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94-07-27 As Usual

Posted: June 29, 2020 in VV 1994
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No idea if this was an actual gig at the Vort’n Vis… The only indication is the entry in the guestbook below… But the date mentioned is a Wednesday (which would be pretty unusual for a gig at the V.V.)…

‘As Usual’ was a local band that had a couple of V.V. shitworkers among their ranks. They’d done a few shows here already (93-09-18 & 94-03-05). The band consisted of Frederick Wyckaert (drums), Dimitri ‘Dimi’ Loones (vocals), ‘Boeze’/‘Booze’ Johan ‘Yoan’ Seys (vocals), Danny Suffys (bass) and Michael Maes (guitar). The latter 3 later formed ‘Carcer Molochi’.

Before this they had “experimented” under the name ‘Suffocating Emotions’, covering other HC/punk bands (‘Zero Positive’, ‘Nations On Fire’). ‘As Usual’ started in 1991. In an interview they stated ‘Sedition’ and ‘No More’ as influences… Around the end of ’93 they recorded a first demo (rehearsal; no mention of ‘Boeze’ yet) and they did a split-tape with ‘Hiatus’ (distributed by Olivier Hogie from Toulouse). They were also on the compilation-tape Possessed By Death (put out by Frederic Driessens in 1993).

So there’s this clipping from the guestbook but no indications to other bands playing. Perhaps the band was rehearsing? It was mid-summer and there were probably no concerts at the V.V. around that time, even though there’s mention of “gig”? Or they were being hosts for the UK band ‘Dirt’ that was doing a few shows in the neigbourhood)? (29 jul ’94 @ ‘De Kelk’, Brugge & 30 jul ’94 @ ‘Jeugdhuis’, Beverlo) ‘Yoan’ is referring to a ride to the latter…


According to me ‘As Usual’ didn’t exist anymore by then; but I can be wrong, my memory might play tricks on me…

Michael Maes

excerpt from the V.V. guestbook:

additions wellcome!…

93-11-21 Hellkrusher - Dirt - Chaos UK - Corpus Christi

‘Words In Season’, from France, were announced in a newsletter but didn’t make it on the actual ‘bill’… No idea who they were…

‘Hellkrusher’ had been at the V.V. earlier that year (93-04-04) with ‘Dirt’. The band had a different line-up because Ian ‘Scotty’ Scott wasn’t in the band between mid ‘93-’96; he only did the earlier show. Also drummer Ian Curry had left (read more below). But they still did the recordings (Sep. ‘93) of the Fields Of Blood 7” out on Skuld Releases (’94). Besides bassist Gary ‘Gus’ Raine and singer Ali Lynn, I’m guessing the temporary replacements Steven ‘Moy’ Morrow (guitar) and Martin ‘Hairy’ Harrison (drums; ex ‘Energetic Krusher’) played here (they also toured the US with ‘Dirt’). (See ‘Hellkrusher’s history) In the French zine Réagir (’93) Ali announced a split-EP with ‘Dirt’ on Fobia recs (Fobia Duros Sentimientos, from Madrid) but I don’t think that ever happened…

93-11-21 Hellkrusher - Ali (by Wim DL)Ali ‘Hellkrusher’ (pic by Wim De Leersnijder)

‘Dirt’ were touring extensively. This was their 3rd time here that year (after 93-04-04 & 93-05-01). As indicated before the line-up was that of the Feast Or Famine demo (recorded Feb. ‘93): ‘Deno’ (vocals), Gary ‘Gaz’ Buckley (guitar), Karen (lead guitar), Mick (bass) and Stef (drums).

93-11-21 Dirt (by Wim DL)93-11-21 Dirt' (by Wim DL)93-11-21 Deno Dirt (by Karl P)photos by Wim De Leersnijder (1-2) & Karl Penando (3)

‘Chaos UK’ (from Bristol) had had to cancel an earlier gig at the V.V. (read my story: 91-10-05). Beckie Gibbons says she was in ‘Chaos UK’ between the beginning of 1991 to 1993. In ’93 the Secret Men 7” was released. The recordings were with Adrian ‘Chaos’ Rice (vocals; taking over from ‘Mower’), ‘Gabba’ (guitar), Pat ‘Devilman’ Evans (drums; replacing Chuck) and ‘RamRaider’ Marvin (bass). The One Hundred Per Cent Two Fingers In The Air Punk album was with Beckie playing bass. She didn’t play here though. Both records also featured ‘Nausea’s guitarist Victor ‘Venom’ Dominicis and he played here aswell…

Chaos UK record-cover 91 (-)gnarly bunch ;-)

93-11-21 Chaos UK (Kurt vdE)93-11-21 Chaos UK' (Kurt vdE)93-11-21 Chaos UK (by Wim DL)photos by Kurt Van Den Eynden (1-2) & Wim De Leersnijder (3)

‘Corpus Christi’, who’d just done a surprise-appearance supporting ‘Disrupt’ (93-10-31), presented themselves again: Bram De Cock (drums), Peter ‘Coli’ Vancolen (vocals), Stef De Leersnijder (bass; later guitar when Koen ‘Siesele’ Lammens joined on bass), the very first guitarist Bart ‘Goemie’ Goeminne was replaced here by Tom Van Laere. The tracks for their split-7” (with ‘Força Macabra’) – Ecologische Doem on Genet recs – were recorded 93-05-08 and mixed 93-06-22 at Cat’s in Brugge, with Stefaan on bass and ‘Goemie’ on guitar.

93-11-21 Corpus Christi - Tom VL git (by Wim DL)93-11-21 Corpus Christi 193-11-21 Corpus Christi 3photos by Wim De Leersnijder

No recollection of Last Years Youth… There’s some music of them on YouTube (Oi/punk-rock). They have some tapes (The Walls Come Crashing Down – Gobbin On The World – Safety Pins, Black Leather Jackets) and a CD from ’97 entitled Yah Boo Fuck You. An old interview (’99) on the www tells me they were from the Sheffield area and the band consisted of ‘D-Generate’ (guitar), Andy ‘Vacant’ (drums), Owen Money (bass; later replaced by Jake ‘the-man-who-can’) and ‘BP’ (vocals).


