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‘Yuppicide’ were here a year before (see 92-03-29) but already some changes had occurred: Pete Guinan (drums) replaced John ‘Kid’ Lynch. The rest remained: Joe Keefe (bass), Steve Karp (guitar) and Jes(se) Jones (vocals). By then the Shinebox LP was released (on Wreck-Age). Ma Raab of ‘Egotrip’ was driving for them…

‘Sarcasm’ was a crust-punk band (“brutal, distorted and totally out of control”) from Leicester. The original line-up was Barney (guitar) – Mark (vocals) – Paul (bass) & Nidge (drums). In ’91 there was Your Funeral, My Party 7” (on a Brazilian label). In ’92 they did The Lowest Form Of Wit 7” ‎(out on Neil Robinson’s Tribal War recs) and there was also a split-tape with the Japanese ‘C.F.U.D.L.’ (tracks from ‘Sarcasm’s unreleased second demo recorded in ‘91). In ’95 Brave New World (recorded with Mark, Paul, Leigh & ‘Brillo’) was released on a label from Paris. The band here was vocalist ‘Mr Wanky’ Mark ‘Gardener’ Gardner (was in ‘Extreme Noise Terror’ for a while; nowadays he’s the guitarist/vocalist for the punkrockers ‘The Wankys’ and also runs Noise Punk recs), bassist Paul Reynolds, drummer ‘Brillo’ Brilleaux & guitarist Ben a.k.a. ‘Bené von Bastard’ (Colin Bennett took up guitar from ’94 on, I think). ‘Sarcasm’ came back to the V.V. 94-04-23.

93-11-07-sarcasm-paul-bass-brillo-drum-ben-guitar-wim-dl‘Sarcasm’, photo by Wim De Leersnijder

‘Core’ were a band from London that sent me a demo which I reviewed in Tilt! #8: >>Strong material with a gloomy feel, based on metally riffs reminding me of ‘Prong’ or ‘Metallica’ by times. Slower to mid-tempo but well-structured. Steve ‘Neuthrone’s kinda stuff, I guess…<<. Don’t remember anything else about them… The demo mentioned a guy named Alex as contact and there was a reference to the Norwegian band ‘Punishment Park’…

1993 was the year ‘Neuthrone’s As The Grey Skies Opened / Stough 7” was released. It was recorded with Steve Wackenier (guitar/vocals), David Stubbe (drums), Tim ‘Nutje’ Denutte (bass) & ‘Bako’ (vocals). Phillipe Bakeroot only appeared on Neuthrone’s second 7” and did partake in their live shows from time to time. He was found dead (murdered) at his house in 2003 at the age of 37. The vocalist at this gig here was Jimyh Anti (editor of International Objection zine; from Mouscron). Their music can be descirbed as doom, death-metal, sludge; as influences Steve mentioned old ‘Celtic Frost’, ‘Prong’, ‘Voivod’, ‘Melvins’, ‘Amebix’, etc.


I have very little memories of our gigs at the V.V. They went well I think, sleeping at the venue was cramped and uncomfortable (L.O.L.)… The singer of ‘Yuppicide’ wasn’t as straight-edge as he was supposed to be (L.O.L.) but -shsss- don’t tell anyone héhé ;-).

‘Brillo’, drummer of ‘Sarcasm’

I remember not being the biggest fan of ‘Yuppicide’s music but brought their…10”? – I think – because I thought they were cool and they gave an absolutely mental performance… They made the place seem absolutely tiny… I remember it not being large anyway but they filled it. I felt welcome and part of an organic whole at every gig in Belgique… I carried the sense of comradely familiarity and a set of values, attitudes and proactiveness that I got from interacting with all kinds of people when we toured… Although I have retired from putting gigs on now from the point of getting back from a tour, I always aspired to follow the European model and also truly considered myself European from then too.

