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93-04-25 Congress - Hiatus - AgX - Hopeman Path

I remember this one only vaguely… I do recall being tremendously nervous when I had to sing a song myself. Well, wánted to sing. I’m not sure ‘Agathocles’ played though. We did do gigs together but not here, I think…

I also recall people having a discussion outside (or was it some other gig) because someone was selling a ‘Skrewdriver’ LP; the guy claimed it was a stolen one and he was offering it for sale to see the reactions – bullshit off course – Dirk and I were around…

Gunter Braem, ‘Hopeman Path’ guitarist

No, ‘Agathocles’ didn’t show up then…

Dirk ‘Scum’, ‘Hopeman Path’ singer

Steve [Houtmeyers; ‘Agathocles’ guitarist at that time and now in ‘Hypnos 69’, also founder of Intestinal Disease’] couldn’t play then…he had sprained his wrist. We did a few gigs with him doing vocals around that time…

Jan Frederickx, ‘Agathocles’

‘Hopeman Path’ (from the Kempen area) were Dirk ‘Scum’ (vocals; ex ‘Zero Positives’), Stefan Goos (drums), Bart Verelst (bass) and Gunter Braem (guitar). A hardcore band – named after the home-address (in Glasgow) of Stef’s and my pen-pall Adam Johnston (Go! Zine & the band ‘Headstart’) – with a D.I.Y./political attitude. They lasted a couple of years and would merge into ‘Vuur’ with members of ‘Deconsume’ and ‘Outrage’… I have vague recollections of Yannick Daems singing for them too for a while…

Probably the first or one of the very first concerts ‘Congress’ (a “vegan straight-edge metal-core” band) played here; with their first singer (who got replaced a bit later): Joost ‘Josh Fury’ Noyelle (guitar) & Ilja De Ceuleneire (drums) – both were also in ‘Burning Fight’ (92-02-22), Roy Cappan (vocals; R.I.P.) and Jan ‘U.J.’ Vandekerckhove (bass) – who played in ‘Dreft’ for a while (together with Joost). As you can read below their 1st singer wasn’t really an asset. With Pierre things changed for the better until…

One of the many dates ‘Hiatus’ played… This one was about a month after they recorded for the LP From Resignation…To Revolt (out on Sound Pollution). The usual ‘gang’: Azill, Wills, Ben, Phil and Fred Alabas (on bass).

After their gig on 91-09-01, ‘Agathocles’ got invited back. People say (see above) that they didn’t make it but they actually were there: there’s a record of them in the V.V. notes.


About the incident with ‘Congress’… I expressed my opinion clearly (as always); stuck my neck out. And you can’t imagine how much shit I got over me. I’m not afraid to speak up. I constantly criticize the ‘status quo’ in the HC-scene. I say out loud what people only barely dare to trust onto paper. My harsh reaction towards the singer of ‘Congress’ was a response to his aggressive attitude. My anger only got worse because other V.V.-collaborators came back on their earlier decision… [The group of VV-collaborators had been putting question-marks behind the homophobic statements of one (Roy) -or more?- members of ‘Congress’. On one of the collaborator-meetings there had been a decision that we were not gonna tolerate this and not let them play. For some reason (some collaborators were good friends with them) this happened anyway and I spoke up about it when they started their gig…]

Brob, personal communication ‘94

About Roy, I believe a lot of people didn’t get you (Brob). I didn’t know that the V.V. collaborators had agreed on a meeting the very day of the concert, not to let ‘Congress’ play. Why didn’t ‘Congress’ know about that? Or did they? Why didn’t some sort of representative make a clear statement at the very beginning of the concert, on stage? And explained clearly that the V.V. didn’t want ‘Congress’ to play? If I remember well, Dirk [of ‘Hopeman Path’] started about it first… The audience could’ve decided on yes or no (letting them play), or there could’ve been agreed that the people with ‘Congress’ were to outside. The latter would’ve had a much bigger impact on Roy and the band, I think, then 1 or 2 people announcing the decision… I had the impression that your words didn’t affect Roy; on the contrary: they seemed to convince him he was right – even though your arguments were valid. I think it would’ve been better if we all had sat down without starting a war… Just make it clear to Roy that he stood alone with his opinion. Perhaps let him explain where his ideas were coming from and have a discussion. Or did all of this uncover that more people had ideas similar to Roy’s?

Françoise ‘Hazel’ Lepers, personal communication ‘94

With all respect, but Roy is dead and he was a good friend. Roy will never be able to prove that this was a adolescent mistake because he is no longer among us. Anyway, Roy wasn’t a person that carried hate within him. Politically he can be ‘caught’. His argument was that homosexuality isn’t natural. […] This “it is not natural”-argument stemmed mainly from his religious beliefs… Personally I never saw him hurt or humiliate gays. But I understand your protest… [Brob: I’m not the mouthpiece of the gay community but I didn’t wanna be the guy who said “I’m not gay so I’m not gonna speak up”…]

That gig at the Vort’n Vis was indeed historical, legendary even, for so many reasons… For instance that for once there was no preaching on stage between the songs but true discussion. For many that was an informative dialogue; like with the guys of ‘Hopeman Path’. I loved it because it was HC, and in full effect! Not always fun for everyone but generally fair. I found what happened at that show a positive thing rather than a negative one. Consultation is the solution! So without restraint and with direct access to a decent right to reply, simply by jumping on stage and grabbing the mic. Precisely as it happened. Wonderful, actually.

