Whatever happened to?…

Aaron Vyvial (editor of Love Child zine): sr instructor at Moy Yat Kung Fu Academy of Austin, Tx

Amy Keim (‘Nausea’ singer): specialist in emergy medicine & assistant-professor

Anderz Nielsen (bassplayer for ‘President Fetch’): runs Gearbox agency (gearbox.dk)

Andy Irvine (‘Disaffect’, ‘Scatha’, ‘Ebola’, etc.): nurse

Andy ‘Tez’ Turner (singer ‘Instigators’) runs the London office for Ferret Music Europe and Metal Blade records UK

Anthony Palmer (‘Embittered’ vocalist): psychiatric nurse

Arnaud Huftier (bassplayer ‘Behind The Smile’): professor French Literature at the University of Valenciennes and author

Bart Jansen (guitarist ‘Deconsume’): psychotherapist

Ben Fery (‘Hiatus’ drummer): has played in ‘Cheap Killers’ & ‘Pirato Ketchup’; does art-workshops with handicaped children in a non-profit organisation and plays for the synth-punk band ‘Komplikations’

Brench (‘Headcore’ guitarist): R.I.P. January 2021 (cancer)

Brian Talbot (guitarist ‘Doom’): working in a college as a music-technician, recording bands at the 1in12 Studio, playing bass in ‘Lazarus Blackstar’ and doing ‘Doom’ again!

Bruno Vandevyvere (Genet recs): account-manager for a consultancy-company

Christian Schneider (guitarist ‘Malva’): graphic designer; writes for a magazine about living, travelling, nature, food, … (the-weekender.com)

Christophe Klimmer (guitarist of ‘Stack’): editor of a publishing-company (editionpanorama.com)

Corey von Villiez (bassplayer for ‘Abolition’): professor Poltical Science & Philosophy

Daniel/Daan van der Velden (guitarist of ‘Aphrodite’s Lawyer’): graphic designer and writer (Metahaven studio)

Dario Quatrini (‘D.D.I.’ guitarist): art-director & designer (dario-quatrini.com)

Dave Ellesmere (‘‘Doctor and The Crippens’ drummer): techno DJ performing internationally and releasing his productions on his own and various other labels

David ‘Mong’ Dumont (‘Shortsight’ guitarist): ex guitarist of ‘Drums Are For Parades’

David Dutriaux (singer of ‘Scraps’ and ‘Nations On Fire’): works for Berlitz International language-school in Germany

Dieter ‘Lord Moloch’ Roelstraete (Pyrobolum zine, ‘Sloth’, …): Senior Curator at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago

Eric Hellebrand (‘No Sense’ bassist): geologist at University of Hawaii, Honolulu

Eric Mirguet (‘Ivich’ singer): human rights lawyer

Ewan Hunt (‘Political Asylum’ bassist): lost his long battle with leukemia, December 2015 (aged just 49)

Francisco ‘Xico’ Dias (‘Subcaos’ vocalist): ran the underground metal label Blood and Iron recs (bloodandironrecords.webs.com), now Progaor recs; “graduate christian minister” of Charis Bible College UK.

Frederik Denolf (drummer of ‘Spirit Of Youth’, ‘Solid’): DIY singer-songwriter, recording artist, performer, …

Gilles Auvinet (‘Anomie’ bassist, Ape recs): CEO of internet & financial enterprises

Helena Burbuleta (‘Inkisição’ singer): kinder-garden teacher

Ivan Brun (‘Coche Bomba’ bassist): cartoonist, comic book writer, painter (sickfuckermagazine.blogspot)

Jan Frederickx (vocals, bass, guitar for ‘Agathocles’): works for a non-governmental organisation defending the rights of people with a disability

‘Jantsa’ Jani Kärkkäinen (‘Juggling Jugulars’ bassist): suffered an intracranial hemorrhage in 2006, which left him wheelchair-bound; he passed away May 2008 (aged 39)

Jeroen Lauwers (‘Nations On Fire’ bassist, etc.): Red Stars Over Tokyo music-project (ambient, beats, synths, loops)

Jeroen ‘Beertje’ Vrijhoef (‘Mainstrike’ guitarist): works for the European booking-/promotion-agency Toutpartout

Jobst Eggert (‘Peace Of Mind’ guitarist): editor-in-chief for PETA Germany

Jody Taylor (‘Strain’ vocalist): R.I.P. 2016

Joel Olson (‘Pissed’ drummer): associate-professor of Politics & International Affairs at Northern Arizona University; R.I.P. March 2012

John John Jesse (bassist ‘Nausea’): painter/graphic artist (johnjohnjesse.net)

