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The poster announced this one as ‘Kilts ‘n Sweatin’ Feet in Slippers’… The first being the ‘trademark’ of Celtic punx ‘Sedition’, the second referring to Sned who used to wear comfy slippers behind his drum-kit. This was, I guess, the 5th gig of ‘One By one’ here. (First time was 91-08-18…) They were almost like family, with uncle Sned bringing ‘prezzies’ all the time and Karin providing the Flemish connection… They were supposed to tour with ‘Sedition’ but that didn’t happen as Sned explains…

This was also ‘Doom’s 2nd passage (1st: 93-02-27). This time with ‘Scoot’ on bass.

The ‘Hiatus’ guys were practically always present. What can I say? An amazing set again. Don’t just believe me: look at the video…

‘E.O.M.’ original line-up consisted of Ste Dux (vocals), Mass Centi (guitar), Fozzy (bass), Dave Foz (drums). Their split ep with ‘Doom’ was released in 1994, so was the Weakness ep. They toured Europe together with ‘Doom’ here but didn’t manage to play a set…

‘Fauna’ was a young Finnish band playing melodic pop-punk with female vocals. On tour with ‘J.J.’ and (according to Peku) “very nice people with thoughts”. Peku asked me to help ‘em find some gigs (see letter)…

‘Juggling Jugulars’ (originally from Tampere, Finland), who play uptempo, melodic hardcore-punk, were already friends since I got in touch with them (and did a tour) in the early 90s. To me this is thé line-up (although I know they still play nowadays, and with due respect to the ‘new’ members): Pettri ‘Peku’ Mikkilä (guitar & vocals), ‘Jantsa’ Jani Kärkkäinen [R.I.P.] (bass & vocals), Marko Nurmi (drums), Tero Luoma (guitar).

Totaal Marginaal (Sint-Niklaas) consisted of Tim Audenaert (vocals), Wouter (guitar), Mieke (bass), Pim (drums). Can’t remember them…


It was July/August 1994 when we made a small tour with my band ‘Juggling Jugulars’ and another Finnish band named ‘Fauna’ (they played only few years and split up pretty soon afterwards). We had only 8 gigs in different countries but we managed to spend something like 2-3 weeks on the road, so it was not organized at all. Lots of sightseeing for young boys and girls. No stress :-).

‘Fauna’ have disappeared pretty much from the DIY-scene… Their line-up was: Maarit (vocals), Juhani (bass), Jukka (guitar) & Henkka (drums). The only member still active in punk-scene seems to be Henkka, who was later the drummer for ‘Endstand’ and nowadays plays in ‘Cigarette Crossfire’.

We had done our first tour with ‘Juggling Jugulars’ in Europe in 1991 and I had been in correspondence with Brob Tilt! since then, so he helped us again to get 3 gigs in Belgium; we played in Oudegem at JH Move (August 5th 1994), in Ieper at the Vort’n Vis (August 6th 1994) and in Eernegem at the B52 (August 7th 1994). [see Brob’s Tours]

The most memorable gig was definitely in Ieper, simply because the Vort’n Vis that day had a pretty international atmosphere; punks from all over Europe had arrived there to enjoy this festival. For example I met Filip [Majchrzakowski] of the label Trujaça Fala (from Poland) there for the first time and this meeting meant a lot to us afterwards; he released many of our next records in Poland and arranged lots of gigs/tours for us, etc.

Playing a gig with bands like ‘One By One’ (one of my biggest favourites at that time) or ‘Doom’ etc., was a great experience for such unknown bands that we were. It was also inspiring to see a DIY venue that was really not a regular bar or something but a punks’ own venue. We got fed and all, so we really felt welcome and we enjoyed ourselves there. Brob was extremely friendly and helpful as always. I learned a lot about the European DIY punk-scene from our correspondence and those few meetings. I can’t remember if ‘Sedition’ really played there or not but I think I would remember if they would have played. [Sned explains below…] Maybe they had cancelled for some reason?

Of course things have changed a lot since 1994; some venues stayed and some disappeared – for various reasons. DIY-scene is a network of friends, not managers or agencies – I hope it remains that way for many years to come; for me it is only true form of HC/punk – at least that’s how I understand it.

