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The second day of the 10 year anniversary weekend of the Vort’n Vis: 99-06-25&26&27 10 years Vort’n Vis. This was the day there were no bands of Bruno VdV’s label playing but where 2 bands from Kortrijk’s indie-scene around The Pit’s (a place that started organising gigs almost at the same time of the V.V.) were asked to perform. It happened from time to time that people from the Pit’s exhibited their talents here; see: The Pit’s aficionados performing @ Vort’n Vis

‘Faroutski’ (from the Kortrijk area) had played at the Vort’n Vis before (95-06-18). They called their music punkrock’n’roll and stated they were “a DIY band in the tradition of old punk-bands”. They released their material on their own Funarchy label (previously Rocklabyrinth recs). The band consisted of people of the scene around the Pit’s (small rock/indie venue): Geert ‘Barney’ Blomme (drums), ‘Kyvie’ Johan Dekyvere (guitar) and Rine Amelynck (bass).

‘The Lovehandles’ were Greet Tanghe (drums & vocals), Annette ‘Unwanted’ Declercq (guitar & vocals) and Rine Amelynck (bass & vocals). On the flyer here dubbed as “the ‘L7 from West-Flanders”. Nowadays Annette & Rine play “punky rock‘n’roll” in the band ‘Unwanted Tattoo’ (with Rine’s partner ‘Barney’ on drums).


I’m Johan’s brother; I used to play in ‘ErsatzNoise’, ‘D.M.H.’ [‘Dallas Memorial Hospital’; with Rine singing], ‘The Valentine Girls’ [also with Rine], ‘Wij Stinken’ [= “we stink”] and ‘Wij Klutsers’ [= “us dumbfucks”; with ‘Barney’] myself; bands with ‘Bowy’ (Dirk Bouwens [Pit’s co-founder])… I remember a gig somewhere in Ieper (several bands) a long time ago (before ‘Faroutski’) with ‘Bowy’, ‘Barney’ and a drummer – but I don’t think the Vort’n Vis even existed then…

Luc Dekyvere

Can’t remember anything about this concert but I know we played some other time in the pub too with ‘The Lovehandles’…


excerpts from the V.V. guestbook:

additions wellcome!…


If my memory serves me right the very first gig at the Vort’n Vis was on 89-07-09. To celebrate this the autonomous centre served it’s audience a mix of touring and local (H8000 and other) bands; plus drinks at the price of 10 years before…

For full posts on the bands that were playing: click below…

25 jun ’99: Standing (Can), 8 Days Of Nothing (Swe), Shank (UK), Hernandez (UK), Lifecycle (Bel)

26 jun ’99: Faroutski (Bel), The Lovehandles (Bel)

27 jun ’99: Shai Hulud (USA), Intensity (Swe), Hebriana (Bel), Clouded (Bel), Alignment (Bel)

For some more history:

Vort’n Vis genesis

20 (+) years Vort’n Vis

excerpts from the V.V. guestbook:

VV 99-06-26 - (book D) Steve

VV 99-06-25 - (book D) Ochtenddauw & Regenvest

95 4WF+Sensefield tour

‘Four Walls Falling’ (also from Richmond) were here for the 2nd time (see 93-10-03): Taylor Steele (vocals) left his brother (Robert ‘Bo’) at home this time. He was replaced by Cam DiNunzio (guitar). The other guitarist was John (Stuart) Peters, John Papazoglou played bass (Bill Thidemann who played in ‘93 wasn’t on this tour) and Jared Srsic did drums. In 1994 they had recorded for the Food for Worms LP that came out on Day After recs (from the Czech Republic) with David Milton Tunkel playing bass. Thomas Crawley (‘Ipecac’) roadied on this 1995 tour. Rob(ert) Vlcek was the road-manager from the tour. The band broke up while being on tour in Europe that year but played a reunion-show later on…

95-06-18 Four Walls Falling (+ Vique Martin) (unknown) -Taylor Steele (with Vique Martin in the background) – credit: Sébastien Iaria

‘Sensefield’ (from Redondo Beach – near Los Angeles, California) were a Revelation recs band (at that time). Their LPs Killed For Less (’94) & Building (’96) were released on Jordan Cooper’s label. The band then consisted of Chris Evenson & Rodney Sellars (guitar), John ‘Slow Johnny’ Stockberger (bass), Jon(athan) Bunch (vocals) and Scott McPherson (drums). Their music could be described as emotive, passionate ‘posi’ HC based on rocking guitars. They were touring together with ‘Four Walls Falling’.

