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90-04-22 (Pyrobolum #3)Gig-review in Pyrobolum #3 (by Dieter Roelstraete)

‘Chaotic Contrast’ (Torhout/Brugge area, Belgium) were originally a ‘project’ of Kris ‘Kid’ Verhelst (guitar & vocals) and a changing group of people. They recorded the ‘You’ve got a Brain so Use It’ demo (May ‘89). In June ‘89 Joeri Vleurick joined on bass and they recorded a tape -’It’s the individual that Makes the Change’ – that contained 158 (!) ‘songs’. Then they met up with Elke (vocals & guitar) and Steve ‘Sling’ Slingeneyer (drums; also ‘Chronic Disease’ & ‘Rise Above’) – don’t know if these were on the ‘The Little Shop of Horrors’ demo but they played the V.V. ‘Kid’ was quite creative and always full of plans… He also organised gigs (in Eernegem’s B52) and tried to set up a tape-label/-exchange…

‘Memento Mori’ were a German metal-influenced hardcore-punk band from Neuhofen (near Ludwigshafen, Germany). At the time they had just recorded an LP (The Cultural Value Of Fear, Distrust & Hypochondria) that was released on my friend Frank Babel’s label Blasting Youth recs. At that time ‘M.M.’ were: Thomas (bass), Mich(a)el Volkmer (drums), Sacha (guitar) and Jochen ‘Delle’ Dell (vocals; ex ‘Die Perversen Weihnachtsmänner’).

‘Oerboere’ were squatters from the W.N.C. (Wolters Noordhof Complex) in Groningen (North of the NL). “Import Groningers!”, Maynard Schut informs me: “They’ve never been in any other bands but one of them is now playing in a klezmer band from Amsterdam. At every gig they did, there were riots with the police… Rather militant squatters-band it was.”. They had a changing line-up: Cor ‘Roc’ Weiss, Mauro, Dirk, Roland Hurrelbrinck, … They had a track on the Als Je Haar Maar Goed Zat ‎compilation-LP (WRF recs, ’92), entitled Juppies.


At the time I was singing for ‘Oerboere’ (89 & 90), we never played in Ieper. This one must’ve been after I quit. The band was: Janfie van Strien (drums), Mauro (guitar) & Cor (vocals).

Roland Hurrelbrinck

‘Oerboere’ started at the W.N.C., where we lived from 1986 until 1990. The poet Bart Droog had joined us that weekend. He’s extremely interessted in World War 1 & 2, and wanted tot take the opportunity to visit the war-cemeteries…

Janfie van Strien

Personally, I have hardly any recollections of this gig. Believe it was only the 3rd as ‘Chaotic Contrast’. [Brob: they played probably their last on 90-11-02 with ‘Crowd Of Isolated’ & ‘Scum’ in Gent] Crazy times, chaotic indeed. No idea why anyone thought of us as a band from Roeselare. More like an Eernegem, Torhout, Stalhille, Gent experimental collective. ‘Chaotic Contrast’ was mainly a project that Joeri and me tinkered on: trying things out, some of it sounded rather bizarre. And from time to time we tried to bring things live, with 1 or 2 persond extra. One of them was Elke Robaerts (who also studied law when I got to know her). She joined in on some of our sound-/song-experiments, and this one concert. I believe we only played live 4 times with ‘Chaotic Contrast’. It was indeed mostly chaotic because we had no live experience. We did 2 tapes, I think; the 2nd got pretty positively reviewed in MRR (comparisons with ‘Crass’ and ‘The Ex’ if I remember correctly. After that we did ‘Daydream’ for a while – a bit more melodic – with ‘Sling’ on drums. But that also just lasted a year or so (2 gigs, I believe, and 1 tape with 7 songs). Didn’t get of the ground because of other things to do (studying, women, etc.).

Kris ‘Kid’ Verhelst

Some pics (courtesy of Janfie van Strien):

90-04-22 Oerboere‘Oerboere’ L => R: Mauro Farigu (‘Mao’), Janfie van Strien, Cor Weiss.

90-04-22 Oerboere'Johan Dewancker (V.V. ‘shitworker’ at the time), enjoying a beer and the band

90-04-22 Memento Mori‘Memento Mori’ (Dieter Roelstraete sporting his ‘Doom’ T-shirt)

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