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Anthony Palmer (Duhhh #3 cover)guess who…!?

Another great opportunity to see some great bands and meet up with some friends (like Joris De Buysser of Bonds Of Friendship, Anneke Schuurman of Puffy zine, Anthony Palmer of Dingo Baby zine, …).

‘Embittered’ was a grindcore band from Middlesbrough. Their line-up changed quite often: Anthony Palmer (vocals), Brian Puplett (vocals; later also ‘Manfat’) and Ash(ley) Quinn (bass); played this one. ‘Mac’ (drums) and ‘Gus’ (guitar) were replaced. Michael J. Gillham (the drummer of ‘Voorhees’) wasn’t in the band at that time yet… I’d gotten to know them because I was corresponding with Anth who was doing a zine (which I distributed, and vice versa) and Bri had sent me a demo of his former band ‘Catharsis’. Their split with ‘Hiatus’ on Desperate Attempt was about to be released. On this tour they did a live recording of their show (92-09-16), at the Café Fabrik squat in Potsdam (Germany), that got released as a cassette called All Too Human. The year before they’d already done the And You Ask Why? When You’ve Only Got Yourself To Blame cassette (“intense & fast grinding anarcho-core”); and in 1993 Misanthropic recs released a split-LP with ‘Dystopia’. Their last release was the Choked 7” on Ecocentric recs – with a completely different line-up than in the beginning; e.g. Mark Fox on bass, Michael Gillham on drums and Rob ‘Slavery’ Ankers (R.I.P.) doing vocals.

‘Human Lethargy’ from Athens were Spiros (vocals), Thanos Georgilas (bass; later in ‘Panikos’), (Evangelos) Va(n)gelis ‘Vanx’ Petropoulos (drums; ex ‘Anabiosis’) and Thanassis (guitar). They released a demo-cassette in 1992 (still with Sakis ex ‘Industrial Suicide’ singing). Their music sounded great, reminiscent of ‘Antisect’ and ‘Contropotere’. Both Genet recs and Joris of Conspiracy recs were planning releases. Here’s a video of them “live in Belgium”; it doesn’t look like the Vort’n Vis so I’m guessing it’s at La Zone in Liège (92-09-11: ‘One By One’, ‘Sedition’, ‘Embittered’, ‘Human Lethargy’)?

‘Slum Gang’, from Nottingham, were: Eddie Greenaway (guitar; bass in ‘Downfall’), Joe Nott (‘Pug Slum’, drums), Tim Cleaver (bass) and Loyd Sims (vocals/guitar; sang for ‘Concrete Sox’ on the split with ‘Nightmare’). This band hadn’t released anything yet; they recorded their 1st demo in early ‘93. Listen to some of their melodic HC/punk. They came back to the V.V. with their mates/drinking-buddies from Groningen on 98-06-05.

‘Slum Gang’; photos courtesy of Eddie Greenaway

‘Exhauster’ were Ringo Haezebrouck (drums), Vinnie Bonduwe (guitar; also ‘Caducity’), Phillippe Dassonvile (in the Vort’n Vis referred to as “the hard-rocker”), David Verbiest and Laurens Barroo (guitar). Henk Loobuyck reminded me they were “metal-heads” from the Ieper area who played “a trashy ‘Metallica’ style”…

‘Jawbreaker’ had been announced (they were touring – see tourposter) but as explained in the post on 92-10-04 I can ‘t come up with a reason why they didn’t show up (the UK part of the tour was cancelled but they played in France a bit later). They did do a gig here a couple of years later (94-10-01)…

92 Jawbreaker tour SF to NYC then over to Europe (and back again)

‘Agent 86’ (see 92-09-06 & 92-10-04) had been announced for this one too (probably when their tour-schedule wasn’t completely arranged yet) but were in Yugoslavia at this time…

‘Decadence Within’ were announced at some timepoint but I can ‘t remember why they didn’t come. They had already played in Poperinge on 90-04-08 and would be back at the V.V. on 93-05-16.

(Fom my personal communication oct ’92 =>) >> ‘Youth Brigade’ was supposed to play. I think they just reformed to be able to make a quick buck. They cancelled the show because “it’s too small” (500 people!?). Actually, it’s because they can make more money in a rockstar-club in Germany. Fuck that! I don’t really care to see those big well-known bands, I prefer smaller but truly DIY bands. <<


It was the last show of a pretty successful/ enjoyable tour and I guess everyone was just out to have a good time. I have a tendency to shout a lot when I’m having a cool time drunk; I hope you didn’t take too much notice of my attacks on certain things (e.g. ‘Political Asylum’ & Ramsey, etc.) – all in good humour.