FYI… The original line-up of ‘Sarcasm’ ca. 1984 was Rich Boot (guitar), Paul (bass), Nidge Good (drums), Mark & ‘Bené’ (vocals). Mark and I formed ‘Sarcasm’ after a visit to our town by German punks Cliff and ET… They were as mental as is and we did a drunken performance using pots and pans one evening in the garden of a friend. We decided to form a band and I suggested ‘Sarcasm’ because that was descriptive of us. Barney moved to Scandinavia. Both him and I were in ‘Dirge’ in the 80s but never at the same time…

Ben, ‘Sarcasm’ guitarist

I did 5 concerts as ‘Neuthrone’s vocalist in 1993 (93-10-23 @ JOC in Ypres, 93-10-29 @ the Pits in Kortrijk, 93-11-07 & 93-11-13 at the V.V. and 93-12-18 @ De Kelk in Bruges). In September ’93 when the summer had gone (the last festival I went to was Graspop Dessel, which wasn’t a metal-meeting yet – I saw ‘The Cramps’, ‘Ramones’, etc.), I went over to the V.V. to see ‘Contropotere’, ‘Bad Influence’ & ‘Herb Garden’ (93-09-04) and talked with Steve W. (‘Neuthrone’s guitarist) who told me they were looking for a ‘singer’ so the week after that I was a part ‘Neuthrone’…

Jimyh Anti

excerpts from the V.V. guestbook:




additions wellcome!…


>>The ‘Enola Gay’/‘Masskontroll’ tour included 15 individuals piled up in 2 vans. The first was French with on bord ‘Enola Gay’ in its new formation: Michel & Cyril (alternating between drums and guitar/vocals) – both from Auch, Anne-Gaelle [Manceau] (bass) & Gavus (2nd guitar) – from Thionville, Philou the driver and myself. In the second van: Steph ‘Tofupunk’ (driver) & his inseperable dog Gargouille, Rebecca from Canada, ‘Masskontrol’ (bassist Jason, singer Adam, guitarist Kelly and drummer Chris [Pfeffer]), Saira with the thick American accent and Gi (Portugese-Belgian).

The first date was in Belgium at the Vort’n Vis. Cool to start a tour there, it’s a familiar place and an occasion to meet up with Belgian and French friends. Pleasant reunion. ‘Agathocles’ furious grindcore always pleases me a lot. Jan (vocals/bass – with just 2 strings) is totally crazy, it is worth seeing him alone! On the other hand, I don’t like the voice of the guitarist too much: way too death-metal to my liking… An unchained ‘Enola Gay’ is more chaotic than before; one feels very well that things don’t fit that well yet. It was their first gig in this line-up. ‘Masskontroll’ arrives very late from the U.K., where they had a few dates. I’m expecting something more powerful, more angry. I find especially that the singer doesn’t have a lot of his voice left and the sound didn’t sound that great either…<<

From Ludovic Hache’s tour-report (in his zine Ras L’Bol #4)

Masskontrol & Enola Gay (Ras L'Bol #4)‘Masskontrol’ & ‘Enola Gay’ (collage by Ludovic Hache)

‘Masskontroll’ (from Portland, Oregon) did D-beat crust-punk with japcore/scandinavian mid-80s HC influences and lyrics on political issues. The band was Kelly Halliburton (guitar; ex ‘Resist’, ‘Defiance’), Adam Jordan (vocals), Jason ‘Trousers’ (bass) and Chris was the replacement drummer (for ‘Jolly’ Roger Forbish) on the tour. Their driver was Stef ‘Panikeshi’ [Steph(ane) Guillet] (‘Viktor’s Hofnarren’, a mate of Pablo Resistance). The LP Will You Ever Learn? was recorded Spring of ’95 (produced by Pig Champion) and released by Mind Control. The Polish label Nikt Nic Nie Wie did a CD, Malarie recs from the Czech republic did a tape. The latter had already done a split-7” for them (with ‘Heartline’) in ’94. Kelly released the Recycle Or Die flexi 7” on his label Consensus Reality (’94). Also recorded in Spring ’95 was the 7” (with a cover of ‘Heresy’s Genocide) that Felix did on his label Havoc recs. Their last release was the flexi 8” split with ‘Battle Of Disarm’ (Consensus Reality ’95).

‘Enola Gay’, a grindcore band from Auch (France), used to be Michel Cebrian (guitar/vocals; also Reality Of War zine), Cyril Prieto (bass/vocals) and Fred Jourdan (drums). They had a new line-up here. They had done a split-tape with ‘Ultimate Disorder’, a few 7”s and a split-LP with ‘Vomit Yourself (on Panx prods entitled Exempted Authority / Nihilism…). in ’95 Sylvain Vilette released a split-LP between them and ‘Coche Bomba’ on his label Bad Card recs. Later they formed ‘Disbeer’…

If what is written in the guestbook is correct this was the 6th time ‘Agathocles’ played at the V.V. Jan Frederickx (bass/vocals), Burt Beyens (drums) & Steve Houtmeyers (guitar/vocals) had recorded a bunch of tracks that would appear on the Razor Sharp Daggers album a few months before this.