Didn’t know that show disrupted some things for you. [Brob: Here I got the mark of ‘pain in the arse’ – no pun intended…] But actually it was the same for Roy. He was so impressed by the whole thing because he never made an issue out of it. It wasn’t important. And he didn’t want to have a negative impact on the scene…so shortly after he left ‘Congress’ and the scene.


Read more on the homophobia discussion

excerpts from the V.V. guestbook:

VV 93-04-25 - (book A) Hopeman Path

VV 93-04-25 - (book A) Hiatus

additions wellcome!…

Disaffect HOTS cover

I think this gig at the Vort’n Vis was the best we’ve ever done. The atmosphere was just so brilliant – everybody having a good time, etc. I was just so please to be there that night and experience it. We made many new friends on the tour and it was so great to see our other friends such as your self, mate. Christ, it’s so depressing being back home again – I just want the rest of my life playing gigs in Europe!

‘Badgewearer’ díd eventually turn up at that gig but only after it had long finished and most people had gone home. It turns out that they had been driving all day to try and get to the Vort’n Vis in time but it was so far to travel that they couldn’t make it. It was a shame for them. They looked totally exhausted when they arrived.

Rumours are goin’ around that the Vort’n Vis is SxE? That’s strange. Sure, it’s obvious that a lot of straight-edgers go there but there’s also lots of other kinds of people and punks that go there too, from what I’ve seen. I definitely wouldn’t say that the venue was SxE dominated.

Andy ‘Orchy’ Irvine, bassplayer ‘Disaffect’; personal communication ‘93

‘Disaffect’ (a HC/punk band with political lyrics from Glasgow) had been here the year before (92-10-04)… I’d gotten to know Andy Irvine (bass; later ‘Scatha’, ‘Debris’, etc.) – in the early 90s through his Peace Terrorist distribution (he helped me bring my zine Tilt! to Glaswegian and other Scottish readers) and his DIY label Anonymous recs, so we were writing back and forth a lot. Through him I got to know his band-mates; a bunch of nice, warm-hearted people! They were: Lynne Entwistle (vocals), ‘Joe Fear’ (Jock Deacons; vocals; nowadays in ‘Constant Fear’), ‘IB’ Iain Blue (a.k.a. Debo Williamson; drums, later bass in ‘Scatha’) and Brian Curran (guitar; later ‘Quarantine’, ‘Debris’, etc.). Billy Steele (also in ‘Sedition’; I guess he was driving here…) played second guitar only the last time (94-05-22) they were here…

They had a demo out and the 7” An Injury To One Is An Injury To All on Flat Earth & Nabate in ‘92. 1993 was the year of Work As One, the split-7” with ‘Sedition (Nabate & Flat Earth recs) and the Home Of The Slave 7” (Anonymous recs).

The video that Karl Penando did, was most probably from this gig (not the one in ’94). Brian Curran wrote: “Wasn’t Billy [Steele] playing with us on the ‘94 tour? [He’s not in the video.] I think this video is from ‘93, the gig with ‘Subway Arts’ and a makeshift ‘Hiatus’ borrowing our gear and doing a few songs…” The vid captures the amical and warm-hearted atmosphere quit well. Lots of ‘silly dancing’ (‘Fast music doesn’t mean violent dancing!’, remember…) goin’ on, mates from Liège, Lux and France, etc.

‘Badgewearer’s music was complex jazz-punk with quirky guitars and groovy bass-lines. They were also from Glasgow, Scotland. They released their stuff on (‘Dawson’ guitarist) Jer Reid’s label Gruff Wit recs. The band consisted of Tony Kennedy (bass & bugle), Jim Carstairs (vocals), Ross Main (drums) and Neil Bateman (guitar & sax) – but the latter wasn’t on this tour…

‘Subway Arts’ had been here before (93-02-06) and would come back a few times (e.g. 94-04-02), sharing their melodic “anarcho/peace-punk”. Steve ‘Diff’ Differding (guitar), Sabrina D’Aurelio (vocals), Fränz Laureys (bass) and Claude ‘Bourano’ Bour (drums) left their names in the guestbook. I guess guitarist Xavier was also playing; he was on their LP Una Definizione Perveresa Della Pace (I guess that should’ve been ‘Perversa’) that got out that year…

