91-08-18 Oi Polloi (photos)

Posted: September 4, 2015 in VV 1991
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More on this concert: 91-08-18 Oi Polloi – Upside – One By One

Deek Allan: “In these pictures it’s Chris Orr on guitar (living in London nowadays), me on vocals and ‘Filthy’ Phil (can’t remember his real surname) [Murray; see comment] on bass – he never recorded anything with us but played bass for a while, including the tour with ‘One By One’.”

photos by Eric ‘React’ W.

91-08-18 Oi Polloi - Phil-Chris-Deek (by Eric W)centrally: Karin R. (with necklace – later ‘One By One’ vocalist), Manu (red T-shirt – Nabate, and later ‘Unhinged vocalist) & ‘Veggie’ Stephane Boens (bowing his head – R.I.P.)

91-08-18 Oi Polloi - Deek & Phil (by Eric W)Sacha ‘Chat’n’ Baelen (R corner – later ‘Blindfold’ drummer)

91-08-18 Oi Polloi - Deek & Phil' (by Eric W)

91-08-18 Oi Polloi - Deek (+Sned) (by Eric W)‘Sned’ (in the background)

91-08-18 Oi Polloi - Chris (by Eric W)Chris Orr

91-08-18 Oi Polloi - Dan (by Eric W)‘Dreaming Dan Rhythm’

  1. Ronan Hamill says:

    ‘Filthy’ Phil Murray. He’s a mate of mine. I’m originally from Belfast. He lived there for a few years in the mid-90’s.

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