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intro: 97-02-28&03-01 VV Doe-Wat dagen

My ‘brothers in arms’ of ‘Seein’Red’ were at it again! That year saw the release of the split-10” with their fellow countrymen ‘Catweazle’ and the split-7” with ‘Öpstand’ (from France).

‘Honey Honey’s second appearance (after 95-07-23) at the Vort’n Vis. These ‘Easterners’ played great melodic HC, which I really liked (see presentation in Tilt! #8 (’95) and set up a gig in Gent, 98-03-15). Wendi Geuens was the singer, later joined by Pat Broux (don’t think she performed here), Gert ‘Gonzo’ Hermans played guitar, Edwin Gielen was the drummer and Sven Cuypers the original bassist (‘Reiziger’s Pascal Hens replaced him on their UK tour during the summer of ’97; later Bart Elen joined.). The latter was on their 7” (released by Dennis’ Tyfus & Phil Merckx (99-05). After the turn of the century Gert & Sven were in ‘Playmobil Assassins’ together…

‘Outrage’ had performed at the V.V. a couple of times the year before (96-03-24 & 96-08-16) and would be back later (98-09-19). It was the band of Nico Peeters (bass) – who ran Day One distribution with (at that time) his partner An Caers, and was in the Newland collective (zine and gigs in the Herentals area). The others were Sigi Loots (drums), Steven Van Goubergen (guitar) and Ringo Van Dingenen (vocals). Their music was powerful emo-metal. Later that year they recorded their 7” To Terrorize Ear And Mind (“a DIY product distributed by a network of friends”). ‘Outrage’ also did a presentation for Tilt! #8

First of a bunch of shows at the V.V. for ‘Instinct’ (also 97-06-27, 97-07-12, 97-08-15 & 99-08-22), a band from my hometown Tielt (and Deinze). “Positive old-school” HC or “youth-crew mosh” as the were described. Alex Dierickx & Thomas Hauttekeete played guitar (both were also playing in the new school metal band ‘Eulogy’ with Tom of ‘Family Of Dog’), Vincent ‘Pit’ Maes sang (he was also in ‘Hundred Years Of Forgetting’, later ‘The Deal’ & ‘Rise And Fall’), Pedro Tallieu did the bass and the drummer was Tuur Delodder. They had a promo-tape and did a 7” on Marc Decaigny’s label Braveheart recs, entitled Friendship, A Lifetime Commitment (released in 1998).

The last of 3 shows ‘Resist The Pain’ did at the V.V. (also 96-05-12 & 96-08-18). Soon after bassist Steve Noyelle & drummer Jan Volckaert started to play guitar in ‘Lifecycle’, and guitarist Pedro ‘Fifi’ Fioen would go on with ‘Spineless’. Their vocalist Vincent ‘Murph’ Merveillie later sang for ‘Spirit Of Youth’.

‘Confrontation’: Wasn’t that the band with my hometown-fellow Albano Lo Bue (vocals)? They were labeled ‘death-core’… Kurt Vanbrabant was their lead-guitarist (ex ‘Trail Of Sorrow’), Davy Bouvry played the drums and guy nick-named ‘Never Nuchter’ (“never sober”) did the bass…


I don’t know if ‘Confrontation’ actually played…?

Pedro Fioen, ‘Resist The Pain’ guitarist

Pat Broux was the second vocalist and Edwin’s girlfriend. Bart Elen played bass at a later stage (after Sven had quit). After I stopped (in 2000, I believe), Gert, Pat & Edwin went on under another name. Jimmy Even was the second vocalist and Sven did the bass again.

Wendi Geuens, ‘Honey Honey’ vocalist

I did 3 tours (in France, Germany and the UK) with ‘Honey’ Honey’ as replacing bassist… But never played with them in Belgium! Wendi was my girlfriend at that time so I hung out with them quite a bit…

Pascal Hens

We had to perform that day but honestly: I don’t have a lot of recollections from that day. Stage-stress haha… Playing at the Vort’n was quite something, right ;-)

Albano Lo Bue

Brob – who reminded us strongly of Jopie’s (guitarist van ‘Jesus Cröst’) dad – was eager to hear ‘Seein’Red’ play. Unfortunately he obliged himself to stay outside with his distro. We’ll never forget his face, peering through the tinu window during ‘Seein’Red’s show. Something that was discussed many a times afterwards… [Brob: By doing so I wanted to give expression to my conviction that distros should all be treated alike and that it was unfair that I had to pay entrance because I wasn’t part of the association anymore.] There was another great image on Sunday: the exodus of the punks vs. the entry of the ‘new’ audience. A bigger contrast is hardly imaginable. The ‘Seein’Red’ show was fantastic (sorry Brob!), and was marked by another funny occurrence. The guys’ talks between the songs were identical to tose we heard at a previous gig. And therefore also the shouted reactions (“Feyenoord!”)…

