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98-12-05 Jaded

Posted: July 14, 2017 in VV 1998
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Davy Bright, an English guy living in Scotland who moved to Copenhagen for a while, was a correspondent of mine. This Danish band, ‘Jaded’ were friends of his but he didn’t travel with them. As they wrote in the V.V. guestbook: they were on their Towards Extinction tour… This gig was probably organised by Lieve Goemaere (Ugly Duckling zine) who was also friends with Davy.

The band consisted of Morgen Van Buren a.k.a. ‘Dan Bishop’ (bass), Diego Mocci (drums), Rene (guitar), Donovan (guitar) and Lars Berndt Jensen (vocals). Their music was described as “brutal metalcore with engaged lyrics”. They had a track on the Copenhardcore Ungergrund compilation double-LP (1998, on Jan Svejstrup’s label Error recs). The same year they released a self-titled 7”. And in 1999 the 10” End Of The Millennium.

The band signed the guestbook on Sunday Dec 6th but according to the notes they played on Saturday the 5th.


They played in Europe a few times. Did a 7” and a 10”. Good guys. Did a few bands afterwards. One now lives in The Netherlands, was the [Italian] drummer for the popular melodic punk band ‘Bambix’. [Wick ‘Bambix’: “He played for us during a year – around 2010. I’m not in touch with him anymore.”] Kim played bass for a while, he was also in ‘Tourist Trap’ with Lars and Diego [& Emil ‘Sune’ Sunesson?].

Davy Bright

We played Ieper but I’m not sure what other places in Belgium. We did a few gigs in Belgium for every tour we did. Diego probably knows it all a bit better than I do!

Lars Berndt Jensen

We played there both in 98 and 99… Rene and Donovan played guitar, Donovan only played on the first 7”…

Diego Mocci

excerpt from the V.V. guestbook:

additions wellcome!…