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A concert, in the very beginning of the Vort’n Vis, illustrating the strong connection between punx from Brugge and seminal Vort’n Vis bands… A non-SxE 8000 connection long before the name H8000 crew surfaced… ;-)

By that time ‘Chronic Disease’ didn’t need an introduction anymore. We had offered them a chance to play already at Smurfpunx shows; first in Netwerk (Aalst) with ‘R.K.L’ but they’d had to cancel that; then (which they did play) in Eeklo with ‘Rose Rose’ (88-11-11). They’d already performed at the V.V. aswell (89-09-16) and they would be back a couple of times more. Bruno (His Master’s Noise; later Genet recs) had helped them release their demo – Trapped Again – ‎in ’89. A few months after this gig (March ’90), they (Leffe, Vrokker, Peter & Sling) went into the studio to record for their 7” (Born To Live In Chains, out on Kurt Horeman’s labele Innerforce).

‘Gnuft’ (actually ‘Gnuft v.z.w.’, the latter being the Belgian term for ‘non-profit organisaton’) were locals David Stubbe (later the drummer for a variety of bands) & Dieter Roelstraete sharing vocals, Wouter playing guitar, Fabrice Baclet (also in ‘Silly Old Fart’, later ‘Neuthrone’) plucking his bass and Pascal “smashing” the drums. I saw them a few months later at the gig with ‘Sore Throat’ (90-05-27); all I can remember was ‘noise’ ;-)

‘At Last’, from Brugge, were: Dries Van Damme (guitar), Christophe Depree (guitar), Chris ‘Hazy’ De Neve (drums), Peter De Meyer (bass; guitarist of ‘Chronic Disease’) and ‘Zoef’ Wijnand Desreveaux (vocals) played fast trash-metal. The demo that Dieter is referring to (in the review) was called Peace On Earth. Later that year the band changed it’s name to ‘After All’ (played at the V.V. as such: 90-10-13) and as of today these still exist…

‘Damage Done’…can’t remember I ever heard/saw them… “Batrock à la ‘Sisters Of Mercy’…”, as Dieter described them.

90-01-20 Chronic Disease - At Lastconcert-review by Dieter Roelstraete in his zine Pyrobolum #2


I was on stage myself that day, with ‘Concortium Musica Perverza’, a choir. We performed right before ‘Chronic Disease’. [Brob: ‘C.M.P.’ also performed during the SxE fest August ’96] Peter Arthur Caesens also did his ‘dance-routine’ that day…

Joost Dierick, BZN productions

Twenty-five odd years ago – 25! – we started gigging in the local hardcore/crossover scene. We had started as ‘At Last’… in the fall of 1988. [line-up above] We rehearsed at an old school-building in the small village of Stalhille (Jabbeke). We shared the rehearsal-space with bands such as ‘Chronic Disease’ and ‘Toespieze’, and later on ‘Private Jesus Detector’ and ‘Rise Above’. We played our first live shows in 1989 and recorded a demo in the summer.

I believe it was our connection with ‘Chronic Disease’ that got us in touch with Bruno Vandevyvere of Genet recs, and he got us this show at the Vort’n Vis. To give an idea of how young and unexperienced we were: I had just turned 17 and it was our 5th gig. Other bands on the bill were : ‘Chronic Disease’, ‘Gnuft Inc.’, ‘Damage Done’, ‘W.C.P.’ (“speed-trash”) and ‘Masturbating Kangaroes’. [Brob: The latter 2 aren’t mentioned in Dieter’s gig-review. I can ‘t recall them either…]. From what I remember, they were all straightforward hardcore bands, with the exception maybe of ‘Chronic Disease’. That was a truly awesome band. Always thought it was a shame they only did that one EP on Genet.