Bowie de Weijer, ‘Bullshit Propaganda’ drummer

excerpts from the V.V. guestbook:

VV 97-03-01 - (book C) Confrontation Steven

VV 97-03-01 - (book C) Honey Honey

VV 97-03-01 - (book C) Instinct

VV 97-03-01 - (book C) Outrage

VV 97-03-01 - (book C) Resist The Pain

VV 97-03-01 - (book C) Seein'Red

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97-02-28&03-01 VV Doe-Wat dag

Organised by Wouter Biesemans (from Merchtem; he had put up gigs in his hometown already) who did an internschip at the Vort’n Vis during his studies social welfare.

Info by/on:

A.E.G. (anarchist economical community) was a collective of projects (connected to the Anarchist Centre in Ghent) such as the mobile kitchen Kokkerellen, the garden-group and the people’s kicthen, all working in a DIY/direct democratic manner. (Later also action-groups such as the Autonome Vluchtelingen Steungroep – autonomous refugee support-group.)

Actie Dierenbescherming – animal-protection action

Ghent squatters & Anarchist Black Cross (international network of autonomous groups supporting revolutionary prisoners)

De Nar (anarchist monthly publication)

Blokbuster (anti-racist/anti-fascist organisation)

H.L.B. (association for gay, lesbian & bisexual people) were invited but the Federatie Werkgroepen Homifilie (federation working-groups homosexuality) did a presentation

Tegenstroom (counter-current), distributors of socio-libertarian literature (later also info-, culture- & info-shop)

Zonne-Arc (non-profit organisation working around solar energy)


More on the bands playing on seperate days:

28 feb ’97: Subway Arts (Lux), Bullshit Propaganda (Nl), Counter-Attack (Bel), Katastrophobia (Bel), Holefiller (Bel), Les Schtroumpfs Alcooliques (Bel), Cornucopia (Bel)

[Beginning of 1996 Manu had left ‘Unhinged’ because singing made her throat worse and worse. She was replaced by Nat(halie) Linotte (vocals)… They were asked to play here but couldn’t make it.]

1 mar ’97: Seein’Red (Nl), Honey Honey (Bel), Outrage (Bel), Confrontation (Bel), Instinct (Bel), Resist The Pain (Bel)

visiters – Voice Your Opinion :-)

VV 97-03-01 - (book C) visiter Albano

VV 97-03-01 - (book C) visiter Dave

95-07-23 State Of The Nation - LifetimeA concert organised by Joeri Hoste (Emotive Impulse zine); with 2 bands related to the Jade Tree label…

95 Lifetime - State Of The Nation tour

‘Lifetime’ (from New Brunswick, New Jersey) were Ari Katz (vocals), Dan Yemin (guitar), Pete Martin (guitar), Dave Palaitis (bass) and Scott Golley (drums). Descriptions of their music went from “melodic but energetic HC” (Tinnitus EP, ‘94/95) to “catchy power-pop-punk” (Jersey’s Best Dancers CD on Jade Tree, ‘97). They compiled their 7”s on the Seven Inches LP and ‘Mira’ Miroslav Pátý released it on his label Day After recs (Czech Republic).

‘State of the Nation’ (Salt Lake City, Utah) were supposed to be “more politically-oriented” and were dubbed “The ‘Consolidated of melodic HC”. In the band: Rob(ert) ‘Cubby’ Haworth (guitar & vocals; ex ‘Farside’), Andy Patterson (drums) and Mark Haworth (bass). They released their Objective Complete LP on Jade Tree in ’94 and did a self-titled album on Revelation recs in ’95.

‘Anomie’, from the Orléans area, played sometimes raw, sometimes melodic emo-inspired HC with screamed (female) vocals. They were Johnny Vellaine (guitar & vocals), Rémi Chaumet (drums; who was still a teenager then), Kathleen Simonneau (vocals) and Gilles Auvinet (bass & vocals). Kathleen & Gilles (very nice and intelligent people) had been in the band ‘Escape’ (Echappe A L’Histoire! 7” in ’93) together before (split in ’94) and ran the label Ape recs and they ran a studio. ‘Anomie’ had done a demo the year before this gig. In ’95, they released a split-LP with the German band ‘Peace Of Mind’ and a 7” together with ‘Peu Être’ (emo band from Niort, France). They were back at the V.V. on 96-07-07. Gilles & Kathleen also did a side-project called ‘Anna O’- “just for the sake of touring” (Remi was so young couldn’t tour much – together with Alexis Dectot, the drummer of ‘Season’ & guitarist Antoine Goubard, who would be in ‘Amanda Woodward’ later)… The band’s lyrics were quite insightful and dealt with political and sociological issues (sexism, racism, war, self-image and consumerism). There’s some live footage shot in Rennes (France) in 1994.

