Crowd shots @ Vort’n Vis

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The Vort’n Vis…for young an old… Wonder who he (the kid, not Kurt) was a fan of? [94-08-06] (pic donated by Willy ‘Hiatus’)

97-08-15&16&17 * Hardcore – the Next Generation festival (source unknown)

the audience during the performance of ‘Go!’ [91-06-08] (by Karl Penando)

discoparty after a fest [93-05-01]… Rudee P & Alec Mac showing off their silly dance-moves ;-) (by Karl Penando)

93-05-01 Alec Mac raving…more Alec Mac raving… (courtesy of the ‘Sedition’ lads)

Leed ’95 crowd relaxing outside the V.V. on the Kiekenmarkt (By Ivan Brun)

That’s entertainment… A DIY beer-can catapult ;-) (shot by Ivan Brun)

  1. Steven W. says:

    That’s U.J. there with the ‘tribal’ tattoo :-) [‘Go!’ concert]

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