The second bassplayer of ‘Turmoil’ (formerly ‘Moribund Youth’), Tolga Güldal, did an anarchist zine (called 30%; in Turkish) and he’d written about his band (who got a split-tape with ‘Inkisiçao’ released by Resistance productions – Pablo in Switzerland). They were from Istanbul. Besides him there was Taylan/T(a)y Ipek on bass/vocals, Kerim Cönençer on guitar/vocals and Orkun on drums. Bruno announced them in the V.V. newsletter at that time but for some reason ‘Turmoil’ never made it outside of Turkey… The band did some split-releases, e.g. a 7” with ‘Acoustic Grinder (on Boezie’s label Grinding Madness)…


I’m pretty sure Ross Main was no longer in ‘Badgewearer’ then …but I don’t know who drummed on that tour – they had a few different drummers! … Maybe Duncan Sillars… Mmm could’ve been Duncan on drums … They also had a drummer called Rich but I think that was later on… Neil would know!

Jer Reid

It was nice because we’d started friendship-links with lots of Scottish people and mates. As you know ‘Hiatus’ reformed for 3 gigs in 2009 and we did these with ‘Sedition’. Very good times! ‘Subway Arts’ were very good too; I still have both their records…

Willy ‘Hiatus’

I remember we shook hands in 1993 (or perhaps when I was there in 1995). Lots of memories from those times, all the people and the mighty Vort’n Vis where I slept at least a couple of times… It was Bruno’s good intention to help ‘Turmoil’ with touring Europe and with a (split)LP; which never happened because of hard situations in Turkey. It was a nice dream anyway. I tried my best and with the help of Bruno I showed up alone instead of a tour and had a great time. There was also a great gig with ‘Scraps’; ‘Subway Arts’ & ‘Subcaos’ were touring. [93-08-01]. There were lots of cool people at V.V. like the guy from ‘Neuthrone’, the unknown crusties of ‘War Cry’ and ‘Corpus Christi’, the people of Nabate recs and – I want to mention these names – Boezie, Stevie, Jimyh. I’m still a noise-freak, still enjoy a lot of the same old stuff. I wouldn’t care sounding like ‘Youth Corps’ or ‘Terveet Kadet’…

Tay Ipek, ‘Turmoil’

This was one was with our good friends ‘Hiatus’ and ‘Subway Arts’; we met Diff for the first time. ‘Hiatus’ weren’t on the bill but borrowed our gear and played all the same, and as usual were great.

Brian Curran

All 3 gigs we (‘Disaffect’) played at the Vort’n Vis were brillant. All the people we met, the bands we got to see and play with… Sleeping up in the attic after the gig and getting up next morning to croissants + jam and loads of fruit-juice after a night of boozing and smoking just hit the spot. It was amazing to see this kinds quiet town with this amazing venue and punk-scene, just blew me away. I think the first time we played there me and Andy were looking at gig listing and we had just missed ‘Nausea’ by a couple of weeks, gutted to say the least ;-).

I returned to the Vort’n Vis a couple of years ago with my old band ‘Constant Fear’ and no one told us that the place had moved, so I was arguing with the drummer (as usual) about where the bloody place was. Anyway after travelling for 2 days with 4 hours sleep, we didn’t go down that well, in fact we were shit. But I was disappointed to find that it was not the same place. Didn’t recognise anyone there and I don’t think we will be invited back.

Hard to imagine that the ‘Disaffect’ gigs were all 20 years ago; time just seems to have run away. I don’t remember a lot about the gigs we played as I was pissed but they amazing. So a big thanx to everyone involved with the venue, who put us on, fed and watered us, came to see a band and left as friends. Cheers!

Joe Fear

That was the day we drove from Vienna through Germany at 200km/h to try and get there…

Tony Kennedy, ‘Badgewearer’


excerpts from the V.V. guestbook:

VV 93-07-04 - (book B) Subway Arts

VV 93-07-04 - (book B) Disaffect

VV 93-07-04 - (book B) SlinkeMolenGentThe Slinke Molen squatters from Gent were there…

VV 93-07-04 - (book B) Olivier de ToulouseOlivier Hogie from Toulouse…

VV 93-07-04 - (book B) Laurent (Lorenzo) LiègeLaurent ‘Lorenzo’ from Liège…

VV 93-07-04 - (book B) Yannick de LilleYannick ‘PikPik’ from Lille…

VV 93-07-04 - (book B) W+AArnaud Waterblez from Pérenchies…

VV 93-07-04 - (book B) Pascal BortzmeyerPascal Bortzmeyer from Trelon: ” I remember the day when the drummer of ‘Crimpshrine’ & ‘Pinhead Gunpowder’ [Aaron ‘Cometbus’ Elliott], who was travelling around Europe, showed up and we took him to Fourmies [France]…” [Brob: Aaron (who’s zine I’d been distributing) was riding his bike through several European countries; he wrote about it in one of his issues.]

