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More on this concert:  93-09-04 Contropotere – Herb Garden – Brawl – Bad Influence

Here’s a series of photographs taken and donated by Carla Oliveira (a Portugese interrailing through Europe at that time):



94-03-19 Brawl - Fleas & Lice - Virtual Reality

‘Virtual Reality’ (Bradford) was a project/band that played ‘Black Sabbath’ influenced stuff (varying from groovy beats and heavy riffs to techno-based tracks) featuring Brian Talbot (guitarist of ‘Doom’; here on bass). He’d teamed up with Steve Butler (guitar) and Darron ‘Bill’ Ward (vocals), both of ‘The Next World’ (see 90-05-01). At this time they still used a drum-machine. They did a split-7” with ‘Neuthrone’ on Genet recs in 1994 and released their LP Dreamstate (Genet recs & Flat Earth recs) in 1995. During this tour here, they also did a show in Brugge where ‘Health Hazard’ played aswell (94-03-26) so I guess they were touring at the same time… Bruno (Genet) invited them over a couple of times more (94-05-08 & 96-04-27).

94-03-19 Virtual Reality (by Wim DL)‘Virtual Reality’; photo by Wim De Leersnijder

The Bradfordian invasion was complete with ‘Health Hazard’ (uncle Sned & Alec’s band between ‘One By One’ and ‘Suffer’) on the bill. They had been here already the summer before (93-09-18) and even earlier on this tour 94-03-05. They also did a gig here when Mandy had quit already 95-02-11. Their set in Toulouse (94-02-22) was recorded and Fred Jourdan (‘Ultimate Disorder’) put it out on a split-tape (with ‘Hiatus’). After this tour they recorded (with Bri ‘Doom’ Talbot behind the desk) for their 10” (released on Alec & Sned’s Flat Earth recs). For those who don’t know (?) or can’t remember: “abrasive, thrashing, overpowering blasts of hardcore fury with caustic female vocals”…

‘Brawl’ (another Genet band: they did their LP entitled Gulag on Bruno’s label – it was recorded July ‘94), had also been here before (93-09-04) and would come back (95-09-08). They toured with ‘Fleas & Lice. They were from Ireland and played straightforward HC/punk with some slower parts; some people said they have ‘Fugazi’ influences but I don’t hear that…

‘Fleas & Lice’ also didn’t need an introduction anymore (after 93-02-06). On the photo of this night we see vocalist Robbie Tempel, Joshua Lagerwerf (bass) & Esther (vocals). The others were Piet/Pierre Erickson (guitar) and Maynard Schut (drums). A few weeks after this, they recorded (in Dublin) for the split-LP with ‘Bleeding Rectum’ (another band with ‘Brawl’s drummer ‘Crispo’). The band would come back once more: 95-07-09.

94-03-19 Fleas & Lice (by Wim DL)‘Fleas & Lice’; photo by Wim De Leersnijder

‘Fleas & Lice’ (from Ludovic Hache’s fanzine Ras L’Bol #6)

Probably the band that holds the record of number of shows at the Vort’n Vis (being locals and having ‘signed’ to Genet recs): Steve Wackenier (guitar & vocals), David Stubbe (drums) & Tim ‘Nutje’ Denutte (bass). (Jan Lacante, an old budy of the band, just sang on recordings done in 1994 who were released in 2004). ‘Neuthrone’ had a split-7” with ‘Virtual Reality’ out. Their track Silverline (recorded Augustus 1993) should’ve been on another 7” already but something went wrong, so it was used for this split.

‘Portobello Bones’ were a “noise rock” combo from Tours/Orléans (France) with Lionel Fahy (guitar/vocals; Forked Tongues zine), Franck Leprêtre (drums) & Jeremy Johnson (bass/vocals). Or was Fabrice Metais still playing bass? At that time they had a 7” (Negative) under their belt, and a self-titled album. Not sure if they actually played (but they were announced in the newsletter)… Lionel says they didn’t but he did write me in ’94 thanking for the hospitality (see below)…


The picture shows ‘V.R.’ before we got a real drummer. L => R: Steve, Darron & me. Duncan (an old punk band from Hebden Bridge; he used drum in ‘Crash’, they did a split EP with ‘Crux’) joined on drums later.

Brian Talbot, ‘Virtual Reality’s bassist

‘Neuthrone’ indeed did a split-7” with ‘Virtual Reality’ and we toured with them (also with ‘Health Hazard’) in April 1994: Belgium, The Netherlands & Germany.

Steve Wackenier

Our track on the split with ‘Virtual Reality’ was from the same recording-session as the second single – relased right before or after the tour with ‘V.R.’ & ‘Health Hazard’. The title was “Silver Linings” [Silverline] but I hadn’t gotten that… Jan Lacante sang for ‘Neuthrone’ for about a year (e.g. on the Tilleherte demo).

