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97-09-12 Ebola – Link

Posted: July 1, 2016 in VV 1997
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Ebola Imprecation cover

According to the ‘Link’ website they supposedly did a show on 97-06-03 but that was a Tuesday. So I’m pretty sure this here was their first gig at the Vort’n Vis (see guestbook). ‘Ebola’ is mentioned in the V.V. notes and also played at Kompas in Sint-Niklaas with ‘Quarantine’ and ‘Unhinged’ the day after this… ‘Link’ (from the outskirts of Ypres) at that time was Michael Maes (guitar), his partner Inge Cappoen (vocals) – both had been in ‘Carcer Molochi’ – and the French-men Greg ‘Briko’ on bass and a ‘Juju’ Julien De Jonckheere on drums. At first they played crust-core-punk. Since their start they did a series of demo-tapes, CDs and a split-7” with ‘Raised By Drunks’ (from Sweden). Their 1st CD The Last Sacrifice (recorded in 2000, with a drum-computer and Geoffrey Geeraert on bass) was released in 2000. The music: “brutal metallic HC with a serious crust-punk edge & raging female vocals”. One reviewer actually believed Inge was really from Sweden… The band still exists – (although with a different line-up, Inge left) today with, besides Michael, Geoffrey Geeraert (bass; he returned after Björn Denys; Laurent ‘Lampe’ Lampaert, etc. – see Mike’s history below) and Jens Hoornaert (drums) – and they bring “melancholic atmospheres, heavy tunes, dark lyrics, fast riffs and slow epic parts”.

‘Ebola’ had been at the V.V. already (96-05-19). Karin R. (vocals), Micky McGuinness (guitar, ex ‘Generic’, ‘One By One’), Chris Patterson (drums) and Andrew Nolan (bass; later in ‘Shank’) from Benwell (Newcastle area) were presenting their new singer (replacing Jonathan Shaw) Nick Loaring (vocals; Enslaved recs). By this time their Imprecation 7” (intense, fast, powerful HC) was out (recorded Feb. ’97). Later they also did a split-7” with ‘Servitude’ (’98) – re-issued in 2000 on Enslaved recs as single-sided 7” – and in 2000 they recorded for a split-LP with ‘Jinn’ (that was to come out in 2003) with Andy Irvine from ‘Disaffect’ on guitar and Set Dixon from ‘Active Minds’ on drums.

In the V.V. notes it’s mentioned that ‘Lifecycle’ also got some drink-tickets that they but no other clues if they played or not… Perhaps some of them just helped out.


I don’t think we’ve ever played together with ‘Link’, I’m pretty sure of that…

Karel Deweerdt, ‘Lifecyle’ guitarist

I was the second vocalist – Jonny [Jonathan] would have been in ‘Ebola’ at the first gig, as I didn’t play my first gig with ‘Ebola’ until Autumn 1996.

Nick Loaring

Princess Di had had died [97-08-31] and every UK band on tour in Europe had stories of American tourists coming up to them in the street and offering them their condolences… I think we got paid partially in out-of-date chocolate soy-milk at this show.

I think we were supposed to tour with ‘U.Y.S.’ [‘Use Your Strength’] from Germany. André [Sieg], who ran Maximum Voice Production, was trying to set that up but for some reason it didn’t happen. I don’t know the details there. I would have liked to have seen that band, they were a weird droning hardcore band, quite unlike anything else at the time. We played a show with ‘Hellkrusher’ somewhere in Europe, Sned was most likely leaving a message for them to see when they got to the Vort’n Vis [97-10-28]. At the time both myself and Chris Patterson were in ‘Sawn Off’ ànd ‘Ebola’. ‘Sawn Off’ pre-dated ‘Ebola’ but wasn’t as productive in terms of releasing records and playing shows outside of our local scene at that point…

Andrew Nolan, ‘Ebola’ bassist (survivalist-deathcult.blogspot)

‘Juju’ and me played for ‘Link’ already. We both left the band together in 2004 [???; see Geoffrey Geeraert’s comment]…

Greg ‘Briko’