I remember we got along well with the bands in the scene at the time, although we were definitely a different kind of ‘animal’. In the eyes of the ‘hardcore kid’, we were ‘a metal band’. At that time being called ‘a metal band’ wasn’t exactly cool. Not that we cared: we were wearing our ‘Metallica’ shirts with pride, had guitar-solos in our songs, drank beer, smoked cigarettes and generally didn’t care much about anything, haha. We were totally into the crossover idea. We listened to ‘D.R.I.’, ‘Heresy’ and ‘Doom’, but also ‘Morbid Angel’ and ‘Death’, and more traditional heavy metal like ‘Iron Maiden’, ‘Dio’ and ‘King Diamond’. Not all hardcore kids thought along those same lines. I remember ‘Nuclear Assault’ was labeled ‘satanic’ because of some of the lyrics on their first album. And obviously ‘Slayer’ was seen as downright fascist because of the lyrics on Reign In Blood. A couple of years later, it was rather amusing to see how the H8000 scene that emerged from the Vort’n Vis was based almost exclusively on ‘Slayer’ riffs – but that’s a different story.

To be quite honest, I don’t remember much of that first gig at the Vort’n Vis. I guess we played most of the songs of the demo and – I think – a cover version of ‘Metallica’s The Four Horsemen. Maybe a song by ‘Doom’ also, or one by ‘Terrorizer’. Don’t know why, but I do remember the smoke in the room. From the back of the room, you hardly could see the stage.

[continued on 90-10-13]

Dries Van Damme, ‘At Last’ guitarist

additions wellcome!…

‘That’s It’ was a melodic pop-punk-rock band (they’re influences – as they stated themselves – being ‘The Pixies’, ‘Fugazi’, ‘Gang Of Four’, ‘The Jam’, etc.) with ex ‘Youth Brigade’ guitarist/vocalist (and Better Youth Organization founder) Shawn Stern. Bassist Greta (replacing Andy Hadel on this tour) wrote something in the V.V. guestbook. Besides them there was Mark Phillips (guitar, vocals) and Tom(my) ‘Stupid’ Withers (drums). But the latter left or was kicked out somewhere along the line… I didn’t go and see them because I had the impression the whole thing was rather hyped. Bruno, in his well-known marketing style announced this as some kind of hardcore all-star band…

‘That’s It’ put out a 7” on Frank Babel’s Blasting Youth recs in 1992 featuring David Andler (drums & vocals), Shawn Stern (vocals & guitar) and Mark Phillips (guitar, bass + vocals). The recordings were done at Southern Studios in London (January ‘92). There was also a 12” on Shawn’s B.Y.O. recs the year before (entitled Really?!; with Tommy Stupid on drums)…

In the guestbook Shawn writes this was the 2nd to last show but there’s another entry in the guestbook on 92-05-24…

Nowadays Tom Withers is a DJ & he produces drum’n’bass under the alias ‘Klute’…

‘Behind The Smile’ vocalist Christophe Chojna ensures me his band played aswell. They’d performed at the Vort’n Vis before (91-10-12) when they had their demo-tape out. My mate Arnaud Huftier (who did Uprising Decay zine) played bass; Laurent did drums and Rudy guitar. In 1992 they did a split 7” with the Finnish ‘Juggling Jugulars’ called ‘A Wish To Dream’ on Sylvain Vilette’s Bad Card recs (1992) on which Laurent & Christophe were replaced. (They took a second guitarist, Pierre, later). ‘B.T.S.’ played another show on 93-02-21.

‘Parkinson Square’ was a HC band from Lyon (France) with Gilles Laval (guitar), Laurent Frick (vocals), Lucien Mingoia (drums; replacing Hugo Maimone) & Richard Gaultier (bass; replacing Akis Amprazis). Don’t remember much about them, except that they seemed to aim to become mainstream and were just using the D.I.Y. scene as a stepping-stone… Not sure if they actually played?

Probably the last ever show of ‘Chronic Disease’…? ‘Leffe’ (vocals), ‘Sling’ (drums), ‘Meyer’ (guitar) and ‘Vrokker’ (bass) were about to call it quits. The following years they would start a string of bands.