‘Serpico’ (formerly named ‘Sleeper’, see: 94-05-22) was announced but I don’t find a trace of their passage. They melodic emo-influenced hardcore and came from Staten Island, New York. In April that year they recorded for They Shoot Babies Don’t They? 7” that came out on the Czech label Day After (with Anthony ‘TJ’ Quatrone on drums, John Lisa doing guitar/backing-vocals, Marc Treboschi on bass, Michael De Lorenzo on guitar and John ‘Apples’ Telenko doing vocals). On this tour Chris Guardino played drums (‘TJ’ only did the tour in ’94) and John T. wrote that he never toured Europe; Jeremy Weiss did vocals on tour. The Feed The Rainbow LP, finished end of ’94, came out on Equal Vision recs (that also released the Rumble LP in ’96). They also did a few split-7”s on various other labels.

‘Core’, from London, had been here already on 93-11-07. Don’t remember much about them or if they actually showed up. My review of their demo in Tilt! #8 goes: >>Strong material with a gloomy feel, based on metally riffs reminding me of ‘Prong’ or ‘Metallica’ by times. Slower to mid-tempo but well-structured. Steve ‘Neuthrone’s kinda stuff, I guess…<<.

André Hoppe of the German (from Hünxe; Two Face distro) visited…


This was a great show. I remember rolling around on the stage and barking like a dog. Our drummer was Chris (He wasn’t in the band in ’94 so it has to be ’95.), ‘TJ’ (played on the ‘94 tour) was on and off in the band. Chris had a lot of snot coming from his nose and I caught it with my tongue. The audience looked grossed out… Loved that place! The crowd was fantastic. I truly felt at home. I chatted with so many people. I remember a few guys from ‘Nations on Fire’ – Ed and Jeroen. [Brob: Perhaps that was in ’94?] I think the Vort’n Vis was legendary. Our tour was booked by Steffen Rose (Navigator); Haagen was the driver…

John Lisa, ‘Serpico’

I think [Brob: I’m sure!] I was at the V.V. for a show with ‘Masskontroll’ in ‘95… I honestly don’t remember… My zine started in ‘93 in Portland. I lived in Berlin for a year in 98-99 then moved to Minneapolis in 2000 and went to live in NYC in ‘09. I also played in ‘Resolve’ (Minneapolis) and I still play with ‘Question’ since we started in ‘06. ‘Detestation’ was from Portland (95-98)…

Saira M. Huff (Diminutive Rage zine, Portland; later vocals for ‘Detestation’, bass in ‘Faggot’, etc.)

I don’t know if ‘Serpico’ played, though… I don’t remember that. And I also have no idea who ‘Pedro the Drunk Punk’ is! [Brob: a mate of Wim & Stef De Leersnijder] Ha, ha…must have been someone I met at the gig and had some drinks with, there seemed to be those guys at every show, ha ha… I do remember showing up late, though… I recall we got a late start in London, and then we were delayed when Saira lost her passport and had to go through everything she was carrying to find it. After that we had to take a train and a bus to get to Dover to cross the channel, and then I think we went to Calais instead of Ostend…I guess I was still learning to tour back then and not doing it as efficiently as I could have been.

Kelly Halliburton, ‘Masskontroll’ guitarist

‘Enola Gay’ didn’t show up on the last show of their tour… [Brob: 95-11-19 @ Berchem’s youthcentre: Masskontroll (USA), Deconsume (Bel), Insane Youth (Bel), Skatta (Bel)]

Erik Minnen, ‘Cornucopia’ vocalist

Their van broke down before the last show and they didn’t have enough money to get it repaired…

Steve, ‘Insane Youth’ vocalist

excerpts from the V.V. guestbook:

VV 95-11-05 - (book C) Kelly & Jason MassVV 95-11-05 - (book C) Chris Mass

VV 95-11-05 - (book C) Enola Gay

VV 95-11-05 - (book C) AgXVV 95-11-05 - (book C) AgX'The poem by Jan AgX is impossible to translate…

VV 95-11-05 - (book C) Steve WSteve ‘Neuthrone’ speaking in tongues…

VV 95-11-05 - (book C) Jaak DCJaak De Cock (former ‘Nations On Fire’ drummer) expressing his discontent with the Vort’n Vis programmation…

additions wellcome!…