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This was a benefit for an Indonesian study-project Kakak Asuh. “1.000 BeF (25 Euro) enables 1 kid to go to school for 1 year!”


I organised a couple of concerts like this, I think. [Actually this was the second in a row of 3; see 93-02-21 & 95-03-25] A friend of mine worked in Indonesia back then, and supported the project…

Sacha Baelen

‘Sarcasm’ (see also 93-11-07) was a crust-punk band from Leicester with ‘Mr Wanky’ Mark Gardener (vocals; played in ‘Extreme Noise Terror’ for a while), ‘Brillo Brilleaux’ (drums), Paul Reynolds (bass) & Colin Bennett (who had replaced guitarist Ben a.k.a. ‘Bené von Bastard’ by then I believe). Mr Wanky was also guitarist and vocalist for British punkrockers ‘The Wankys’, and he runs Noise Punk recs. The years before this they put out a couple of 7”s: Your Funeral My Party (on the Brazilian label Rotthenness recs, 91) & The Lowest Form Of Wit (on Neil Robinson’s Tribal War recs, 92). There was also a split-tape with the Japanese ‘C.F.U.D.L.’ (tracks from ‘Sarcasm’s unreleased second demo recorded in ‘91). They also did a few tapes for Polish labels: Mist Of Confusion (on Daniel Winiarek’s Demonstracja tapes, ‘93) & Demo I + Live (Kassandra promotion). In ’95 Brave New World was recorded (with Mark, Paul, Leigh & ‘Brillo’; released on a label from Paris) and Pawel Rzóska put the split-7” with ‘Sanctus Iuda’ out on his label Scream recs.

‘Sarcasm’ (photos by Wim De Leersnijder) [#2: local Pedro trying out vocals]

‘Rood Arch’ (an ‘emo’ band from Duncerque/Lille): Tomoy (ex ‘Scraps’) played bass, there was a second bassist Fred (ex ‘6 Feet Over’), and Pierre Anne (ex ‘6 Feet Over’ & ‘Scraps) played drums and sung. This was their first appearance here. Living just across the border they would be back a couple of times (94-11-19 & 95-12-03).

‘FingerPrint’, considered as one of the first socalled screamo bands, but the guys – Nicolas Fisseau (vocals), Christophe Mora (guitar), Thomas Guillanton (bass; also ‘Jasemine’ / ‘Ananda’) and Jérome Bessout (drums; also ‘Jasemine’) – didn’t want that label. They had played a few times at the V.V. before (93-05-22 & 93-09-17). In October ’93 they recorded their 7” We May Be Brothers.

Our mate Henk Loobuyck interviewed them for (the Vort’n Vis zine) Fifi #1 and there they informed us that 2 of them had been playing in a band called ‘Spicy Trick’ before. They mentioned ‘Downcast’, ‘Heroin’, ‘Still Life’, ‘Rorschach’, ‘Ivich’ & ‘Age’ as influences.

‘Undone’ an emo band with attention for DIY and politics from the Paris suburbs, were: Christophe Mora (drums; Stonehenge recs & distro), Stéphane ‘Scholl’ Brochier (guitar, Kleines Mädchen distro), Stéphane ‘Stu’ Joly (bass & vocals; later ‘Ananda) and Sullivan ‘Sully’ Chédanne (vocals). When Christophe contacted me to distribute ‘Undone’s their stuff, he described their music as a mix of ‘Downcast’ and ‘Neurosis’… Their 1st (untitled) EP was out on Christophe’s label Stonehenge recs (recorded end of ’93). They’d recorded a demo earlier with Renaud Mary as drummer. Right before this gig they’d also recorded for the split-EP with ‘Shatter The Myth’… They would be back here a few times (94-08-21 / 95-09-15 / 95-12-03) and I published an interview with the band in Tilt! #8.


Guillaume Caouissin was the bassist of ‘Shatter The Myth’ and ‘Sea Shepherd’. He was the ‘driver’ for ‘FingerPrint’ and ‘Undone’…so he always hung out with us… He lives in Peru [Brob: I think he’s in Ethiopia now.].

Christophe Mora

Christophe intends to re-issue the ‘Undone’ discography on his label. ‘Sully’ lives in Australia (and has a child, I think). ‘Stu’ has played in a (rather metal) band, ‘Carmina’, some time…

At that time, the Vort’n Vis was really an unavoidable place, with its festivals (e.g. Leed), where everyone met up. I think it’s there that I have my best gigs. Practically every band passed by. It was madness! My biggest regret is that I missed ‘Born Against’ and ‘Nausea’! We had no place like that in France. And the punk-scene was still a lot of ‘rock’…

Here’s a live video of ‘Undone’ (not at the V.V.): part 1 & part 2.