‘Link’ did indeed start in ‘97 after ‘Carcer Molochi’ quit. The first line-up was ‘Juju’ (drums), Greg (bass), Inge (vocals) and myself (guitar & backings) – we recorded a few demos and there were plans for a tour with ‘Unhinged’ but that didn’t work out. After some time Greg & ‘Juju’ left because the distance was getting a problem. They were replaced by Geoffrey (bass) & Michiel (drums), who both played in ‘Abrogate’. Michiel left the band already after a few months. We chose er to continue with a drum-computer because of the fact there were few drummers or musicians available in the Ypres’ scène. We recorded the CD The Last Sacrefice and toured Europe for the First time. Then we took a break and somewhere around 2005-2006 we started to make new songs, released a demo-CD uitgebracht and toured England (2007). After that tour we started searching for a drummer again and since 2008 Jens became our drummer. A little bit later Geoffrey quit and became the guitarist of ‘Möse’ (with David Stubbe on drums & Karel Busschop on bass/vocals). Laurent ‘Lampe’ joined ‘Link’ on bass. In this line-up we recorded the split-7” (with ‘Raised By Drunks from Sweden) and then the 12” Chapter 1 (2010). After 12 years ‘faithful service’ Inge left band and we continued as a trio with myself taking up vocal duties. The 12” Chapter 2 was released in 2011. In 2013 ‘Lampe’ quit and was replaced by Björn Denys with whom we recorded the split-12” with ‘Absolutist’ (from Scotland). By the end of 2014 Björn quit and Geoffrey rejoined as bassist. Chapter 4 was recorded by the end of 2014 and released in 2015. [‘Link’s story continues…]

Michael Maes

Myself & Michiel joined ‘Link’ beginning 2000 and not 2004… I quit ‘Link’ in 2008 and was played for ‘Möse’ since 2004…

Geoffrey Geeraert

excerpts from the V.V. guestbook:

VV 97-09-12 - (book C) EbolaVV 97-09-12 - (book C) Pattas EbolaVV 97-09-12 - (book C) Sned

VV 97-09-12 - (book C) Link

additions wellcome!…

95-09-17 Spite (by Albert C)‘Spite’ (photo by Albert Cheong)

95-09-17 Extinction Of Mankind (by Wim DL)‘Extinction Of Mankind’ (photo by Wim De Leersnijder) [Yannick Moulière on the L]

3rd day of the 7th Leed Festival

There was a band called ‘Spite’, from Bristol, with Beckie ‘Beki’ Gibbons (bass; ex ‘Chaos UK’), John Millier (drums; ex ‘Ripcord’ & ‘Can’t Decide’), Pete Rose (guitar, also ‘Icons Of Filth’) and Steve Hazzard (vocals; ex ‘Ripcord’). But the ‘Spite’ that played here was the band that would be named ‘Ebola’ (from Newcastle) – see 96-05-19 & 97-09-12 – with some people of ‘One By One’… This was their 2nd gig: Karin R. (vocals), Micky McGuinness (guitar), Andrew ‘Andy Stick’ Nolan (bass), Jonny (Jonathan ‘Lobster’ Shaw; guitar; R.I.P.) and Chris Patterson (drums). In the guestbook they compared their music with ‘Green Day’ (irony! – Bruno compared them with ‘Spazz’/’Crossed Out’).

‘Catweazle’, from Groningen, played raw, uptempo HC/punk with a metal touch. Michael Kopijn (drums & vocals; later ‘Tuco Ramirez’, ‘P.C.P.’, ‘Shikari’;, Erik Timmerman (bass), Emil ‘Reason’ (vocals; originally Maynard Schut of ‘Fleas & Lice’ was singing) and Axe Kooi (guitar). They did a few demo’s and afterwards the Cash And Pain Remain ‎mCD (recorded Oct ’95 and released by Profane Existence Far East), a split-10” with ‘Seein’Red’ (Kangaroo recs, Wicked Witch recs ’97) and the Form Of Fear ‎7” (Bad Card recs ‘98).

95-09-17 Catweazle bass+vox95-09-17 Catweazle drums95-09-17 Catweazle git‘Catweazle’ pics; courtesy of Michael Kopijn

After not showing up (or late) on 94-08-06, this was the 2nd time ‘E.O.M.’ was announced at the V.V. After the 1994 tour with ‘Doom’ Fozzy had left the band and was replaced by Ginny on bass. The others were Ste Dux (vocals), Dave Foz (drums) & Mass Centi (guitar). Work on the Baptised in Shit album began. The album recorded, the band set out on another tour of Europe with ‘Warcollapse’ in 1995 and the album was released during this tour. In 1996 they toured with ‘Misery’, were expected at the V.V. (96-01-20) but again didn’t make it…

95-09-17 Extinction Of Mankind Dave Foz95-09-17 Extinction Of Mankind vox95-09-17 Extinction Of Mankind bass Ginny95-09-17 Extinction Of Mankind guitar‘Extinction Of Mankind’; source unknown

There was something of ‘Contramenation’ (a German band – their guitarist Erol Schilder lived in Köln) in the guestbook and they had been mentioned in a newsletter but I don’t remember them playing. All I know of them, is that they featured on a compilation-7” with ‘Intestinal Disease’ (on Andreas Föcker’s label Born To Booze recs)…

A few of the ‘Uutuus’ (Finland) people improvised with a Turkish guy… This one-and-only project was called ‘Äpärä Kaaos’ (“Bastard Chaos”)… ‘Uutuus’ had played the V.V. already (93-10-31). I though it was Tay Ipek from the Turkish (Istanbul) band ‘Turmoil’ who joined in (He’d been at the V.V. before; 93-08-01) but apparently it was Kerim…


