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This gig was announced as a benefit-gig “in order to be able to finance the reparations needed for the vocal P.A.”. Lots of things, line-up wise, changed during the preparation…

At first another Portugese band, ‘Inkisiçao’ (see 94-09-17) was gonna tour with ‘No More’ but they couldn’t make it because of the singer’s job-duties… Their replacement ‘Corrosão Caótica’ – a hardcore/punk band from Lisbon with vocalist Paulo ‘Piranha’ Baptista, guitarist João(zinho) Morais, drummer Rui Lucena and bassist Miguel ‘Zé Gato’ (later also in ‘Subcaos’), and for a moment they also had a female guitarist called Susana – cancelled the tour aswell in the end. Hence the gig that was announced for July 31st was abandoned…

‘Subcaos’ from Lisbon were Diogo Tovar Carvalho (vocals; also did Recognize No Authority zine, and distributed mine), Xico (or Chico or FJ; vocals), João Abrantes (guitar; was ‘held up’), João Barrelas (guitar; also in ‘X-Acto’), Tópê (bass) & David (drums). They put out a demo (Genocidio, “chaotic crustcore”) in ’92 and tracks for the split-7” with ‘Hiatus’ (out on Slime recs) were recorded at the gig they played in Bruges the day before … (93-07-31) Slime recs (which existed since 1989) changed it’s name to Ataque Sonoro around 1994/95 (ataquesonoro.blogspot) and released their split-album with ‘Genital Deformities’ in ’94. They came back twice… (94-04-02 & 94-12-31).

‘Subcaos’ photos from Ludovic Hache’s zine Ras L’Bol #3 (top => bottom: Tópê – Diogo – ‘Xico’)

‘No More’ (see 92-05-24, 92-09-05 & 93-03-28) – Claude ‘Pattex’ Werer (guitar), Fränz Laureys (bass), Steve ‘Diff’ Differding (vocals) & Mike ‘Schof’ (drums) – who were supposed to play with ‘Corrosão Caótica’ the day before didn’t come over either (or did they?)… Another band that ‘Diff’ played guitar for, ‘Subway Arts’ (political hardcore/punk from Esch/Alzette), played. The others in the band: Claude ‘Bourano’ Bour (drums; (drums; Mike played on the split-LP but left also soon after), Fränz Laureys (bass), Sabrina D’Aurelio (vocals; David on the split-LP) and Xavier (guitar). It wasn’t their first visit either (92-12-20, 93-02-06, 93-07-04) and it wouldn’t be their last (94-04-02) … The Luxemburgers had released a split 12” (All Life is Equal) together with ‘No More’ in 1991 (on Markus Haas’ Per Koro recs). Around this time here they released a 12” titled “Una Definizione Perveresa Della Pace” (‘93) – a collaboration of Genet recs and PeaCy recs (ran by Diff and Simone Winandy).

‘Subway Arts’; photos by Eric ‘React’ Wawrzynkowski

‘Scraps’ were announced (in the newsletter) with a new line-up and new songs. At their previous passages (90-02-24, 90-09-15, 91-03-16, 91-09-01, 91-12-31) David (vocals) & his brother Raphael Dutriaux (guitar) still had Xavier (drums) in their ranks – besides Tomoy (bass) off course. I guess they might’ve recruted Pierre Anne (ex ‘6 Feet Over’) as drummer by then… He was on the LP Dismantle The Machine One Cog At A Time (recorded April ’94).

‘P.J.D.’ (Private Jesus Detector) was also mentioned in the newsletter but there’s nothing about hem in the V.V. notes for that day… They’d played the Vort’n Vis several times before: 90-08-25, 90-10-27 & 91-03-16.


We’d split up since a while because we rehearsed very rarely in 1992. We did that last show in Ternat [93-10-23] because it was a benefit. We did a few show in 1993 but ‘Pette’ didn’t feel like it much anymore… Gigging became sporadic but the fun of it was gone by the end of ‘92/beginning of ‘93. Also ‘Spatje’ didn’t feel like it anymore…

Koen ‘Siesele’ Lammens, ‘P.J.D.’ bassist

Since we [‘No More’/’Subway Arts’] were kind of a collective with people switching from here to there and we all had a great relationship witch each other, we might have decided to just play as ‘Subway Arts’…


I remember ‘Subcaos’: very cool people, the loved to play soccer. We went over to Portugal aswell… I guess ‘Diff’ organised all of that. Portugal, Spain,…

Sabrina D’Aurelio, ‘Subway Arts singer

I definitely think that the V.V. gig was the best of the ‘Subcaos’ tour as everyone talked over and over about it. I really would have liked to be there but it wasn’t possible…

Miguel Crespo (Ratazana Productions [a concert-collective, including with Guilherme Chalmers]), personal communication ‘94

I remember we shook hands in 1993 or the second time I was there in 1995. Lots of memories from those times, all the people and the mighty Vort’n Vis where I slept at least a couple of times… It was Bruno’s good intention to help ‘Turmoil’ with touring Europe and with a (split)LP; which never happened because of hard situations in Turkey. It was a nice dream anyway. I tried my best and with the help of Bruno I showed up alone instead of a tour and had a great time. There was a great gig with ‘Scraps’; ‘Subway Arts’ & ‘Subcaos’ were touring. There were lots of cool people at V.V. like the guy from ‘Neuthrone’, the unknown crusties of ‘War Cry’ and ‘Corpus Christi’, the people of Nabate recs and – I want to mention these names – Boezie, Stevie, Jimyh. I believe I have some photos from those days.