Steph Brochier

excerpts from the V.V. guestbook:

additions wellcome!…

See: 93-09-17&18&19 5th Leed-festival (Intro & Incident)

De Kift Krankenhaus

‘De Kift’ play post-punk (a mix of punk, fanfare, rock & pop). They came from Koog-aan-de-Zaan (North of Amsterdam). The band still exists and plays; have a look at Back in these days I think the line-up was as follows: Ferry Heijne (vocals/trombone/trumpet/guitar; ex ‘Svätsox’), Han Hulscher (trumpet), Jan Heijne (trumpet), Mathijs Houwink (bass; ex ‘B.G.K.’ – Niels de Wit played on the Krankenhaus LP), Patrick Votrian (trombone/tuba), Pim Heijne (guitar), Wim Ter Weele (drums) and Marco Heijne (vocals). Frank Van Den Bos (keyboards; also ‘Trespassers W’) joined later.

The guy who did the sound for them was ‘Bill Bimetaal’ (René de Boer), who used to play guitar in ‘U.B.C.F.’ (‘United Blessed Chicken Fuckers’). He also did the sound in the famous Emma squat in Amsterdam and the Groote Weiver in Krommenie. Nowadays he plays in ‘Fucking Virgins’ (…

‘Beerepoot Brothers’ were a “bluegrasscountryfolkpunkmetal” band. They “fucked up old blues and country songs, old punk classics, and even covered ‘Slayer’s Angel Of Death”. Niels de Wit (ex ‘Gepöpel’ & ‘Vernon Walters’) did vocals and played banjo/harp/kazoo, Ed played guitar and ‘Frommel Beerenose’ ‘jug and kuttepiel’.”. They were announced in the V.V. newsletter but I can ‘t really remember them playing…

‘Fingerprint’, from the Paris suburbs, had already played here (93-05-22). Christophe Mora (guitar/vocals) and his mates Nicolas Fisseau (vocals), Thomas Guillanton (bass) & Jérome Bessout (drums) brought us their intense emo-HC from the Surrender 7” (that was out on Christophe’s label Stonehenge recs) and their new stuff (that was gonna be on the We May Be Brothers 7”).


This gig was just before I joined ‘De Kift’ but I do know that the band played in Ieper! The others sometimes still talk about it…

Frank van den Bos, keyboards ‘De Kift’

Can remember that one vividly… It was my birthday that day. It was the very, very first time Krankenhaus [LP out on Konkurrel Sep. ‘93]. A very noisy crowd, there was, indeed. Un-Belgian actually.

Marco Heijne

The people of ‘Fingerprint’ slept at my house that night…

Henk Loobuyck [There was a short interviwe he did with them in the V.V zine Fifi #1]

As far as I can remember ‘B.B.’ only played Belgium once, together with ‘De Kift’, for an audience of militant straight-edgers. We did our bluegrass adaptation of ‘Minor Threat’s (I’m Not) Straight Edge… :-) We did it as a duo because Ed had missed the train…

I also played with ‘De Kift’. Mathijs joined a few years later (around the Gaaphonger album I believe). ‘De Kift’ was a trio (Ferry, Wim & myself) for a while. After Krankenhaus we expanded live to a band of 7 or 8. After a few months I left (to return several times as a stand-in). The line-up at this gig was Ferry, Wim, Niels, Pim Heyne, Jan – the father of Ferry & Marco – on trumpet, and ‘declamateurs’ Maarten van Oudshoorn & Eddie Kagie.

Niels de Wit

Niels announced the song as I’m Not Straight Edge by the ‘Beer Drinking McKay Family’.


additions wellcome!…

93-05-22 FTF - Fingerprint - Congress

A concert organised in conjunction with P.M.A. (Positive Mental Attitude) recs; the label that Hans Verbeke (‘Rise Above’, ‘Spirit Of Youth’, ‘Blindfold’, ‘Liar’) and U.J. (‘Dreft’, ‘Congress’, ‘Liar) did at that time…

‘Fingerprint’ from Paris were a ‘(scr)e(a)mo’ hardcore band with Nicolas Fisseau (vocals), Christophe Mora (guitar/vocals; also drummer of ‘Undone’), Thomas Guillanton (bass; also ‘Jasemine’ & ‘Ananda’) and Jérome Bessout (drums; also ‘Jasemine’). Their music was described as “intense and nerveous emocore, mixing fast and hectic musical parts with driving mid tempo ones”. They’d just recorded for the Surrender 7” on Christophe’s label Stonehenge recs. He also released the 7” We May Be Brothers the next year (recorded Oct ’93) and their discography on CD in 1996. When Nicolas quit, the other 3 kept playing (with Christophe singing) as ‘Jasemine’.