<<I don’t talk to any of the guys that I recorded with. Tommy Stupid left in the middle of the tour, which was really screwed because we were on the East-coast and were about to leave for a 7 week tour. I think he’s an asshole and he’s lucky I didn’t beat the crap out of him. He would be wise to stay the hell away from me! Mark Phillips is a great guitar-player, just a strange person and I don’t talk to him. He was in ‘Down By Law’ and ‘Joykiller’, but I guess that didn’t work out either. David Andler, who played on the European tour and on the German 7”, still keeps in contact. He lives in Maryland and has played in various bands and now runs a small label/distro called Morphius. He’s a really cool guy, we had fun touring Europe.>> (interview with Shawn in Enough fanzine 1999)

I was the 1st bassplayer of ‘Four Walls Falling’ but I didn’t tour with them in Europe; but I did tour with ‘That’s It’. The singer/guitarist was Shawn Stern from ‘Youth Brigade’, the drummer was named Dave [David Andler] and the other guitarist was Mark [Phillips] who also played in ‘Down By Law’. We toured with a lovely bunch of English guys called ‘Frogs Of War’, among them was bassist Kieran Heneghan and drummer Tim Green.

Greta Brinkman, ‘That’s It’ bassplayer

I do remember the gig; it was around December of 1991. I think there were a few other bands on the bill; one of them was kind of a crust-core type band from Belgium and the guitar-player spoke English with an accent from south London which seemed odd because most Europeans speak American English.

Mark Phillips, guitarist ‘That’s It’

The ‘Frogs of War’s part of the tour with ‘That’s It’ had come to an end by the time they played your venue. We’d been their support for around 5 weeks, from November ‘91 to January ‘92. Great memories – the ones I can actually remember! Never made it to Belgium unfortunately…

Kieran Heneghan, ‘Frogs of War’s bassplayer

We played with ‘That’s It’ but didn’t play the Belgium leg of the tour I think… 100% sure (ok – 99% sure) that we didn’t have the pleasure of playing there (unfortunately)…

Tommy Withers (ex ‘Stupids’) left ‘That’s It’ for the following reason: he met a girl after a show and just refused to get in the van and leave for the next show…just refused to leave her…

Tom Cockcroft, ‘Frogs of War’s guitarist

That’s not true. I was there.

Andy Turner, Full Circle recs label-boss & tour-manager [released their LP All Said And Done in 1990]

‘Frogs Of War’ hailed from Huddersfield (also hometown of Andy Turner and his ‘Instigators’). They were supposed to be influenced by the likes of ‘H.D.Q.’, ‘Snuff’ and ‘Instigators’: UK melodic hardcore punk. The band was: Tim Green on drums, Adrian Day – rhythm-guitar, Tom Cockcroft – lead-guitar, Kieran Heneghan on bass and guy called ‘Digby’ singing…


excerpts from the V.V. guestbook:

additions wellcome!…

89-09-16 Belgian Asociality - Dirty Scums - Chronic Disease

This fest was an alternative to the Leet festival organised by the city-council of Ieper and would later be organised yearly and named the Vort’n Vis Leed festival.

As can be read in the gig-review that appeared in the 1st issue of Pyrobolum zine (written by Dieter / Klaas / Bruno), ‘Scraps’ cancelled…

‘Chronic Disease’ were up and coming; Smurfpunx had offered them a chance to play already; first in Netwerk (Aalst) with ‘R.K.L’ but they’d had to cancel that; then (which they did play) in Eeklo with ‘Rose Rose’ (88-11-11). This one here was the 1st of a whole series of gigs at the V.V.

Same for ‘Belgian Asociality’ (88-06-25). At that time the band consisted of Mark Vosté (vocals), Patrick ‘Vlie’ Van Looy (guitar), Tom Lumbeeck (bass) & Chris Raffo (drums).