I’m still a noise-freak, still enjoy a lot of the same old stuff. I wouldn’t care sounding like ‘Youth Corps’ or ‘Terveet Kadet’…

Tay(lan) Ipek, ‘Turmoil’

I was on the road with ‘Subcaos’ and the Luxembourgers (I’m not sure if ‘Subway Arts’ played on all days or if they only played in Ieper. I think the other 2 days and probably the entire tour was with ‘No More’.); a tour that Bruno organised in the summer of 1993 (I also attended the 1994 ‘Subcaos’ gig): one gig in Manheim in the Cologne area, so not Mannheim in the south-west of Germany) and two in Belgium (Bruges and Ieper). Originally, I just wanted to attend the Ieper gig but Bruno asked if I was up for two more days. There were also a few other people accompanying ‘Subcaos’, which was nice: chatting, beer. :-). It was a really good experience being on tour (well, 3 or 4 days) with people from rather different backgrounds and countries (Portuguese, Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany). Markus of Per Koro recs also attended those gigs.

Carsten Pötter (Frankfurt)

I remember ‘Subway Arts’ very well… First time I heard a band from Luxembourg: ‘bonne pêche’, nice people, etc. Don’t remember much about ‘Subcaos’…

Willy ‘Hiatus’

One thing that I can recall from on of the gigs at the V.V. is that we were playing the smaller room and right in the middle of our set smoke started coming out of one of the amps, not sure if they caught fire or not but it would make a better story if it did… ;-)

Diogo (Tovar), ‘Subcaos’ singer

I couldn’t go on tour at that time because I had a ‘small problem” with the law and could not leave the country :-) I believe the band played in the V.V. bar.

João Abrantes, ‘Subcaos’ guitarist

I toured with ‘Scraps’ once, playing the guitar. As far as I can remember I just played Germany and Austria for five weeks. I replaced the guitarist, Raphael (David’s bro; he used to work with handicapped people and could not get holidays). I think it was ‘93. [Brob: I think that was ’95; and Amanda Trevens was touring with them in ‘94…]

Ma Raab

excerpts from the V.V. guestbook:

additions wellcome!…

More on this concert: 91-03-16 N.O.F. – Scraps – P.J.D. – C.F.C.

Here’s a some extra photos, contrbitued by Justin ‘Nunca Mas’ Neumaier:

91-03-16 NOF (Justin Nunca Mas)91-03-16 NOF' (Justin Nunca Mas)‘Nations On Fire’  (with a young Hans Verbele in the crowd)

91-03-16 PJD - Sies & Spatje (Justin Nunca Mas)91-03-16 PJD - Leffe (Justin Nunca Mas)91-03-16 PJD - Pette (Justin Nunca Mas)91-03-16 PJD - Spatje & Sies (Justin Nunca Mas)‘Private Jesus Detector’

91-03-16 Scraps'' (Justin Nunca Mas) (-)91-03-16 Scraps' (Justin Nunca Mas)‘Scraps’

91-03-16 Bruno VdV (Justin Nunca Mas)Bruno, the spider in the web ;-)

90-10-27 Zygote - Bad Influenceposter kindly provided by ‘Leffe’

90-10-27 Bad Influence - New Age Witch Hunt

90-10-27 Zygote cover

I wasn’t at this gig ‘cause the same day ‘Life But How To Live It’ were playing at the O.H.K. in Oostende… A show I had arranged for them…

‘Amebix’ was announced somewhere but by then ‘Zygote’ had risen from it’s ashes and they came over (and they would be back…91-04-21). They formed after ‘Amebix’ split up in the late 80s and consisted of ‘Spider’ (Robert Richards; drums), ‘Smutpig’ (George Fletcher; vocals/guitar) & ‘Stig’ (Chris Miller; vocals/guitar) (all 3 ex ‘Amebix’) with the addition of bassist Tim ‘Crow’ Shapland (ex ‘Smartpils’; later also in ‘Bad Influence’ for a while). The band was short-lived and only released one full-length album: Mike Foster released it on his label MCR that year (Wind Of Knives – Skuld releases compiled this and their demo a few years later…), making the Bath connection complete.

‘Bad Influence’ was about to record the New Age Witch Hunt LP (released by the German labels 42 recs & Skuld releases) so I guess the line-up here was ‘Holy’ Herwin De Winter (vocals) & Joris Rombouts (drums) – as usual, and Patrick ‘Labie’ Delabie (ex ‘Scoundrels’) on bass and Thomas Noppe on guitar (also @ Smurfpunx: 88-05-13). ‘Zygote’s Tim would join them later (and played on the split 7” with ‘Sharon Tate’s Children’ and on the Afterbirth 10”).