additions wellcome!…

95-02-11 Health Hazard - Hiatus - D'Rotzbouwen

‘D’Rotzbouwen’, from Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg (where quite some bands played at the Kulturfabrik) were described as crust-core à la ‘Hiatus’ by some, while others compared their angry polit-core to ‘Born Against’ or ‘Rorschach’ (which I think is closer). They had songs in English, Italian, German and Letzeburgs. A political HC band with members of ‘Subway Arts’ and ‘No More’: Fränz Laureys (bass), Thierry Thill (drums), Sabrina D’Aurelio (vocals), ‘Gull’ Alain Gouleven (guitar/vocals) & Claude ‘Pattex’ Werer (guitar). It seems (see pic) they still had their first singer, Ronnie Riot (later in ‘Bakunin’s Children’), here too… They did a 7” on Skunk recs (the label of Diff of ‘No More’, ‘Subway Arts’, etc.), a split-7” with the Japanses ‘F.I.O.M.’ (on the German label Anomie recs) and a 10” called Aspirine. Thierry & Fränz later formed ‘Lecter MD’…

‘Health Hazard’ had been here a few times before. This time Sned (drums), Alec Mac (guitar) & Gazza (bass) were accompanied by Max (of ‘Headache’) on vocals (in stead of Mandy). “Jap-trash from Bradford”, it said on the flyer ;-)…

When Phil stopped playing guitar for ‘Hiatus’ (somewhere in ’94), he started playing punk à la ‘Disorder’ with Willy and Jonas (also ‘Hiatus’) in a band they called ‘Gluebag’… But that didn’t last very long…

Who was in ‘Hiatus’ at that time then? If you look on the photo, you see Wills (vocals), Jonas (bass), Phil (guitar) and Azill (guitar)… Ben (drums) is hidden… Someone in France put out a tape called Don’t Think With Your Dick… with live tracks of ‘Hiatus’ & ‘Health Hazard’; so it was ‘one big happy family again’…

‘Noise Reduction’ (from Edegem, near Antwerp) played crust-core. They were Kurt van den Eynden (vocals), Stefaan Simons (guitar), Tim Wouters (bass) and Rudy Verhelst (drums). They did a demo and in 1995 they had a split-7” (with ‘Deadlock’) out on a Japanese label.

‘Vomit Yourself’ (from the Toulouse area, I think) were P.P. (vocals), Fred (drums; later ‘Disbeer’) & Pit (bass/guitar/vocals). Their ‘tunes’ were fast, short outbreaks of grind. They did a split-LP with ‘Enola Gay’ (also from France) entitled Exempted Authority / Nihilism… on Panx prods in 1995.


The were loads of people that evening. Personally I thought it was one of the best concerts I saw there (and there were many) and not just because my band played… ‘Vomit Yourself’ was incredible (they were added to the bill last minute). ‘Health Hazard’ was super too, they are one of my favourite bands. After the gigs all the beer was gone but there were still so many people and no-one wanted to go asleep; they all wanted to party on. Bruno said they were going to close and that they couldn’t give any more booze. Everyone protested and Bruno had to give in: some people went to get drinks in the night-shop and the night could linger on, very cosy…

After ‘Noise Redcution’ we formed ‘Karma’; with Tom Torfs (later in ‘Visions Of War’) on bass, Anja Hermans on vocals, myself on drums/vocals and Tim guitar.

Kurt van den Eynden

The ‘Hazard into Suffer’ tour. We missed Mandy but Max fuckin’ rocked! It was sad for us as ‘Health Hazard’ was a totally fucking great to be part of on all sorts of levels it just worked + was 100% genuinely who we were. Morphing into ‘Suffer’ was tough but this tour was the start of that. Max was great to go on tour with, always had tons of respect for him as a shouty spitting microphonist + human being. Playing the V.V. is always like coming home + meeting a load of friends, strengthening bonds, swapping boxes of records + zines, + making with the party. Seem to remember there being loads of folk to catch up with that night. Don’t remember any of the bands being anything but great. Always loved Hiatus live. Never saw them to a bad gig.

Alec Mac

Super gig! One of many… Pity that ‘Health Hazard’s singer decided to quit right before that tour… :-( [Mandy was still on the split-7” with ‘Sawn Off’ that got out in 1997. These tracks were recorded in ‘95 (3 months after the split)…]

Steve, ‘Insane Youth’ singer

Oooooh, ‘Health Hazard’ were such a powerful band! I don’t remember much of the rest; except for ‘Gluebag’ – I’m sure we did play that day. It was one of our only 2 gigs. I was really surprised when Edward from ‘Nations On Fire’ and someone from ‘Shortsight’ (I think), told us they really liked it. It was a side-project to ‘Hiatus’ with Phil on drums, Jonas on guitar and myself on bass & vocals. We wanted to be worse than ‘Disorder’, and just sing about drugs and booze, shoplifting, etc.

