywriter and penning the odd short-film soundtrack. Alex Hornblower (sax) also went to Bremen and played in a band called ‘Korrupt’. Not sure for how long (think she stayed there longer than Mets & Jon) but now back in the UK, somewhere after a stint living in Holland I think. No idea what she’s up to but she sometimes organises ‘Knucklehead’ reunions (drinking, not playing!). Last one was about 4 or 5 years ago.

I know ‘Knucklehead’ never played in Belgium. We had a tour of various European countries lined up but we split before it came to fruition. The Vort’n Vis may have been one of the venues we were due to play but we all started fighting with each other and it wasn’t fun anymore so we split up!

Toby Morgan (a.k.a. Johnny Despondent)

91-10-05-vortn-vis-audience-getting-drunk-when-chaos-uk-didnt-show-upVort’n Vis audience getting drunk when ‘Chaos UK’ didn’t show up (guess they would’ve ended up drunk anyway…)

excerpts from the V.V. guestbook:

VV 91-10-05 - (book A) Debiele Eenheid 1VV 91-10-05 - (book A) Debiele Eenheid 2

VV 91-10-05 - (book A) Sloth

VV 91-10-05 - (book A) Dirk ScumDirk ‘Scum’ (Zero Positives’)…always hungry… ;-)

VV 91-10-05 - (book A) Zorro‘Zorro’ (Ann Claeys, Dieter Roelstraete’s girlfriend back then), the kitchen-princess of that time…

additions wellcome!…

91-03-16 Scraps (photos)

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More on this concert: 91-03-16 N.O.F. – Scraps – P.J.D. – C.F.C.

Here’s a some extra photos, donated by Eric ‘React’ W.:

91-03-16 Scraps''''''' (VV) by Eric WRaphael (guitar) – Xavier (drums) – David (vocals) – Tomoy (bass) [a ‘peeping’ Lord Moloch and an attentive Brob on the R]

91-03-16 Scraps''''' (VV) by Eric W

91-03-16 Scraps''' (VV) by Eric W

91-03-16 Scraps'''' (VV) by Eric W

91-03-16 Scraps'''''' (VV) by Eric W