‘Avail’ from Richmond (Virginia) were: ‘Beau’ Beau Butler (cheerleader/dancer), Joe Banks (guitar), Tim Barry (vocals – drums on the 1st EP), Erik Larson (drums; later replaced by Ed Trask of ‘Holy Rollers’ & ‘Kepone’) and Rob(ert) Kelshian (bass; ex ‘Ipecac’ – who replaced Charles ‘Chuck’ McCauley). ‘Avail’ released their first LP, Satiate, on Catheter-Assembly recs in 1992. It was re-issued on Old Glory recs (who also released Live At The King’s Head Inn) and on CD by LookOut! Recs, in 1994. C-A also put out the Attempt To Regress EP (recorded in ’92). They also put out the Dixie CD after that… 4AM Friday was recorded with Rob on bass (LookOut! ’96). The later records were with bassist Justin ‘Gwomper’ Burdick. I believe that the ‘Avail’ tour was organised by Lookout! Europe (Christy Colcord and/or Mary-Jane Weatherby and/or Aidan Taylor)…

‘Avail’ (photographed by Joeri Hoste)

‘Faroutski’ (from the Kortrijk area) was started after ‘Fireside’ (92-10-04) split up. They called their music punkrock’n’roll and stated they were “a DIY band in the tradition of old punk-bands”. They released their material on their own Funarchy label (previously Rocklabyrinth recs). The band consisted of people of the scene around the Pits (small rock/indie venue): Geert ‘Barney’ Blomme (drums), ‘Kyvie’ Johan Dekyvere (guitar) and Rine Amelynck (bass).

I think Maximum Rock’n’Roll columnist and singer of the band ‘Siren’, Brian Zero, was there too. Perhaps with some other members of his band (drummer Kevin McCracken, bassist Joe Carr & guitarist Adam Glidewell)? ‘Siren’ would put a record (Becoming Wheels) out on the Czech label Day After recs (who also did the European version of the ‘Four Walls Falling’ LP)… I recall getting along with Brian quite well: he’d written an article on Corporate Punk for M.R.R. If I remember well he also wrote about the Vort’n Vis in a column for M.R.R. He got ‘stuck’ in Europe, it seems, as he’s now a teacher in Prague.

I’m not really sure but I think there was some commotion at this gig because ‘Avail’s Beau Beau was dancing rather violently and I addressed that because the V.V. had a policy against it. Don’t remember exactly but this might have stirred things up a bit? Unfortunately not everyone could appreciate it… ‘Avail’s drummer responded in a kinda awkward way – over-reacted. Jaak ‘N.O.F.’ wrote me afterwards that I had “spoiled” it because the audience was really enjoying the concert and some people (3!) left! There’s supposed to be a picture of Beau in Aaron Vyvial’s zine Love Child zine stating “Brob broke Beau’s nose”…!!??


The reaction of the ‘Avail’ drummer and dancer were simply wrong. But your response to that…!? You spoiled things for the band and for the few in the audience that were really enjoying them. (Perhaps you didn’t notice but besides myself there were 3 others that went outside.).

Jaak ‘Nations On Fire’, personal communication June 95

I was at Vort’n Vis during this show. I think. I was there a couple times more, maybe with ‘Lifetime’? I cant recall…

Miroslav ‘Mira’ Pátý, Day After recs

I booked the ‘4 Walls Falling’ / ‘Sensefield’ tour… Also was at the V.V. a month later with ‘Lifetime’…

Robert ‘Veg’ Vlček, ‘Clean Slate’

I had a great time. The journey back only took 7 hours (as opposed to 9 hours coming!)… I’m coming back to see ‘Sensefield’ on July 5th [That was in Leuven.]. [Vique was here with her fellow Brighton-ian with Mark ‘Macca’ Wilkinson]

Vique ‘Simba’ Martin; personal communication June ‘95

I was in ‘Avail’ from ‘91 to ‘94 and never played outside of the States.