Petteri ‘Peku’ Mikkilä, ‘Juggling Jugulars’ guitarist

‘Juggling Jugulars’ & ‘Fauna’, and friends (picture kindly donated by Peku)

‘Scoot’ [bassplayer; see pic] was in ‘Doom’ in ‘94… And Tom was on vocals ‘93-’95, right…

I was there… [off course! ;-)] This was ‘One By One’s last gig! (We might have played in Newcastle the night after, but that was it.) ‘Sedition’ didn’t play; they didn’t play the whole tour. We just had to go round the gigs facing people’s disappointment at their non-appearance! They had split up. Can’t remember much more I’m afraid…

Sned, ‘One By One’ drummer

Micky & Karin, ‘One By One’ (photographed by Peku)

I have a video of a gig of ‘Doom’ with the ‘Hiatus’ guys [see pics; actually Wills of ‘Hiatus’ & Stef DL] singing… It was the tour with ‘E.O.M.’. We had played in Bremen the night before and Ste of ‘E.O.M.’ had to go to hospital to get stitches & Tom [Croft; ‘Doom’ vocalist] was travelling in their van. They got held up so Tom was late & 3 different people got up and sang ‘Doom’ songs.

Stick, ‘Doom’ drummer

‘Doom’: Bri & Scoot, with Willy (‘Hiatus’) and Stef DL (‘Corpus Christi’); pics by Wim DL

There had been a riot in Bremen the night before, Tom was in the van with ‘E.O.M.’, Ste [Dux] cut his ankle pretty bad & they waited in a hospital for hours, missing the gig so it was ‘Doom’ karaoke… ‘E.O.M.’ didn’t play & arrived very late…

Scoot, ‘Doom’ bassist

‘Doom’ – Vort’n Vis, Ieper (06/08/1994) with special guest vocalists [Willy ‘Hiatus’, Steve ‘Neuthrone’, Stef ‘Corpus Christi’, etc.] & ‘Hiatus’ – Vort’n Vis, Ieper (06/08/1994) [with a variety of scenesters – Lord Moloch, Ben ‘Hiatus’, Wim DL, Johan ‘Carcer Molochi’, Michael Maes, Karin ‘1×1’, etc. – in the crowd]

Colin Forster [Thanks for putting these on-line!]

I remember that Ales Pechman, a tall promoter from the Czech Republic, sang some song(s) with ‘Doom’ too…). There was also an incident with Filip from Trujaça Fala, when the organisers believed he was dancing too violently. But you guys were running the place to the best of your abilities. At that time everything was new for us, how the scene was working, … but I got a lot of experiences and inspiration out of it to do things in a similar way over here.

Martin Valásek, Malarie recs

This one was in the bigger venue in the back. There were many friends from everywhere! ‘Hiatus’ played as a 4-piece [Brob: Willy, Azill, Jonas & Ben] because Phil decided to stay at home. ‘Unhinged’ wasn’t on the bill but since Tom (of the ‘headlining’ ‘Doom’) didn’t turn up, we played a few songs as a 3-piece (Manu wasn’t there). Then Sned told me that I was the first on the list to sing with ‘Doom’. So I did. That was a great honour as I was a big crust fan at that time. Still like it but I’m more open to other styles nowadays…there’s good and bad things in every kind of music.

Willy ‘Hiatus’

Some extra pics of ‘Doom’ with Willy ‘Hiatus’ (kindly donated by Willy):

Some photos of ‘Hiatus’ & ‘Unhinged’ here: 94-08-06 Hiatus – Unhinged (photos)

excerpts from the V.V. guestbook:

Sned & Scoot celebrating the 1 in 12 (Bradford) – Vort’n Vis (Ieper) connection…

Some greetings from Suomi.

“We’re totally marginal [‘Totaal Marginaal’] from Sint-Niklaas and it was awesome here.”



additions wellcome!…

On Oct 16th ‘Uutuus’ & ‘Selfish’ played definitely in Luxemburg!!! [Brob: I thought there was a 2nd gig at the V.V. on that tour and so does Petri…]

Wim De Leersnijder

‘Corpus Christi’ (from Oostrozebeke) played an unannounced set with Peter Vancolen on bass (see pics). [Wim: They only did 4 songs. The guys of ‘Disrupt’ insisted to see/hear them play.] Their ‘normal’ line-up at that time was: Bram De Cock (drums), Peter ‘Coli’ Vancolen (vocals), Stef De Leersnijder (bass; later guitar) & in the very beginning Bart ‘Goemie’ Goeminne played guitar (and a bit later Tom Van Laere). On the split 7” with ‘Força Macabra’ (Fin) – on Genet recs (1993) – the songs were done by Stef, Bram, Goemie & Coli (recorded May that year).

