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More on this concert: 91-04-28 Nausea – Chronic Disease

Here’s a bunch of snapshots; kindly donated by Klaas Hardeman:

‘Nausea’: Vic (guitar), Amy (vocals), Roy (drums) John John (bass) & [below] Al (vocals)

…notice a very enthusiastic Dieter R. and an attentive Jan C. in the crowd…

‘Nausea’s Al crowdsurfing… supported by a blushing Ghislain V. (L) & Ward V. (R)

‘Nausea’ & friends having dinner in the ‘upstairs’ room… At the table: John John, Vic & roadie Jim Martin.

‘Nausea’s friend Dan (Profane Existence editor)

‘Chronic Disease’: Meyer (guitar), Sling (drums), Leffe (vocals), Vrokker (bass)

Peter Roose, David Stubbe, Dieter Roelstraete, Hans Verbeke, Stephane Boens, etc. in the audience…

The Vort’n Vis…for young an old… Wonder who he (the kid, not Kurt) was a fan of? [94-08-06] (pic donated by Willy ‘Hiatus’)

97-08-15&16&17 * Hardcore – the Next Generation festival (source unknown)

the audience during the performance of ‘Go!’ [91-06-08] (by Karl Penando)

discoparty after a fest [93-05-01]… Rudee P & Alec Mac showing off their silly dance-moves ;-) (by Karl Penando)

93-05-01 Alec Mac raving…more Alec Mac raving… (courtesy of the ‘Sedition’ lads)

Leed ’95 crowd relaxing outside the V.V. on the Kiekenmarkt (By Ivan Brun)

That’s entertainment… A DIY beer-can catapult ;-) (shot by Ivan Brun)

the AJC (autonomous youth centre) Vort’n Vis in the 90s… Kiekenmarkt 7 (pic kindly donated by Williy ‘Hiatus’)

99-06-25 Jan C. contemplating the Vort’n Vis

‘shitworkers’ Jan (nicknamed ‘Doomy’) – Bruno – Kathy (pic donated by Willy ‘Hiatus’)

‘shitworkers’ Wim – Hans – Chat’n (‘Blindfold’) (pic donated by Willy ‘Hiatus’)

‘shitworkers’ Kurt (‘Shortsight’) – Edward (‘Nations On Fire’) attending the bar, more or less… (pic donated by Willy ‘Hiatus’)

‘brothers’ Dieter Roelstraete & Klaas Hardeman runnin’ the bar (early 90s)

‘Doomy’, the ever conscientious shitworker, cleaning up YOUR mess after a festival… (photo courtesy of Martin Vantomme)

Jan Claus @ VVJan ‘Doomy’ Claus, the Vort’n Vis upstairs room…

Jan ‘Doomy’ Claus a.k.a. Jan’ll-fix-it repairing a window with some ‘support’ of Michael M.

Distro-stalls during Leed ’95 (pic by Ivan Brun) [Joeri H. spending his hard-earned money…]

Marleen (?; see comment) (photographed by Willy ‘Hiatus’)

French visitors at Leed ’95; with Bumpy (white t-shirt) from ‘Sea Shepherd’ (Orléans), died in a car-accident in 1997… [the alley opposite of the V.V.] (photo by Ivan Brun)

friends having fun (Azill ‘Hiatus’, Stef DL, Annabel)

Inge C. & Michael M. (‘Carcer Molochi’, ‘Link’) in the V.V. catacombs (they eventually got married in 2012)

Wim (‘Blindfold’) & ‘Macca’ (Mark Wilkinson); pic by Vique Martin (’95)

Greg & Yannick @ Vort'n VisGreg & Yannick ‘PikPik’ Moulière

2 ‘frequent flyers’ (Leed fest 1995): Wim De Leersnijder & Gratiën V.

friends from the Lille area: Karine ‘React’ & Benoit Hanssens



H8000 fascist attitude (VV mural)

VV upstairs (Valerie Afschrift)VV upstairs' (Valerie Afschrift)VV upstairs'' (Valerie Afschrift)impression of the ‘upstairs-room’ by Valerie Afschrift

VV fridge‘fridge’

toiletdoor 1999


We fought the law and…

Leed festival Sep ’95 – the cops wanted to interrogate a guy who did graffiti or tore down a traffic-sign; they feared the situation would get out of hand because the crowd was so big… (pics by Ivan Brun)

Dieter Roelstraete (‘Lord Moloch’) writes in his piece ‘Horrendous cut-throat system’: “I organized my first gig in 1989 (featuring Bradford’s crust-punk super-group ‘Warfear’, at the Vort’n Vis in Ieper)…” but he’s mistaken: it was 1990. And a couple of months before he also had invited ‘Sore Throat’ [90-05-27]… The ‘Pyrobolum Stenchcore Battalion’ (Dieter ‘Lord Moloch’, David, ‘Siesele’, ‘Leffe’, Billy, ‘Spatje’, ‘Pette’) had visited the 1 in 12 Club (Bradford) in July (and some people involved there) so this was kind of continuation of the fraternization.