Charles ‘Chuck’ McCauley

I remember enjoying playing in Belgium – we had two shows there. That was the first time we had toured Europe and, while people had told us that it was a little different than touring in the U.S., I don’t think we really knew what to expect. That’s not to say that we had a bad time but Belgium (and particularly the show in Ieper) was where things kind of picked up and got us feeling better about our overall experience – so I will always remember that. Pete the Roadie (he roadied for ‘Citizen Fish’) ‘s wife Paula [Hibbs-Rines, ex ‘Spitboy’] organized the tour for us and our driver was a guy named Dave who played in a band called ‘Maggot Slayer Overdrive’ [from Bristol] – hope that helps!

Robert Kelshian, ‘Avail bassist’

Yup, I booked, drove & tour-managed ‘Avail’s first Europe tour – great!! Peter from the Lintfabriek was promoter for the show…

Paula Hibbs-Rines

John Papazoglou was a friend of ours. He played in ‘Lucy Brown’ before ‘4WF’. Actually it was him or Dave on that tour. I can’t remember for sure but he was the last bass-player in the band.

William Thidemann

I was indeed drumming for ‘4WF’ in 1995. Tommy Anthony was our substitute drummer for the first European tour that occurred in 1993. I remember the Ieper show only in that it was towards the end of our tour and the sets where getting better sounding and tighter in performance. I remember the stage being quite shallow but the sound-system and crowd being great!!

Jared Srsic

Actually we had parted ways with Dave right after we recorded Food For Worms. I don’t remember much: we played 50 shows in 53 days, things tend to blur. I lived in the same house in Richmond with Tim, Beau, ‘Gwomper’ & Erik.

Taylor Steele, ‘4 Walls Falling’

Rob Kelshan played on the 4AM Friday record and did two tours with ‘Avail’. I joined on the last tour… That guy Rob tried to sue the band for money. So he’s not the most loved person. We refer to him as “he who will not be named”…


I wish I had more memories, I remember very small bottles of strong beer in Belgium. I wish I could remember more, Europeans are too generous with the beer. Did someone tag the wall there with “It’s Avail not Awail!”?

Rodney Sellars, ‘Sensefield’

On the evening of July 17th 1995 some friends and I were going through the list of Bruno, one of the guys who was programming at the Vort’n Vis, and that’s how we learned that the next day there was a concert featuring ‘Avail’, ‘4 Walls Falling’ & ‘Sensefield’. What a bill! And what to do? Nothing! 700 kilometres to show up in Ypres at Vort’n Vis. We said why not, damn! After all, we can’t do shit here anyway. But we were a bit misguided about that because it’s still long, 700 kilometres at night without sleep. It’s a horror to travel up North [France, and the into Belgium]. Hamlets such as Saint-Quentin and Laon: it just makes one wish to become an alcoholic. Anyway, the next day we were in Ypres and we had to get through the day. We visited the military cemeteries and it certainly sucked as much as anywhere else, but in another way. Then the time of the gig arrived and we found the Vort’n Vis. For god’s sake! I didn’t expect this! The Vort’n Vis was somewhat of a mythical place for us. We’d heard about it for a long time (at least 3 years) and I really didn’t know what to expect but it wasn’t this. The concert took place in the pub (I only discovered the hall on another occasion). So this time things happened in the pub and it really looked like a pub. And besides that, it was tiny! I expected, for bands like this, to find myself in a venue with a capacity of 300 people, but it wouldn’t have accommodated more than 50 [Brob: We were used to cramming a lot more than this…]. The concert started with ‘Faroutski’, a local band that didn’t make a big impression. The band that I came over for was ‘4 Walls Falling’. Surely that was my sXe streak. I knew about ‘Sensefield’ because they were ex ‘Reason To Believe’ but I thought that sounded a bit cheesy. The concert taught me to like ’em better. I had records by ‘Avail’ and the image I had of them, was that of a melodic punk-band with emo tendencies. Not bad but not transcendantal! But dammit friends, what a blast on stage! And what a revelation! The singer aswell as the drummer went berserk, and on top of that there was some sort of eccentric that jumped in all directions and who wasn’t far from frightening because he was doing whatever. The dude was a member of the band, he was some sort of dancer. I’d heard he had been a soldier who had deserted and who had taken refuge in the punk-community of Richmond. He follwed ‘Avail’ on tour not to get caught. In any case, they gave us a hell of a spectacle, Beau Beau and ‘Avail’. And when listening to their second album Dixie, I couldn’t but like it. Which wasn ‘t the case with the third LP 4am Friday. It wasn’t until I felt I needed to sort my CDs that I realised that yes, that album has the same quality as Dixie. Certainly a bit of a better production and a bit less brutal (whatever…), and that’s probably what I didn’t like at the time. Nowadays, I think it’s a great album and ‘Avail’ was a fantastic band. I’ve no regrets about the 700 kilometres long travel, the inhospitable places and the meals we had to put up with. And even if it was ‘4 Walls Falling’ that I wanted to see, it’s ‘Avail’ that I remembered when I got back. What I do regret, is that the next day, there was another one in another Belgian town, with more or less the same bill but with ‘Lifetime’ and ‘State Of The Nation’ (I don’t really remember but I believe that that bill was more than unbelievable – I wonder if ‘Kosjer D’ didn’t play there aswell…). I told my mates we should stay, now that we were there, to take advantage of the opportunity. But no, we returned that night. The next day, there was someone who had to do something. What? That’s the question… Definitely getting bored, no doubt…