‘Uutuus’ & ‘Selfish’ played several gigs around Belgium on that tour… Petri tells us who was playing in the bands (below). On free days between gigs they hung out in Gent (sleeping at the Genet recs HQ). I wasn’t working during that period and Bruno, Joeri & myself had started to merge our distributions into Fuse! (which was supposed to make some profits for the Vort’n Vis but that didn’t work out in the end…); so I showed them around town. I remember that they weren’t very interested in seeing the sites but more in the many kinds of beer that were available…

‘Hypocritical Society’, from Hannover (Ger), were Timo Schröder (bass), Dennis (vocals), Christian (drums), Arne & Steven (guitar)…. They had a double 7” (Pyre) out on the label run by Corey & Bernd, Equality recs… (Later they did the LP Failed & Loyal). Their music was compared to ‘Neurosis’. A friend from Berlin wrote me once that the cops came down to shut down a gig of them there because it was almost “ear-splitting” loud…

Markus Haas from Per Koro recs did most of the driving for the ‘Disrupt’ European tour in 1993…

The music of ‘Disrupt’ (from the Boston area) could be described as grindy/crusty D-Beat… From May 1991 on the line-up was Pete Kamarinos (vocals), Jay Stiles (vocals), Terry Savastano (guitar; later in ‘Grief’), Jeff Hayward (guitar; later in ‘Grief’), Bob Palombo (bass) and Randy Odierno (drums). After they toured Europe in Oct/Nov of 1993, the band broke up due to personal and musical differences.


I rode along in ‘Uutuus’ tourbus for 2 days together with ‘Kroezel’ [Frank Saen]. Great guys!

Kurt van den Eynden

That was the tourbus that left a black cloud [see guestbook-excerpt below] of smoke in the street when taking off and could still be even when it reached the other side of Ieper. One of those Finnish blokes also had had a nipple-piercing while being pissed out of his head, on one of the medieval stone slabs where the fish is sold. The day after I had to disinfect his nipple because it was done so amateurish. :-)

Jan Claus

Yeah! I think we played the Vort’n Vis twice on that tour. The line-ups were: ‘Uutuus’: Petri ‘Pete’ (guitar), Otto Itkonen (drums), Tuomo (bass) & Marko Karimo (vocals). Guitar-player Reko couldn’t make it… ‘Selfish’: Petri ‘Pete’ (guitar), Otto (drums), Jaakko ‘Jasko’ Penttinen (bass) & Sebastian ‘Basse’ Särekallio (vocals). Also ‘Selfish’s guitarist Vikke couldn’t come along. When we found out two people couldn’t tour, Otto and myself replaced one member of each band. I’m originally the drummer for ‘Uutuus’ but I could play the songs on guitar and Otto took care of the drums. I helped ‘Selfish’ playing guitar because Vikke was unavailable…

I have good memories from Vort’n Vis. But our playing/gigs sucked always. So ashamed for that :-( But it was amazing to see bands that I never could have seen otherwise. Loved the beer aswell. Especially that one with cherry taste!

I am pretty much the same guy. Young till I die. Still play in bands (‘Kuolema’, ‘Força Macabra’, ‘Jumalation’).

Pedro Anthares, ‘Força Macabra’

The day after this one the Fins played at the Pits in Kortrijk and some of them spent the night at my house and some stayed in Ingelmunster. ‘Corpus’ opened twice for them and we had a lot of fun. The Fins were a bit surly at first but after a few litres of alcohol, they opened up, before falling into a coma. I sang the last song with ‘Uutuus’…can ’t remember which one it was: not one of theirs but probably something by ‘Discharge’ or ‘Mob 47’ (a big influence of theirs). [pics by Wim & Bram]

‘Corpus’ was rooted in the marginal tradition of writing and singing in your mother-tongue (Dutch, in our case). ‘Zyklome-A’ had definitely opened our eyes for the possibilities of the Dutch language. Unfortunately we were to young to have seen that band live.

Bram De Cock, ‘Corpus Christi’ drummer

I have a TON of photos from that tour but I’m not sure that I have any from this gig in particular. We did 2 shows in Belgium [the first being 11 oct ’93 (‘Planète Interdite’, Liège): Disrupt (USA), Hypocritical Society (Ger), Hiatus (Bel)]. As far as stories…that whole tour was somewhat of a blur for obvious reasons but I do remember partying it up with ‘Hiatus’ after a show. I think they might have put us up for the night as well but I’m not too sure. One thing I do remember is trying to find our way back to where we were supposed to be sleeping for the night, wandering the streets of Ieper with only a vague recollection of which way to go – haha.

