96-03-17 Kort Prosess – Kurort – Seein’Red

Posted: March 5, 2016 in VV 1996
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96 Kort Prosess tour

Disaster… [The ‘Kort Prosess’ tour or this gig…?]

Ilja S., Profane Existence Berlin; personal communication ‘96

‘Kort Prosess’, a band from Horten (south of Oslo), consisted of Alf Almén (vocals), Dag(gers) Halvorsen (drums), Dan (Mikael) Bjerkan (bass) and Robin Hagen (guitar). Their music was heavy, brutal, powerful hardcore with gruff vocals. They had 3 7”s out (on Florian Helmchen’s HeartFirst recs; the first one recorded in the autonomous centre Blitz in Oslo) and Filip M. put their discography out on tape (on his label Trujaça Fala).

Kort Prosess promo

‘Kurort’ had been here before (see 92-05-02 & 95-03-05): Andreas ‘Andi’ Wimmer (vocals), Florian ‘Flo’ Sedmak (guitar & vocals), Martin Wimmer (bass) and Rudi Vogtenhuber (drums). They played strong, powerful HC with personalized political lyrics (sung in Upper Austrian dialect). Joris De De Buysser (Conspiracy recs) released the Oslo 7” in ’96. The music on that one was described as “DC punk-rock”. Later Rudi & Florian played together in ‘Trailerpark Playboys’…

Kurort promo 96 logos

‘Seein’Red’ played here aswell. This was a few months after the recordings of their Marinus 7” (out on Ebullition recs).

According to the Vort’n Vis archive-notes a show ‘organised’ by Joeri Hoste. Other ‘shitworkers’ were Vincent Merveille, Bert Verschoot, Steve Noyelle & Steve Lammertyn.


I remember the gig but have no info other than it was a great place to play. Being very exhausted. Been almost 3 weeks on tour. We had 3 days off in Karlsrhuhe with nothing to do beside using money on food and beer we couldn’t afford. Then we left to Zürich only to find out the guy who managed the tour fucked up the dates. So everyone was there the day before and just wondering why the band didn`t show up. That fucked up the whole economy with the tour. Raimo, our merch guy, got most of the flyers/pictures.

Dan (Mikael) Bjerkan, ‘Kort Prosess’ bassist

Dan did bass and Alf vocals. I have no photos or posters from that time. I do have a lot of photos from ‘Kort Prosess’ but none from Belgium. I do remember that we where gonna play in Hannover (Germany) the day after Belgium but we were very late, since one of the cylinders of the car’s engine failed. It started to glow and we had to get out of the car, in the hills…

Dag Halvorsen, ‘Kort Prosess’ drummer

Can’t remember anything about that. We played so many concerts. It was also the year that we did our first US tour…

Paul Vandenberg, ‘Seein’Red’

excerpts from the V.V. guestbook:

VV 96-03-17 - (book C) Kort Prosess

VV 96-03-17 - (book C) Kurort

VV 96-03-17 - (book C) Sacro EgoismoSas ‘Anarcrust’: ‘Tibi’s [Tiberiju Nikolic of Sacro Egoismo] weird humor; just a joke from a band on the road; he probably thought that we would get to see that one day…

additions wellcome!…

  1. Gratiën V. says:

    The vocalist of ‘Kort Prosess’ plays in ‘Nidingr‘ (which is kinda of a Norwegian black-metal version of ‘Kort Prosess’) nowadays…

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