Willy ‘Hiatus’

95-02-11 Health Hazard (by Wim DL)an ecstatic ‘Health Hazard’… (picture by Wim DL)

+++ 95-02-11 Healt Hazard MacAlec Mac (‘Health Hazard’) – pic by Piero Majocchi

+++ 95-02-11 HiatusBen & Willy (‘Hiatus’) – pic by Piero Majocchi

More pictures (courtesy of Kurt van den Eynden):

95-02-11 Health Hazard (Kurt vdE)‘Health Hazard’

95-02-11 D'Rotzbouwen (Kurt vdE)‘D’Rotzbouwen’

95-02-11 Hiatus (Kurt vdE)95-02-11 Hiatus' (Kurt vdE)‘Hiatus’

95-02-11 Vomit Yourself (+ Jan Claus) by Kurt vdE‘Vomit Yourself’ (‘Doomy’ & Bruno VdV minding other business…with Bart ‘Palfest’ Palmans (R.I.P.) and Marc Janssens)

excerpts from the V.V. guestbook:

VV 95-02-11 - (book B) D'Rotzbouwen

VV 95-02-11 - (book B) Noise Reduction

VV 95-02-11 - (book B) Health Hazard

VV 95-02-11 - (book B) Hiatus & Gluebagthe ‘Hiatus’ & ‘Gluebag’ chaos front ;-)

additions wellcome!…

First time I saw ‘Hiatus’ (what a blast!). Swedish ‘No Security’ (like that style of ‘Scandi-trash’!!!) and of course ‘Neuthrone’ (who played some sort of doomy ‘slow-core’)…

Henk Loobuyck

‘No Security’, a raw/fast crust/trash band from Eskilstuna, Sweden, were (at that time; I think) Jari ‘Jallo’ Lehto (drums; also in ‘Disfear’, ‘Totalitär’, etc.), Mattias ‘Kenko’ Kennhed (guitar), Harri Mänty (vocals) and Robert ‘Robban’ Eriksson (bass). They existed for some years already but had gotten even more popular because of the split with ‘Doom’ on Peaceville recs and the D-beat wave…

After a few ‘surprise-appearances’ and a gig on New Year’s Eve (91-12-31; with mostly local bands and a not so overwhelming attendance), ‘Neuthrone’ got to ‘support’ a touring band. Steve Wackenier (guitar & vocals) and David Stubbe (drums) had just asked Tim ‘Nutje’ Denutte to play bass (because of Fabrice’s departure); so that was probably their first gig in this line-up. The Half a Skull’s Size’ 7″ was due on Genet recs…

This was ‘Hiatus’ 3rd gig here (after 90-09-15 & 91-04-21), I think… They’d just came back from their tour in the U.S. & Canada. Willy played bass here, Ben Fery hit the drums and Azill Kamizol played guitar-hero… No clue where the other guitarist (Phil ‘Kill’) was. And Fed Alabas (Don’t think he had left the band already…)? Spatje & Vrokker (‘P.J.D.’) did some of the vocals.. The band toured Europe with ‘No Security’… No further introduction necessary, I guess…

‘6 Feet Over’ were from the Duncerque region, pretty close to Ieper, so they were invited to play at the V.V. quite often. Here, they made their 2nd appearance at the V.V. (after 91-06-08) and had recorded their demo-tape a few months before. The 7” on Panx recs would follow later that year. The band consisted of Stephane Cormary (vocals), Fred (bass), Pierre Anne (drums) and Karl Penando (guitar). Energetic old school HC. I reviewed them in Tilt! #7: “Reminds me of ‘Stikky’ or ‘Stark Raving Mad’. Short but raging. Political lyrics.”.


This was the first European tour for ‘Hiatus’ and the last one for ‘No Security’. Ieper and Liège were good; the rest a bit chaotic. What an idea to tour Sweden in February and the Spain in August!? I was the one organising these tours… I was young… It was the first time I met ‘6 Feet Over’ (later we toured Spain together – with uncle Sned on drums) and ‘Neuthrone’. Hi David & Steve!

Willy ‘Hiatus’

I remember this one for sure! This really left an impression… Vrokker was singing for ‘Hiatus’ those days and they had to play with ‘No Securityi in Liège. I had come along that day to ‘sing’ a ‘Doom’ cover with ‘Hiatus’ and do it over the next day in Ieper. Together we travelled in ‘No Security’s van to Ieper, learned a bit of Swedish on the way and once in Ieper there was an atmosphere of true fraternity. The place was too small, ‘No Security’ was super!!! An energy-attack, full throttle and no looking back!!! I also remember that Vrokker and myself almost demolished the joint… What Vrokker did on stage with them…was most probably a ‘Mob 47’ cover but I could be mistaken… It was one of my better performances at the Vort’n Vis…by far!

Jurgen ‘Spatje’ Fiems

That was the night before my birthday and I was very excited to play with ‘No Security’. I believe we didn’t have amp-problems this time, so a reasonably successful gig. ‘No Security’ were fantastic and super tight. After the concert, Jan Claus and myself slept on the V.V.’s stage because there were a lot of burglaries in the Vort’n at that moment (local heroine-junks) but there were no thieves that night.