Yep, guitarist Tom Van Laere replaced Bart Goeminne that night.

Bram De Cock, drummer of ‘Corpus Christi’

I played twice at the Vort’n Vis with ‘Corpus Christi’ [94-02-05 & 94-09-16] but not here… It was indeed still with Stef on bass and ‘Goemie’ on guitar (I only saw them once it this configuration).

Koen ‘Siesele’ Lammens

Ali said ‘Hellkrusher’ were shit at this gig as we had a poor drummer at the time, luckily I wasn’t in the line-up to witness but bet it was an awesome gig. Myself and Curry left mid ‘93, we couldn’t do the USA tour so stand-ins were found and we just thought fuck it and formed ‘Aftermath’; I re-joined end of ‘95…Well, basically Ali didn’t have a band so ‘Aftermath’ became ‘Hellkrusher’ with ‘Scoot’… Read all about it in Ian Glasper’s book [Armed With Anger: How UK Punk Survived The Nineties] …

Scotty ‘Hellkrusher’

The show we played with ‘Chaos UK’ was incredible! Absolutely packed, what a great time.

Gary ‘Gus’ Raine, ‘Hellkrusher’

I made that poster! It was one of Stef”s very first gigs… Great memories !!! :-) I think Ali is too hard on the band…. I remember it being a great gig!

Wim De Leersnijder

I was the tour-manager for ‘Chaos UK’ for their 1992 European tour…

Bear Hackenbush

I was at this gig with ‘Hellkrusher’, ‘Last Years Youth’, ‘Dirt’, ‘Corpus Christi’ and ‘Chaos UK’. It was with Chaos on vocals and it sucked harder than a black hole… I didn’t like their silly cider-punk. I have something in my notes about ‘Last Year’s Youth’ at that show… I never heard of that band since then and to be honest, I don’t remember them at all…

Tom Van Hauwaert, ‘4 Minute Warning’

excerpts from the V.V. guestbook:

VV 93-11-21 - (book B) Chaos UK

VV 93-11-21 - (book B) Dirt + KellkrusherVV 93-11-21 - (book B) Dirt + Hellkrusher (extra)

VV 93-11-21 - (book B) Corpus Christi

VV 93-11-21 - (book B) visitersvisiters from Lille (France): Yannick ‘Pikpik’ & Karine (Stop/Réagir zine)

VV 93-11-21 - (book B) Jan Claus on ChaosJan ‘Doomy’ Claus commenting on his sleep-over with ‘Chaos UK’ (PS2: “Damn what are they blowing in the air? I think I was stoned, because I saw a walking flower-garden (or was that Gratiën?”)

additions wellcome!…

Here’s some extra photos kindly provided by Uncle Sneddie…


95-04-29 Dropdead – Dirt – Deconsume – Wordbug – Final Warning – M.V.D. – Suffer – Miskatonic University

95-04-29 Dropdead & Suffer (by Sned)‘Suffer’ & ‘Dropdead’: Alec – Chris – Brian – Bob – Ben – Sned – Lee

95-04-29 Alec Mac (by Sned)Alec Mac – one of the 2 solid, reliable Flat Earth pilars

95-04-29 Neil & John Active (by Sned)Neil Robinson (Tribal War recs) & Jon ‘Active’; ‘brothers in arms’

95-04-29 Dirt (by Sned)95-04-29 Dirt' (by Sned)‘Dirt’ with vocalist Stacey

95-04-29 Dropdead (by Sned)95-04-29 Bob Otis (by Sned)95-04-29 Ben Barnett (by Sned)‘Dropdead’

95-04-29 Neil (by Sned)Neil ‘Final Warning’

95-04-29 Bernd Stack (by Sned)Bernd ‘Stack’ (apparently ‘Stack’ didn’t play together with ‘Seein’Red’ the evening before)

95-04-29 crowd (by Sned)audience during ‘Final Warning’s gig (with centrally Ludovic Hache of Ras L’Bol zine)

95-04-29 crowd' (by Sned)audience during ‘Dropdead’s set (with on the left ‘6 Six feet Over’s vocalist Stéphane Cormary)

Continuation of the ‘Ceaseless Suffocation’ festival. The gigs on the previous evening took place in the pub, this part of the festival in the ‘barn’…

95-04 Drop Dead MVD Suffer tour

95 Final Warning tour

There’s also extra photos provided by Sned…

‘Dropdead’, a political power-violence outfit from the U.S. East-coast (Providence, Rhode Island), were – during those days – Bob Otis (vocals), Brian Mastrobuono (drums), Ben Barnett (guitar) and Brian’s brother Lee on bass (later Devon Cahill). They were touring with ‘M.V.D.’ and ‘Suffer’ (organised by Carsten Kissler, the drummer of ‘Pink Flamingos’, ‘SM-70’ and later ‘Cold War’). At that time they already had a load of tapes and 7”s under their belt, and even a discography (released as a 12” in 1995 on Flat Earth recs: “Kings of the chainsaw thrash-attack, high-priests of the worship of ‘Siege’ […]. Feast on the savage smoldering legendary accelerathrashcore!”). The band still exists (records and tours).

95-04-29 Drop Dead (by Wim DL)95-04-29 Drop Dead' (by Wim DL)95-04-29 Drop Dead'' (by Wim DL)‘Dropdead’ (photos by Wim De Leersnijder)

pic by Chrstophe Mora

‘Final Warning’ (a political band from NY playing metal-influenced crust) were touring with ‘Dirt’. The band here was: Neil Robinson (vocals; Tribal War recs, first vocalist of ‘Nausea’, ex ‘Jesus Chrust’), Steve ‘Distraught’ (bass), Tom Ota (guitar) and Russ (from ‘Dread Messiah’; drums). Their LP Stop Vivisection…By Any Means Necessary was recorded during this European Tour. In 1994 Neil had already released the Eyes Of A Child 7”; featuring Tom Kaz (bass), Paul Kaz (drums), Tom Ota (guitar; R.I.P.) and himself (referred to as ‘Moses; vocals).

