91-08-18 Oi Polloi – Upside – One By One

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I remember very little about this I must say, it was either the 1st or last gig of the tour (I suspect it was the last. I don’t recall ‘Upside’ and I know ‘Ten Tennants’ had Jasper from ‘Culture Shock’ in their ranks. It was our 1st tour; we were a 3-piece then: Micky, Alec and me, before Karin joined (that was in early 1992). We toured together with ‘Oi Polloi’ in rusty old van and car… The driver was Fazzy, our 4th member. We wanted to go on tour and it was a lot easier to get gigs with ‘Oi Polloi’ as part of it! We had the van and car, they had the name! We’d known each other for some years before this already and so it just made sense.

Sned, ‘One By One’ drummer

In an interview for my zine Tilt! [Political Asylum (interview Tilt! #5)], Ramsey of ‘Political Asylum’ had caused some commotion about ‘Oi Polloi’ having a “fascist” drummer. Vocalist Deek Allan, as I remember, wasn’t very happy with that. I think it was the first time we met after this ‘incident’ and I have a gut-feeling there was some tension… I reckon this was their first gig in a long row of many to come, at the V.V. As you can read in drummer Dan’s guestbook-entry below: it was “canny darned groovy like” to them ;-). The photo below (courtesy of Sned) shows ‘One By One’, and ‘Oi Polloi’ a bit after the In Defence Of Our Earth LP (out on Words Of Warning, recorded January ‘90 – with drummer Dan ‘Dreaming Rhythm’, vocalist Deek, guitarist Chris and bassist – ex ‘The Apostles’ – ‘Muz’ Grant Douglas Munro) was done, and around the time they recorded the live side of Total AnarchOi compilation (released in ’92). On the Omnicide 7” (released in ‘91), bass and some vocals were done by Morag Cruickshank ‘Buzzmarks’ from the Aberdeen grindcore band ‘Grunge’. In autum ’93 they recorded for the Guilty 7” (released by Ruptured Ambitions) with Murray Briggs on drums, Calum Mackenzie on bass (as ‘Bobby Shaftoe’; his first recording) and Bobby ‘Gilly’ Gilchrist on guitar. The latter told me he never played in Belgium though – but he did do the Total AnarchOi Tour Europe in ’92  (amongst others)

91-08 Oi Polloi & One By One (courtesy Sned)Chris (‘Oi Polloi’ guitarist) – Alec – ‘Fazzy’ (driver) – Deek – Karen (driver and ‘Sned’s partner – Phil (‘Oi Polloi’ bassist) – Dan – ‘Sned’ (I guess Micky took the photo)

‘Ten Tennants’ were a project/band from the Bluurg scene (Bath). It’s blurry to me (can’t recall seeing them) but weren’t they Andy (ex-‘Subhumans’) doing vocals/guitar & Jasper Patterson (ex-‘Culture Shock’ & ‘Citizen Fish’; bass)…??? I read somewhere did they both did some beat-boxing aswell…

After ‘Generic’, ‘Pleasant Valley Children’, ‘Sore Throat’; ‘One By One’ was the new band with Sned (drums & vocals) at that time. Besides him, there was Micky McGuinness (ex-‘Generic’; guitar & vocals) and Alec Mac (bass). A couple of months before this tour they recorded for the John Peel show on BBC Radio 1 (18 June 1991 and broadcasted 3 August 1991). This was released (together with their 2nd demo) on a tape (done by Armel Presselin). They too had a great time here but just as ‘Oi Polloi’ they were asking for “responsible dancing, no macho shit”; something that was indeed getting a problem from time to time.

‘Upside’ (not to be confused with ‘Upset Noise’!) had played for Smurfpunx before (88-08-13)… They were a political band coming from the area around Modena and played a powerful mix of HC and metal: Mauro Tincani (vocals), Vanny Anceschi (guitar), Andrea ‘Tritone’ Tincani (bass) and Gamba (drums)… TVOR On Vinyl had released their fantastic LP Tristi Orizzonti in 1990. Later (’93) they did a CD entitled Labirinti Della Menzogna (Labyrinths Of Lies) with 2nd guitarist Gionata and there was also a live-tape of (one of) their last concert(s) at Tien’a’Ment (93-09-11).

During a visit (2013) to Dolly (Enzenberger of ‘F.F.F.’) & Gamba (drummer of ‘Upside’) – who got married, Dominik Schetting of ‘F.F.F.’ had a chat with the ‘Upside’ guys in Belgium… ‘Upside’ arrived late because they came all the way from a show in Nürnberg [South of Germany]… “We had to get directly on stage and leave right after the show.” Gamba (drummer) remembers: “We needed the assistance of a friend of Brob because we could not get any fuel with cash because it was too late at night. We needed a local credit-card, which we did not have. It was very stressing to get from Nürnberg, where we played the night before, to Ieper. We drove all night. After the show here, we went right back to Bonn.”; “There was nearly no stage; it was a rather small venue. We only could play 45 minutes, which was disappointing… I was angry because we drove so far just for that show and then could play only so briefly. Still it was a good thing because we go to know new people.”


