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This was the last ever gig at the Kiekenmarkt 7 (original address of the Vort’n Vis) before saying goodbye on May 12th 2001 and moving to a new location… Some of the same people who played at the first gig (12 years before) did so here…

Drummer David Stubbe (drums) & bassist Karel Busschop joined ‘Thee Plague Of Gentlemen’ (sludge/doom band from Ghent) when ‘Holefiller’ quit. On the band’s first release (a split-7″ with ‘American Heritage’ released in 2000), the line-up was ‘x4’ (drummer Xavier Benoit), Paul Lamont (bass; also ‘Nahende Vernichtung’ & ‘Hitch’) and Steve W. (guitar/vocals; ex ‘Neuthrone’).

‘5 Day GetAway’ was ‘Blindfold’ directly after they’d split up, without Hans Verbeke and Mich Decruyenaere: Wim Vandekerckhove (guitar), Jan Maelfait (bass), ‘Chatn’ Sacha Baelen (drums), with the addition of Vincent Maes (vocals; ex ‘Instinct’, also ‘The Deal’ bassist). Discriptions of their music went from “melodic/rockin’ HardCore” to “emo with a punky old school touch”. There was a (6-track) self-titled CD released in 2001 that was distributed through Genet recs and they had a song on the The Crossroad Project compilation-CD.

‘The Deal’ was with Vincent ‘Pit’ Maes (bass; ex ‘Instinct’) & Bjorn Dossche (vocals; One Step Down zine) who had been in ‘Hundred Years Of Forgetting’ together. The others were Christophe Vandenberghe (guitar; later ‘Lockstitch’; Cedric ‘Cete’ Goetgebuer joined later), Pedro Tallieu (guitar, ex ‘Instinct’ bassist) and Bruno Tallieu (drums). This was probably their first concert in Ieper. They did a demo (rehearsal-tape) and Hans Verbeke released their (self-titled) debut EP (on his label SoberMinds recs). They were featured at the fest that year (2001-08-17).

‘Kingpin’ – Sim Meerseman (guitar; also ‘Spirit Of Youth’), ‘Vinnie’ Vincent Merveillie (drums; singer of ‘Spirit Of Youth), Clovis ‘Vez’ Segers (bass; ‘Natural Order’, ‘Congress’); Pedro ‘Fifi’ Fioen (guitar, ex ‘Spineless’) & Joost Noyelle (vocals; ‘Congress’/‘Liar) – had also appeared in the V.V. before. They played “groovy and catchy New York HC” (references to ‘Cro-Mags’, ‘Leeway’, etc.). In 2000 they recorded a 5-song demo. Hans Verbeke would release their 10″ Bad Habits Die Hard on his label Pyrorex in 2002.

‘Sad Origin’ (a death-metal band from Dendermonde) played a few times in Ieper aswell, being a band that released material on Genet recs. Playing for the band: Robin (bass), Wim Aerts (drums), Wes(ley) Steels (guitar) and Hans ‘Link’ Teirlinck (vocals).


The ‘T.P.O.G.’ line-up (the second one) that I was in was just Xavier, Steve and myself. We split up ón (!) stage in l’Escalier in Liège. Xavier and me had enough, called it quits when Steve left mid-concert…

Paul Lamont

I can remember ‘Kingpin’ playing; they did a tight set. ‘Fifi’ on guitar, Joost doing vocals. I was a fan of that band, with their New York grooves, actually. ‘5 Day GetAway’ was a project where Vince, our (‘The Deal’) bassist, was singing. They did stuff in the style of ‘Dag Nasty’. Their music was very well put together but the band didn’t last long. ‘Thee Plague Of Gentleman’ was from Ghent. A bit of an outsider-band on this bill.

Pedro Tallieu