Randy Odierno, ‘Disrupt’ drummmer

Here’s a small summary of how I remember the Vort’n Vis and the days surrounding it… We had played the previous night (Oct 30th 1993) in Homburg, Germany. It was rather cold and we huddled around a barrel-fire outside the venue. The gig was great, lots of people going crazy and then we decided to get really crazy after the gig! October 31st (Halloween) is my birthday so we decided to start celebrating early! All I remember was a lot of broken glass, chairs and screaming until the sun came up! Needless to say I don’t think those in charge were too happy with us! We then drove to Ieper, Belgium; a trip which took all day but I slept through the whole thing!

Arriving at the Vort’n Vis I met my long-time pen-pal Steve McMillan from the band ‘Neuthrone’ and we settled in with the gear and the merchandise, drank quite a bit… ‘Corpus Christi’ played an unexpected short set followed by our Finnish friends ‘Uutuus’ and ‘Selfish’. ‘H.S.’ played their usual set – I think they played the same songs in the same order every night for 7 weeks! We got on and it was a super friendly, intimate atmosphere. I remember some lunatic jumping up on stage to grab Randy in between songs! He was obviously a drummer! I’m pretty sure we played Down My Throat, one of my favourite songs from the Unrest LP. All in all a very good gig! We walked around town afterwards and then went to Steve’s house to indulge in ‘Trouble’ and ‘Celtic Frost’ videos and plenty of beer and hashish! We then walked/stumbled back to the Vort’n Vis and all slept in a small room which was surprisingly comfortable! Another nice walk around town in the morning to enjoy the wonderful architecture and huge churches, and it was off again to the next mission!

I loved touring Europe and I especially loved Belgium, and I hope I get to do it again someday soon! Corey was the one who set up this tour and that’s how we ended up with the folks of ‘H.S.’! 23 shows, 9 countries… I doubt it will ever happen again! Jay and Pete are very against ever doing ‘Disrupt’ again. That’s ok but of course I would do it immediately if possible!

Terry Savastano, ‘Disrupt’ guitarist

‘Disrupt’ (pic byKurt van den Eynden) [Jan guarding the stage; in the crowd: Steve W., Arnaud W., Yannick,…]

photos below (full set available on request) with kind permission of Philippe Raynal:


‘Hypocritical Society’


‘Corpus Christi’ (ad interim)

excerpts from the V.V. guestbook:

Translation by Petri: “Fuck, seems like we are playing here!” (‘Selfish’+’Uutuus’); “Smell a poo, we are also playing here!” (‘Juggling Jugulars’+’Fauna’, written in ’94)

additions wellcome!…

Already during the existence of Smurfpunx the Vort’n Vis Crew started to organise gis. This one took place in Poperinge (near Ieper; hometown of Bruno VdV – who used to show up at Smurfpunx gigs with his boxes full of records). At that time he was doing a fanzine called Pyrobolum, together with his mate Dieter (who named himself ‘Lord Moloch’ – who did the artwork here).

On the bill was ‘Sore Throat’ from the UK (at that time a bit of a genuine alternative to ‘Napalm Death’; singer/guitarist Rich ‘Militia’ (Richard Walker) was confronting them with their questionable attitudes). I think Sned (‘Generic’, ‘Pleasant Valley Children’, etc.) was also in the band at that time…

Also ‘President Fetch’ played, the band of my mate Anderz Nielsen (concert-organiser at the squatted alternative centre Ungdomshuset in Kopenhagen, previously in ‘Misanthropic Charity’,…). He might’ve been very pleased with this gig, as he left his bass with us. Can ‘t recall how it ever get back to him…

‘Turtle Terror’ where a German band [from Moers] that Bruno was in touch with. Can’t remember much of them… [Bruno, in Pyrobolum #2: “Olli (drums) and Sti (guitar & vocals) create quite a heavy sound. Alternately faster and slower songs.”; in Pyrobolum #3: “Great & openminded people. Listening to them you’ll hear some ‘Doom’ & ‘Active Minds’ (their faves.”]. The duo consisted of Olli & Christian Linden.