‘Brainless’ were, if I remember correctly, from Vlissingen, Zeeuws-Vlaanderen (the Netherlands)…

‘Silly Old Fart’ were a local, rather noisy combo of people hanging ‘round the Vort’n Vis…

‘Dirty Scums’ – from my hometown – don’t need an introduction, I guess… These dinosaurs of punk had been going for some years already and who would’ve thought they would still exist today. At that time Bart ‘Pik’ D’Ooghe (guitar & vocals) and Jan ‘Zjantie’ Den Baes (drums) still had the original bassist Chris ‘Jenz’ Lannoo with them.


Yep, ‘Silly Old Fart’ (David & Fabrice, along with Vinnie & Davy Letiere both on vocals – the latter now runs a pub for English tourists (‘The Old Bill’), opposite to the Vort’n Vis!) also played this gig…

Tim ‘Nutje’ Denutte; ‘Neuthrone’ bassist

Before ‘Sloth’, I played bass in a band with David Stubbe (on guitar): ‘Silly Old Fart’. The singer was Vinnie (Vincent something), the drummer Jan Moerman. My nickname at that time ‘Basswhan’…

Fabrice Baclet, ‘Silly Old Fart’ bass-man

I was 14 when I first asked Vinny, Fabrice and Jan (Moerman) to start a hardcore-band. We were full of absurdist teenage humour and a lust for noisy and fast music. Jan was the oldest, into speed- and thrash-metal for a while already, trying to master those double bass-drum techniques and that new thing called ‘blast-beat’. Vinnie (the singer) liked hair-gel, ‘Front 242’ and ‘Big Black’. Fabrice was an excellent guitarist but became the bass-player, infusing our ‘sound’ with some ‘Birthday Party’ / ‘Rita Mitsuko’ open-mindedness. I was the ‘E.N.T.’ / ‘Doom’ / ‘Napalm Death’ -freak on guitar, things couln’t get fast and noisy enough for me. I had no distortion but a wahwah pedal that, once pressed down to the end, made the tiny amp that I borrowed from Peter sound like a mix between a hairdryer and a stopping train. Kicks guaranteed. The band-name came from Jan who explicitly wanted us to be a ‘spun-core’ band, nothing to do with spunk but rather a contraction of ‘speed’ and ‘fun’. Mind you: there was no sign of the drug speed in our lives back then. Hell, we hardly even had a beer or two. Oh yes: Fabrice had an older brother who smoked joints but that was another level of existence to me. We practiced in an abandoned church in Zillebeke every sunday, hitch-hiking there with amps, guitars and everything every week. Much against all logic we played live quite a lot, together with bands like ‘Dreft’ (a very grinding 5-piece back then) and ‘C.O.D.A.’ (“the band with no guitar”, who wrote timeless classics like ‘Popeye Was a Nazi, He Ate Too Much Spinazi’) and ‘Belgian Asociality’ (Hilarious: the gig at de Kreun [venue in Bissegem, near Kortrijk], when Fabrice forgot his bass at the church and Jan decided he had to get to Kortrijk before the gig to buy a new cymbal and stand, which didn’t fit on the stage in the end.).

One of the more memorable moments was the gig at the very first V.V.-fest (September 16th, 1989) with ‘Brainless’, ‘Dirty Scums’ and ‘Chronic Disease’, where we kept playing even when the cops shut down the P.A.-system. We addressed the audience to choose between pizza or Barabas (“Choose Barabas!”, we were young indeed.) or to convince them that their tinnitus was in fact a U.F.O. landing.

We disbanded after about 2-3 years due to growing discrepancies and different opinions. I discovered the ‘Swans’, ‘Gore’, ‘Foetus’, ‘Einsturzende Neubauten’ and wanted to experiment more. Jan wanted us to become a full-on metal-band, Fabrice got really very sick of the hardcore/noise tag and felt trapped in the ‘scene’, and Vinnie completely disappeared into ‘Cat Rapes Dog’ and ‘Borghesia’-styled industrial EBM [electro body music]. Right now I can’t even remember when or where I saw Vinnie or Jan for the last time. Fabrice showed up at the Rode Lijvekens squat [in Gent] where I was living 10 years ago, to drink some beers, and disappeared again. I doubt those days were really as great as I remember them to be but who cares.

