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PNATSH SmashIt cover (-)

‘P.N.A.T.S.H.’ (abbreviation for ‘Paice, Nic And The Stringkilling Homosexual’) were a ‘queercore’ band that played a mix of punk & dub-reggae and were quite original! If I’m not mistaken they were from Berlin… Dudes with dreads, seemingly adhering the Rastafari philosophy… They also had a song entitled Ain’t No Jah… Absolutely the counterpart of the sometimes homophobic Rastafarians though; militant punk.

Henk Loobuyck

‘P.N.A.T.S.H.’ were indeed from Berlin (Kreuzberg, I think). They described their music themselves as “masquerade party-rastafari-punk-core”. A whole bunch of people (on their recordings): Paice (vocals, drums/percussion), Nic (vocals, bass, keyboards), Hilde Hendrix (vocals, guitar, sax), and their horns-section Wolfram Föhse (trombone), Wolfram Segond von Banchet (bariton sax) and Markus Renner (trumpet). Party-music, got everybody skankin’… I know of 2 albums that they did: Fetish (1991) and SmashIt (1994).

The ‘Nessun Dorma’ guys toured the continent quite a bit and this was their 3rd time here (after 92-05-02 & 92-11-01). I had already gotten them a few gigs earlier during the Smurfpunx days (90-09-02). Hardcore punx from Bristol: Seamus Cummins (bass), Paul (vocals), Phil (drums), and Ju & Tony ‘Tone’ (guitarists). They had a 12” out on Mike Foster’s MCR UK: Chew It Over 12” (recorded in Oct ‘91).

93-04-11 Nessun Dorma (Ras l'Bol)‘Nessun Dorma’ s singer Paul (from Ludovic Hache’s zine Ras l’Bol)

The French ‘Pilgrims’ had been at the V.V. before (92-06-13). They were apparently a straight-edge band but my mate Dirk ‘Scum’ (‘Zero Positives’ vocalist; who organised (a part of) the European tour for the ‘Pilgrims’ in 1992, said they were anything but…) Can’t remember anything about them. I was told the guy singing for them (Ian ‘X Man’ Marquand) used to be in the Parisian HC/punk band ‘Flitox’ and he also ran (the label) Jungle Hop International.

‘Vais’ (from Antwerp) consisted of Ingrid Martens (vocals), David (guitar), Danny Van Honsté (bass, ex ‘Bad Influence’) and Alex Meynen (drums; he replaced first drummer Sacha). They recorded a demo (Forever Roaming) in 1992 with Alex. After ‘Vais’ Ingrid, David & Danny started ‘Kin Without The Blood’; later on Ingrid & David formed ‘Hellsonics’ (a “punky/metal psychobilly” band).


I remember vaguely seeing ‘P.N.A.T.S.H.’ twice. Only the guitarist was gay; he was a bit timid but very winsome. They played a lot of benefits but also wedding-parties. What I do recall from the gig at the V.V.: they were touring with a hearse. It was a very nice concert, especially because there was an openly gay person present. They had a tape, an LP and a CD…

‘P.N.A.T.S.H.’ (Paice, Nick And The Stringkilling Homosexual) – SmashIt. Hardcore, ska, reggae, dub, techno & punk on one CD, it’s possible. Musical resistance without compromise, it’s possible. From Germany, nothing seems impossible. A CD that everybody has to have in their collection; lyrics you just have to know by heart. Against religion, neonazis, narrow-mindedness and bigotry. For feminism, homosexuality, resistance and fun.

Pat D.

No recollections whatsoever… Could well have been our drummer (Alex) or bassist (Danny) in the guestbook.

David, ‘Vais’guitarist

No, that wasn’t me there. Must’ve been our drummer Alex.

Danny Van Honsté, ‘Vais’ bassist

excerpts from the V.V. guestbook:

VV 93-04-11 - (book A) PNATSCH

VV 93-04-11 - (book A) Nessun Dorma

VV 93-04-11 - (book A) Pilgrims

VV 93-04-11 - (book A) Vais

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