Pictures of ‘Upside’ (kindly donated by Eric ‘React’ W.):

91-08-18 Upside (band) by Eric W91-08-18 Upside (bass) by Eric W91-08-18 Upside (git) by Eric W91-08-18 Upside (vox) by Eric W

I don’t remember much about ‘Upside’. I know that there weren’t a lot of people in the venue. ‘Alians’ (from Poland) took over and they played for more than an hour even though they were tired from the travel and the bassist had a problem with his hand. Excellent music, quite a few encores. Even though the crowd was very big, they continued to play until they were exhausted. [Brob: I think Eric confused 2 gigs. I was helping ‘Alians’ with touring (see: Brob’s tours) and that was in September…] After that there was ‘Oi Polloi’! And strangely enough the placed filled up. I recall being disappointed by the people who didn’t make the effort to come and listen the two first bands: musically they were good. What to say about ‘Oi Polloi’! Superb atmosphere! I think they did all the classics of that era (also one about the Secretary of Interior Affairs or some other minister).

Eric ‘React’ W.

That whole ‘One by One’ / ‘Oi Polloi’ tour was a a brilliant rollercoaster of chaos. The London gig ended in a battle with the cops as the venue was being evicted, Arjen who organised the tour managed to get arrested so we weren’t totally sure where + when we were supposed to be playing. Like Sned it’s all a little hazy but pretty sure this was the last gig of the tour + was great. I’ve never seen a bad ‘Oi Polloi’ gig. Never didn’t enjoy playing the V.V., always a good atmosphere, cool people involved + the kids were generally ace. ‘One By One’ (and ‘Health Hazard’ + ‘Suffer’) always had a ball playing in Belgium, our 2nd home. Lots of politically engaged people who gave a shit + knew how to have fun.

For me it was brilliant getting to meet loads of people involved in the DIY anarcho world who’d I’d got to know through Flat Earth + lots of new friends were made on that tour. Back then it was easy to feel isolated + it was inspirational to see what collective power there was based around venues/squats/scenes. Similar in spirit to the 1in12 Club in Bradford, a space where people could get together + make things happen. The Vort’n Vis always also felt like a place where a lot of different groups of people / tribes came together, and there was always a lot of energy rather than people just trying to look cool or not giving a shit.

We really appreciated being fed as that was a novelty for us at the time. Thanks to everyone who helped make stuff like this happen. Putting on gigs is a pretty thankless task, as is cleaning up afterwards, doing the stalls / bar / door. So thanks.

Alec Mac, ‘One By One’ bassplayer

That was the last gig of the tour and it was a pretty weird gig for me as I had already fallen in love with Karin [future partner and singer of the band] and now I was having to go home to work and day-to-day reality in the UK… The first 2 gigs on the European side of the tour were in Switzerland so Arjen [van der Meulen; tour-promoter from Groningen] managed to get himself arrested even before we’d played our first gig!!!

Micky McGuinness, ‘One By One’ guitarist

91-08-18 One By One in RT #8‘One By One’ on their tour in Ripping Thrash #8

excerpts from the V.V. guestbook:

Apparently Andy Föcker (real name) & his bro Stefan visited this one… Another window smashed? ;-)

additions wellcome!…

  1. Rafal 'Kazi' Kasprzak says:

    Yeah, exactly, we did that gig with ‘Disorder’ etc.
    We’ve played several times with ‘Oi Polloi’ in Poland, maybe in Germany as well. Every time that was completely different band (I mean their line-up). Anyway, you are right, Brob: we’ve played the V.V. in September and not together with ‘Oi Polloi’.
    Kazi, ‘Alians’ guitarist/singer

  2. Stefan Föcker says:

    That’s my youth. Love it. To watch ‘Oi Polloi’ was always great Fun. Even when there where sooooo many rumours and stories (true or not true) about ‘Oi Polloi’. I still think it is or was a great and important band. On that day when my innocent ears and eyes faced them live in Belgium, it was sensational Fun. Even when I had to say that the impact ‘One By One’ made was even bigger.
    I think Andy, Bomber (Michael Friedlich) and I slept over at Vort’n Vis that night. And downstairs there was some kind of house- or techno-party…
    I also remember a dead bird in the corner of the Vort’n Vis, a letter for my brother Andy in the morning and some great coffee and pies in some cafe somwehere in Ieper.
    No sleep until we returned to Borken the next morning.
    Ah and sorry for the window…
    Stefan Föcker

  3. Brob Tilt! says:

    For an interview with ‘One By One’ (1993), go to: One By One (interview Tilt! #7)

  4. Ralf Leesen says:

    The 2nd in Liège that I attended was this line-up (a few days earlier), sweet memories…
    [4 aug ’91 (‘Maison des Jeunes de Thier’): Oi Polloi (UK), One By One (UK)]

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