‘Private Jesus Detector’ were back too after only a couple of months (their first gig was 90-08-25): Spatje & Vrokker (vocals), Pette (guitar), Siesele (bass) and Leffe (drums)…


In 1990 ‘Amebix’ would have been disbanded. Maybe it meant ex-‘Amebix’. I remember (vaguely) playing there with ‘Zygote’ and ‘Bad influence’… ‘Amebix’ was over by 1987; the guys and me did ‘Zygote’ to keep doing something and so that we could abuse our way across Europe… And we did so successfully that I can’t really recall very much at all. Good vague times…

Christian Miller, ‘Amebix’/’Zygote’

The 2nd gig of ‘P.J.D.’ at the Vort’n Vis, I’m 100% certain that we did this one!…because it’s in the notebook with all our concerts that I kept over the years…and according to me ‘Hiatus’ didn’t play that day. [According to Leffe ‘Amebix’ didn’t play but Hiatus did… But maybe he’s mixing things up with the other ‘Zygote’ gig]. We played because we were all there anyway and ‘Amebix’ had cancelled or something… Although ‘Zygote’ = ‘Amebix’…

Siesele, ‘P.J.D.’ bassplayer

As far as I can recall this was the first time of many times to come over the following years. That we headed to the Vort’Vis. The name had a certain smell to it…we had heard about the place and getting into that little bar – with quite some house-rules, we would find out. One way or the other it directly felt like home. Memories from that night are vague en blurry. I remember ‘Stig’ (of the mighty ‘Zygote’) set the tone directly by dropping one of his pills in a beer, resulting in bubbling brew straight out of a ancient horror-movie. Not really well appreciated by the bar-staff. A colourful bunch we were in those days, us Baddies. Mr Thomas [Noppe, guitarist] – cowboy-boots, a blue or purple scarf (mostly worn in his hair) – immediately got a ‘Guns & Roses’ tag. Myself, I was completely in the biker-look, so leather-pants could have been part of the deal, as well as bondage-cuffs – directly a great topic for discussion. Same as the ‘Zygote’ crew. None of us looked punk by the book during those days, guess. We also were all in to wearing top-hats that ‘Ben’ [Herwin’s partner at that time…] made herself. George and Rupert (‘Zygote’) were real mad hatters. The crowd that night – big or small in numbers, I can’t really remember, as we played actually a lot of shows on tour with ‘Zygote’ – was “just we for them and they for us”. I guess punk wasn’t ready yet for these pagan sounds but I can remember that we did quite some new stuff that ended up on the New Age Witch Hunt LP. Two years later (to be honest, I found a set-list) we already had Thomas playing guitar with us alongside to Bart [Belmans, original guitarist] (but my brain fails me I think: Bart had left by then with Chris [original singer] – though the set-list says no). Some of the new stuff had this haunting phaser psychedelic twist to it… Songs like 3B, Unchained and of course Heavy World were still in their jam-phase then. We also played some stuff from the Together We Are demo and songs like The Innocent, The World Is Getting Dirtier, that never ever made it to vinyl or even on tape. My little scrabble-book of those days tells me we got the crowd moving to our unpredictable mix of old straight-forward Baddies punk from the 80s and our new premature New Age Witch Hunt sounds kinda paralysed them all in all. I think they liked us as we got a few times more invited to the Vort’n Vis.

What ‘Zygote’ did that night, I can’t remember but I’m quite sure they shredded the place to pieces. ‘Amebix’ definitely didn’t play! Who put that on the poster must have had a big fantasy or wishful thinking. The only ‘Amebix’ tune ‘Zygote’ ever played was Ride To Ride, which ‘Zygote’ changed into Man In The Crowd; a steady song in their set and I must say better then the ‘Amebix’ jam.

‘Private Jesus Detector’ – always loved the name – were fast and furious. Vrokker played for them in those days; they had two vocalist, I believe.

As usual the night ended in a drinking-session but someone must have driven us home… Hail to the freak behind the steering-wheel. Luckily I have a better memory of other V.V. passages. 2 things I’m sure of… Brob was dancing behind his table, selling zines & records. [That must’ve been another day ‘cause I was in Ostend with ‘Life But How To Live It’…] And we probably met Bruno their for the first time; first of many encounters to come as Bruno set up a lot of shows for us from then on and even co released the Afterbirth CD in 1995.

Holy Herwin a.k.a. Hellwin – as Brob invented so nicely :-)

About that whole ‘Amebix’ thing on the poster: I made it and it clearly states featuring EX ‘Amebix’ members. I remember Herwin looking at it and giving it his approval. If I find it I’ll post it straight away! Siesele might still have a copy I suppose… Anyway I also remember that Munpie (‘Dona Nobis Pacem’) did some poetry during the Baddies’ set, which was really good by the way! Quite a statement if you know they’re from Antwerp haha… They were really good that night!!!

The one thing I don’t remember is ‘Private Jesus Detector’ playing but we must have one way or another, blurry haze that one!

Tim (ex ‘Smartpills’) revealed that their drummer Richard Chadwick was moving over to the ‘Hawkwind’ camp where he still is. Also me and ‘Spider’ had a great time. ‘Zygote’ were brilliant that day. I went to see ‘em again in London with the ‘Subhumans’ head-lining. Ah good times; people; good times…

Spatje ‘P.J.D.’