David ‘Farty’ Stubbe

I recall a letter David wrote me…also that ‘Belgian Asociality’ asked for quite some money which resulted in the other bands getting rather disadvantaged. I think that I also had lost my voice the night after our gig. It was out in the an open-air, in the yard next to the pub. David’s band (‘Silly Old Fart’) also played.

Leffe, singer of ‘Chronic Disease’

It’s a long time ago but I can remember shreds of it… I know things were rather wild with lots of pogoing and stage-diving. A full house too. Can’t recall exactly who, but I think it was ‘Pik’ of the ‘Dirty Scums’ that took a good run-up during our performance to dive from the stage into the crowd podium and got stuck to a mike with his ear, an ear-ring was torn out and everything got covered in blood.. Another enthusiastic stage-diver that night was Herr Seele [famous Belgian cartoonist], who went into the crowd full length… I’m afraid (due to the excess of alcoholic beverages and such) that this is all my memory can come up with, but I’m glad it’s at least something.

Mark Vosté, ‘Belgian Asociality’ vocalist

Belgian Asociality promo‘Belgian Asociality’

I seem to have very little recollections on this… On our ‘blog’ on 1989 it says that it was one of our less brilliant gigs: “We played with ‘Belgian Asociality’ again, and also with ‘Chronic Disease’ and some other bands. It was an open-air gig next to the pub the Vort’n Vis in Ieper. Our gig was rather mediocre. There was a substantial amount of people but after the concerts a bunch of cops came to throw us out without a single reason. Cozy.”. ( I never wore an ear-ring (always thought I was handsome enough the way I was ) but that could’ve been Jenz.

‘Pik’, guitar & vocals for ‘Dirty Scums’

additions wellcome!…

More on this concert: 91-04-28 Nausea – Chronic Disease

Here’s a bunch of snapshots; kindly donated by Klaas Hardeman:

‘Nausea’: Vic (guitar), Amy (vocals), Roy (drums) John John (bass) & [below] Al (vocals)

…notice a very enthusiastic Dieter R. and an attentive Jan C. in the crowd…

‘Nausea’s Al crowdsurfing… supported by a blushing Ghislain V. (L) & Ward V. (R)

‘Nausea’ & friends having dinner in the ‘upstairs’ room… At the table: John John, Vic & roadie Jim Martin.

‘Nausea’s friend Dan (Profane Existence editor)

‘Chronic Disease’: Meyer (guitar), Sling (drums), Leffe (vocals), Vrokker (bass)

Peter Roose, David Stubbe, Dieter Roelstraete, Hans Verbeke, Stephane Boens, etc. in the audience…

Dieter Roelstraete (‘Lord Moloch’) writes in his piece ‘Horrendous cut-throat system’: “I organized my first gig in 1989 (featuring Bradford’s crust-punk super-group ‘Warfear’, at the Vort’n Vis in Ieper)…” but he’s mistaken: it was 1990. And a couple of months before he also had invited ‘Sore Throat’ [90-05-27]… The ‘Pyrobolum Stenchcore Battalion’ (Dieter ‘Lord Moloch’, David, ‘Siesele’, ‘Leffe’, Billy, ‘Spatje’, ‘Pette’) had visited the 1 in 12 Club (Bradford) in July (and some people involved there) so this was kind of continuation of the fraternization.

‘Warfear’ was a crust band (influenced by ‘Discharge’ and Japanese stuff like ‘Gauze’ & ‘Outo’; “jap-thrash in the Totalitäaaargh vein” – as Lord Moloch used to call it) with members of ‘Doom’ & ‘Sore Throat’: Rich ‘Militia’ Walker doing the “Guitargghhh!” (as someone else described it), Chris ‘Gazza’ Gascoyne on bass, Brian Talbot hitting the drums and the vocalist was supposed to be Bridget Stark (the original one, James ‘Gibby’ Gibson, had quit) but the pictures show Rich taking the mike…

‘The Next World’, a duo from Bradford (also involved with the 1 in 12 there): ‘Steve ‘Butler on bass and Darron Ward (guitar & vocals), supported by a drum-machine; were planned to play but apparently didn’t… Perhaps because they had been here a couple of months earlier [see 90-05-01]?