Who/what the hell was ‘Gnuft’? Can’t remember them. In Pyrobolum #2 (local zine in the early 90s) it says “ David & me [I reckon that’s Dieter Roelstraete], Wouter plays guitar, Fabrice [Baclet] from ‘Silly Old Fart’ plays bass and Pascal smashes the drums”…


Spans Hrac was kind of a joke at the time of ‘Anus Mundi’ (Dieter’s little art-club). There was Lord Moloch, Tsar Dwaa, Dominiek Le Freak; and myself as hang-around Spans Hrac – a name that came to me during a fit of absurdism. A bit like certain black-metallers calling themselves Horrgh or Bashyyrk or something…

‘Gnuft v.z.w.’ was Dieter & me on vocals, Pascal drumming, Fabrice & Joeri [David’s brother] bass and/or guitar (whatever the way they felt like)…and sometimes also this guy ‘Fluppe Den Artrokker’…

‘Sore Throat’ was one of the highlights of the many bands I saw at the V.V. By the way: Dieter and me sang along on Pride; I have the recording somewhere under the dust…

David Stubbe

I cannot for the life of me remember ‘Gnuft’. A lot of joke-bands were doing the rounds at the time and I’m afraid I was in most of them (except ‘Rothead’, which I believe was Bruno Vandevyvere and Klaas Hardeman’s band – for one rehearsal…). [‘Rothead’ actually did 2 gigs: in Poperinge (90-03-17) & in Menen.] David ‘Spans Hrac’ Stubbe was in on most of the jokes indeed. We also formed a band called ‘Anal Disobedience’ and recorded one tape with a thousand and one tracks on it, titled Analichrist or something like that. The challenge wasn’t so much in the playing, as it was in the actual titling of the songs. I still have that tape somewhere – it was recorded in the Vort’n Vis rehearsal-space, and David drew a very nice cover for it. By the way, I never knew ‘Spans Hrac’ was a joke-name! ‘Anus Mundi’ however…

Dieter Roelstraete a.k.a. ‘Lord Moloch’

It’s been some years ago but I still remember the show, well not how we played or how the other bands played but I remember the set up and the fact that my bass was left there and that I didn’t notice until a few days after in Berlin. You see: I was dealing with most things on this tour so after our show I was sorting out our payment for the show and the others in the band should pack the van so that we could drive to Berlin after the show, when I had settled and said my goodbyes, we were ready to go and I just jumped in the van and off we drove. Little did I know that the others in the band didn’t pack my bass in the van. The tour had some off days in Berlin so when we came to Berlin. I didn’t check the gear until a few days later when we were to play another show. How I got the bass back? Can’t quite remember exactly how it all came together but someone from some band from Ieper (or just from Belgium) was going to Alborg to play or visit someone there. So I somehow got the message that my bass was going to Alborg and that I could get it from the club 1000 Fryd (fantastic small venue in Alborg, still going strong!!) [Brob: Hiya Jakob! ;-)]. I never made it to Alborg before someone from there came to Copenhagen with my bass. Needless to say that I was real happy to see my bass again after almost over 4-6 months of being without, but the main thing was that I did get my instrument back. ;-)

The band at that time was: ‘Ant’ [Chris Juris] (vocals), Per [Eriksen] (guitar), ‘266’ [Morten Groser] (drums) & Anderz (bass). The tour we did then was mainly booked by me with great help from friends all over Germany, Belgium and Holland. Not long after this tour Ant left the band, and we got Claus on vocals and a second guitarist called Jens, so we went from a 4 piece to a 5 piece band, recorded our second album ‘Harsh’ [The first got our in ’89 and was entitled ‘The Eternal Need Of…’] with this line up…and the rest is history so to speak. ;-)

Anderz Nielsen

(photos of Rich & Sned by ‘Lord Moloch’)

Can’t recall much but yes Sned played guitar aswell. The tour was organised by Arjen from Groningen (the Netherlands). This one was the last gig of maybe 20 or so we played across Germany/Holland/Belgium. All I remember is that after this two of the band became heroin-addicts (bassist and guest-singer) and we ceased all activities pretty much straight after.