95-04-29 Final Warning (by Wim DL)95-04-29 Final Warning' (by Wim DL)95-04-29 Final Warning'' (by Wim DL)‘Final Warning’ (photos by Wim De Leersnijder)

‘Suffer’ was basically ‘Health Hazard’ without Mandy: Alec Mac (guitar & vocals), Chris ‘Gazza’ Gascoigne (bass) and ‘Sned’ (drums). They did 3 7”s on Flat Earth recs: a self-titled 7” one a few months after this tour, and a split with ‘Urko’ and ‘Forest Of Spears’ (both in ’98). From the review in Tilt! #9: “Diabolic, super-fast HC with enraged shouted vocals and tension-building beaks. Breath-taking!”…

Alec Mac (source: the French zine Chill Out #3)

‘Dirt’ had been here a couple of times before (93-04-04, 93-05-01 & 93-11-21). Here they were touring with ‘Final Warning’ that done a tour with them in the U.S. As Sned explains below: Stacey from ‘Mankind?’ was doing the vocals for ‘Dirt’. Deno wrote me she ‘s left the band 3 weeks prior…

‘M.V.D.’ (Mundus Vult Decipi (ergo decipiatur); “The world wants to be deceived, so let it be deceived.”) was a band from Berlin playing brutal crust-punk: Dita (guitar), Henning (vocals), Marco (vocals), Obst (bass; also ‘Ebola’) and Ralf (drums). They’d done a split-LP with ‘Malinheads’ in ’91 and a bunch of (split-) 7”s (e.g. with ‘Pink Flamingos’).

95-04-29 M.V.D. (by Wim DL)‘M.V.D.’ (photo by Wim De Leersnijder)

‘Miskatonic University’ (from Ravenna) were Emiliano Lanzoni (vocals; Boundless recs – but in 94/95 Alessandro ‘Alle’ Bucci sang), Chris(topher) Angiolini (guitar), Mario Lamargese (bass), Andrea Musetti (drums). Their music was “NY style mosh HC” (metalcore; some compared them to ‘Helmet’), others described it as “Post-Core à la Rollins”. They supported ‘Sick Of It All” in Italy in spring of that year… ’95 was the year of the release of their CD There Will Be Only One (they had already 2 7”s and a demo out). I’m not sure if they actually played. They did tour (even wrote me for gigs as you can see below)…

95-04-29 Miskatonic University (b)

‘Wordbug’ was a band from Exeter (U.K.) playing melodic post-HC/indie stuff: Adrian Stroud (drums), David Goodchild (bass), Martin ‘Ed’ Edmunds (vocals) and John Tripe (who replaced Steve Craig on guitar). All their releases are available from Boss Tuneage: the 7”s (a split with the Belgian ‘Byetail’ – with my mate ‘Lompie’ on drums, Locked In & Die/Waiting) and the Losing It All LP (with Alex Vann on guitar – ex ‘Hate That Smile’ drummer). ‘Wordbug’ later became ‘Annelise’ ( – same members. David Goodchild runs The Cavern in Exeter (concert-venue since 1991) nowadays ( A year earlier ‘Lompie’ had helped them out with a few gigs (also in my hometown). The video on this blog was made at a show at someone’s house.

‘Deconsume’ (a crust band from Hoogstraten) had played at the V.V. a few months before (94-10-09). They were Bart Jansen (guitar; later ‘Vuur’ and nowadays ‘Nervous Mothers’), Koen Luyckx (vocals; later in ‘Vuur’), Michiel Mostmans (bass), Steffen Geypens (vocals; later a short while in ‘Visions Of War’), Pieter Brosens (drums) & Nico Braspenning (guitar).

Bernd ‘Stack’ (apparently ‘Stack’ didn’t play together with ‘Seein’Red’ the evening before)


Most of the bands were crust, punk or powerviolence oriented. ‘Wordbug’ was different, they played an awesome set; more melodic hardcore, with some emo influences. I bought the 7” but the live show was a 1000 times better. Later on, they changed their name to ‘Annalise’.

I played here with the crust band I formed with my highschool friends: ‘Deconsume’. I am happy to say they all are still friends. We only played 5 or 6 gigs in our existence but we all agree this was by far the best one. There were already quite some people there when we played second. The crowd went quite berserk on our simple, double vocalist crust approach (which really surprised us). Most of the visitors didn’t really expect us, quite clean cut boys (I think our bassplayer even had his ‘Pennywise’ T-shirt on ), to play this kind of music. Regarding crowd-response, I think this is the best gig I ever played and I have done quite some afterwards with my later bands ‘Vuur’ and nowadays ‘Nervous Mothers’…

‘M.V.D.’ was a very ‘Extreme Noise Terror’ influenced crust band, also with dual vocalists; good show. I believe they still play [Brob: their last gig supposedly September 2014] but I haven’t seen them since. ‘Final Warning’ had just released their Eyes Of A Child 7” on Tribal War recs. More metal influenced punk. Must have been their one and only European tour I guess. ‘Suffer’ was the new band of Sned and Alec, who were previously together in ‘Health Hazard’ and ‘One By One’. They were totally great and nice people. This was the first show we saw from them. Like all the bands and shows they did, this was totally awesome. ‘Dirt’ was a more classic punk band with a female vocalist [Deno]. A bit less aggressive than the other bands on the bill, but great singalongs and a really good atmosphere. One band blew the entire shed away though: ‘Dropdead’ (their first European tour; releases on Nabate and Flat Earth); on record they killed it, live they slashed it. There was so much energy. Bob Otis was and still is a great frontman. The politics, lyrics and music is amazing. I still love them, they never stopped and I am totally happy to have played with them in those days. They inspired me a lot.