‘Warfear’ was a crust band (influenced by ‘Discharge’ and Japanese stuff like ‘Gauze’ & ‘Outo’; “jap-thrash in the Totalitäaaargh vein” – as Lord Moloch used to call it) with members of ‘Doom’ & ‘Sore Throat’: Rich ‘Militia’ Walker doing the “Guitargghhh!” (as someone else described it), Chris ‘Gazza’ Gascoyne on bass, Brian Talbot hitting the drums and the vocalist was supposed to be Bridget Stark (the original one, James ‘Gibby’ Gibson, had quit) but the pictures show Rich taking the mike…

‘The Next World’, a duo from Bradford (also involved with the 1 in 12 there): ‘Steve ‘Butler on bass and Darron Ward (guitar & vocals), supported by a drum-machine; were planned to play but apparently didn’t… Perhaps because they had been here a couple of months earlier [see 90-05-01]?

‘No Way Out’ was then, the new band of Nick Royles (who’d left the initial line-up of ‘Sore Throat’ – Rich ‘Militia’ Walker (vocals), Brian Talbot (guitar), John ‘Doom’ Pickering (bass) – in ‘88). They were a straight-edge band, also from Bradford: Nick (drums), Percy (vocals), Andy/Andrew ‘Bez’ Berry (bass; later ‘Neckbrace’) & Russ Chowdhury (guitar)… Heath Crosby was the first singer (not here) and sang on the demo.

This was probably the 1st gig of ‘Private Jesus Detector’ at the V.V. Bruno announced them as “the brand new ‘Discard’ & ‘Mob 47’ offshoot from Brugge”… At that time still with ‘Chronic Disease’s bassplayer Vrokker sharing vocals with Spatje. Leffe was also in both bands [For some more info see: 91-03-16]. ‘Chronic Disease’ had already played there earlier that year and had been guests at Smurfpunx gigs aswell: 88-11-11 & 89-12-25]


I remember playing with ‘Warfear’. Me & Rich Militia had fallen out on tour. There used to be a joke-shop on the opposite side of the square by the cathedral, so I bought some bangers, the kind you put in cigarettes. I offered to make friends with Rich again and said I’d roll him a cigarette as a way to apologise. I must have put about 5 bangers in it; when he got half way down smoking, it blew up and nearly took his face off. He wasn’t happy…

Brian Talbot

Been struggling to remember anything about it. I knew Bridget came with us. For some reason my main memories are: Bridget and I being propositioned after one gig by two dodgy looking characters. One in a suit, the other had a shaved head. They wanted to prostitute us.

On the way back we had to push the van to start it. It began to move fast so we got in the van apart from a few ‘No Way Out’ guys. One of them lost his footing and we just felt the van go over something. Well, he was ok but was a bit worrying as we didn’t know what part of his body the van had gone over. [Brob: see Bri’s comment; the person hurting his leg was Percy but it wasn’t actually broken…]

Chris ‘Gazza’

A funny thing about our first time with ‘P.J.D.’ at the Vort’n Vis… We still had two vocalists then: myself and ‘Vrokker’. As you know, ‘Vrokker’ is quite an appearance on stage with his 1m 95 (!) and he always totally goes for it… So he takes the microphone for the first line of the first song, starts to ‘sing’ and hereby spits out his false teeth on stage! Hilarious!

Jurgen ‘Spatje’ Fiems, ‘Private Jesus Detector’ vocalist

Yep, our first performance here. We had been staying at Rich Militia’s place for a whole week, so we knew the ‘Warfear’ lads a bit and meeting them again in Belgium was fun. We held egg-carton fights and such in the room behind the bar… The trip to Bradford was ok, drinking pints at the 1in12 club every day, witnessed a rehearsal of ‘Disaster’ (and played some 5 songs for the guys and Rich. We also went to a pub in Huddersield to see an anarcho band with a female vocalist (was it ‘Naturecore’ or ‘F.UA.L.’ or ‘Sofa Head’?)…

‘The Next World’ didn’t play. ‘No Way Out’ did 2 ‘Zyklome-A’ covers. ‘Warfear’s Rich Militia was a nice guy, don’t know exactly what he’s upto now but it’s in the metal sector I think… [Brob: Rich Militia is still playing in ‘Solstice‘ and running ‘The Miskatonic Foundation‘.]