Rich Militia

‘Sore Throat’ in Poperinge – probably organized by Bruno Vandevyvere, who more or less introduced me to the whole scene. They were one of my favourite bands at the time, not only because they were loud, fast and abrasive, but also because they were funny(though not a ‘joke’ band); ‘Napalm Death’ were just loud, fast and abrasive – their humorlessness more than anything else would precipitate their downfall. (The often-told anecdote about the violent showdown between ‘Mad’ Mick Harris and Rich Militia does not really consider that this may well have been a battle of the humorists versus the humourless.) In Poperinge, my band-mate David ‘Spans Hrac’ Stubbe and I were invited at some point to mount the stage (a great honour of course: I was not insensitive to the trappings of fandom) to growl along with ‘Horrendous Cut-Throat System’:

>>Mucked about, fucked about /// And generally abused /// Horrendous cut-throat system /// Stabbed in the back /// And kicked in the face /// Horrendous cut-throat system<<

What was this cut-throat system they were going on about anyway? Was it ‘the’ system that everyone was used to hearing about or was this a veiled comment upon the hardcore-punk ‘system’ instead? For this little island off the coast of society that we called our ‘scene’ did resemble ‘society’ in one aspect too many to fully deserve the accolade of being something else, a somewhere else or ‘heterotopia’.

‘Sore Throat’, on this tour, was Rich on guitar (and some vocals), Sned (also guitar), Jimmy on drums, Gibby (also ‘Warfear’) on vocals and some guy on bass…

Dieter ‘Lord Moloch’ Roelstraete [see also ‘Horrendous cut-throat system’]

Yours truly & ‘Lord Moloch’, ‘Sore Throat’ wellcoming-comittee (pic by Sned)

tour-organiser Arjen (picture by Sned)

I think I ended up at the Vort’n Vis for the first time after this one. ‘Sore Throat’ had played in Liège with ‘Hiatus’ (3rd gig) a short time before and went to see them in Poperinge. We all ended up in Ieper. The people running the V.V. bar let us (‘Sore Throat’ and Liège freaks) alone there. Big mistake! We kind of emptied the bar. We’re not proud of it at all but let’s say…ahum…we were young. I woke up in the morning on the gulf-billiard, having slept there next to a friend.

On another occasion – can ‘t remember when – around 5 a.m. Jan saw Ben [‘Hiatus’ drummer] and myself pissing against the bar [Brob: the same thing happened with ‘Dirty Scums’ Pik at the Gele Limonade in Aalst once…] and kicked us out. We were wasted; Ben freaked out and started to bang the door so hard that he smashed the window. (A few years later Phil smashed the same door during a childish quarrel between some crusties and SxE.) So I started yelling at him and he punched me in the face. Nose-bleeding, we had a fight on the Kiekenmarkt and took the train back to Liège; not talking to each other, even though we used the same Go-Pass. I decided to quit ‘Hiatus’ (I was a new member; the first 3 gigs I was ‘road-crew’). But [as we all know] I stayed till the end and we’re still good friends.

Willy ‘Hiatus’

I travelled with ‘Sore Throat’ for the fun of it. After that I moved to England and played in various bands with in Rich Militia, e.g. ‘Wartorn’ and ‘Solstice’. At the end of the 90s I was back with ‘Boycot’ and ‘Distress’…

Lennaert Roomer, drummer & tattooist (Frostbyte tattoos in Alkmaar, Nl)

extra ‘Sore Throat’ pics by Jeroen L.:

additions wellcome!…

“What we do ourselves, we do better”

First ‘N.O.F.’ gig with ‘classic’ line-up (Ed, Jaak, David & myself), without Hazel. [On 91-02-08 she was still in the band] The venue was packed and it was broiling. We played a heavy, macho set: all 4 with bare chest and everything played at double speed. ‘P.J.D. was a band from Brugge, crusty record-collectors (Spatje, Leffe; can’t remember the other 2) that imitated their examples. Not very original but tight, and friendly guys. ‘Cry For Change’ were from Tielt [Brob: actually Oostrozebeke]. For a while very prominently present but suddenly disappeared. Musically rather smooth ‘Dag Nasty’ /late ‘7 Seconds’. Released one demo but nothing more.

Jeroen Lauwers, ‘N.O.F’ bassplayer

‘Nations On Fire’ (source unknown); in the audience: Ghilain Vermeersch (Be Yourself recs), Hans Verbeke,…

‘Private Jesus Detector’ from Brugge were Koen ‘Siesele’ Lammens (bass), Leffe (drums), Peter ‘Pette’ Roose (guitar), Jurgen ‘Spatje’ Fiems (vocals). Leffe was the vocalist of ‘Chronic Disease’ and would later play in more bands (e.g. ‘Katastrophobia’, ‘Ravaged’,…) Their music could be described as Scandi-crustcore; raw, heavy and fast. They had a demo out around that time and in ’92 they recorded their How Evil Can One Get? 7” that Urban Alert recs released.