Steve W., ‘Neuthrone’

I wasn’t the only guitar-hero that night, you can see Phil just behind Spatje on the picture! That was ‘Hiatus’ second line-up: Phil (guitar+vocals), Willy (bass), Ben (drums) and me (guitar+vocals). That was the Way Of Doom line-up. Later on when we discovered (by accident!) that Willy was a good frontman, he left the bass for the microphone and then we recruited a bass-player (Fred) to become a 5-piece. We recorded the first album From Resignation… with that 3rd line-up.

I enjoyed touring with ‘No Security’, that was our first European tour. The dudes and their driver were very cool. Their music was fast, energic and the singer looked like he became mentally disturbed during their performance! We learned some cool Swedish words and we improved it later while touring with ‘Svart Snö’! ’6 Feet Over’ were nice people too (not from Nice but from Dunkerque ah!). Fast hardcore with amazing drumming, even when Sned (‘Health Hazard’) replaced Pierre behind the drums. At that same time, Chris (‘Health Hazard’) replaced Fred in ‘Hiatus’: we toured in Spain together – British reinforcements!

What else? I can see my t-shirt wasn’t grey yet… I don’t remember how many times we played at the Vort’n Vis but this must be one of the first. Vrokker and Spatje helped us because me and Phil didn’t feel comfortable singing and playing guitar at the same time. Leffe (‘Chronic Disease’) also helped us in that way a bit later. Thank you guys!

Azill, guitar zero.

great photo-shoot by Eric ‘React’ (thanks a lot!!!):

‘Hiatus’ with Spatje & Vrokker on vocals

‘6 Feet Over’

‘No Security’

Vrokker stealing the show… ;-)

excerpts from the V.V. guestbook:

‘No Security’ expressing their appreciation for the hospitality…

Sonia Lord & Jules Lowery (Missing The Point, London) visiting…

additions wellcome!…

More on this concert: 94-08-06 One By One – [Sedition] – Juggling Jugulars – Doom – Fauna – Hiatus – [Extinction Of Mankind]

Here’s some pics of ‘Hiatus’ & ‘Unhinged’ who played unannounced; kindly donated by Willy ‘Hiatus’:

‘Unhinged’: Alain (guitar) & Willy (bass)

‘Hiatus’: Willy (vocals), Ben (drums), Azill (guitar), Fred? (bass)

The poster announced this one as ‘Kilts ‘n Sweatin’ Feet in Slippers’… The first being the ‘trademark’ of Celtic punx ‘Sedition’, the second referring to Sned who used to wear comfy slippers behind his drum-kit. This was, I guess, the 5th gig of ‘One By one’ here. (First time was 91-08-18…) They were almost like family, with uncle Sned bringing ‘prezzies’ all the time and Karin providing the Flemish connection… They were supposed to tour with ‘Sedition’ but that didn’t happen as Sned explains…

This was also ‘Doom’s 2nd passage (1st: 93-02-27). This time with ‘Scoot’ on bass.

The ‘Hiatus’ guys were practically always present. What can I say? An amazing set again. Don’t just believe me: look at the video…

‘E.O.M.’ original line-up consisted of Ste Dux (vocals), Mass Centi (guitar), Fozzy (bass), Dave Foz (drums). Their split ep with ‘Doom’ was released in 1994, so was the Weakness ep. They toured Europe together with ‘Doom’ here but didn’t manage to play a set…

‘Fauna’ was a young Finnish band playing melodic pop-punk with female vocals. On tour with ‘J.J.’ and (according to Peku) “very nice people with thoughts”. Peku asked me to help ‘em find some gigs (see letter)…

‘Juggling Jugulars’ (originally from Tampere, Finland), who play uptempo, melodic hardcore-punk, were already friends since I got in touch with them (and did a tour) in the early 90s. To me this is thé line-up (although I know they still play nowadays, and with due respect to the ‘new’ members): Pettri ‘Peku’ Mikkilä (guitar & vocals), ‘Jantsa’ Jani Kärkkäinen [R.I.P.] (bass & vocals), Marko Nurmi (drums), Tero Luoma (guitar).

Totaal Marginaal (Sint-Niklaas) consisted of Tim Audenaert (vocals), Wouter (guitar), Mieke (bass), Pim (drums). Can’t remember them…


It was July/August 1994 when we made a small tour with my band ‘Juggling Jugulars’ and another Finnish band named ‘Fauna’ (they played only few years and split up pretty soon afterwards). We had only 8 gigs in different countries but we managed to spend something like 2-3 weeks on the road, so it was not organized at all. Lots of sightseeing for young boys and girls. No stress :-).

‘Fauna’ have disappeared pretty much from the DIY-scene… Their line-up was: Maarit (vocals), Juhani (bass), Jukka (guitar) & Henkka (drums). The only member still active in punk-scene seems to be Henkka, who was later the drummer for ‘Endstand’ and nowadays plays in ‘Cigarette Crossfire’.