Bart Jansen, ‘Deconsume’

I organized the continental part of this tour because I wrote with Ben at that time and was a big fan of ‘Dropdead’, so when he asked me to help out for a European Tour, I couldn’t resist. In the beginning I developed the idea that ‘Pink Flamingos’, the band I was playing drums for, could do the support but some of us were not available. So I asked ‘M.V.D.’ for support and backline, and they approved. Meanwhile I was also in contact with Sned, who was doing the UK part of the tour, and his band ‘Suffer’ was going to support ‘Dropdead’ over there. So I came up with the idea to make it three band tour. A lot of work for the promoters, for food, sleeping-places and money, but finally 3 great bands all together. It was just great.

Carsten Kissler, ‘Pink Flamingos’ drummer [96-04-27]

The only reason I remember this gig was because our original bass-player got very drunk and couldn’t play well. Also saw some girls pissing in the street outside the gig. The band was Bob, Ben & me (always has been) and Lee [Mastrobuono] (we’ve had two bass-players since then). I don’t recall anything about the other bands at all. I’d seen ‘Suffer’ and ‘M.V.D.’ for like 2 weeks everyday before this and they were good; I know this much!

Brian Mastrobuono, ‘Dropdead’ drummer

Yeah, I wasn’t in ‘Dropdead’ until ‘96. Wish I had been there!

Davon Cahill

Last gig of the of tour with ‘Dropdead’… I’d been doing all the driving, doing the stall and was pretty fried by this point. Seem to remember it being pretty busy and probably our last gig at the V.V. [‘Suffer’ played again 95-09-15] Sned played for ‘Dirt’ for a bit and Neil from ‘Final Warning’ put us up when we went over there so it was good to catch up…

Alec Mac, ‘Suffer’ guitarist/vocalist

I have some photos from this gig somwehere!… Alec said I played in ‘Dirt’ for a while? That is not correct. I did however play in ‘Final Warning’ on their US tour in 1994. Stacey from ‘Mankind?’ was singing for ‘Dirt’ on this tour in ‘95 as Deno had left (this was most likely one of ‘Dirt’s very last gigs).

Sned, ‘Suffer’ drummer

In Belgium we played at venues like the Pits and the Vort’n Vis; that really formed what I did with my own venue the Cavern which I opened in 1991. We were always treated really well when we played Belgium.

This is some stuff from my diary-notes about the V.V. show:

>> The Vort’n Vis all-dayer was one of the final shows we did as ‘Wordbug’, just before we started our new band ‘Annalise’. We had a lot of good mates in Belgium at the time and had already played a number of shows with local punk-bands like ‘Byetail’ and ‘Faroutski The V.V. show was a real high-point, even though in those days we were completely broke and roughing it every night in squats and round various mates’ houses. We were doing the whole tour in a Nissan Micra that belonged to our drummer’s mum, so you can imagine what a nightmare it was for transporting gear. I couldn’t even fit my hard-case into the front-seat and had to spend the entire time with a ‘77 Fender Jazz Bass on my lap, machine-heads thumping dents in the vinyl roof every time we went over a speed-bump.

We arrived at Stefaan (‘Lompie’) from ‘Byetail’s house at about 5 a.m. and immediately started on cans of Scrumpy Jack [cider] and shots of a Belgian liquor called jenever. ‘Lompie’s hospitality was legendary with UK punk-bands at the time and he was never slow to start the party. He organised punk-shows at venues like The Pits in Kortrijk and also drummed in a bunch of bands. [Brob: We were in ‘Repulsives’ and ‘Yuppies’Death’ together…]

Then we drove up to Vort’n Vis. Apparently the venue had been threatened by neo-nazis earlier on in the week, so everyone was on high alert and a bit suspicious when we rolled up. A bunch of crusties surrounded the car to check our credentials and ‘Tripey’, our guitarist at the time, opened the doors and cranked up the tape he had on: ‘The Wurzels’. Soon a large group of anarcho-punks in unlaced army-boots were dancing round shambolically to Where Be That Blackbird To? and I Am A Cider Drinker, and we were all drinking cans of Special Brew and having a party of our own in the car-park. I remember the whole place stinking of weed and patchouli oil.

It was a great vibe at V.V. that day, U.S. band ‘Dropdead’ being a big draw at the time. There were distros all along one wall selling copies of Maximum Rock’n’Roll, Punk Planet and various other punk zines. This was in the days before the internet, when DIY publications were the punk-scene’s main source of info. Punk wasn’t on TV 24 hours a day like it is now. I think that started in the U.K. with the short lived P-Rock channel, followed by Scuzz and Kerrang! TV, but the upside of having a strong DIY punk-scene was a certain kind of authenticity you got then that is more difficult to find now.

Punks from all around Europe had turned up at Vort’n Vis for the show that day, flogging lots of cool vinyl on their stalls. Eddy, our singer, managed to trade a stack of our Fettered EPs for some rare ‘Queers’ and LookOut recs 7”s. What a deal! I also bought a replacement-copy of Cynthia Connoly’s book Banned In DC which had really influenced my photography.

I met Edward (Ward) Verhaeghe from ‘Nations On Fire’ at one stall – he was a person we knew from our hometown of Exeter after his band turned up and blagged their way onto the opening show for our punk-club, The Cavern. I think they were big fans of the headline band we had booked that day: ‘Quicksand’.