A month and a half after our Germany/Poland tour, the lads from Bath came back to do some gigs together. I don’t remember where we all played but of course the V.V. was always a highlight in a kind of way. The nicest thing about V.V. was that you could park the van on the premises next to the venue, so we always had our ‘backstage’. At that time we always used my van, I was probably that drunken driver that Herwin mentioned earlier. I have to admit that I do not remember anything about ‘Private Jesus Detector’ playing then, but as most of the time, I was probably talking to other people outside (sorry guys). The times we spend with ‘Zygote’ on the road were mostly associated with a lot of blond beverages and other substances. Probably the reason why not everybody remembers everything from those days. I do recall we did a good gig but completely forgot about Munpie doing poetry before or in between. After reading it, I remember that he also did this at the other gigs in Germany. I think I enjoyed every ‘Zygote’ gig I’ve seen, so for sure they were good that night. The rest of the evening probably ended up like most of these evenings, drinking beer with my mate ‘Spider’ and the others. It’s sad to say but as Rob Miller from ‘Amebix’ said: “These days will never come again.”.

Joris, ‘Bad Influence’ drummer

the ‘Baddies’ as pictured on the New Age Witch Hunt LP:

90-10-27 Bad Influence (1990)90-10-27 Bad Influence' (1990)

additions wellcome!…

Letter in Raising Hell zine (#23; Spring ‘91):

>>I’m writing this letter to tell what happened here with ‘E.N.T.’, so that perhaps you could put this in your zine and they might have the chance to answer… Beginning of November some bloke from South Germany phoned asking whether ‘E.N.T.’ could play on the 18th of November. We said “Yes, sure.”. On the 14th we got a call they were playing in Leiden (Nl) on the 18th so we phoned this organiser and he said “Yes there’s this French guy planning some gigs too but ‘E.N.T.’ don’t know anything about these.”. It was the same wanker who was (not) doing the ‘Chumbawamba’/’Karma Sutra’ tour. So we were told our gig on the 18th was OK. On the 17th we got a call saying the band was playing in Marl (Ger) and they had a lot of trouble there, so they decided not to come. We tried to reach Musgub (organiser) but couldn’t reach him. On the 18th we opened our venue. People were coming but ‘E.N.T’ didn’t. (…) The next day some blokes phoned us saying ‘E.N.T.’ had played a benefit in Enschede (Nl). (…) We are thinking this was some kind of rip-off. We also heard that after the gig Enschede, ‘E.N.T.’ drove to Amsterdam for another gig. Stars or what?<<

Guhli, AK 47, Kiefernstrasse, Düsseldorf, Germany

That puts things a bit in perspective about why there were rumours of ‘E.N.T.’ playing at the V.V. but the gig eventually not taking place…

The French guy that is mentioned above is Nicolas from Maubeuge. The bit about the ‘Chumbawamba’/’Karma Sutra’ tour is correct… Read my experience (from the Smurfpunx days) with him: 90-09-02

‘E.N.T.’ were of course the legendary grind/crust/noise-outfit from Ipswich. “The line-up of Dean Jones (vocals), Phil Vane (vocals; R.I.P.), Pete(r) Hurley (guitar), Tony ‘Stick’ Dickens (drums; also ‘Doom’) & Mark Bailey (bass; also ‘Filthkick’) proved the most stable in the bands volatile history.”…

‘Filthkick’ was the band that Jim Whiteley (bass; ex ‘Napalm Death‘ & ex ‘Ripcord‘) played in, together with Ben Mochrie (drums), Mark Bailey (guitar) & ‘Leggo’ Julian Kilsby (vocals; ‘Deviated Instinct’)…

‘Private Jesus Detector’ was announced as well… Jurgen ‘Spatje’ Fiems & ‘Vrokker’ Alain De Bock (vocals), Koen ‘Siesele’ Lammens (bass), ‘Pette’ Peter Roose (guitar) & ‘Leffe’ Vincent L. (drums) were mates from Brugge that had a done a few shows here already: 90-08-25 & 90-10-27.

‘Sloth’ were locals – Dieter ‘Lord Moloch’ Roelstraete doing vocals (Pyrobolum editor), David ‘Spans Hrac’ Stubbe (guitar; later drums for ‘Neuthrone’, etc.), Fabrice Baclet (bass) & Jeroen Vanhandsame (drums).


Late 1990… I’m not sure but I would guess that it was Dean, Phil, Pete, myself & Mark from the Phonophobia line-up. Yeah, I recall some of the above but no real details. Days before internet & shit got confusing real easy. Was something with ‘Fleas & Lice’ people…


Dieter Roelstraete (‘Lord Moloch’) writes in his piece ‘Horrendous cut-throat system’: “I organized my first gig in 1989 (featuring Bradford’s crust-punk super-group ‘Warfear’, at the Vort’n Vis in Ieper)…” but he’s mistaken: it was 1990. And a couple of months before he also had invited ‘Sore Throat’ [90-05-27]… The ‘Pyrobolum Stenchcore Battalion’ (Dieter ‘Lord Moloch’, David, ‘Siesele’, ‘Leffe’, Billy, ‘Spatje’, ‘Pette’) had visited the 1 in 12 Club (Bradford) in July (and some people involved there) so this was kind of continuation of the fraternization.

‘Warfear’ was a crust band (influenced by ‘Discharge’ and Japanese stuff like ‘Gauze’ & ‘Outo’; “jap-thrash in the Totalitäaaargh vein” – as Lord Moloch used to call it) with members of ‘Doom’ & ‘Sore Throat’: Rich ‘Militia’ Walker doing the “Guitargghhh!” (as someone else described it), Chris ‘Gazza’ Gascoyne on bass, Brian Talbot hitting the drums and the vocalist was supposed to be Bridget Stark (the original one, James ‘Gibby’ Gibson, had quit) but the pictures show Rich taking the mike…

‘The Next World’, a duo from Bradford (also involved with the 1 in 12 there): ‘Steve ‘Butler on bass and Darron Ward (guitar & vocals), supported by a drum-machine; were planned to play but apparently didn’t… Perhaps because they had been here a couple of months earlier [see 90-05-01]?