95-09-17 Apärä Kaaos (by Wim DL)‘Äpärä Kaaos’ (photo by Wim De Leersnijder)

‘Äpärä Kaaos’ (pics courtesy of Kerim Gönencer)

‘Äpärä Kaaos’ was just a drunken “project” where couple of guys just played some shit. [Marko Karimo (vocals), ‘Pedro’ Anthares (guitar)] We recruited a bass-player from the street during the festival – some Turkish guy [Kerim Gönencer; ex guitarist of ‘Moribund Youth’ & ‘Turmoil’] – and only did this show at the Vort’n Vis. We didn’t have any own songs, just covered classics. Jonne Kauko (‘Kirous’ drummer) joined in too.

‘Pedro’ Anthares

We were called ‘Spite’ at the time (for our first two shows only). The ‘Spite’ with John [Millier] was in, started at pretty much the exact time as us, we changed our name to ‘Ebola’, discovered there was a bunch of other bands called like that but big deal, at least we didn’t live in the same country as them…

That ‘Uutuus’ project was pretty funny/ terrible… ‘Äpärä Kaaos’ being so drunk the guitarist had to teach the bassplayer the next tune between every single song. On stage. In front of the entire audience. Quite the spectacle, I think they were just doing really bad covers of Finnish classics and formed on the spot when whoever it was dropped off…

After we played someone sincerely thanked me for head-banging the entire time we were playing. After the show there was almost a fight in the bar when some locals dared each other to come into the punk-bar and David (I think that was his name and I think he was maybe the drummer in ‘Neuthrone’ [He was in ‘Carcer Molochi’ at this time…]) jokingly said he couldn’t serve them because they were wearing the wrong shoes. A stand-off occurred and Jonathan (‘Spite’s vocalist) very helpfully decided to stand behind me with his hand on my shoulders, jumping in the air and yell “Me & Andy are from Benwell (the not particularly nice part of Newcastle we lived in at the time) and we’re going to fuck you up!”. It was stupid but also hilarious.

It was my first time in Europe and my first time experiencing punk as a global, spatio-political phenomenon.

Andrew Nolan a.k.a. ‘Andy Stick’, ‘Spite’ bassist (later ‘Ebola’, ‘Shank’, …)

This was a memorable concert…

‘Oene’ of ‘Fleas & Lice’ rehearsed with our band (as 2nd guitarist) for a while (autumn 1995) but he never did any concerts with us…

Michael Kopijn, ‘Catweazle

Well the thing is: the Vort’n Vis shows were always on the return for the boat… I think the pics were a sort of tour we did with ‘Warcollapse’. The ‘Misery’ one was 28 gigs in 1 month; so full on… When we landed with ‘Doom’ in ‘94 on the Police Bastard tour… I just remember Brian being pissed off as his cab had blown a speaker… Did so many parties since… I remember my mate Wim who took the pics; nice guy. I did look through a box of ‘E.O.M.’ flyers I kept but no info on this… I did see a flyer with a date that we never ever knew about. Think the promoter had watched Wayne’s World: book the band and they will come… Then you get slagged off; LOL! Looks like Foz wrote in the book…

Mass Centi, ‘Extinction Of Mankind’ guitarist

excerpts from the V.V. guestbook:

VV 95-09-17 - (book B) SpiteVV 95-09-17 - (book B) Spite'

VV 95-09-17 - (book B) Catweazle

VV 95-09-17 - (book B) E.O.M.

VV 95-09-17 - (book B) Äpärä Kaaos KarimVV 95-09-17 - (book B) Äpärä Kaaos Lalli

VV 95-09-17 - (book B) Contramenation

additions wellcome!…

Ebola logoRubbish Heap logoInsane Youth logo

‘Ebola’s precursor ‘Spite’ had already played at the V.V. (95-09-17). ‘Ebola’ (from Newcastle) was Karin R. (vocals) & her hubbie Micky McGuinness (guitar) – both ex ‘One By One’, Chris Patterson (drums), Jonny/Jonathan ‘Lobster’ Shaw (vocals; R.I.P.) and Andrew ‘Andy Stick’ Nolan played (bass; also ‘Sawn Off’ & ‘Shank’). The LP Incubation (out on Flat Earth recs in ’96) was recorded Dec ’95 with Andy, Chris, Karin, Mickey & Jonathan. The 7” Imprecation (Flat Earth & Refusenik; recorded Feb ’97 with Andy, Chris, Karin, Mickey & Nick Loaring (Enslaved recs). The latter became the second vocalist and Jon left between these first two records. They played intense, fast, powerful HC with highly intelligent, critical and political lyrics. Apparently Sned organised this tour here (see guestbook). They would be back again later (97-09-12) aswell. Well into the new century they recorded (with Andy Irvine from ‘Disaffect’ on guitar and Set Dixon from ‘Active Minds’ on drums) for a split-LP with Mickey’s new band ‘ Jinn’.