David Stubbe

We all have great memories of Belgium becasue over there people know how to be hospitable. We’re definitely not anarcho-punks nor do we play pure, politically engaged hardcore but we all know which side we’re on…

Lionel Fahy, ‘Portobello Bones’ guitarist; personal communication ’94

About sleeping-places… Last time we played there, people were coming in and woke us up all night. Early in the morning someone was also playing drums. So we didn’t get much sleep. But the breakfast was excellent…

Piet, ‘Fleas & Lice’ guitarist

94 Brawl - Fleas & Lice tour

Six months after our first appearance, it was back to the V.V. on tour again with ‘Brawl’. Their bassplayer was still not touring with them so I got the call again to fill in. On this tour we were out every gig with ‘Fleas & Lice’ from Groningen – we are life-long friends at this stage, and they are one of the main instigators of the annual GGI festival which is organised every year rotating between the punks and bands of Groningen, Glasgow and Ireland.

I also had a replacement Rickenbacker thanks to ‘Kleister’ of Skuld releases (organising for me to buy one of Flo from ‘Squandered Message’ in Berlin who was selling it – a real stroke of luck). Unfortunately this one would also be stolen in later years! I am on my third Ric now – if that is ever stolen, I will take that as my cue to retire…

Anyway, there was a big Bradford contingent on the day there too with both UK bands containing mutual friends and acquaintances of members of ‘Brawl’ and ‘Fleas & Lice’ – it was always great to play such line-ups as you were guaranteed to meet up with old friends and to make new ones. I think ‘Sned’ from ‘Health Hazard’ may be the only person who could equal ‘Crispo’ for the amount of great bands he has played in over the years. Murt of ‘Brawl’ was a non-drinker and never missed a chance to network at such gigs to get the band new contacts/gigs/releases, etc. – a shrewd and charismatic guy when it came to promoting his band – that combined with the fact the guys had their own van (a total rarity in Ireland at that time for any band) meant they were the first DIY punk band from the South of Ireland to tour Europe. I was so glad to be along for the ride. Good times.

On the gig itself: I remember very little of it other than some of the bands on the bill were a bit too noisy for my liking – I had started to get older and do the old jaded touring guys trick of half-listening to the bands whilst drinking outside and talking shite to whoever would listen – a habit I carry with me to this very day.

Thomas Maguire a.k.a. ‘Tommy Trousers’

excerpts from the V.V. guestbook:

VV 94-03-19 - (book B) Virtual Reality

VV 94-03-19 - (book B) Health Hazard + Virtual Reality

VV 94-03-19 - (book B) Neuthrone

VV 94-03-19 - (book B) Fleas & Lice

VV 94-03-19 - (book B) BrawlVV 94-03-19 - (book B) Brawl''

VV 94-03-19 - (book B) comment WardEdward Verhaeghe (‘Nations On Fire’):

“This concert was the first in a long series where everyone felt really good. What a wonderful atmosphere! Everyone was super-friendly to everyone: Liège ‘loves’ 8000 crew … or something of that kind??? Fantastic. This is the day where cook Hans [Verbeke; ‘Blindfold’, SoberMind recs] decided to ‘sign’ ‘Virtual Reality’. Also a day where all bias and stereotyping was contradicted. Some would describe this in many poetic verses.”

additions wellcome!…

 93-09-04 Contropotere - Herb Garden - Bad Influence - Brawl

93-09-04 Contropotere banner

The baddies of ‘Bad Influence’ had a way of showing up with a lot of great bands and interesting people: 90-10-27 (with ‘Zygote’), 92-11-01 (with Steve Ignorant), here with ‘Contropotere’, 93-10-24 (with ‘Toxic Waste’), 94-09-17 (with ‘Citizen Fish’) and 96-09-21 (with ‘P.A.I.N.’)… Hard-working lads eh! ;-) This here was at the time when Tim ‘Crow’ Shapland (ex ‘Zygote’) played bass for them. Thomas Noppe did the guitar-work on the New Age Witch Hunt LP but only played about half a year or a year with the band after its release (’92). Here it was Egbert a.k.a. ‘Eggy’ playing guitar.

93-09-04 Bad Influence93-09-04 Bad Influence'‘Bad Influence’ pics, courtesy of Ben Wallis

‘Herb Garden’ was a 5-piece band from Bristol: David ‘Dave’ Crook (bass), Ben(edict) Wallis (drums), Phil(ip) Marsden (guitar), Richard Charles ‘Rat’ Crook (guitar) & Carl (Benedict) Graves (vocals). Their music was sometimes described as power-punk-pop and others labeled them as a “psych-thrash, absurdist funky-punk outfit”. Their 1st release was a 12” entitled Bulldozer Jones (’89). Then there was the Destructive Natural Agent LP (’92). Karl Horton (Words Of Warning) put out the H.M.S. Disaster LP in ’93 out. And in between there were a few 7”s; e.g. Forever on Ralf Sander (Stuttgart) ‘s 42 recs.

