This blog is an ongoing thing. Share your recollections by contacting. A book would make money for one person and that’s the last thing that I want! It’s a collective experience and no one should corrupt this by claiming a profit!!!


After the SMURFPUNX collective [smurfpunx.wordpress.com] folded in 1991 I continued helping bands with small (parts of) tours and (helped) organise(d) concerts for (inter)national HardCore punk bands at the Autonomous Meeting Centre (Autonoom Tref Centrum, ATC) de Vort’n Vis (Rotten Fish) in Ieper/Ypres. There was a whole lot of ‘shitworkers’ (doing various things) over the years.

This blog is aiming to give an overview of those concerts in the 90s. Anyone who was involved, came to concerts or participated (not just bands) is invited to send in contributions (photos, flyers, music-files, videos, etc.) but especially written material.

Not just nostalgia but also a critical looking back… Hoping to hear about how anyone looks back at all this. How it (possibly) influenced people’s lives, attitudes and thoughts. From personal stories/anecdotes to ideological essays, and everything in between. I’m especially counting on YOU, visitors, bands, zinesters, promoters, drivers, etc. for help.

It’s been difficult to find all the people, that I met and was in touch with, back. There was no www back then and most of the people were only known with their first name or nick-name. So I’ld appreciate it if anyone can get me in touch or provide email-addresses of the (people in the) bands that played and/or others involved: have a look at the concert-list and the ‘wanted’-page…

Thanx in advance. Looking forward to read you all!

Also have a look here: Brob’s Tilt! fanzine


From about 1991 on, bands visiting the Vort’n Vis were asked to write something for a guestbook. I will use these entries as a guideline, post them here  and hopefully all of you will add their recollections, visuals and audio!…

Don’t just read the posts in chronological order.  Check back regularly. Every now and then older posts might be amended with new/additional bits of info…

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