‘Rubbish Heap’, a HC/metal band from Antwerp were Dave Vanderplas (drums), Kim Vandyck (vocals; later guitarist of ‘King Terror’), ‘Peche’ (guitar), Tijs Geerts (bass; later ‘Bad Influence’) and Vincent ‘Vinnie’ Royers (guitar). They were friends of Joris De Buysser (Conspiracy recs) who released their Path Of Lies 7” (“mix of ‘Rorschach’ & ‘Downcast’…”) that year (and their other stuff later). It was recorded at Pat DeLabie’s studio a few months after this gig (August ’96). Before this, they had done a rehearsal-tape and a demo (Slow Defeat; the songs appeared on a split-tape with the Greek band ‘Hibernation’).

‘Insane Youth’ (Sint-Niklaas/Gent) had already played a bunch of shows here (94-09-16, 94-10-22 & 95-09-16) and there would a couple more later. Stef De Leersnijder (guitar; ex ‘Corpus Christi’ and later in ‘Visions Of Change’) had joined Tim De Baere (guitar), Jan ‘Fons’ Wuytack (drums), Thomas ‘Tomaz’ Van Rumst (bass) & Steve ‘Stiv’ Descamps. Don’t know if Vanessa Hoskens (their 2nd vocalist for a while) was still in the band here. The recordings for the split-7” with ‘Boycot’ were done February ’96 where she’s still mentioned doing “throat chants”…

96-05-19 Insane Youth (by Wim DL)‘Insane Youth’ (pic by Wim De Leersnijder)

Portugese Guilherme Charters was helping out Bruno & Kathy (of Genet recs) getting things done…


I was the second vocalist – Jonny would have been in ‘Ebola’ at the first gig, as I didn’t play my first gig with ‘Ebola’ until Autumn 1996. Sadly Jonny died a few years back. Micky & Karin live in Brugge, Chris lives in Newcastle & Andy lives in Canada. The line-up would go on to change a great deal over the years. My first and only time at the V.V. was 97-09-12.

Nick Loaring

We were called ‘Spite’ for our first two shows only. When we changed our name, we discovered there was a bunch of other bands called ‘Ebola’ – big deal, at least we didn’t live in the same country as them. They called me ‘Andy Stick’ because I was in band called ‘Needlestick’ (which eventually became the much better ‘Sawn Off’).

I live in Toronto, working as a manager at a harm-reduction program for homeless alcoholic males. Also did a masters in Environmental Studies, looking at how space informs identity-politics, particularly issues of race, space and post-colonialism. My thesis was on how contemporary paganism is used in North-America to regain a lost sense of meaning in whiteness. I still play(ed) in bands (‘The Endless Blockade’, ‘Column Of Heaven’, ‘Pick Your Side’)…

There was a a posthumous e-book published after Jonathan died: Chemo Diary

Andrew Nolan (survivalist-deathcult)

We never gigged as ‘Spite’ [Brob: the name is in the Vort’n Vis guestbook (1995) though…]; we were calling ourselves ‘Ebola’ by the time we played our first gig in La Zone [Liège; 96-05-17]. ‘Chrissy’ (Chris Patterson) was our first drummer and played on the first LP and the 1st 7”. ‘Skater’ (Jake Thurlow) played on the split 7” with ‘Servitude’ [recorded September ‘98]. Andy and Set were both in the 2nd last line-up of ‘Ebola’; Duane Ager (ex ‘Bloodshot’) played bass. ‘Jinn’ never played in Ieper…

Micky McGuinness (

‘Insane Youth’ started out in Sint-Niklaas around 1992-1993 (lo-o-ong ago) with Tomaz (bass), Tim (guitar), Smet (drums) and me (vocals); later ‘Fons’ joined on drums, learning the songs in a few sessions before doing his first gig. Then Vanessa joined briefly on vocals too and Stef on guitar (ex ’Corpus Christi’, now still ‘Visions Of War’, ‘Chaka’). He started ‘Visions Of War’ and I joined him, not leaving ‘Insane Youth’. After 7 years of touring, gigs they called it quits. Releases were the split 7” with ‘Boycot’ and a song on the compilation-LP Europe In Decline’ (Six Week recs).

Luckily ‘Ebola’ helped us out with the P.A.; otherwise we would’ve been ‘mute’…

Steve Descamps

excerpts from the V.V. guestbook:

VV 96-05-19 - (book C) Ebola AndyVV 96-05-19 - (book C) Ebola ChrissyVV 96-05-19 - (book C) Sned

VV 96-05-19 - (book C) Rubbish Heap

VV 96-05-19 - (book C) Insane Youth

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