‘Feeding The Fire’s Roger, Rob, René, Har & Illona were regulars here (91-12-21, 92-04-18, 92-09-05, 92-10-10, …); to some almost like family. As you can read in the guestbook: they were heavily into international socialism… The flyer mentions the possible presenation of their 1st 7” No Submission. It was recorded January of that year and released by Burt & Michiel from ‘Man Lifting Banner’ on their label Red Wax recs. I reviewed it in Tilt! #8 as follows : >> Mostly superfast and grindy SxE HC; a bit of a mix between ‘Lärm’, ‘Man Lifting Banner’ & ‘Nations On Fire’. Features ‘Metal Molly’ Illona and Har ‘The Clown’ on guitars. This little record rocks like hell. <<

‘Congress’ apparently considered this their 1st “good gig” (after 93-04-25)… Don’t know if Pierre already did vocals here instead of Roy…

Can ‘t recall what ‘Part Of Me’ sounded like or who they were… Their first gig apparently.


Might be the first time I ever saw ‘Congress’…? They just had a demo out I think. Not as cult yet as they became later on. ‘Part Of Me’ was a very young band, the new generation from our scene down South in the Netherlands.

Rob Franssen, ‘Feeding The Fire’ vocalist

‘Part Of Me’ was a band from Simpelveld (not far from Kerkrade, in Limburg). Jean-Paul [Frijns; later bass in ‘Birds Of A Feather’] (Value of Strength zine) was their singer, together with 3 kids from Simpelveld. I can vaguely recall they went on as ‘Backdraft’ [see 94-08-20] without J-P but with Rob (‘F.T.F.) as vocalist and Illona (‘F.T.F.’) on guitar…

Roger, F.T.F. bassist

‘Fingerprint’ often played with sXe bands whereas we were not sXe ourselves (2 members were, actually…). I can’t count how many time I’ve seen ‘Shortsight’, ‘Blindfold’ or ‘Congress’ on stage… I never shared a single word with all these dudes… Except when one of them was behind the bar: “A beer please! Thank you!”… And it was always the same… We always spoke with Bruno and … Brob! I was glad to meet you when we played at the Vort’n Vis… We were really excited to play this show with ‘Feeding The Fire’. We really were into their fast, brutal HC. We were glad to share the stage with them. Not that they were a hype or something but they played like no other bands. I remember that we shared equipment with all the bands playing that day. Jérome, our drummer borrowed his double kick pedal to the ‘Feeding The Fire’ drummer… During their set, the singer said something like “This show is for my sXe friends…” and looked at us with ‘the eye of the tiger’ which meant kind of “You’re not one of them.”, while I was with some friends, drinking our beers quietly watching and enjoying their set from the bar. We were kind of upset… and amused; I said to Jérome: “They would deserve that we get on stage and get the double kick pedal back.” with a blink of an eye, then we cheered and sipped our beers again . But the show was great and we had a good time though. To us it was fun to be inside this Belgian sXe thing in a way… It was our ‘New Jersey’. In the mid 90s, Belgium was the centrepoint of the sXe movement, we were OK to be a part of it through this kind of funny events (after all)… I don’t remember the two other sets [93-09-17 & 94-04-23]…

Thomas Guillanton, ‘Fingerprint’ bassist

‘Congress’, I think, was really awful at the show and the demo sounded pretty bad. But they became really tight and powerful especially when their new singer took over the mic. Great band… ‘Feeding The Fire’ was great as usual.

Peter Hoeren, Crucial Response recs

We did our very first show with ‘Part Of Me’ at the V.V. Later I played there with ‘Backdraft’ and ‘Feeding The Fire’.

Kay Roderburg, bassist

excerpts from the V.V. guestbook:

VV 93-05-22 - (book B) Congress

VV 93-05-22 - (book B) Fingerprint

VV 93-05-22 - (book B) FTF

additions wellcome!…

This is a precursory page to the posts on the 5th Leed-festival. There was quite some commotion and it led to a substantial evaluation of the Vort’n Vis’ policies…

VV newsletter 93-08 (Leed)from the preceding V.V. newsletter

 Accounts of the actual festival will be posted later:

17 sep ’93: Fingerprint (Fra), De Kift (Nl), Beerepoot Brothers (Nl)

18 sep ’93: Health Hazard (UK), Bambix (Nl), Witchknot (UK), Doom (UK), 6 Feet Over (Fra), Because (Lux), As Usual (Bel), Plum (Bel)

19 sep ’93: Nations On Fire (Bel), Strength Of The Will (Bel), Eversor (Ita), Hiatus (Bel)



I don’t think ‘Viktor’s Hofnarren’ actually played… It’s the evening that Hans [Verbeke] needed to be rescued by ‘Doom’!