The Vort’n Vis is a cool/friendly place – in fact our Belgian dates were easily the best! From my one, solitary experience: I have no problem with the place whatsoever; just a percentage of the kids who were there that night. Perhaps I’m upholding stereotypes or maybe I’m talking from experience (not just with the Vort’n Vis). I’m not saying they shouldn’t be there or that they shouldn’t be straight edge… I know some ‘crusties’ are fuckin’ idiots, as are some ‘edgers’…

Anthony Palmer, ‘Embittered’ vocalist; personal communication oct ’92 and later

The line-up was (indeed) Bri & Anth (vocals), Ash (guitar), Saul (bass) & Mac (drums). Darren was the original guitarist. ‘Cockney’ [Darren O’Hara ? – see comment] played guitar following that tour. In 1993 we became a 6-piece with two guitarists. We played 7 shows on this tour, I thought it had been more – Liège, Duisburg, Hannover, Berlin, Potsdam, Groningen & Ieper. The show in Ieper was great; last show, got way drunk I recall. ‘Slum Gang’ from the UK also played, ‘Human Lethargy’ from Greece as well…

Anth Palmer, ‘Embittered’

‘Youth Brigade’ pulled out, ‘Decadence Within’ weren’t there, a metal band called ‘Exhauster’ headlined, the Greek band and ‘Embittered’. ‘Slum Gang’ played instead of ‘Youth Brigade’. We didn’t come with ‘Embittered’, we just played Liège and Ieper; it was the first 2 gigs we did. Lloyd was our songwriter, he was also in ‘Default’ and he did stints in ‘Concrete Sox’. Myself and ‘Pug’ also stood in for ‘Substandard’.

Eddie Greenaway, ‘Slum Gang’

Vagelis still plays in punk-bands (he mailed me the CD of the band ‘Anatopia’). Also ‘Panikos’ [who played on 94-05-08] did a new LP.

Joris De Buysser

I played for ‘Embittered’ a little while, did a few shows and recorded 6 or 7 tracks with them – not sure what they did with them… I was supposed to tour Europe with ‘Embittered’ but I left and joined ‘Hellkrusher’ before it happened.

Gary ‘Gus’ Raine

Can’t remember much of that, too long ago. We also played there with ‘Neuthrone’ and ‘Dreft’. On another occasion I played there also a few times with ‘K.U.N.T’ [‘Krisis Und Neurosis Theater’; with ‘Neuthrone’s David Stubbe] …

Philippe Dassonville [‘Fluppe the Hardrocker’]

excerpts from the V.V. guestbook:

VV 92-09-19 - (book A) Human Lethargy

VV 92-09-19 - (book A) Embittered

VV 92-09-19 - (book A) AshBruno wonders if it’s a Candian visiter, I reckon it’s ‘Embittered’s bassist

VV 92-09-19 - (book A) Slum Gang

VV 92-09-19 - (book A) comment DoomyVV 92-09-19 - (book A) comment Doomy'‘Doomy’ wonders if the V.V. food caused the ‘Embittered’ guys to spit bile… ;-)

additions wellcome!…

93-05-16 Active Minds

Marc Nierhaus, a correspondent from Germany set up this tour for ‘Decadence Within’ & ‘Shutdown’ but he couldn’t travel with them. I couldn’t help ‘D.W.’ out this time because I was already too busy with helping other bands. One of them was ‘Active Minds’… I’d invited ‘D.W.’ a few times to play for Smurfpunx (88-08-13, 89-03-19 & 90-03-31) and did an interview in my zine (Tilt! #6); they’d also played in Poperingen on a gig co-organised by the V.V. (90-04-08) so they were not unknown over here… In the band at that time were: Richard ‘Rid’ White (vocals), Ian ‘Slug’ Glasper (bass), Antony ‘Mobs’ Mowbray (drums) and Keith ‘Joey’ Blueman. A bit before this tour they had been recording for the Reality Wake-Up Call CD, a fine sample of their progressive metal-core/crossover. A few months later (Jan ’94) M.C.R. released a split-7” with ‘Fearless Vampire Killers’ (from Japan).

