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‘Crivit’s guitarist Jeff had visited the Vort’n Vis a while before and his wish (here expressed in the guestbook) was apparently readily granted…

91-12-21 Crivits - Shortsight - SOY - FTF (extra)

A straight-edge matinee organised by P.M.A. recs (‘Positive Mental Attitude’; Hans Verbeke’s label) & ‘Above The Crowd’ (A.T.C.; Wim Vandekerckhove’s zine/project), and their friends/band-mates (most of them were also volunteers at the V.V.).

This was probably ‘Blindfold’s 1st show at the Vort’n Vis. Wim Vandekerckhove (vocals), Sacha ‘Chatn’ Baelen (drums), Hans Verbeke (guitar) & Jan Maelfait (bass).

‘S.O.Y.’ played still with the ‘early line-up [see 91-06-08]: guitarist Dominiek ‘Dompi’ & bassist Frederik Denolf, Jan Maelfait (vocals) and Hans Verbeke (drums).

Also in their early stages were ‘Shortsight’; with David ‘Mong’ Dumont singing (the one and only time; later he started playing guitar), Björn Lescouhier (drums), Jeroen Lauwers (bass; also ‘N.O.F.’) & Kurt Deprez (guitar; later bass).

91-12-21 Shortsight (don by Bart VM)‘Shortsight’ (picture kindly donated by Bart Van Mulders, source unknown)

Besides these (more-or-less) locals, there were also bands from The Netherlands…

‘Feeding The Fire’ were friends with some people of the H8000 Crew (although I don’t think they were calling themselves like that yet). They came from Kerkrade (Limburg). Rob Franssen (nowadays in ‘Born From Pain’) was the singer, Roger (Connection X zine; together with Rob) played the bass, Dennis ‘Crustbus’ Niesing was still hitting the drums, and guitarists here were Illona Stephan & Michel Senden (also in ‘Point Of No Return’ with Rob & Roger) – Har(ald) Brosselt (also in ‘No Sense’) joined later.

‘Crivits’ from Rotterdam were Jeff van der Wal (guitar), Koen Westphal (drums), Dennis Verhiest (vocals), Edwin Verhiest (bass) & Marco (Mark) van Schouwen (guitar). They played energetic old-school straight-edge hardcore, in the vein of ‘Youth of Today’ and ‘Gorilla Biscuits’.

Gloves Of Destruction’ was kind of a project (don’t think they lasted long as a real band) with people from ‘F.T.F.’: Roger played guitar here, Rob bass and Har drummed. The other 2 guys in the band were named Joël and Angelo. Their ‘crew’ wore workmen’s gloves marked with big fat X-s. They were also mirroring themselves with ‘Seein’Red’ and ‘Man Lifting Banner’, hence the communist flag as backdrop…


Hans Verbeke also sang for a little while but I don’t think we did any shows with him. When he didn’t feel much like going on, he introduced [his sister] Saskia. Françoise ‘Hazel’ Lepers also joined on guitar later but she wasn’t on any of the recordings.

David ‘Mong’ Dumont, ‘Shortsight’

I did one show as the singer for ‘Shortsight’, and that was the legendary show at the Pits [Kortrijk] with ‘S.O.Y.’, ‘N.O.F., ‘Blindfold’ and ‘Shortsight’… [92-01-19] After that show I wanted to focus on one band instead of 3. So I quit both S.O.Y.’ and ‘Shortsight’, and we did a shitload of shows, tours and records with ‘Blindfold’ after that.

Hans Verbeke

Indeed I was in ‘Feeding The Fire’ (guitar) and ‘Gloves Of Destruction’ (drums). I remember that we (G.O.D.) handed out quite some construction-gloves with fat X-s to the audience [see photo]. These flew through the venue the entire concert. We even wore them while playing, what obviously wasn’t such a success…

Har, ‘F.T.F.’ & ‘G.O.D.’

This was one of the first times we played Belgium I think. ‘G.O.D.’, in which I played bass, was just a fun-project and this might even have been the only real show we ever played haha. I still remember that we were impressed by all the very young kids in the bands, especially ‘S.O.Y.’ which to us seemed 12 year-olds at the time (they might have been). It was a good time and the start of long and deep friendships with a good amount of new people out there.

Rob Franssen, ‘F.T.F.’ & ‘G.O.D.’

When ‘Shortsight’ started, I attended rehearsals every now and then but after a short while Kurt played guitar and Stephane Boens (‘Veggie’) on bass. In the mean time Jaak and I had gotten in a car-accident, and Edward was in L.A. for a couple of months; so ‘N.O.F.’ was in a quiescent phase. When Veggie left the band and I was up and about again, I filled in on bass for them; this here was the only gig. The week before this gig, Edward came back from L.A. and ‘N.O.F.’ was revived because the first lp was about to come out (myself I started my civil service). ‘Shortsight’ got rearranged: Mong picked up the guitar and Kurt the bass; Hans joined as vocalist. When things became too busy for him, Saskia joined for what would become the classic line-up. There was, however, a recording with Hans (4 songs, released as a demo on Warehouse recs and one song on the Regress No Way compilation 7”). Don’t know when Hazel joined but during the short summer-tour of 1993 (with ‘Blindfold’) she was in the band. Hazel didn’t stay that very long: on the tour with ‘Acme’ (summer of 1994) she wasn’t part of ‘Shortsight’ anymore. Björn has always been the drummer. ‘Shortsight’s last concert was in November 1994 (in Poperinge with ‘Blindfold’ & ‘Congress’ (organised by Vik).

The rest of this gig here brings up very little memories: very calm and all bands sounded the same… ‘Gloves Of Destruction’ was ‘Feeding The Fire’ plus friends, kind of a ‘Project X’ rough SxE outfit. ‘Crivits’ were nice people but unfortunately played very boring, typical SxE hardcore.

Jeroen Lauwers

Yep, I remember that show… A first cooperation with ‘Feeding The Fire’ singer Rob. I also remember that girl Illona on guitar… ‘Crivits’ was totally into ‘Gorilla Biscuits’; so obvious: the melodies and vocals were so much alike. Hans and me were smiling about how resembling they were :-). Don’t recall much of our own gig but I do about ‘Shortsight’ and ‘Blindfold’: they were excellent.

Dominiek Denolf, guitarist ‘Spirit Of Youth’

After playing a succesful gig at The Pits in Kortrijk we (‘Crivits’) thought we could take the Vort’n Vis by storm… We played this gig one day before recording our first ep but it wasn’t very good hahaha. I still remember this show as a day with lots of fun, lots of friends and a wise lesson learned… We bonded well with many people from the region, a day like that is always fun…nice people, good conversations, great gigs. What I also recall well, is that there was a tremendous hole in the stage… Great memories!!!

Dennis Verhiest, ‘Crivits’ vocalist

the bands were photographed by Bart Verelst (thanx a lot!):


‘Shortsight’ (with ‘Veggie’ [R.I.P.] watching Jeroen’s every move attentively…)

‘Spirit Of Youth’


‘Feeding The Fire’

‘Gloves Of Destruction’

excerpts from the V.V. guestbook:

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