‘No Way Out’ was then, the new band of Nick Royles (who’d left the initial line-up of ‘Sore Throat’ – Rich ‘Militia’ Walker (vocals), Brian Talbot (guitar), John ‘Doom’ Pickering (bass) – in ‘88). They were a straight-edge band, also from Bradford: Nick (drums), Percy (vocals), Andy/Andrew ‘Bez’ Berry (bass; later ‘Neckbrace’) & Russ Chowdhury (guitar)… Heath Crosby was the first singer (not here) and sang on the demo.

This was probably the 1st gig of ‘Private Jesus Detector’ at the V.V. Bruno announced them as “the brand new ‘Discard’ & ‘Mob 47’ offshoot from Brugge”… At that time still with ‘Chronic Disease’s bassplayer Vrokker sharing vocals with Spatje. Leffe was also in both bands [For some more info see: 91-03-16]. ‘Chronic Disease’ had already played there earlier that year and had been guests at Smurfpunx gigs aswell: 88-11-11 & 89-12-25]


I remember playing with ‘Warfear’. Me & Rich Militia had fallen out on tour. There used to be a joke-shop on the opposite side of the square by the cathedral, so I bought some bangers, the kind you put in cigarettes. I offered to make friends with Rich again and said I’d roll him a cigarette as a way to apologise. I must have put about 5 bangers in it; when he got half way down smoking, it blew up and nearly took his face off. He wasn’t happy…

Brian Talbot

Been struggling to remember anything about it. I knew Bridget came with us. For some reason my main memories are: Bridget and I being propositioned after one gig by two dodgy looking characters. One in a suit, the other had a shaved head. They wanted to prostitute us.

On the way back we had to push the van to start it. It began to move fast so we got in the van apart from a few ‘No Way Out’ guys. One of them lost his footing and we just felt the van go over something. Well, he was ok but was a bit worrying as we didn’t know what part of his body the van had gone over. [Brob: see Bri’s comment; the person hurting his leg was Percy but it wasn’t actually broken…]

Chris ‘Gazza’

A funny thing about our first time with ‘P.J.D.’ at the Vort’n Vis… We still had two vocalists then: myself and ‘Vrokker’. As you know, ‘Vrokker’ is quite an appearance on stage with his 1m 95 (!) and he always totally goes for it… So he takes the microphone for the first line of the first song, starts to ‘sing’ and hereby spits out his false teeth on stage! Hilarious!

Jurgen ‘Spatje’ Fiems, ‘Private Jesus Detector’ vocalist

Yep, our first performance here. We had been staying at Rich Militia’s place for a whole week, so we knew the ‘Warfear’ lads a bit and meeting them again in Belgium was fun. We held egg-carton fights and such in the room behind the bar… The trip to Bradford was ok, drinking pints at the 1in12 club every day, witnessed a rehearsal of ‘Disaster’ (and played some 5 songs for the guys and Rich. We also went to a pub in Huddersield to see an anarcho band with a female vocalist (was it ‘Naturecore’ or ‘F.UA.L.’ or ‘Sofa Head’?)…

‘The Next World’ didn’t play. ‘No Way Out’ did 2 ‘Zyklome-A’ covers. ‘Warfear’s Rich Militia was a nice guy, don’t know exactly what he’s upto now but it’s in the metal sector I think… [Brob: Rich Militia is still playing in ‘Solstice‘ and running ‘The Miskatonic Foundation‘.]

Koen ‘Siesele’ Lammens, ‘Private Jesus Detector’ bassplayer [Thanx for the poster!]

the young blond god Bri, ‘Warfear’ (pic by Dieter R.)

Rich Militia, ‘Warfear’ (photos by Jeroen L. & Dieter R.)