We had done our first tour with ‘Juggling Jugulars’ in Europe in 1991 and I had been in correspondence with Brob Tilt! since then, so he helped us again to get 3 gigs in Belgium; we played in Oudegem at JH Move (August 5th 1994), in Ieper at the Vort’n Vis (August 6th 1994) and in Eernegem at the B52 (August 7th 1994). [see Brob’s Tours]

The most memorable gig was definitely in Ieper, simply because the Vort’n Vis that day had a pretty international atmosphere; punks from all over Europe had arrived there to enjoy this festival. For example I met Filip [Majchrzakowski] of the label Trujaça Fala (from Poland) there for the first time and this meeting meant a lot to us afterwards; he released many of our next records in Poland and arranged lots of gigs/tours for us, etc.

Playing a gig with bands like ‘One By One’ (one of my biggest favourites at that time) or ‘Doom’ etc., was a great experience for such unknown bands that we were. It was also inspiring to see a DIY venue that was really not a regular bar or something but a punks’ own venue. We got fed and all, so we really felt welcome and we enjoyed ourselves there. Brob was extremely friendly and helpful as always. I learned a lot about the European DIY punk-scene from our correspondence and those few meetings. I can’t remember if ‘Sedition’ really played there or not but I think I would remember if they would have played. [Sned explains below…] Maybe they had cancelled for some reason?

Of course things have changed a lot since 1994; some venues stayed and some disappeared – for various reasons. DIY-scene is a network of friends, not managers or agencies – I hope it remains that way for many years to come; for me it is only true form of HC/punk – at least that’s how I understand it.

Petteri ‘Peku’ Mikkilä, ‘Juggling Jugulars’ guitarist

‘Juggling Jugulars’ & ‘Fauna’, and friends (picture kindly donated by Peku)

‘Scoot’ [bassplayer; see pic] was in ‘Doom’ in ‘94… And Tom was on vocals ‘93-’95, right…

I was there… [off course! ;-)] This was ‘One By One’s last gig! (We might have played in Newcastle the night after, but that was it.) ‘Sedition’ didn’t play; they didn’t play the whole tour. We just had to go round the gigs facing people’s disappointment at their non-appearance! They had split up. Can’t remember much more I’m afraid…

Sned, ‘One By One’ drummer

Micky & Karin, ‘One By One’ (photographed by Peku)

I have a video of a gig of ‘Doom’ with the ‘Hiatus’ guys [see pics; actually Wills of ‘Hiatus’ & Stef DL] singing… It was the tour with ‘E.O.M.’. We had played in Bremen the night before and Ste of ‘E.O.M.’ had to go to hospital to get stitches & Tom [Croft; ‘Doom’ vocalist] was travelling in their van. They got held up so Tom was late & 3 different people got up and sang ‘Doom’ songs.

Stick, ‘Doom’ drummer

‘Doom’: Bri & Scoot, with Willy (‘Hiatus’) and Stef DL (‘Corpus Christi’); pics by Wim DL

There had been a riot in Bremen the night before, Tom was in the van with ‘E.O.M.’, Ste [Dux] cut his ankle pretty bad & they waited in a hospital for hours, missing the gig so it was ‘Doom’ karaoke… ‘E.O.M.’ didn’t play & arrived very late…

Scoot, ‘Doom’ bassist

‘Doom’ – Vort’n Vis, Ieper (06/08/1994) with special guest vocalists [Willy ‘Hiatus’, Steve ‘Neuthrone’, Stef ‘Corpus Christi’, etc.] & ‘Hiatus’ – Vort’n Vis, Ieper (06/08/1994) [with a variety of scenesters – Lord Moloch, Ben ‘Hiatus’, Wim DL, Johan ‘Carcer Molochi’, Michael Maes, Karin ‘1×1’, etc. – in the crowd]

Colin Forster [Thanks for putting these on-line!]

I remember that Ales Pechman, a tall promoter from the Czech Republic, sang some song(s) with ‘Doom’ too…). There was also an incident with Filip from Trujaça Fala, when the organisers believed he was dancing too violently. But you guys were running the place to the best of your abilities. At that time everything was new for us, how the scene was working, … but I got a lot of experiences and inspiration out of it to do things in a similar way over here.

Martin Valásek, Malarie recs

This one was in the bigger venue in the back. There were many friends from everywhere! ‘Hiatus’ played as a 4-piece [Brob: Willy, Azill, Jonas & Ben] because Phil decided to stay at home. ‘Unhinged’ wasn’t on the bill but since Tom (of the ‘headlining’ ‘Doom’) didn’t turn up, we played a few songs as a 3-piece (Manu wasn’t there). Then Sned told me that I was the first on the list to sing with ‘Doom’. So I did. That was a great honour as I was a big crust fan at that time. Still like it but I’m more open to other styles nowadays…there’s good and bad things in every kind of music.

Willy ‘Hiatus’

Some extra pics of ‘Doom’ with Willy ‘Hiatus’ (kindly donated by Willy):

Some photos of ‘Hiatus’ & ‘Unhinged’ here: 94-08-06 Hiatus – Unhinged (photos)

excerpts from the V.V. guestbook:

Sned & Scoot celebrating the 1 in 12 (Bradford) – Vort’n Vis (Ieper) connection…

Some greetings from Suomi.