‘No Way Out’ was then, the new band of Nick Royles (who’d left the initial line-up of ‘Sore Throat’ – Rich ‘Militia’ Walker (vocals), Brian Talbot (guitar), John ‘Doom’ Pickering (bass) – in ‘88). They were a straight-edge band, also from Bradford: Nick (drums), Percy (vocals), Andy/Andrew ‘Bez’ Berry (bass; later ‘Neckbrace’) & Russ Chowdhury (guitar)… Heath Crosby was the first singer (not here) and sang on the demo.

This was probably the 1st gig of ‘Private Jesus Detector’ at the V.V. Bruno announced them as “the brand new ‘Discard’ & ‘Mob 47’ offshoot from Brugge”… At that time still with ‘Chronic Disease’s bassplayer Vrokker sharing vocals with Spatje. Leffe was also in both bands [For some more info see: 91-03-16]. ‘Chronic Disease’ had already played there earlier that year and had been guests at Smurfpunx gigs aswell: 88-11-11 & 89-12-25]


I remember playing with ‘Warfear’. Me & Rich Militia had fallen out on tour. There used to be a joke-shop on the opposite side of the square by the cathedral, so I bought some bangers, the kind you put in cigarettes. I offered to make friends with Rich again and said I’d roll him a cigarette as a way to apologise. I must have put about 5 bangers in it; when he got half way down smoking, it blew up and nearly took his face off. He wasn’t happy…

Brian Talbot

Been struggling to remember anything about it. I knew Bridget came with us. For some reason my main memories are: Bridget and I being propositioned after one gig by two dodgy looking characters. One in a suit, the other had a shaved head. They wanted to prostitute us.

On the way back we had to push the van to start it. It began to move fast so we got in the van apart from a few ‘No Way Out’ guys. One of them lost his footing and we just felt the van go over something. Well, he was ok but was a bit worrying as we didn’t know what part of his body the van had gone over. [Brob: see Bri’s comment; the person hurting his leg was Percy but it wasn’t actually broken…]

Chris ‘Gazza’

A funny thing about our first time with ‘P.J.D.’ at the Vort’n Vis… We still had two vocalists then: myself and ‘Vrokker’. As you know, ‘Vrokker’ is quite an appearance on stage with his 1m 95 (!) and he always totally goes for it… So he takes the microphone for the first line of the first song, starts to ‘sing’ and hereby spits out his false teeth on stage! Hilarious!

Jurgen ‘Spatje’ Fiems, ‘Private Jesus Detector’ vocalist

Yep, our first performance here. We had been staying at Rich Militia’s place for a whole week, so we knew the ‘Warfear’ lads a bit and meeting them again in Belgium was fun. We held egg-carton fights and such in the room behind the bar… The trip to Bradford was ok, drinking pints at the 1in12 club every day, witnessed a rehearsal of ‘Disaster’ (and played some 5 songs for the guys and Rich. We also went to a pub in Huddersield to see an anarcho band with a female vocalist (was it ‘Naturecore’ or ‘F.UA.L.’ or ‘Sofa Head’?)…

‘The Next World’ didn’t play. ‘No Way Out’ did 2 ‘Zyklome-A’ covers. ‘Warfear’s Rich Militia was a nice guy, don’t know exactly what he’s upto now but it’s in the metal sector I think… [Brob: Rich Militia is still playing in ‘Solstice‘ and running ‘The Miskatonic Foundation‘.]

Koen ‘Siesele’ Lammens, ‘Private Jesus Detector’ bassplayer [Thanx for the poster!]

the young blond god Bri, ‘Warfear’ (pic by Dieter R.)

Rich Militia, ‘Warfear’ (photos by Jeroen L. & Dieter R.)

90-08-25-no-way-out-band90-08-25-no-way-out-gitdrum90-08-25-no-way-out-git‘No Way Out’ (pics courtesey of Nick Royles)

‘Private Jesus Detector’ (kindly donated by Spatje, done by Dieter?):

L => R: Spatje (vocals), Pette (guitar), Leffe (hidden, drums), Vrokker (vocals), Siesele (bass)

Pette, Leffe (man at work!) & a concentrated Sies…

Sies, Spatje & Vrokker (Karin, later ‘One By One’ vocalist, in the audience * Klaas H. behind the bar…)

‘Chronic Disease’ (band-pic by Dieter, singles donated by Spatje, bottom 2 by Jeroen):

L => R:  Meyer (guitar), Sling (drums), Leffe (vocals), Vrokker (bass)

additions wellcome!…

“What we do ourselves, we do better”

First ‘N.O.F.’ gig with ‘classic’ line-up (Ed, Jaak, David & myself), without Hazel. [On 91-02-08 she was still in the band] The venue was packed and it was broiling. We played a heavy, macho set: all 4 with bare chest and everything played at double speed. ‘P.J.D. was a band from Brugge, crusty record-collectors (Spatje, Leffe; can’t remember the other 2) that imitated their examples. Not very original but tight, and friendly guys. ‘Cry For Change’ were from Tielt [Brob: actually Oostrozebeke]. For a while very prominently present but suddenly disappeared. Musically rather smooth ‘Dag Nasty’ /late ‘7 Seconds’. Released one demo but nothing more.