90-08-25-no-way-out-band90-08-25-no-way-out-gitdrum90-08-25-no-way-out-git‘No Way Out’ (pics courtesey of Nick Royles)

‘Private Jesus Detector’ (kindly donated by Spatje, done by Dieter?):

L => R: Spatje (vocals), Pette (guitar), Leffe (hidden, drums), Vrokker (vocals), Siesele (bass)

Pette, Leffe (man at work!) & a concentrated Sies…

Sies, Spatje & Vrokker (Karin, later ‘One By One’ vocalist, in the audience * Klaas H. behind the bar…)

‘Chronic Disease’ (band-pic by Dieter, singles donated by Spatje, bottom 2 by Jeroen):

L => R:  Meyer (guitar), Sling (drums), Leffe (vocals), Vrokker (bass)

additions wellcome!…

extra poster with great artwork by Sling (‘Chronic Disease’)

a series of pictures (by Klaas Hardeman): 91-04-28 Nausea – Chronic Disease (photos)

This bunch of New Yorkers, ‘Nausea’ was brought to us by Lorelei & Syd… If I remember well Syd was thinking of moving to NYC because he was invited by a band from over there to join them. Some people in Europe started to have doubts about their sincerity concerning booking tours… Looking back: I’m sure there was a reasonable explanation for their choices but at that time we were left with question-marks. ‘Nausea’ was related to Profane Existence (the Twin Cities’ answer to Maximum Rock’n’Roll) and we knew Dan (Siskind, one of their shitworkers) was gonna travel with them (‘Nausea’s lp Extinction was out on P.E.); this together with their furious sound (dual vocals) and great recordings was more than enough reason to get them to play here… ‘Nausea’ were vocalists Al Long & Amy Keim (at that time married to ‘Agnostic Front’s singer Roger Miret), bassist John ‘John Jesse’ Guzman, guitarist Vic(tor) ‘Venom’ Dominicis (ex-‘Reagan Youth’) and drummer Roy Mayorga. Marketeer Bruno announced them as “New York Mega Crust” (smile) but what was more interesting was that they were anarcho-punk squatters and political (activists) from the Tompkins Square scene…

Al Long / Amy Keim & Vic(tor) ‘Venom’ Dominicis (by U.J.)

‘Chronic Disease’ (Bruno promotes them on the flyer as “legendary Belgian thrash”) were indeed in their heydays but remained the same dedicated, down-to-earth guys I’d gotten to know 3-4 years before… Great lyrics, decent attitude. The music Leffe (vocals), Sling (drums), Meyer (guitar) and Vrokker (bass) produced was (to me) more grindy than thrashy but the important thing was they moved/affected people…

On the back of the flyers Bruno wrote “Also ‘Holy Guns’, wild Italian HC”… I can ‘t remember them playing but they did… (‘Holy Guns Inc.’ were guitarist Massimo Sartor & bassist/vocalist Pierpaolo Capovilla.) A 2nd passage of ‘Turtle Terror’ (‘E.N.T.’ style grindcore?) didn’t leave any marks in my brain either… I do remember that after the concert, and long-awaited talks and chats with friends (in bands and others), I crammed several boxes of records and zines (Bruno’s and my distro-stuff) into my tiny R4’s little trunk, and took 3-4 extra people (Bruno, Kathy,…) to Gent at a snail’s pace…


I have some scans of this ‘Nausea’ gig from the Czech zine (done by the ‘Holy Guns Inc’ tour-manager) Black Hand [Petr Bergmann] but it’s in Czech. It’s part of a tour-report and there’s some photos of the V.V. ‘Holy Guns Inc’ was an Italian 3-piece in the vein of ‘Big Black’, with a drum-machine.

Filip Fuchs

Syd & Lorelei ripped off and lied to ‘Nausea’ at every turn. In the beginning I didn’t notice anything going on but by mid-way through the tour I figured out what was going on. Lorelei made the mistake of thinking I was working for some big record-label that doesn’t give a fuck about the band and actually told me a lot of her ways “to rip-off bands” and so on. Disgusting.