Jean-Marc Moratille, ‘Rawness’ drummer (on his blog)

excerpt from the V.V. guestbook:

VV 95-06-18 - (book B) Avail & 4WF

VV 95-06-18 - (book B) Sensefield

additions wellcome!…

92-10-04 Agent 86 - Disaffect - Downcast (+)

Besides the bands that actually played (can’t remember if ‘Punishment Park’ were there aswell; I think they abondoned touring with ‘Agent 86’ by then) also ‘Jawbreaker’ was announced (see poster). Can ‘t recall why exactly they didn’t show up (the UK part of the tour was cancelled) but they played here a couple of years later (94-10-01) though… This day was part of a ‘B.L.O.’ weekend (can ‘t remember what that meant) and ‘Naked Lunch’ performed the day before…

This was the first time ‘Disaffact’ played here. They would be back 93-07-04 and 94-05-22. As everyone knows, ‘Disaffect’ (a political HC/punk band from Glasgow) was Andy Irvine (bass; later ‘Scatha’, ‘Debris’, etc.), Lynne Entwistle (vocals), ‘Joe Fear’ (Jock Deacons; vocals; nowadays in ‘Constant Fear’), ‘IB’ Iain Blue (a.k.a. Debo Williamson; drums, later bass in ‘Scatha’) and Brian Curran (guitar; later ‘Quarantine’, ‘Debris’, etc.). Billy Steele (‘Sedition’) played second guitar only the last time they were here… They must have had their 7” An Injury To One Is An Injury To All out (on Flat Earth & Nabate) at that time… Martin Mann (drummer of ‘Sedition’) did the cover. Marc Papito, ‘Agent 86’s driver filmed ‘Disaffect’ live and you can see the video here (It was ‘92 not ’91, as is stated).

92-10-04 Disaffect 7'' cover

‘Agent 86’ were touring but since a few gigs fell through the tour was a bit messy: they’d played here already but not on 92-09-06 as was mentioned on the tour-schedule. Mike Briggs (guitar & vocals), Michelle Orgill (bass) and Rob(ert) Perry (drums)…