‘Cry For Change’ consisted of Jean-Pierre Verhulst (guitar), Peter Maes (bass), Johan Maes (vocals), Piet (drums), Chris (guitar). Some of them were SxE-minded but I don’t think they wanted to be labelled as just straight-edge band… They a had a demo out entitled As Time Goes by… (where Uniform Jan, Hans Verbeke and ‘Spirit Of Youth’ did the backing-vocals). A positive bunch of people playing decent hardcore…

Since ‘Scraps’ vocalist was also singing in ‘Nations On Fire’ and they were living not so far away from Ieper (their hometown Lille is just across the border), they were invited to play quite regularly at the V.V. Their attitude had also developed from ‘drunk-punk’ to a more political engaged one. We’d had them play for Smurfpunx (Netwerk, Aalst, 6 oct 90 (with False Prophets) & Netwerk, Aalst, 3 mar 91 (with Seein’Red).) and we gradually got to respect one and other… The active members at that time were David D. and his brother, guitarist Raphael (nowadays in ‘Résilience’), bassist Tomoy (later also in ‘Unhinged’; nowadays in ‘Gun Addiction’ and some other bands) and drummer Xavier (squats in Barcelona; later replaced by Pierre).


Some pictures of ‘Scraps’ (kindly donated by Eric ‘React’ W.)

(extras by Eric & extras by Justin Neumaier)

Alain ‘Vrokker’ De Bock [also ex ‘Chronic Disease’] did 2nd vocals in the very beginning. It’s possible he still did this one… [Brob: He was pictured singing during the first ‘P.J.D.’ gig at the V.V. on 90-08-25 but not on the pics of this one.] The 7” was released in 1994. Siesele & Vrokker later played for ‘Barjackers’. A few years ago we also got a ‘discography’ lp out.

Leffe, ‘Private Jesus Detector’ drummer

Some photos of ‘P.J.D.’ (kindly provided by Spatje):

(Dieter ‘Lord Moloch’ R. in the crowd; Johan DW behind the bar…)

Very little recollections, luckily I sometimes took notes about our gigs. This one was our 3rd at the Vort’n Vis (the 2nd was with ‘Zygote’ & ‘Bad Influence’ [90-10-27], but we were probably not announced on the bill then). Even though I think we didn’t fit in with the other bands – giving the fact that they were straight edge but also musically (‘Scraps’ didn’t sound the way they did in 1987) – the concert, the atmosphere was good [Brob: We always tried to get a mix of bands with different styles and ‘ideologies’ at the V.V. Sometimes that worked out, sometimes it didn’t…]; an average turn-out I guess. Don’t know if ‘Vrokker’ was still on stage with us. ‘Pette’ was the only one that didn’t play in other bands after ‘P.J.D.’. Spatje went into dub-reggae and I’ve been in ‘Corpus Christi’, ‘Suffocare’ and ‘The Barjackers’. ‘P.J.D.’ was actually derived from another band ‘Capital Offence’ (1988/’89; fast-core) with Sling, Spatje, Pette, Brand en Leffe (I think). They did 2 gigs (in Brugge & in Oostende)… [Leffe: ‘Capital Offence’ was Spatje (vocals), Pette (guitar), Brand (bass) & Leffe (drums); one gig, unannounced in Oostende. ‘Capital Offence’ was the offspring of ‘B.L.M.’ (‘Brugse Lawaai Makers’) – without me.]

Siesele, ‘Private Jesus Detector’ bassplayer

We all worked together on the ‘P.J.D.’ lp, 15 years after the split. It was released on Vulle Pulle recs and had 2 pressings. I don’t play anymore music, at least not in the hardcore/punk genre, I’m into psychedelics and stuff… The link with what ‘P.J.D.’ did, is hard to find; however I still find the punk/HC ‘classics’ enjoyable, that never goes away!!!

Jurgen ‘Spatje’ Fiems, ‘Private Jesus Detector’ vocalist

First time I saw a Straight Edge band (‘N.O.F.’) perform and the fact that most people there didn’t smoke was refreshing for the lungs… I thought that was cool! Nevertheless I also liked the crusties of ‘P.J.D.’!

Henk Loobuyck

additions wellcome!…