Dan (Profane Existence), personal communication ’91

‘Nausea’s roadie Jim Martin published his tour-diary in Profane Existence #49… I actually did make it to the Vort’n Vis on three different occasions. The first was with ‘Nausea’ in 1991, the second time was with ‘Pissed’ in 1993 and the third was with ‘Extinction of Mankind’ and ‘Misery’ in 1996.

Dan Siskind

We toured Europe three times, focusing on shows in squatted houses and put on by collectives like Smurfpunx. By our third tour, we were playing to pretty large audiences of around 800 to 1200 people and it was still very important to us to play the squats and collectives. Luckily, our road-managers Lorelei Rahnefeld and Syd Migx (from the great Italian hardcore band ‘C.C.M.’) were also very committed to the squats and supported our decision. [Brob: they ran their booking ‘Big White Flash at Six’ from the famous Van Hall squat, where they lived – see Smurfpunx @ Van Hall, Amsterdam]

Debra Adele, ‘False Prophets’ guitarist

The people of ‘Nausea’ were glad they could play with us because they kinda liked our music. I remember not so many people showed up. [Brob: In my mind the V.V. was packed and sweaty; an intense evening…] The ‘Hiatus’ crew did….

Leffe, ‘Chronic Disease’ vocalist

It’s one of the rare concerts where I was straight-edgers & crust-punks have a good time together! I think because of ‘Nausea’s song on the NYHC compilation… The SxE where jumping about when they played!

Karl Penando, ‘6 Feet Over’ guitarist

This was an example of a day where the ‘scene’ worked at its best. The Vort’n Vis had a nice atmosphere and there was a real camaraderie between everybody. ‘Nausea’ were humble and friendly and seemed genuinely grateful to get a decent veggie meal (and decent Belgian beers!). Musically they were very inspiring at the time… Isn’t their drummer in some big band now? Anyway, thanks and respect go out to the Vort’n Vis is crew and ye old punks…

Steve ‘Sling’ Slingeneyer, drummer ‘Chronic Disease’

We really loved ‘Nausea’… Only half of ‘Hiatus’ were there but the Americans insisted that we’ld play a few songs. We were drunk as fuck but tried…with the help of Vrokker & Leffe, I think. I remember hangin’ out upstairs with all of them after the gig. I was laughin’ like hell with Amy, and at some point trying a bit too hard to get ‘involved’ with her. When we later met her in the street in NYC (first ‘Hiatus’ US tour, Aug/Sep’91), I started to blush and wanted to bury my head in the ground like an ostrich.

Willy ‘Hiatus’

The V.V. was a wonderful place for us to play and I wish there were more like it everywhere. We had so much fun at the show. The place was great, the people were wonderful.

The banner for ‘Nausea’s European tour [see pictures] was painted by Seth David Tobocman [Brob: Who did the book You Don’t Have to Fuck People Over to Survive]… It meant a lot to me. I saw it as a crossover of everything that was happening politically in NYC and in particular the Lower East Side at that point in history. Two years down from the riots and everything was still smoldering. Seth did a fantastic job. And I think at some of the larger squat venues we played, the people felt a real kindred spirit with Seth. It was a centerpiece.

Al(an) Long, ‘Nausea’ vocalist

I remember we forgot the ‘Nausea’ banner in Copenhagen (The paint was so thick and rubber-like. It was pretty dense and heavy when it was folded up.) and it came back to us on the tour later down the road. I was impressed by the networking and communication all the squats in Europe had. I kept some tour-diaries. I wrote an article about those times for Profane Existence (issue #50/51) several years ago.

Jim Martin, ‘Nausea’ roadie

excerpts from the V.V. guestbook:

“Horrible beer prices! Cheers mate” (Sti, Olli, Kurt, ‘Turtle Terror’)

“Thanks a lot – Bye” (Pierpaolo ‘Holy Guns Inc’)

mutual admiration… ;-)

additions wellcome!…