‘Downcast’, a political band from Santa Barbara, played metallic hardcore. They were known for their “anti-dancing” stance: an effort to rid the pits of the ‘tough guy’ attitude and allow all women in the hardcore-scene to return to their rightful place up-front or in the crowd (instead of in the back). The band consisted of Brent Stephens (guitar; co-founder of Ebullition), Kevin Doss (vocals; also helping out Kent McClard with distribution of Ebullition releases) and Dave McClure (bass). They had different drummers on their recordings (Lance York, Javier Vasquez & Chris Harvey – RIP 1996). Not 100% sure who did this tour but I believe it was Chris… They released a tape by themselves in 1990 and Kent McClard (whom I’d met in San Francisco a few years before and toured with ‘Downcast’) put out a 7” and an LP (both self-titled, ’90 & ‘91) on his label Ebullition recs. ‘Downcast’ broke up after the tour. Kent reminded me (personal communication ’93) that Sonia Skindrud (Exedra zine and Kent’s partner in Ebullition) started singing for ‘Not For the Lack Of Trying’ (with Kevin & Dave of ‘Downcast’)…

‘Farside’, a Californian band playing melodic HC (reminiscent of ‘Dag Nasty’, consisted of (during this tour): Michael ‘Popeye’ Vogelsang (vocals), Kevin Murphy (guitar; ex ‘Headfirst’ & ‘411’; he replaced Rob(ert) ‘Cubby’ Haworth who went on to play with ‘State Of The Nation’), Bryan Chu (bass) and Robert (Bob) ‘Violence’ Beshear (drums). Zack De La Rocha (‘Inside Out’ & ‘Rage Against the Machine’) had been in the band shortly but left before this tour. Around that time they releases the Rochambeau LP on the straight-edge label Revelation recs. I wonder if ‘Farside’ actually did play? I have no recollection of them. They were announced on 92-11-22 aswell but cancelled that one for sure… ‘Supertouch’ played with ‘Farside’ at the 1 in 12 in Bradford (92-12-19) but they didn’t tour together, they, sort of linked up in the UK.

‘Fireside’, from the Kortrijk area preceded ‘Faroutski’ – see 95-06-18) with guitarist Piet Geldhof (I think). The others were Geert ‘Barney’ Blomme (drums) and Rine Amelynck (bass). They were part of to the scene around the indie club The Pits in Kortrijk.

Zine-editor (and mate of mine) Ben ‘Sicko’ of Raising Hell (or was it You’re So Hideous by then already?) visited that day. Can ‘t remember if he was travelling around on his own or toured with ‘Disaffect’…


‘B.L.O.’ was the ‘Bond der Langharige Onderdrukten’ [League of Longhaired Suppressed]. Peter Vanthuyne [one of the V.V.’s collaborators] met them on the-university-campus in Brussels. (‘Frank & Freddy’s Fietsenfabriek’ [bicycle-factory] was the sequel.) They did somewhat playful, student-like actions. And they needed a benefit from time to time, it seemed. ‘Naked Lunch’ was a band from Brussels with people from Limburg; if I remember correctly they did a ‘Metallica’-cover and some songs resembling the ‘Butthole Surfers’. They might have become ‘Crossfader’ later on…? I think Peter did the poster…

David Stubbe

‘Downcast’ wasn’t anti-dancing. They were anti-hurting people. They were fine with people dancing but not violent dancing that hurt people. There is a big difference… Sean Sellers was the drummer of ‘Downcast’ on the European tour. No one else was travelling with us. We had some people with us for a few days at a time but it was just ‘Downcast’ and I for most of the trip. I don’t believe ‘Farside played’ here…

Kent McClard

I remember on that tour looking forward to playing at Vort’n Vis due to its cooperative, DIY approach. It had a great reputation and people I had spoken with mentioned the club along with 1 in 12 as their “home away from home”. I sincerely remember feeling the same there. Sean Sellers played drums for us on this tour and he went on to play with ‘Crack’, ‘Manumission’, ‘Shelter’, ‘Good Riddance’, ‘Real Mckenzies’, ‘Authority Zero’, ‘Blink 182’ and ‘The Transplants’. ‘Jawbreaker’ and ‘Farside’ were not there. I remember the ‘Disaffect’ people sharing their food and tales of Glasgow with me. I also vividly remember meeting Mike and Michelle from ‘Agent 86’ (I think we did 2 or 3 shows with them), liking their band instantly and sitting in their van hearing their tour-stories of Yugoslavia (!), cancelled shows, broke and hungry and not knowing how or when they were even getting home. [Mike wrote about all of that in Tremontane #1] ‘Downcast’ was going through our own emotional insecurity issues and I asked to join ‘Agent 86’. They politely declined and kicked me out of their van…