‘Wordbug’ played in the afternoon and I remember Tripey’s JCM 2000 blowing up because we were using the wrong adaptor. I’ve got a feeling we really sucked, which was a shame because it came right after an amazing show in Tielt. Eddy did his normal trick when we were fucking up of getting off the stage and in with the crowd. It didn’t totally make up for our lack of energy but at least gave something for the crowd to react to and a few wasted punters might have enjoyed themselves

‘Dropdead’ played a fantastic set, which made me feel even more inadequate, but I’ll never forget the vibe at Vort’n Vis that day. The memory of shows like that is what keeps me going through a lot of the mundane bullshit you get with some of the so-called alternative bands of today. It felt authentic at V.V., which is something I always hope to recreate in my own venue, The Cavern.<<

David Goodchild, ‘Wordbug’ bassist

Wordbug pose'‘Wordbug’

Here’s what I remember…Great show! An all-dayer with tons of bands – ‘Dropdead’ and ‘Dirt’. I think. I’d heard of the Vort’n Vis from reading scenereports in MRR so it felt good to be playing there. I thought it was weird playing with ‘Dirt’ – I’d seen them support ‘Crass’ back in 1980/81???

This was the final ‘Wordbug’ tour before we changed our name to ‘Annalise’ and we were having a good time knowing these were the last ‘Wordbug’ shows. I remember it was a hot day and we pulled up into a courtyard outside the venue and left the car there while punks drank and talked around us. John our guitarist had a tape of an old comedy UK band called ‘The Wurzels’ that he played on a loop from the car real loud. They had a hit called I Am A Cider Drinker and he was teaching a load of crusty punks the words while sharing some booze with them. Whatever they were drinking was disgusting!

As for the gig, I can’t remember if there was a stage but ‘Wordbug’ definitely played on the floor. It was a good crowd. We played well and people got into it-it was fun. I was always on the look out for crusty punks (there were a few outside) as we had had bad experiences in the past but it was a good mixed punk crowd and all was cool and friendly. Tons of record and fanzine stalls around the venue which I always loved about punk-shows. We traded a lot of singles and chatted to some great people. We had put ‘Nations On Fire’ on in our hometown Exeter and the main guy of ‘N.O.F.’ was there and came to some other shows we played. We left late afternoon as I think we played somewhere else that evening (I could be wrong – it’s a long time ago). Not sure who organized the show. We played in Belgium 3 times, twice Stefaan from ‘Byetail’ organised the shows and the other time a band called ‘Faroutski’ organised them.

‘Ed’, ‘Wordbug’ singer

A wonderful experience, a bit intimidating because we were rather young and the only Belgian band on the bill… It was the gig with the biggest audience we ever had. I believe someone (from a far away country, Japan?) was filming. Would be nice to see that…

Pieter Brosens, ‘Deconsume’

I’m sure we played at the Vort’n Vis but I don’t remember if it was at this fest.

Chris Angiolini, guitarist of ‘Miskatonic University’

I didn’t play in ‘Final Warning’. Although, I started it with Neil as ‘Warning’.

Todd Ciavarella

I remember ‘Final Warning’ covered Electrodes by ‘Nausea’ at this show… With the female singer [Stacey Scapeccia] of ‘Mankind?’ [political hardcore punk from New Haven, Ct; they did a split-7” on Neil’s label] on guest-vocals if memory serves me right… So good… I also remember ‘M.V.D.’ stole the show that day, they were amazing.

Luc Ardilouze (France), Scream fanzine

‘M.V.D.’ was epic that day!

Michael Maes, V.V. ‘shitworker’

I bought a copy of Soy Not Oi from Brob there…

Lieven Vanhoutte, Deerlijk

excerpts from the V.V. guestbook:

VV 95-04-29 - (book B) Ben Dropdead

VV 95-04-29 - (book B) Carsten KCarsten Kissler

VV 95-04-29 - (book B) Neil Robinson & Final Warning

VV 95-04-29 - (book B) Sned ( & Siesele)

VV 95-04-29 - (book B) Wordbug

additions wellcome!…


93-05-01 Spitboy - Ivich - One By One - Sedition

Extra photos of ‘Spitboy’ & ‘Dirt’

‘Spitboy’ was an all-female political HC band from the San Francisco Bay Area. The band consisted of Adrienne Droogas (vocals; she also did a zine called Too Far that I distributed – later she was also in ‘Aus-Rotten’), Karin Gembus (guitar; helped out at M.R.R. & Lookout! recs), Paula Hibbs-Rines (bass; later replaced by Dominique ‘Nikki’ Davison) and Michelle ‘Todd’ Gonzales (drums; played guitar for ‘Kamala & The Karnivores’ end of the ‘80s).

At the time of touring they had a self-titled 7” out on Lawrence Livermore’s Lookout! Recs (’92) and an LP (True Self Revealed) on Kent McClard’s Ebullition recs (’93). The last recording with Paula on bass was June 1994, for the Mi Cuerpo Es Mio 7” on Allied recs. In August ’94 they recorded the Rasana 7” with Nikki (also out on Ebullition). Their last vinyl was the split-LP with ‘Los Crudos’ (Viviendo Asperamente – Roughly Living) on Ebullition Recs (1995).

I recall I intended to do an interview with them for my zine but for some reason that went wrong; Vique ‘Simba’ Martin did one before this tour (read); ‘Hazel’ Lepers in her zine Superfluous #2 and Nathalie D. for Tom De Pauw’s Holy Hardcore #2…

‘Spitboy’s performance at the Vort’n Vis was video-taped.

