95-08-18 The Jedi – Solid – Burning Defeat

Posted: October 26, 2015 in VV 1995
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Intro: 95-08-18&19&20 Hardcore Festival

Solid info

After the split of ‘Spirit Of Youth’, Dominiek ‘Dompie’ Denolf (guitar) and Frederik Denolf (drums) formed ‘Solid’ together with Kris Casier (bass) and Giovanni Debruyne (vocals). They would record 5 songs at Midas studios in January ’96 and that was released on a mCD entitled Sadness Of Mankind (co-release on Alain Herszaft’s Released Power Productions and Existence Of Hate recs – also NYHC fanzine by Jean-François Fleury – from Vaulx). “Metallic NY style HC”.

95-08-18 Solid (by S Lammertyn)95-08-18 Solid' (by S Lammertyn)95-08-18 Solid Fred‘Solid’ (photos by Steve Lammertyn [1]&[2]; ? [3])

‘Burning Defeat’, an emo-core band from Alessandria (Italy), were: Diego Cestino (vocals; also ‘Permanent Scar’), Alessandro ‘Alex’ Azzali (bass), Andrea ‘Ics’ Ferraris (guitar; also ‘Permanent Scar’) and Umberto Fabbri (drums). They had 2 realease on Green recs: Singlin’ Out The Aims 7” (‘94) & Seldom LP (‘96). In 1996 they were on the bill of the fest again…

According to Michael Maes ‘The Jedi’ started out with himself on drums, Edward Verhaeghe (‘N.O.F.’) on guitar, Jeroen Lauwers on bass (who quit after one rehearal) and Vik Bulik singing; but they never played with that line-up. Kurt Deprez (ex ‘Shortsight’) played bass when Jeroen left… Letske Mistiaen also sang for this band at one timepoint. There’s a photo of them playing at The Pits (95-07-20) with Vadim Vandekerckhove (later in ‘Sektor’) on guitar and another bassist (according to Vik: a guy named Koen). I doubt it that the drummer was Jaak of ‘Nations On Fire’ as someone suggested… The band didn’t last very long. Letske (even though appearing with the GL logo in her hair on the first GoodLife compilation) & Vik later did a sticker ‘HC 1997 killed by GL’… I guess that explains things… Photos of ‘The Jedi’ mysteriously disappeared ;-)…


‘The Jedi’…wasn’t a big deal… I was about 17 I think…

Letske M.

‘The Jedi’ was an idea of Edward and I rehearsed with them once, I recall vaguely. One band with him was enough. I thought that Jurgen Desmet’s brother did the drumming and the rest moved on to ‘Spineless’ (and later ‘AmenRa’).

Jeroen Lauwers

‘The Jedi’ were Ward ‘GoodLife’, Letske, Koen Sandra [later in ‘Spineless’ for a while] and myself. We only did a few gigs, the band didn’t last that long.

Vadim Vandekerckhove

All I remember is that we played in the barn in the back of the V.V. and that it was really hot…

Kris Casier, ‘Solid’ bassist

excerpt from the V.V. guestbook:VV 95-08-18 - (book B) Burning Defeat

additions wellcome!…

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