90-09-28 Dreft – C.O.D.A. – K.U.N.T.

Posted: January 6, 2021 in VV 1990
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An almost forgotten gig with local ‘bands’…

The second gig of ‘Dreft’ here (a year after 89-07-09) – from the Izegem-Kortrijk area. Here in their grindcore phase (they started in ’85 but things got ‘serious’ in around ’88); with Dominik ‘Nolf’ Denolf (vocals), Pascal ‘Scalle’ Desplancke (vocals), Sammy Windels (guitar), Kris ‘Mosh(terd)’ Maes (bass) & Bernard ‘Narre’ Demeulenaere (drums). The death-metal sound came later when Erwin De Vriendt took over the guitar (without ‘Nolf’ & ‘Scalle’; ’88-’92), and in an even later stage ‘U.J.’ played bass and ‘Josh’ guitar ’92-’93?). Their demo Butchered was recorded September 1991 with Kris doing vocals…

‘C.O.D.A.’ (‘Co-operation Of Death Alcoholics’) was the band of Andy ‘Wanky’ Debaere (growls). There were two vocalists (Benny & Swatn/Swab), a drummer (another Andy/ ‘Anti’ Vandendriessche) and a bassist, Patrick Foré – no guitarist. They were from the Roeselare/Torhout area and surroundings. There’s a demo from 1989 entitled Growing A Moustache Isn’t Hardcore!? with 30+ tracks (labeled “noise-thrash”).


K.U.N.T. (‘Krisis Und Neurosis Theater’) was a figment of Dieter [Roelstraete]. He had lyrics and wanted to do something in the vein of ‘ Einsturzende Neubauten’, proto-noise with costumes and tribal drums. If I remember well ‘K.U.N.T.’ was myself, Fabrice Baclet, Dieter Roelstraete, Jeroen Vanhandsame and Philippe Dassonville [‘Fluppe the Hardrocker’]. We performed once together with a little project that Jeroen ‘nationsonfire’ [Lauwers] had: “The Jeroen Machine” – a benefit for god-kows-what. One hand-written poster, nothing more. Just a racket: everyone ‘played’ a character from Dieter’s lyrics; the idea of what later would become ‘Anus Mundi’ – Dieter’s little artist-club in Gent.

David Stubbe

We only did 2 gigs with ‘K.U.N.T.’, At First I was bassist, then drummer… We didn’t have songs; we did pure jam-sessions. Rather wild parties…

Philippe Dassonville

I think David Stubbe made a few too many wrong combinations of alcohol, mushrooms and other chemical substances in his life…

Jeroen Lauwers

‘K.U.N.T.’, ai, that was for fun really, just as that tape with 1001 ‘songs’ that David and I made under the moniker ‘Anal Disobedience’. Can’t believe we ever played live…

Dieter Roelstraete

‘C.O.D.A.’ was called ‘Chronic Death’ at first and had a guitarist.

Ben Adams

Benny was thrown of the band because of fascist ideas. Then I joined… I don’t have any recollections of this gig but I might’ve been there…

Andy Debaere

additions wellcome!…

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