‘Bugeyed’ (from Leeds) played (as described in Tilt! #7) “Noisy and heavy HC loaded with angry power.”. I also wrote: “Devilish! It brings out the bad in people.”. For those who want comparisons; I read somewhere: “‘Venom’ meets ‘Black Flag’; down-tuned, sloppy, negative punk rock”. They were: Andrew ‘Monkey’ Clark-Monks (guitar), Paul ‘Pig Havoc/Havok’ Clarke (vocals) – both ex ‘Pleasant Valley Children’ (see 90-06-24), Sarah Smith (bass; ex ‘Generic’) and Brian Talbot (drums; also ‘Doom’). Eric ‘Rich’ Rucker (2nd guitar on the album) wasn’t in the band anymore… Karl Horton released the Monsters Rule My World LP on his label Words Of Warning around that time. My pen-pal Steve Buxton (Ripping Thrash zine) also released some live tracks on a benefit-tape (for hunt-sabs; together with ‘Concrete Sox’) and Bri tells me there was a demo too…

9x-xx-xx Bugeyed (UK)‘Bugeyed’ – early line-up; (92-07-01) Duchess Of York, Leeds, UK (courtesy of Brian Talbot): Andrew – Bri – ‘Pig’ – ‘Rich’ – Sarah

The 2nd gig of ‘Sedition’ here (see 92-08-29). Glaswegians – or should I say Caledonians? – Angus ‘Gus’ Quinn (vocals), (Gill)Martin Mann (drums), Billy Steele (guitar) and Craig ‘Brycey’ Bryce (bass) came over again to give us a taste of their ‘pagan HC’. After their earlier material, that year (‘93) they did the Earth Beat LP (the one in the cloth bag) and the split-7” with ‘Disaffect’ on Sned’s Flat Earth recs. After they split up Craig went on to play with ‘Dawson’ (93-10-03), Billy played second guitar in Disaffect (94-05-22) and Angus and some mates formed ‘Scatha’…

93-05-01 Sedition (Karl P)‘Sedition’ (photo by Karl Penando)

‘One By One’ had been playing here before aswell (91-08-18, 92-03-08 & 92-08-29) and it wouldn’t be the last time either (94-08-06). Almost like family (from ‘up North’ – Newcastle), these people: ‘uncle’s Sned & Alec bringing us prezzies, and ‘cousin’ Karen and her boyfriend Micky… The Fight 7” (first release with Karin on vocals) was recorded Oct. 10th 1992. Later that year (Nov. 1993) they recorded a few tracks for the Atrapados En El Fascista Planeta Tierra (Caught On Fascist Planet Earth) 7” (the B-side was recorded live – Sned tells me in Leeds, at their 100th gig, supporting ‘Neurosis’).

Here’s some photos on the 93-05-15 concert they did in Lumigny, France…

93-05-01 One By One (by Karl P)‘One By One’ (photo by Karl Penando)

It was only a few weeks earlier (93-04-04) that ‘Dirt’ had been here (with ‘Hellkrusher’)… The line-up was the one of the Feast Or Famine demo (1993) with Deno on vocals, Gary ‘Gaz’ Buckley doing guitar, Karen on lead-guitar, bassist Mick and drummer Stef…

The day after this one they played @ Hof Ter Lo in Antwerp (with ‘Spitboy’, ‘Instigators’ and some others) so the ‘Baddies’ were already here to pick ‘em up and start the party. Deno mentions meeting ‘Instigators’ (but that must’ve been in Antwerp).

From Deno ‘Dirt’s diary (thank you!):

93-05-01 Dirt (Deno on tour)93-05-01 Dirt (Garry & Herwin)[Jimyh Anti (with bandana) – Holy Herwin & redhead friend]

‘Ivich’ came over for the 2 nd  time aswell (see 92-07-25). This was around the time they released the Chacun Sa Vérité 7” (on Pikaϊa): “fast and fiery emotional HC, chunky mosh-metal and odd, free-form undistorted pauses”. Eric, Yann, Yves & Cedric also brought their trumpet-player…

93-05-01 Ivich (by Karl P)‘Ivich’ (photo by Karl Penando)


I remember trying to crash out upstairs while there was a techno-party going on after the gig with ‘Bugeyed’. I also have an image of Alec of ‘One By One’ dancing rave-style, possibly even DJ-ing? That time I drove so was probably knackered. We were only in Europe for a week or so I remember we played Hamburg and the last gig was in Amsterdam followed by a mad dash to the ferry.

I found the last ‘Bugeyed’ recording on a cassette which I’d forgotten existed. 10 tracks which I think are the best thing we did. It was supposed to be an EP but never went any further as I went travelling and everything just ground to a halt. I have put one ‘Bugeyed’ track (Breakout At The Science Lab) on-line. I do a bit of computer-music nowadays and mess about with new software (‘Monobrow The Biped‘)…

Andrew ‘Monkey’ Clark-Monks , ‘Bugeyed’ guitarist

Sorry, no recollections…

Rich was part of ‘Disney Corpse Graphics’ with Ash and ‘Pig’… They did cover-art for ‘Sore Throat’s Disgrace To The Corpse Of Sid & ‘Doom’s Greatest Invention…

Bri Talbot

I wasn’t in ‘Bugeyed’ anymore at that point, in fact I think I would have already been living in Italy! Not that anybody cares but I wasn’t part of ‘Disney Corpse Graphics’ who did the cover-art for ‘Sore Throat’s Disgrace To The Corpse Of Sid, that was just Ash and ‘Pig’. Ash, ‘Pig’ and me had a different thing called Secret Devil that did the cover for Doom’s Greatest Invention. Secret Devil did – if I remember properly – a booklet of poems by Syd Migx from ‘Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers’, a booklet of stuff by ‘Pig’, one of drawings by Ash and some other stuff, as well as three copies of a fanzine called Clowns Killing People. And a ‘Sore Throat’ single-cover, now I come to think about it. Also, I was in ‘P.V.C.’ too – it’s me playing on the Fuck Kill Destroy album, I joined after Percy left (Or whatever happened, I was too young and stupid to ask!). Like I say, of no possible interest to anyone but just for the sake of exactness!