Jeroen Lauwers, ‘N.O.F’ bassplayer

‘Nations On Fire’ (source unknown); in the audience: Ghilain Vermeersch (Be Yourself recs), Hans Verbeke,…

‘Private Jesus Detector’ from Brugge were Koen ‘Siesele’ Lammens (bass), Leffe (drums), Peter ‘Pette’ Roose (guitar), Jurgen ‘Spatje’ Fiems (vocals). Leffe was the vocalist of ‘Chronic Disease’ and would later play in more bands (e.g. ‘Katastrophobia’, ‘Ravaged’,…) Their music could be described as Scandi-crustcore; raw, heavy and fast. They had a demo out around that time and in ’92 they recorded their How Evil Can One Get? 7” that Urban Alert recs released.

‘Cry For Change’ consisted of Jean-Pierre Verhulst (guitar), Peter Maes (bass), Johan Maes (vocals), Piet (drums), Chris (guitar). Some of them were SxE-minded but I don’t think they wanted to be labelled as just straight-edge band… They a had a demo out entitled As Time Goes by… (where Uniform Jan, Hans Verbeke and ‘Spirit Of Youth’ did the backing-vocals). A positive bunch of people playing decent hardcore…

Since ‘Scraps’ vocalist was also singing in ‘Nations On Fire’ and they were living not so far away from Ieper (their hometown Lille is just across the border), they were invited to play quite regularly at the V.V. Their attitude had also developed from ‘drunk-punk’ to a more political engaged one. We’d had them play for Smurfpunx (Netwerk, Aalst, 6 oct 90 (with False Prophets) & Netwerk, Aalst, 3 mar 91 (with Seein’Red).) and we gradually got to respect one and other… The active members at that time were David D. and his brother, guitarist Raphael (nowadays in ‘Résilience’), bassist Tomoy (later also in ‘Unhinged’; nowadays in ‘Gun Addiction’ and some other bands) and drummer Xavier (squats in Barcelona; later replaced by Pierre).


Some pictures of ‘Scraps’ (kindly donated by Eric ‘React’ W.)

(extras by Eric & extras by Justin Neumaier)

Alain ‘Vrokker’ De Bock [also ex ‘Chronic Disease’] did 2nd vocals in the very beginning. It’s possible he still did this one… [Brob: He was pictured singing during the first ‘P.J.D.’ gig at the V.V. on 90-08-25 but not on the pics of this one.] The 7” was released in 1994. Siesele & Vrokker later played for ‘Barjackers’. A few years ago we also got a ‘discography’ lp out.

Leffe, ‘Private Jesus Detector’ drummer

Some photos of ‘P.J.D.’ (kindly provided by Spatje):

(Dieter ‘Lord Moloch’ R. in the crowd; Johan DW behind the bar…)

Very little recollections, luckily I sometimes took notes about our gigs. This one was our 3rd at the Vort’n Vis (the 2nd was with ‘Zygote’ & ‘Bad Influence’ [90-10-27], but we were probably not announced on the bill then). Even though I think we didn’t fit in with the other bands – giving the fact that they were straight edge but also musically (‘Scraps’ didn’t sound the way they did in 1987) – the concert, the atmosphere was good [Brob: We always tried to get a mix of bands with different styles and ‘ideologies’ at the V.V. Sometimes that worked out, sometimes it didn’t…]; an average turn-out I guess. Don’t know if ‘Vrokker’ was still on stage with us. ‘Pette’ was the only one that didn’t play in other bands after ‘P.J.D.’. Spatje went into dub-reggae and I’ve been in ‘Corpus Christi’, ‘Suffocare’ and ‘The Barjackers’. ‘P.J.D.’ was actually derived from another band ‘Capital Offence’ (1988/’89; fast-core) with Sling, Spatje, Pette, Brand en Leffe (I think). They did 2 gigs (in Brugge & in Oostende)… [Leffe: ‘Capital Offence’ was Spatje (vocals), Pette (guitar), Brand (bass) & Leffe (drums); one gig, unannounced in Oostende. ‘Capital Offence’ was the offspring of ‘B.L.M.’ (‘Brugse Lawaai Makers’) – without me.]

Siesele, ‘Private Jesus Detector’ bassplayer

We all worked together on the ‘P.J.D.’ lp, 15 years after the split. It was released on Vulle Pulle recs and had 2 pressings. I don’t play anymore music, at least not in the hardcore/punk genre, I’m into psychedelics and stuff… The link with what ‘P.J.D.’ did, is hard to find; however I still find the punk/HC ‘classics’ enjoyable, that never goes away!!!

Jurgen ‘Spatje’ Fiems, ‘Private Jesus Detector’ vocalist

First time I saw a Straight Edge band (‘N.O.F.’) perform and the fact that most people there didn’t smoke was refreshing for the lungs… I thought that was cool! Nevertheless I also liked the crusties of ‘P.J.D.’!