‘Honey Honey’ (Leopoldsburg/Hechtel) was a melodic HC band (“influenced by ‘Submission Hold’, ‘Spitboy’ & ‘Team Dresch’) with: Wendi Geuens (vocals), Gert ‘Gonzo’ Hermans (guitar), Edwin Gielen (drums) and Sven Cuypers (bass). They did a 7” on Dennis’ Tyfus label (release-gig: 99-05-28 @ ‘Sorm’ in Deurne) and Vinyl O.D. (Phil Merckx from Tienen). Bart Elen played bass on that 7” (Sven had left; he was still in the band when I saw them in Brugge July ’97). Pat Broux had also joined as second vocalist. They appeared also on the Ambala Sweet Centre compilation-7” (with ‘Malva’, ‘Curll’, ‘Cradle’ and ‘Useful Idiot’) in the early line-up; and on Filth Ear’s compilation-LP (Screams From Belgium; with ‘Muggles’, ‘Hirudo’ & ‘Les Schtroumpfs Alcooliques’). I really liked that band: did a presentation in Tilt! #8 (’95) and set up a gig in Gent (98-03-15) – They also did a second show at the V.V. (97-03-01). There was an interview intended for Tilt! #10 (started early ‘99) but I never got to publish that…

‘Clean Slate’ (from Prague) were announced early on but didn’t play… They were a melodic (post-)hardcore/emo band that were compared to ‘Quicksand’ or ‘SamIAm’. They had demo out in ’94 and Day After recs released their LP Saltish (‘96). Manager & 3rd guitarist Robert ‘Veg’ Vlček (also in ‘Kriticka Situace’) came along with the American bands (see guestbook).


I don’t think we played there with ‘Clean Slate’ in 1995… Perhaps we had the idea that we would drive all the way from the Czech Republic to join this show but then we figured this idea was pretty dumb. I don’t know. Maybe. Who knows… We may have played there with ‘Gameface’ in 1996…no? [Brob: Don’t think so…] Or in some other place in Belgium. My connection with the ‘Lifetime’ / ‘State Of The Nation’ show is that I booked that whole tour. I also did the ‘Four Walls Falling’ & ‘Sensefield’ tour… Besides myself and Jiri [Nedvidek; vocals], ‘Clean Slate’ had a drummer who now goes under the name ‘Martin Suicide’ and there was a bassplayer named David Kaba, plus the founding member, guitarist Jan ‘Johnny Needle’ Jiskra.

Robert ‘Veg’ Vlček

I was at the V.V. a couple of times, maybe with ‘Lifetime’? I can’t recall…

Miroslav ‘Mira’ Pátý (Day After recs)

Pat Broux was the second vocalist and Edwin’s girlfriend. Bart Elen played bass at a later stage (after Sven had quit). After I stopped (in 2000, I believe), Gert, Pat & Edwin went on under another name. Jimmy Even was the second vocalist and Sven did the bass again.

Wendi Geuens

I did 3 tours (in France, Germany and the UK) with ‘Honey Honey’ as replacing bassist… But never played with them in Belgium! Wendi was my girlfriend at that time so I hung out with them quite a bit… [Brob: Wendi also did some backing-vocals for ‘Reiziger’ later on.]

Pascal Hens; ‘Reiziger’ guitarist

It was a super concert at the Vort’n Vis with ‘Lifetime’ and ‘State Of The Nation’! What memories! A mythical scene! I think we played there with ‘Seein’Red’ too! [Brob: I’ve no indications of that…]

Rémi Chaumet, ‘Anomie’

After the HC-festival in August ‘94, I was also lucky enough to see ‘Avail’/’4WF’ and ‘Lifetime’/’SOTN’ in ‘95, plus the festival in August ‘95. I usually came over with Vique [Martin]…

Mark ‘Macca’ Wilkinson, Brighton

excerpt from the V.V. guestbook:

VV 95-07-23 - (book B) Lifetime-Anomie-State-HH

additions wellcome!…