David McClure, ‘Downcast’ bassist

92-10-04 Downcast shirt back92-10-04 Downcast shirt front

The ‘Downcast’ gig @ Vort’n Vis! Could hardly stand upright…

Vik Bulik

I recall playing with ‘Downcast’ at that gig aswell as ‘Agent 86’ (definitely) but I also know I didn’t play with ‘Jawbreaker’. I’m pretty certain ‘Jawbreaker’ were on the flyer but never played – I‘d been looking forward to seeing them but they had cancelled, I got to see ‘em in Glasgow eventually… :-) We played in Liège the night before [92-10-03 @ La Zone: ‘Disaffect’, ‘Seein’Red’ & ‘Hiatus’]. Joe might have a flyer… I tried fruit-beer for the first time here (and the last time as it happens)…

Brian Curran, ‘Disaffect’ guitarist

The tour was worth it for the experience and the fun. It was good to meet your good self at the Vort’n Vis and I enjoyed our chat. It was a really good gig although a little strange to be playing in the afternoon!

Andy Irvine, ‘Disaffect’ bassplayer; personal communication oct ‘92

I do remember you, Brob, and the Vort’n Vis fondly. I have at least one flyer from the show we played there with ‘Downcast’. I do have some memories from that awesome spot – it was one of my very favourites, you guys did a fantastic job there. One of the best organizations we worked with on either of our tours over there.

I wasn’t especially happy with our set on the day we played with ‘Downcast’ & ‘Disaffect’. We played with ‘Jawbreaker’ in Lyon about a week later – but I have no notes about why they didn’t make it to the Ieper show (I suspect it was Blake’s throat-illness, which I believe he ended up having surgery for). I traded ‘Agent 86’ records (with possibly Kent, or Kevin?) for a ‘Downcast’ LP, and made a note that there were “so many people stuffed in that little showroom” that I spent most of the evening outside! I also remember being struck by how many of the guys at the show were “All X’d up”, referring to the omnipresent straight-edge symbol on their hands, and that they slowly filed out during our set (we had driven from mid-France that day and were, admittedly, flagging in energy by that point of a really chaotic and emotionally draining tour). While I didn’t get a lot of time to talk to ‘Disaffect’ on the night of the show, we did spend the next morning chatting and I do recall our drummer Rob getting on quite well with them – both they and ‘Downcast’ blew the doors off the night in terms of performances. I was, as always, impressed with the organization and what appeared to be cooperation with everyone at the Vort’n Vis, and we stayed/’played almost exclusively at squats all over Europe that tour – so we were experiencing all varieties of squats (and ended up travelling to Serbia as well). I am amused to see the note I left in the guest-book (cannot believe I used the term ‘uberstud’ – apologies to Bruno!) but we did have a nice time there.

The only other real note from that show is that we got a speeding-ticket on our way back to France and ended up spending what little money we had made at the V.V. on that. When the French cop pulled us over telling us we were speeding even though there were no signs to let us know the legal limit, he told us (via Sonja, the girlfriend of our pal Marc): “The speed is 50 km in the city – éveryone knows that.” and it became a talking point for days.

Michelle Orgill, ‘Agent 86’ bassist

The one memory that sticks out is lending my snare-drum to ‘Downcast’ and having it returned covered in the drummer’s blood. That was also the first time I had ever heard ‘Disaffect’. They were amazing!

Robert Perry, ‘Agent 86’ drummer

In reaction to the remarks (by Dario Adamic): How can we be sexist when we’ve had a woman in the band 30 of the 32 years of our existence!? And letters to MRR? Never saw ‘em, never published? If you have copies I’ld like to see… Not DIY? That’s why we’ve never signed a corporate deal and last year self (that’s DIY) -released our 22nd?, 23rd? 12”/CD….I’ve lived DIY my entire adult life… And dishonest? This from a guy who demanded to be paid every day he’d travelled with us, even though he knew we didn’t have money to feed ourselves. My Dad ended up footing the bill to rent the van he so comfortably travelled around Italy in… Amazing….