Henk Loobuyck

additions wellcome!…

After corresponding quite a while and visiting them in their hometown Piła (North of Poznan), I decided to try and organise a few concerts for my mate Kazi’s band ‘Alians’. These were their first concerts in the ‘West’ [see Brob’s tours] They rented/borrowed a car and drove over here. Things didn’t go very smoothly (car-trouble) but eventually they made it.

‘Alians’ has an unique sound (they still exist by the way): an original mix of punk, hardcore, folk, reggae and ska; they also use “unusual” instruments like an accordion and flute. At that time they had a tape out (Gavroche) and consisted of Rafał ‘Kazi’ Kasprzak (guitar, vocals, flute), Darek Kułak (drums & backing-vocals) & his brother Tomek ‘Korabol’ Kułak (bass & accordion). Shortly after Michał ‘Dósiołek’ Thiede joined (bass, melodica, flute) and later more people came along to play trumpet and keyboards e.g. [Kazi: Not totally correct but I don’t think it’s so important. Our first bassplayer was Michał ‘Dósiołek’ (but quite soon) the band was joined by our former drummer’s brother (Korabol) playing accordion. Dósiołek unfortunately destroyed his personal life, relationship with friends and musical activity, while Korabol is still with us being an important part of the band.]

‘Mushroom Attack’ was a crusty hardcore-punk band from Groningen. After ‘E.N.E.’ (‘Extreme Noise Error’) split up, drummer Maynard, vocalist Robbie (Tempel) and guitarist Piet (Pierre Erickson) decided to start a new band with the help of Juul on bass and Janine [Janien] on vocals.

[‘Mushroom Attack’ live @ V.V.]

‘Disorder’ has a long-lasting Belgian connection since my mate Jaak (‘C.P.D.’, ‘Nations On Fire’) drummed for them a while, and him and Rudy Hoeykens (‘C.P.D.’s bassplayer – see e.g. 21 dec 85) followed them to Norway in the 80s (to escape military service). (Smurfpunx did a few benefits for that cause; see e.g. 12 dec 87).


My Oslo story… I think it must’ve been May 1987 (?). I hadn’t been together with Jaak for a long time. It became apparent he wasn’t gonna be able to finish his (law) studies and he also didn’t want to do military service, so he made up the plan to go abroad. He asked me to come with him because my studies to become a school-teacher weren’t going that well either; so I wanted to join. We decided for Oslo because of Taf: I recall vaguely him being rather praiseful about Oslo. We secretly took the train, boat and hitchhiked up there: Jaak, Rudy, myself and 2 other girls. I think Taf took care of us there… He was working for a theatre, TV-studio or something like: handing out flyers, putting up poster,… We stayed in a flat that was empty. My meagre savings were used for our survival… If we wanted to go to a concert, we went begging in the streets (I still know the little line in Norwegian), that went rather well… Since the money was gone after a few weeks, Jaak and myself returned, on the sly. Our families didn’t know (we told them we were going to work in Brazil). That winter Jaak was asked as drummer for ‘Disorder’ and we went on tour with them. Back to Oslo, then Belgium, Milan, three cities in what was then still Yugoslavia (Zagreb, Ljubljana & Sarajevo) and after that Greece (Thessaloniki & Athene). Steve was in the band. I think it was just the 3 of them. There was also Norwegian band but they were travelling in their own van. We drove in our own car.


Remember the police-attack? ;-) And on our way back home in a broken-down car: it took us 4 days to get from France to Poland.

Funny thing with that police-attack… I wouldn’t like to minimalise anybody’s feeling or experience but I saw it a bit different. I was only just sleeping when the story began, so when I woke up and got outside perhaps it was already after the main attack. In fact nobody of us suffered, I even remember I was arguing with one of the police-chiefs, something that is impossible in Poland. I was quite surprised he was in fact polite and for me it was unbelievable, compared to some experiences with the police in communist Poland. Perhaps they quickly realised we were Polish and in that era, shortly after the fall of communism in Poland, it was maybe popular in Europe to support Eastern Europe. Anyway, it happened a few times that we were stopped by the police in Western countries and actually nothing serious happened. Once or twice we even got some help with finding directions or so… Quite different from Poland, where they were always arrogant and narrow-minded. On the other hand: that moment in Ieper I got to understand what it meant that the police in the West is just ‘rightwing’. I read about that before but didn’t really realise what it meant. We were so inexperienced these days…

Rafał ‘Kazi’ Kasprzak, ‘Alians’ guitarist/singer

The police raided that concert and arrested nearly everybody, only me and Piet of ‘Fleas & Lice’ [‘Mushroom Attack’ here] did not get arrested, and 5 or 6 Belgians. What a mess that was! The police came in at about 4 in the morning, there was still some group playing inside. They were very hard and brutal beating up defenceless drunk young people.

At that time ‘Disorder’ consisted of ‘Taf’ [Phil(ip) Lovering] (bass & vocals), Rudy (vocals), Thor [Tor] (drums), Steve Allen (guitar). Stian (guitarist) joined in 1993 after ‘Kafka Prosess’ split up… The tour came about because ‘Disorder’ and ‘Mushroom Attack’ did a split-lp [Masters of the Glueniverse; on Desperate Attempt recs].