Jon(athan) Bunch (‘Sensefield’ vocalist): R.I.P. February 2016

Jurgen Desmet (‘Settle For Less’ bassplayer): breackcore-artist ‘Sickboy’; electronic music-producer/DJ

Karl Penando (‘Six Feet Over’ guitarist): R.I.P. May 2019 (aged 51)

Keith Hioco (‘Burning Fight’ bassist): fashion-designer

Koen Luyckx (singer ‘Deconsume’): professor developmental psychology at the University of Leuven

Kelly Halliburton (bass for ‘Resist’, etc.): self-employed gardener & carpenter

Matt ‘Mauz’ Parrillo (‘Dystopia’ guitarist): runs a professional print-shop (monolithpress.net)

Maynard Schut (‘Mushroom Attack’ drummer): blogs on the Groninger scene => hellpunk666.blogspot.nl

Michael Kopijn (drummer for ‘Catweazle’): amateur-photographer (michaelkopijn.nl)

Michal Halabura (Nikt Nic Nie Wie recs and distribution – nnnw.pl): teacher; drummer for ‘Czosnek’

Michelle Orgill (‘Agent 86’ bassist): pastry-chef

Micky McGuinness (guitarist ‘Generic, ‘One By One’, ‘Ebola’): writer & publisher (gibboncore.com)

Mike Briggs (guitarist/singer ‘Agent 86’): substitute teacher in a public school; R.I.P. April 2019 (cancer)

Mike ‘Bullshit’ Bromberg (singer of ‘Go!): played guitar for ‘No Mistake’ in San Jose, Ca

Nicolas Fisseau (‘FingerPrint’ vocalist): graduated at the School for New Dance Development (and later a chef) in Amsterdam

Oliver ‘Kleister’ Schmid (Skuld releases): R.I.P. May 2015

Pascal ‘Scalle’ Desplancke (vocalist of ‘Dreft’): R.I.P. Feb. 2023

Pierre Erickson (guitarist of ‘Mushroom Attack, ‘Fleas & Lice’, …): runs a vegan snackbar (Tom & Karo) in Bremen

René Natzel (drummer of ‘Feeding The Fire’): CEO of Mazine clothing-brand (mazine.de)

Roy Mayorga (drummer ‘Nausea’): played for various bands such as ‘Shelter’, ‘Soulfly’, ‘Sepultura’,… (roymayorga.com)

Sacha ‘Chatn’ Baelen (drummer ‘Blindfold’): clinical psychologist

Sas (bassplayer ‘Anarcrust’): photographer (sasfotos.nl)

Sebastian ‘Basse’ Särekallio (‘Selfish’ vocalist): R.I.P.

Silke Bayler (Maximum Voice): R.I.P.

Simon Mooney (guitarist ‘Instigators’): professional photographer (mooneyphoto.com & mooneysport.com)

Stef ‘Panikeshi’/’Tofupunk’ (Steph(ane) Guillet; bassist of ‘Viktor’s Hofnarren’): R.I.P. April 2016 (suicide)

Steve ‘Cuzzy’ Curran (‘Instigators’ drummer): drum-tech for the ‘Sex Pistols’

Steve Dewar (‘Political Asylum’ guitarist): plays in the folk-band ‘The Assassenachs

Steven Tuffin (‘Thumbs Down’ singer): film-journalist (vertigoweb.be)

Sullivan ‘Sully’ Chédanne (‘Undone’ vocalist): photographer, living in Australia

Tero Luoma (‘Juggling Jugulars’ guitarist): R.I.P. November 2019

Thomas Baeken (‘Facedown’ bassist): spokesman for Infrabel (Belgian national railway-net)

Thomas Van Rumst (‘Insane Youth’ bassist): psychologist/psychotherapist

Tim De Graeve a.k.a. Tiny Legs Tim: died of a cardiac arrest May 2022

Ty Smith (‘Resist’ guitarist): died of a heart-failure September 2011

Urte Böhm (World Upside Down recs): runs a vegan café in Berlin (vux-berlin.com)

Wendi Geuens (singer ‘Honey Honey’): ex owner/manager of an erotheque (louiseserotheek.com), now teacher

Wim Vandekerckhove (singer ‘Blindfold’): professor business ethics and organisational behaviour at University of Greenwich Business School

  1. Ben 'Hiatus' says:

    I no longer play for ‘Pirato Ketchup’.
    Nowadays I’m doing this band ‘Komplikations’ with my friends Lio from Liège and Alen (the guy behind P.G.L. Aachen who’s still very active organizing punk events since the last 25 years or so… He was one of the first to invite ‘Hiatus’ over in Germany in the very early nineties). Anyway ‘Komplikations’ is a synth-punk band, in the vein of ‘The Units’, ‘Screamers’… We have a one-sided album.

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