Eric ‘Rich’ Rucker (2nd guitar on the album)

Paula was our first bass-player – she left the band and Dominique joined for the last couple of years. Paula toured Europe with us – Dominique was with us on one US tour and when we toured Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

There’s some pieces on my blog about ‘Spitboy’ (The Riot Grrrl Controversy) and touring (The Spitboy Rule: Part I & Part II)

93-05-01 Spitboy - European Tour 1993Top: Michelle ‘Todd’ Gonzales, Paula Hibbs-Rines, Pete the roadie; Middle: Jon Hiltz, Nolde, Erich (merch and drivers); Bottom: Karin Gembus & Adrienne Droogas

Michelle Gonzales, ‘Spitboy’ drummer

We had my birthday-party after the Vort n Vis gig (May 1st) we’d played next door… Got dragged off the dance-floor by ‘open-minded’ punks who couldn’t understand how we could play like ‘Sedition’ but like gabbers as well! [for some pics scroll down here]

‘Brycey’, ‘Sedition’ bassist

93-05-01 Sedition Brycey (via Billy Steele)‘Brycey’ (pic donated by Billy Steele)

This gig turned into a big dance-party afterwards; the ‘Sedition’ lot liked a bit of techno to be sure.

Sned, ‘One By One’ drummer

Another great gig, loads of good people about + proper good party afterwards. Think it was Bricey’s birthday, there are probably pictures of us dancing badly which are best kept in darkened rooms [Brob: already posted ;-); see link above…]. All the bands were good. ‘Spitboy’ were great. ‘One By One’s last gig at the V.V. [Brob: last one for ‘1×1’ was 94-08-06; see above] but a good one to go out on. This was one of the rare times we weren’t rushing off to catch a ferry so was great to hang out + catch up with folk. Thanks to everyone who turned up + helped out; and to Brob for reminding me of some great times.

Alec Mac, ‘One By One’ bassplayer

excerpts from the V.V. guestbook:

VV 93-05-01 - (book B) Ivich

VV 93-05-01 - (book B) Sedition

VV 93-05-01 - (book B) Micky 1x1

VV 93-05-01 - (book B) Spitboy

VV 93-05-01 - (book B) Karin Spitboy

VV 93-05-01 - (book B) QQQ Adsrienne SpitboyAdrienne ?

additions wellcome!…

All about this concert: 93-05-01 Spitboy – Ivich – One By One – Bugeyed – Dirt – Sedition

93-05-01 Spitboy (by Martin VT) -93-05-01 Spitboy' (by Martin VT) -93-05-01 Spitboy'' (by Martin VT)93-05-01 Spitboy (Karl P) x‘Spitboy’ (photos [1-2-3] by Martin Vantomme, [4] by Karl Penando); below ‘Hazel’ Lepers in the background taking pics

93-05-01 Spitboy Adrienne (by Hazel)93-05-01 Spitboy Karen (by Hazel)93-05-01 Spitboy Todd (by Hazel)‘Spitboy’ (Adrienne – Karen – ‘Todd’) from ‘Hazel’ Lepers’ zine Superfluous #2

93-05-01 Spitboy pics (Ras L'Bol #3)Spitboy collage (Ras L’Bol #3)

93-05-01 Dirt''''93-05-01 Dirt93-05-01 Dirt''‘Dirt’: Deno – Gaz – Karen (photos by Martin Vantomme ?)

93-04-04 Hellkrusher - Dirt - Instigators - COS

‘Crisis Of Society’, a political hardcore band from Dutch Limburg were Dennis ‘Crustbus’ Niesing (drums), Maurice ‘Mories Vies’ Truijens (guitar) & Rolf (vocals); Ferry Krop (bass) says he wasn’t in the band at that time…

I think this was ‘Dirt’s first appearance here after their reformation. ‘Gaz’ wrote about this on their website ( “I got a call from Ali of ‘Hellkrusher’. He had heard from friends that me & Deno were working together and made us an offer! He had made some contacts and was booking a small tour for his band. We went along on a kind of low key ‘see how it goes’… It went well for us and we were all fired up! Karen, Mick and Stef were the recruits on guitar, bass and drums.”. That was also the line-up on the Feast Or Famine demo (1993): ‘Deno’ (vocals), Gary ‘Gaz’ (guitar), Karen (lead guitar), Mick (bass) and Stef (drums). ‘Hellkrusher’ also worked with ‘Kleister’ (Oliver Schmid) of Skuld releases (German label) and that lead to the Scent of the Kill EP in 1994 (with ‘Stick’ on drums, Cecile on bass).

93-04-04-dirt-by-annabel93-04-04-dirt-by-annabel93-04-04-dirt-by-annabel‘Dirt’ (pictures courtesy of Annabel De Jonghe)

‘Dirt’ Mick; pic courtesy of Benoit Hanssens

‘Hellkrusher’ were a UK thrash influenced crust-punk band from Newcastle (upon Tyne). In 1992 Neil Robinson had release the Dying For Who 7” on his label Tribal Ware recs. They were Andy – Andrew Turnble (NOT Turnbull who was in the original ‘Instigators’!) – on bass, Ian Curry – who had been in ‘Debauchery’ – on drums, Ian ‘Scotty’ Scott – ex ‘Hellbastard’ – on guitar and Ali Lynn doing vocals (Ali Lee was the guitarist from ‘Hellbastard’). On this tour Gary ‘Gus’ Raine did the bass (also in ‘94).

Dirt Hellkrusher tour kickoff 1993‘Dirt’ & ‘Hellkrusher’ kicking off their tour in London (with Jules Lowery, 2nd row on the left)

‘Instigators’ had been here before (92-05-02) and I’d organised some shows for them during the Smurfpunx-days aswell (87-04-03 & 87-12-12). They toured all the time, it seemed… Their melodic hardcore-punk has always been very popular; also thanks to singer Andy ‘Tez’ Turner’s constant PR-ing. The other ‘pillars’ were Simon Mooney (guitars) and Stephen ‘Cuzzy’ Curran (drums). Not sure if Bob Gorlik still did the bass then…?