Decadence Within promo 93‘Decadence Within’: Joey, Mobs, Slug & Rid

93-05-16 Decadence Within (Ras l'Bol)‘Decadence Within’ (taken from Ludovic Hache’s zine Ras l’Bol)

‘Shutdown’ were a melodic HC band from Tewkesbury. Good friends with ‘Decadence Within’. Neil is in a band with ‘Slug’ nowadays. They did a demo (’91) and had a record out on the Swiss label Off The Disk recs (ran by ‘Fear Of God’s singer Erich Keller) – I helped distributing that… The band was: Neil Cox (vocals/guitar), Chris(tian) Burton (bass), Rob(ert) PD Chumbley (guitar) and Danny (drums). Their name was taken from a ‘Project X’ song but their music was not exactly NY SxE HC; references were made to ‘Can’t Decide’, ‘Samiam’, ‘Leatherface’, ‘Snuff’, etc. “with a strong DC influence”…

93-05-16 Shutdown info‘Shutdown’ promo

‘Active Minds’ are 2 brothers (Dixon): Simon ‘Set’ (drums) and Jonathan ‘Bobs’ (guitar & vocals) – from Scarborough (ex ‘S.A.S.’ – also with Stu & Ade of ‘Satanic Malfunctions’). The latter had become a pen-pal because I’d started taking interest in their label Loony Tunes recs and their project of getting out compilation-albums where the bands payed upfront for a part of the impression. For some punx ‘A.M.’ sounded too metal, for metals too noisy. What mattered to me is that they were true representatives of D.I.Y. not-for-profit ethic, sincere activists and critical. Just like myself… They also didn’t drink/smoke/do drugs without labeling themselves as SxE… They released tons of vinyl. I think this gig was around the time the Behind The Mask 7” was released.

93-05-16 Active Minds Bobs (Ras L'Bol #5)‘Bobs’ & Set ‘Active Minds ‘ (Ras L’Bol #5)

The music of ‘Jughead’s Revenge’ (Los Angeles) could be described as straightforward HC-punk. On the 1993 tour the were Joe Doherty (vocals), Joe Rimicci (guitar), Brian Preiss (bass), Nenus Givargus (drums; replacing Kevin Heller) and George Snow (2nd guitar). Their 2nd LP It’s Lonely at the Bottom (produced by ‘Poison Idea’sSlayer Hippie’) was released in ’92 as a CD on Cash Money recs in the U.S. and pressed on twelve-inch vinyl on Do It! recs in Germany (re-released on BYO in ’95). After this tour George Snow would go on to play in the ‘Bad Samaritans’ full-time.

18th Dye’, from Berlin, played indie/noise-rock – they’ve been compared to ‘Sonic Youth’, ‘Pixies’ and ‘Nirvana’ – and consisted of Sebastian Büttrich (vocals & guitar), Heike Marie Rädeker (vocals & bass) & Dane Piet Bendtsen (drums). The latter 2 with Danish roots…


‘Active Minds’ were very nice people but I didn’t like their music very much. Too noise and generic for me. I didn’t like the German band very much either, although they were very powerful and bit different. ‘Jughead’s Revenge were ok as people and OK as a band – nothing too special or exciting! Of all the bands we played with that day, I think I enjoyed ‘Shutdown’ the best; but maybe I’m a bit biased as they are close friends… They are a great band…

Ian ‘Slug’ Glasper, personal communication ‘93

It was the last date of our first and only European tour which had also brought us to Holland and Germany. I remember chatting with the singer/guitarist out of ‘Active Minds’ [Bobs] who also played and discussing the talent of the ‘Life But How To Live It’ guitarist. We weren’t sure whether there was going to be a slot to play but thankfully there was once we got there. 20 years of kids, work and beer have addled my brain so I don’t recall the bands too well apart from our friends ‘Decadence Within’ and ‘Active Minds’. I remember ‘18th Dye’ having a ‘Sonic Youth’ feel and ‘Jughead’s Revenge’ being a bit of ‘Poison Idea’ influenced Fat Wreck band. The main think I remember was a carrier-back of bread and vegan spread in the back of ‘Active Minds’ car, sweating in the sun :-)

Nowadays, I’m in a band with ‘Slug’ and ‘Mobs’ from ‘Decadence Within’ called ‘36 Strategies’… And I have another band with Chris & Rob called ‘Transmissions’, kind of like ‘Hoover’, post HC…

Neil Cox, ‘Shutdown’

To be honest, it was a long time ago and I can’t really remember much about it. We’ve done a lot of touring since then… I don’t remember us ever playing there again though. I seem to recall being impressed by ‘Shutdown’ and I think it may have been the first time I heard them. ‘Decadence Within’ had gone a bit to “chugga metal” for my taste by that time.