“We’re totally marginal [‘Totaal Marginaal’] from Sint-Niklaas and it was awesome here.”



additions wellcome!…

I arranged 3 shows (unfortunately the 3rd got cancelled, as did the UK shows) for ‘Resist’ (from Portland, Oregon) & ‘U.F.D.’ (‘Uncounted Faces of Death’, Ger) (a tour organised by Ueli Schill of Romp Productions in Luzern, Switzerland).

‘Resist’ (political HC/ anarchopunk) – on this tour – were Kelly Halliburton (bass), Tony Mengis (vocals), Ty Smith (drums; R.I.P.) and Ward Young (guitar). ‘Resist’ only played about 20 minutes here since Kelly had hurt his hand…

‘U.F.D.’ were a political hardcore band from the Metzgerstrasse-squat scene in Hanau. Their lyrics were in German. Although I think you could call their music metal-influenced, the band themselves labeled it “Psycore” (from ‘psychedelic’?). The band consisted of Norman Schlimmer (vocals), Arno Hartmann (guitar), Robert ‘Roi’ Wellershoff (bass) & Jeff Howard (drums). I think it’s also worthwhile to state that they produced great, elaborated artwork…

The French ‘Pilgrims’ were apparently a straight-edge band… Can’t remember anything about them. I was told the guy singing for them (Ian) used to be in the Paris punk band ‘Flitox’ (he also ran Jungle Hop recs) and they did a ‘Bad Brains’ cover…

This was the 2nd passage of my mate Dirk ‘Scum’ and his ‘Zero Positives’ at the V.V. (They’d also played in Poperinge)… [See: 23 feb ’91]


‘U.F.D.’ played a long set. Indeed: heavy and rather technical metal! I think that was a joke by Lord Moloch about the ‘Pilgrims’ being straight-edge. They were anything but… as far as I can remember. I organised (a part of) the European tour for the ‘Pilgrims’ at that time. I also drove for them…

Dirk ‘Scum’, ‘Zero Positives’ vocalist

The Ieper days were special to me, as was that whole time-period in the early and mid-90’s when I was first touring over there a lot.

Kelly Halliburton (also in ‘Cluster Bomb Unit’, ‘Defiance’, ‘Masskontrol’, ‘Detestation’, etc.)

It’s been 20 years and all I remember from then really is stealing wine with those guys from ‘Hiatus’ after I had already passed out once that day and drinking ’till the sun came up and passing out on top of the tour-van. Not very productive or political that day but damn it was fun!

Tony Mengis, ‘Resist’ vocalist

I don’t remember much of these shows because to the heavy use of some substances. We played 30 shows in 5 weeks so memories kinda blur. Our set was about 1 hour long as it usually was and that we called our music’s term ‘psycore’ was derived from ‘psycho’ not ‘psychedelic’. All in all our stay in Belgium was good in my recollection, it was the only time in my life I visited that country and sadly we didn’t have time to see much of it.

If someone remembers us and is interested in listening to our music (again): you can find some of it on youtube and everything is available to download freely [Brob: links in Norman’s comment].

Thanx to Brob for making it possible for us to play Belgium!

Norman, singer for ‘U.F.D.’

‘Resist’ photgraphed by Karl Penando:

‘Resist’ photgraphed by Eric ‘React’ W.:

‘Resist’ (Kelly-Ward-Ty-Tony) on tour (somewhere where there’s mountains; source unknown):

‘Resist’ & ‘U.F.D.’ (source unknown):

pictures of ‘U.F.D.’ (by Eric ‘React’):

pictures of ‘Zero Positives’ (by Eric ‘React’) * guitarists Bart & Maarten, drummer Borre, ‘Scum’ the skirt & bassist Kris:

The night before ‘Resist’ played at La Zone in Liège. They spend a heavy drinking night in my flat above the venue. Kelly broke his hand… They asked us to join them to Ieper the day after. I puked in their van… We played a set at the V.V. That must’ve been the day when the SxE HC kids grabbed me off the stage and held me up during one song [Brob: see pics that Willy provided below.]. Scary. “Cheers for the flight!”, I said. ‘U.F.D.’ had a little quarrel with Phil [‘Hiatus’ guitarist], who used their amp without asking before.

Willy ‘Hiatus’

I visited that one. My girlfriend (who’s now my wife) & I were traveling Europe, staying with Willis Nollomont (from ‘Hiatus’) & his girlfriend Isabelle in Liège at the time. I used to run Desperate Attempt recs (89-97); we put out the ‘Hiatus’/’Embittered’ split-7″…

Christopher R. Eagan; Louisville, Kentucky

see also ===> 92-06-13 Kelly ‘Resist’s extra photos

excerpts from the V.V. guestbook:

additions wellcome!…