Bruno Vandevyvere

‘Viktor’s Hofnarren’, squatters (autonomous centre Schrottbar) from Biel/Bienne (Switzerland) played anarchopunk with a crusty edge. (Later on they did a split-LP together with ‘Jobbykrust’ from Belfast out on Maximum Voice.) They were: Steph(ane) Guillet (bass/vocals; Panikeshi zine & distro), Niggu Rimann (drums), Bänz (guitar), Annette Wagener/Suri Dawicki (vocals) and Tez (vocals). Annette later joined the Groninger band ‘P.C.P.’. Steph & Annette were also running Panik Bourgeoise (concerts, zine).

They’d come all the way from their hometown for the fest together with a whole bunch of friends. After all this time it isn’t clear anymore whether they were invited to play or just wanted to see the bands. I guess ‘V.H.’ and their mates got rather drunk pretty fast (or they arrived drunk/stoned). Their friends also didn’t feel like they had to pay entrance… This attitude certainly annoyed most of the V.V. collaborators. There was some friction between them and SxE people (to say the least) but the way I remember it is that the main issue was that they didn’t feel like contributing their share to the organisation of the event and the fees of the bands. The fact they were so wasted and behaving irresponsibly amplified everything…

At some timepoint V.V. collaborator Hans (perhaps provoked by the animosity) supposedly (tried to) hit someone with a baseball-bat (actually it was a table-leg; I didn’t see it happen with my own eyes) for attempting to sneak in for free… He was “physically attacked from various sides”. Things were threatening to go out of control and it was decided it was best for him to leave in order to remove the fuse from the powder-keg… He had to be more or less secretly evacuated from the V.V. premises and was driven out of town in the van of the band ‘Doom’…

The whole incident drove some of the collaborators to tears for realising there were people who didn’t value their hard work and that some (who came from far away) couldn’t care less that there was a huge risk the autonomous centre could collapse (organisationally or as a result of being shut down by the authorities). Personally, I was disappointed and angry because I had already seen it happen when the 1st venue where I organised – in my hometown (De Marbel) – got shut down…

All this (together with previous) lead to the V.V. ‘shit-workers’ making up some sort of pamphlet calling for mutual respect, and listing some ‘rules’…which on it’s turn raised some questions with certain factions of not being ‘anarchist’ enough, etc.

Some people (squatters) from Gent and Liège even thought they were going to be refused entrance (Willy of ‘Hiatus/‘Unhinged’ wrote me that at that time). Of course that wasn’t the case… The 1st issue of Fifi (Vort’n Vis zine), May ‘94, states: “The Swiss assholes of Zürich (…) are no longer allowed in the Vort’n Vis. Reason: violence, intimidation and a broken window.”



Quite a lot has been published on the matter. Here’s a few bits – not to stir things up after all these years but for history’s sake (so that perhaps a younger generation will learn of it)…

93-09 No Sanctuary #22b93-09 No Sanctuary #22cThis excerpt from the Swiss zine No Sanctuary #22 gives a rather detailed account …

93-09 No Sanctuary #21This is the initial bit by Steph of ‘V.H.’ in No Sanctuary #21.

93-09 No Sanctuary #22aAnother bit from No Sanctuary #22 shows that ‘V.H.’ had caused similar problems in Germany.

93-09 VV Weekend 5th Leed (a)93-09 VV Weekend 5th Leed (b)Pamphlet issued by the V.V. collaborators after this event.

93-09 VV Free Brains for the Drunk (Willy)93-09 VV Free Brains for the Drunk (Willy) Jan C responseLetter by Willy ‘Hiatus’ & response by Vort’n Jan

93-09 Willy Rabougri mar94Willy’s intro to his zine Rabougri (March ’94)


Niggu (‘V.H.’ drummer) sings for ‘Unhaim’ nowadays. They released an excellent LP… [Brob: I tried hard to get in touch with anyone of V.H.’ but didn’t succeed…]

Pablo, Resistance prods, Biel


93-09 5th Leed fest - crowd (by Karl P)Despite all the commotion, numerous people enjoyed themselves (crowd-shot by Karl Penando); in the foreground: Kurt Deprez (‘Shortsight’), Bruno Vandevyvere (Genet recs), Pierre Anne (‘6 Feet Over’) – in the back: Rudy Penando