‘Hellkrusher’ played the Vort’n Vis twice in line-ups I was involved in… I’m sure I only played this one and second time was in ‘97 I think….. This first gig was me, Ali, Gus, Curry… ‘97 was me, Ali, Rob, Scoot, Curry. The other gigs between ‘93-’96, I wasn’t in the band. I think I have the flyer from that first gig and a set of photos, as well as the video [Hellkrusher Ieper ‘93]. This first gig on the tour was with ‘Dirt’ and the ‘Instigators’… I remember because we got there late and ‘Instigators’. I think it was a case of they were just in the area and jumped on the bill…which pissed us off even more as they got there before us yet wouldn’t let us use there gear (which was already set up)…also one of the band walked in on me while I was having a shit…unforgettable…

‘Scotty’ Scott

Yeah, I played for ‘Hellkrusher’ twice (I think [See also 93-11-21]) at the Vort’n Vis. Both times were bad ass! Everyone was real friendly and helpful. Definitely one of the best punk venues in the world! I met Ali and Scotty through my other band at the time, ‘Armed Relapse’: we played with HK and they asked me to do some art for them (Buildings For The Rich lp cover), then they asked me to play bass – which I jumped at, since they were one of my favourite bands. After the Euro tour Scotty and Curry left; I went onto guitar and we went to America. I decided to stay in the U.S. and moved to Pittsburgh. I played a few shows with ‘Aus-Rotten’, then moved to South Florida – been here ever since. I’m a tattoo-artist in West Palm Beach… I’m still in touch with Scotty, working on some new art for HK – first punk art in allmost 20 years! I also played guitar on ‘Dirt’s U.S. tour…

Gary ‘Gus’ Raine

Curry played drums; I joined as 2nd guitarist late ’94: Scotty wasn’t able to tour then…


I wasn’t in ‘Crisis Of Society’ at that time, only joined later…. I was on the 7” [Freedom’s Luxury] though…

Ferry Krop

The line-up of ‘Crisis Of Society’ at the Vort’n Vis was our last one ever: Dennis on drums, Maurice playing guitar, Gaston bass and Marco singing… We had to start quite early and the rest of the bands hadn’t arrived so the majority of the audience stayed outside. When everyone finally got in, it was rather packed. I had been at the V.V. when ‘Feeding The Fire’ played so I’d gotten to know some nice people there…

Dennis Niesing

93-04-04 Karin Q Scotty Hellkrusher Arnaud Yannick‘Hellkrusher’ & friends from the Lille area: Karine (Stop zine) – Benoit – Scotty – Arnaud Waterblez – Yannick Moulière

some more pictures of this gig: 93-04-04 Hellkrusher (photos)

excerpts from the V.V. guestbook:

VV 93-04-04 - (book A) HellkrusherAli & Scotty (‘Hellkrusher’)

VV 93-04-04 - (book A) Hellkrusher+DirtCurry & Gus (‘Hellkrusher’) + Mick (‘Dirt’)

VV 93-04-04 - (book A) Gazzer DirtGary’s sarcasm…

VV 93-04-04 - (book A) Instigators‘Instigators’ impression of their gig

VV 93-04-04 - (book A) Crisis Of Society

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extra poster (made by Jurgen ‘Spatje’ Fiems):

91-04-21 Dirt Zygote Hiatus (Spatje)

I organised 2 shows for ‘Zygote’ at the V.V. Herwin of ‘Bad Influence’ asked me to set these up. Financial disasters! I didn’t arrange any concerts ever again. This time ‘Dirt’ was gonna come along but they didn’t show up…


‘Zygote’ from Bath, the “descendents” of ‘Amebix’, consisted of Chris(tian) ‘Stig (da Pig)’ Miller (vocals/guitar), George ‘Smutpig’ Fletcher (vocals/guitar), Tim ‘Crow’ Shapland (bass, ex ‘Smartpils’) and Robert ‘Spider’ Richards (drums). They came over for the second time. People described them as “crusty ‘Amebix’ with influences of ‘Motorhead’ and ‘Killing Joke’…”. This was right before the recording of A Wind Of Knives (released on MCR UK recs), so perhaps Mike Foster was there too?

Older and younger bands were combined as usual… ‘Hiatus’ was off course not brand-new – they already did a show for Smurfpunx e.g. (91-03-23) – but they didn’t have the track-record (yet) the British lads had. ‘Daydream’ was the band that evolved from ‘Chaotic Contrast’ with Kris ‘Kid’ Verhelst (guitar & vocals), Joeri Vleurick (bass) and Sling (drums, also of ‘Chronic Disease’). Kind of local…

It’s very well possible that I met the guy from Skuld releases (‘Kleister’, Oliver Schmid) there for the 1st time. He released vinyl of ‘Zygote’ and ‘Bad Influence’…


This was one of the few gigs we did (maybe 3, 4 in total). We didn’t rehearse enough (as always). I recall that we had to start one song 4-5 times over again ‘cause we kept playing out of tune…

Kris ‘Kid’ Verhelst, ‘Daydream’ guitarist

I just remember enjoying the bands and being surprised to see punks with long hair and leather pants, metal-head style… I still had the ‘punk-rocker style’ stereotype in my head, silly prejudice… I woke up in the middle of the venue, totally covered with benches, chairs and other stuff. British humour…

Willy ‘Hiatus’

excerpts from the V.V. guestbook:

On top, Kid writes: “We like the Vort’n Vis alot; it’s awesome here. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to play (even though it wasn’t an immense success, better next time).” At the bottom, some words by Leffe: “Muchos Gracia to the VV for putting on this gig.”

Apparently Joris De Buysser (Bonds of Friendship zine; later Conspiracy recs) was there too: “Finally a fun little pub in Belgium. Ha! I’m the first SxE in this guestbook. Anarchy and stuff.” (with some of his Greek friends?).  And Herwin gives some compliments aswell… ;-)

And Vrokker (‘Chronic Disease’ bassist) attended aswell: “This is some totally different than going to work.”

additions wellcome!…