Koen ‘Siesele’ Lammens, ‘Private Jesus Detector’ bassplayer [Thanx for the poster!]

the young blond god Bri, ‘Warfear’ (pic by Dieter R.)

Rich Militia, ‘Warfear’ (photos by Jeroen L. & Dieter R.)

90-08-25-no-way-out-band90-08-25-no-way-out-gitdrum90-08-25-no-way-out-git‘No Way Out’ (pics courtesey of Nick Royles)

‘Private Jesus Detector’ (kindly donated by Spatje, done by Dieter?):

L => R: Spatje (vocals), Pette (guitar), Leffe (hidden, drums), Vrokker (vocals), Siesele (bass)

Pette, Leffe (man at work!) & a concentrated Sies…

Sies, Spatje & Vrokker (Karin, later ‘One By One’ vocalist, in the audience * Klaas H. behind the bar…)

‘Chronic Disease’ (band-pic by Dieter, singles donated by Spatje, bottom 2 by Jeroen):

L => R:  Meyer (guitar), Sling (drums), Leffe (vocals), Vrokker (bass)

additions wellcome!…

1990… Harder and harder to remember… Must’ve been some of the last concerts we did with ‘Ear Damage’. We were a bit fed up with all of it. Nevertheless, a pity ‘cause we were writing some songs that sounded less crossover/metal-punk. Some of them were elaborated for ‘Kloaka’ [Brob: New band Dirk did a bit later with Erwin Reynders (‘Heibel’ bassist) & Bie (‘Ear Damage’ drummer)] (Aliens, Deja Vu) and others got totally forgotten (Chauffageke). I doubt that ‘Heibel’ were still going in 1990, I believe they’d started ‘Triptych’ by then [Brob: Sep. 29th 1990 they played in Herk-De-Stad, supporting ‘All’ and for Smurfpunx 91-03-23]?

Dirk Ceustermans, ‘Ear Damage’ guitarist

‘Heibel’ (who had already performed for Smurfpunx in the early days – 87-04-17) actually still played. Singer Bollie was already asked to leave the band after their 1987 UK tour. Peter Daniëls took over vocal duties since then… They did a tour through Spain (end of December 1989; with ‘Ear Damage’) but can’t remember anymore when exactly Steven (Luts, guitarist) actually left…

‘Ear Damage’ were buddies since way-back-when… Marc Verbeeck (bass & vocals, ex ‘Zyklome-A’), Dirk Ceustermans (guitar & vocals, ex ‘Koyaanisqatsi’) and Robin ‘Bie’ Puttemans (drums, ex ‘Zyklome-A’; later ‘Tachyon’, nowadays ‘Belgian Asociality’) filled 2 albums (‘Progress of Humanity’ & ‘The Hangover of Loneliness’) with their metal-influenced hardcore; and played a whole bunch of shows, of which 3 for Smurfpunx (86-09-07, 87-06-27, 89-02-25)…

‘H.D.Q.’ were touring a lot those days. This is between those that brought them to Smurfpunx (89-10-01 & 90-12-22) and they came on their own. The backbone of the band was Richard ‘Dickie’ Hammond.(guitar) and Dave ‘Golly’ Golledge (vocals); the rhythm-section changed a couple of times during their existence. I’ve always liked their melodic hardcore (British sometimes say they sounded “too American”, what-ever that means)…

For ‘Decadence Within’ this was probably the end of the tour that brought them to Smurfpunx for the 3rd time (90-03-31). I’d booked most of their shows the previous years they came over but this time, Kurt Horemans (who was goin’ to release a 7” on his label, Hurry recs – he might’ve gotten help from ‘D.O.L.’s Stefan Joosten) offered to help them out. At this time they were about to record their second album, had a new vocalist (Rid, replacing Kev) and were moving away from the many bands that were playing fast grind with grawling vocals… “A constantly evolving band, from England. After their 1st crossover-album, they got a new singer. Their music got more complex and power.”.

This was a concert that, even though a few of the Vort’n Vis collaborators were involved, wasn’t actually in the pub or the hall in Ieper. Myself, I was still in the Smurfpunx collective so – I’m not really sure but – I think the V.V. wasn’t always available in the early days or they considered it was ‘too small’ for ‘bigger’ bands. The place (‘De Gilde’) was like a parish-hall in Bruno’s hometown Poperinge…


Concert-review in Pyrobolum #3

additions wellcome!…