My main recollection was of going for a walk in the town and seeing the war memorial with the names of the British soldiers who died during the First World War. Many of them had two surnames listed – their real one and the fake one that they enlisted with because they were underage. That memory has stuck with me – the naive idealism of the youth of the time and the tragic waste of so many young lives that is spelled out so clearly on that memorial.

Bobs, ‘Active Minds’ guitarist/vocalist

We had a reunion in 2005, playing Germany, Denmark and the US. Releasing one more record called Amorine Queen. Broke up again 2009. Now I play in a duo with Piet, the drummer… We’re called ‘Metal Ghost’.

Heike Marie Rädeker, bassist of 18th Dye’

excerpts from the V.V. guestbook:

VV 93-05-16 - (book B) Jughead's RevengeVV 93-05-16 - (book B) Jughead George‘Jughead’s Revenge’

VV 93-05-16 - (book B) Active Minds BobsVV 93-05-16 - (book B) Active Minds Set‘Active Minds’

VV 93-05-16 - (book B) Shutdown + DWVV 93-05-16 - (book B) ShutdownVV 93-05-16 - (book B) Rid Decadence Within‘Decadence Within’ & ‘Shutdown’

VV 93-05-16 - (book B) 18th Dye18th Dye’

VV 93-05-16 - (book B) visitersvisiters from France… (the band ‘Constant Summer’ ?)

additions wellcome!…

1990… Harder and harder to remember… Must’ve been some of the last concerts we did with ‘Ear Damage’. We were a bit fed up with all of it. Nevertheless, a pity ‘cause we were writing some songs that sounded less crossover/metal-punk. Some of them were elaborated for ‘Kloaka’ [Brob: New band Dirk did a bit later with Erwin Reynders (‘Heibel’ bassist) & Bie (‘Ear Damage’ drummer)] (Aliens, Deja Vu) and others got totally forgotten (Chauffageke). I doubt that ‘Heibel’ were still going in 1990, I believe they’d started ‘Triptych’ by then [Brob: Sep. 29th 1990 they played in Herk-De-Stad, supporting ‘All’ and for Smurfpunx 91-03-23]?

Dirk Ceustermans, ‘Ear Damage’ guitarist

‘Heibel’ (who had already performed for Smurfpunx in the early days – 87-04-17) actually still played. Singer Bollie was already asked to leave the band after their 1987 UK tour. Peter Daniëls took over vocal duties since then… They did a tour through Spain (end of December 1989; with ‘Ear Damage’) but can’t remember anymore when exactly Steven (Luts, guitarist) actually left…

‘Ear Damage’ were buddies since way-back-when… Marc Verbeeck (bass & vocals, ex ‘Zyklome-A’), Dirk Ceustermans (guitar & vocals, ex ‘Koyaanisqatsi’) and Robin ‘Bie’ Puttemans (drums, ex ‘Zyklome-A’; later ‘Tachyon’, nowadays ‘Belgian Asociality’) filled 2 albums (‘Progress of Humanity’ & ‘The Hangover of Loneliness’) with their metal-influenced hardcore; and played a whole bunch of shows, of which 3 for Smurfpunx (86-09-07, 87-06-27, 89-02-25)…

‘H.D.Q.’ were touring a lot those days. This is between those that brought them to Smurfpunx (89-10-01 & 90-12-22) and they came on their own. The backbone of the band was Richard ‘Dickie’ Hammond.(guitar) and Dave ‘Golly’ Golledge (vocals); the rhythm-section changed a couple of times during their existence. I’ve always liked their melodic hardcore (British sometimes say they sounded “too American”, what-ever that means)…

For ‘Decadence Within’ this was probably the end of the tour that brought them to Smurfpunx for the 3rd time (90-03-31). I’d booked most of their shows the previous years they came over but this time, Kurt Horemans (who was goin’ to release a 7” on his label, Hurry recs – he might’ve gotten help from ‘D.O.L.’s Stefan Joosten) offered to help them out. At this time they were about to record their second album, had a new vocalist (Rid, replacing Kev) and were moving away from the many bands that were playing fast grind with grawling vocals… “A constantly evolving band, from England. After their 1st crossover-album, they got a new singer. Their music got more complex and power.”.

This was a concert that, even though a few of the Vort’n Vis collaborators were involved, wasn’t actually in the pub or the hall in Ieper. Myself, I was still in the Smurfpunx collective so – I’m not really sure but – I think the V.V. wasn’t always available in the early days or they considered it was ‘too small’ for ‘bigger’ bands. The place (‘De Gilde’) was like a parish-hall in Bruno’s hometown Poperinge…


Concert-review in Pyrobolum #3

additions wellcome!…