Taf, ‘Disorder’

Oh yeah, the police-raid, I remember that well!!! It’s not correct that only Pierre wasn’t arrested: me neither. At the moment of the raid I was in the sleeping-room and came down (in my underwear) to have a look what was going on. I saw a venue full of armed cops who were taking almost everyone with them, supposedly for public drunkenness! How’s that possible when you’re inside a bar? The next day we tried to find out where everybody was and what had happened to them. If I remember well, the father of one of the guys at the V.V. 1 was the mayor of Ieper or something, and he helped to get everyone free. Our driver had been beaten up pretty badly by the police in jail and he decided to make a declaration against them. He was told that if he would do that, they would file a serious charge against him and they wouldn’t let him go and would have to stay in prison. So he dropped the complaint. Practically everyone in our tour-bus got injured that night. Before the police came to spoil everything things were great, ‘Disorder’ are fun people to party with and a number of our friends from Liège had come over aswell. I can’t remember the other bands.

Maynard Schut, ‘Mushroom Attack’ drummer

>>It was big fun to tour with ‘Disorder’; they’re completely out or order. During the whole tour we were wasted out of our fucking heads. Most of the gigs we were totally pissed on stage so I can’t remember a lot. After the gigs we were communicating, drinking and having fun with people. After the gig in Ieper, the pigs showed up and arrested some Belgian punx, 2 persons from ‘Disorder’ and 3 of ‘Mushroom Attack’…<<

‘Mushroom Attack’s Piet in Ripping Thrash #7

I remember that gig, a funny thing happened to me just before we were going to start to play: I had to piss and get me a beer to have on stage, and as far as I remember this place was like a bar in front and the concert-hall at the back of the same building, so I had to get out of the door of the concert-hall and into the door of the pub to get a beer. When I came back the guy standing in the door refused to let me in because I didn’t have any stamp on my hand (of course I forgot to get one when I walked out, silly me). So, while Rudy, Taf and Steve were ready to play and stood on the stage shouting after me for a long long time, I had to argue with the door-man that refused to believe that I was playing with ‘Disorder’. He told me that a lot of people had been telling him the same that evening, so he didn’t buy that one… ;-). After a while he started to serve other people that wanted to get in to the gig. So once he turned around, I jumped over his counter and ran trough all the people inside the concert-hall with the door-man running after, trying to catch me. Once I jumped up on the stage and sat in behind the drum-kit this man realized that I wasn’t lying to him about that I was going to play. Ha ha…

The thing with the police was like this, as far as I remember: The police came and told the people in front of the bar that they were not allowed to sit down on the sidewalk. This happened over and over again so the pigs got irritated (I guess they didn’t like the idea of a punk concert in ‘their’ town in the first place and it more and more of them came down. I think at the most, it must have been something like 50 pigs around there and the local people told me that they got enforcement from all the villages around there). So, after the gig when the pigs came into the bar, someone shouted “police bastards” and then five of them jumped on him really violently. A woman started to pull their arms to stop them hitting him, then they started to hit on her too, so I shouted to them to stop being so unnecessary violent, especially to a woman, then four of the pigs jumped on me. They handcuffed me and two of them held my arms as high up behind my back (in handcuffs) as they managed, while two of them hit me in my kidneys as hard as they could, when dragging me to their police-car. Someone came and opened the door from the outside, letting me out of the police-car but we didn’t get far before we were caught again and she was arrested too. Our vocalist [Rudy] was really attacking and fist-fighting the pigs, so they attacked him hard to and put his face down on the burning hot hood of their cars, but they let him go at once they discovered that he was from Belgium. The pigs told me very clearly that they didn’t want to have people from other countries in their town, and especially not punks. So the people that did get arrested were the bassist, both vocalists and the driver of ‘Mushroom Attack’, our guitarist and me. They pulled ‘M.A.’s driver in front of our cell-doors windows and asked him what his name was, he replied that he did not want to cooperate with the pigs, so he said: “Well you got my passport in your hands, can’t you read?”. Then they beat the shit out of him with their batons, hitting him mainly in his neck, this went on and on and on for a long time. It was horrible to just stand in the prison-cell, locked in, watching this torture of a friend, not to mention for the driver himself, I met him about two years later and he was still having permanent extremely heavy headaches, I don’t know how he is doing today?? The next morning they let us out after some lobbying that I didn’t quite catch. As they say, Just another day at the office…

Tor, drummer of ‘Disorder’

‘Greenhorns’ were a local country-rock outfit with influences of Neil Young & ‘Green On Red’ …Not really punk but sympathetic.

Henk Loobuyck

Had a chat with the [female] bassplayer of ‘A Bao A Qou’ [from Belgium?] and we got along rather well :-). But nothing happened of course. Man, man, that entry [below] is funny. Can’t remember anything about their music though… [Brob: On the www I read “a Belgian new-wave/cold-wave band. They sung in French, sometimes in English and one song in Dutch. The style is comparable to ‘Flesh & Fell’. Also influences of ‘Aroma di Amore’.”]

Steve W.

We [‘Private Jesus Detector’] were asked to play when the gig was finished. We had no gear with us so had to lend it all from ‘Disorder’. I broke some of Thor’s drumsticks but he didn’t care. I remember Steve Allen to be a very friendly guy.

Leffe, drummer of ‘Private Jesus Detector’

‘Disorder’, pics by Eric ‘React’ W.:

‘Alians’, pics by Eric ‘React’ W.:

excerpts from the V.V. guestbook:

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