Mike Briggs, ‘Agent 86’

Guitarist of ‘Fireside’ was indeed Piet Geldhof. The band recorded a double live 7” at Democrazy in Gent. ‘Faroutski’ was the same line-up without Piet (who moved to France). ‘Faroutski’ did 2 7”s (1994 Faroutski, 1995 Funarchy) and 3 CDs (1997 Mars, 1999 V8 Powered Punk’n Roll, 2001 Farout Chicken Ride). The rhythm-section continues as ‘Unwanted Tattoo’… I attended this gig. Piet had already left: it was the second gig ever by ‘Faroutski’. It was ‘Barney’ on drums, Rine on bass and Johan [Dekyvere] on guitar. Later they had a second guitarist Dominiek.

Joost Dierick, BZN productions

According the ‘Faroutski’ website it should not have been ‘Fireside’ but ‘Faroutski’ who played here. I suspect that it was ‘Fireside’ however. [They signed as ‘Faroutski’ in the guestbook.] That band was an intermediate between ‘Roadtrain’ and ‘Faroutski’; the core was: ‘Barney’ (drums); Johan (2nd guitar) and Rine (bass). In ‘Fireside’ Piet G. (lead-guitar) and Nathalie (vocals) invigorated the heavy guitar-rock with influences of US bands from the pre-grunge era (‘Green River’, ‘U-Men’, early ‘Melvins’). In the brief span (1991-’92) that ‘Firside’ was active they release a double split-7” with ‘Party @ Vanzettis’ on their own Rock Labyrinth recs. At the end only the rhythm-section and the rhythm-guitarist remained: they chose the direction of melodic punkrock (‘Leatherface’, ‘D.O.A.’, ‘Snuff’, ‘Bad Religion’) and name was changed to ‘Faroutski’; they played “V8 powered Rock’n’Roll” as they called it themselves.

Dirk ‘Bowy’ Bauwens

Kevin Murphy from ‘Farside’ tells about their 1992 European tour in an interview:

>>It was the first time any of us had been to Europe and the entire thing was a disaster. This guy was tagged with booking it and about 3 weeks before we were supposed to leave he contacted Revelation and announced that he had not booked a single date and was not going to. Now, being dirt broke, we had purchased non-refundable tickets to and from Germany, so we were going, tour or not. Jordan knew this great guy in Bradford, England named Ian [Leck] who had booked some shows for some other touring Rev band before. Ian sang for the HC band called ‘Voorhees’. He agreed to book this tour for us and we left the U.S. without having more than 3 or 4 shows booked. So we’d finish playing in a squat in Freiberg, Germany, go to the pay-phone and call Ian and he’d tell us we were scheduled to play in Italy the next night. It was crazy. I also blew my amp the first night which meant I had to borrow equipment every night of the tour. Plus, we were all cramped inside of this tiny VW Euro van along with all of our gear and merchandise – it was just horrible. And somehow, we walked away from it, after losing tons of money, having had an amazing time. At the time, I wasn’t even sure if I was going to be a permanent member of the band but I couldn’t leave after that. It sounds cheesy but it really was a make or break moment for us and it made us. We felt extremely “punk.<<

excerpts from the V.V. guestbook:

VV 92-10-04 - (book A) Disaffect AndyVV 92-10-04 - (book A) Disaffect BrianVV 92-10-04 - (book A) Disaffect IBVV 92-10-04 - (book A) Disaffect Lynne

VV 92-10-04 - (book A) Kevin Downcast

VV 92-10-04 - (book A) Michelle Agent 86VV 92-10-04 - (book A) Mike Agent 86VV 92-10-04 - (book A) Rob Agent 86

VV 92-10-04 - (book A) FaroutskiVV 92-10-04 - (book A) Joost Dierick

VV 92-10-04 - (book A) Ben Sicko

VV 92-10-04 - (book A) VV cook Filip Goudeseune

additions wellcome!…