Herb Garden promo 2‘Herb Garden’

93-09-04 Herb Garden - Rat rhythm guitar & Phil lead guitar‘Herb Garden’s ‘Rat’ (rhythm guitar) & Phil (lead guitar) getting ready for the show

‘Brawl’ were a hardcore/punk band with great, fast, singalong tunes; from Wexford county, Ireland. The band consisted of Murt Flynn (vocals), Mark ‘Crispo’ Christie (drums; ex ‘Pink Turds In Space’ & ‘F.U.A.L.’, also ‘Bleeding Rectum’), Thomas Maguire a.k.a. ‘Tommy Trousers’ (bass; replaced Alan) and Greg O’Brien (guitar). The band had a demo (called Barney) out around that time and and a few tracks on compilation-LPs. Their tour had started with a disaster because their van and gear got stolen on the second day. The van was retreived but not their material. They got help (and some money) from the people of ‘Sedition’ & ‘Disaffect’. (Read Tommy’s contribution). This here was ‘Brawl’s first appearance at the V.V. They came back 2 times: 94-03-19 & 95-09-08.

‘Contropotere’ was an Italian anarcho-punk collective (not a real ‘band’ with a steady line-up; they called it a “laboratory” themselves…) that started in the squat-scene of Naples but there were people from various places involved: Lucia ‘Lucy’ V. (vocals), ‘Bostik’ Adriano C. (keyboards), ‘Alli’ Alessandro P. (drums), Andrea de M. (guitar), Andrea S.-H. (bass), Valeria M. (bass/vocals), Cesare ‘Cjzj’ M. (bass, guitar). Ben Sicko interviewed them during their UK tour for Raising Hell #22 (‘90): he mentions Ciro Greco as guitarplayer & Ciccia as bassist. They used to tour with sound-mixer Riccardo and ‘performer’ Anja M. Their ‘songs’ were sometimes quite lengthy and their approach could be described as D.I.Y. ‘hardcore-punk’ ideologically but their music was influenced by various styles. It was referred to as “a seething cauldron, dark and sinister with grating guitars, thin arabesques, eastern melodies and echos, sharp riffs… Lyrics were desperate, poetic, …; carried by screamy voice. It balanced from gothic to punk, from hardcore-thrash to industrial and techno-tribal.”. It all started with the E’ Arrivato Ah Pook! Demo in 1986. In ’88 they did the Nessuna Speranza Nessuna Paura LP. A bit later Oliver ‘Kleister’ Schmid (and his partner Andrea) – who ran the label Skuld releases – put out the Il Seme Della Devianza LP (’91) and the Solo Selvaggi 7” (’92). There’s also a live tape from 2 German shows: Nagold (93-05-21) & Münich (93-05-22). In 1994 ‘Contropotere’ changed their name in ‘CP/01’ and recorded the Cyborg 100% CD (experymental electro-industrial stuff).

Contropotere promo‘Contropotere’

see also ===> 93-09-04 Contropotere & Brawl (extra photos)

I remember their show left quite an impression. Not in the least because of Lucia’s expressive vocals and theatrical performance that grabbed us by the throat. Unfortunately it was difficult to communicate as they only spoke little English and most of us didn’t master Italian…

Here’s some live footage of them in Bremen & Frankfurt in 1990; and a full concert (Höfingen, Germany, 1992).


We were indeed an Italian anarcho-punk collective-tribe-family and not a standard band but it’s difficult to explain about this anarchism because there are many anarchist ways. We started with an anarcho-punk spirit in the hardcore scene in Italy but we were all different persons with different experiences, different ages. Our anarchism resembled to that of ‘Crass’, something more like spirit than ideology. We didn’t read that much books about anarchism and we all had different visions about it: someone more individual-nihilist, some more mystic and deep. We started (’86) in the squat-scenes in Padova & Venezia. Bostik and Lucia came back from Berlin. After one year we decided to go to Napoli and live all together in a big house (called Stella). We squatted a place called Tienament for concerts. ‘Contropotere’ was together for 10 years, our concept and philosophy transformed. Around the time of this concert (1993-94) the band was: Lucia (vocals) – Bostik (keyboards) – Alli (drums) – Valeria (bass) – Cesare Cjsj (bass) – Andrea D (guitar) – Lavinia (second voice & performer) – Riccardo Serpenta (mixer) – Anja (performer & driver).

‘Alli’, ‘Contropotere’ drummer

I got the call to fill in on bass for ‘Brawl’ from some old friends in Ireland who recommended me for the gig. I was living in London at the time playing in the band ‘Stockwell’ with some stalwarts from the Welsh anarcho-bands ‘Shrapnel’ and ‘Symbol Of Freedom’, in a more post-HC and melodic direction than all of us previously played. I heard that ‘Brawl’s bassplayer couldn’t do the tour and they needed a stand in. I was only too pleased to accept. It was my first time to get the opportunity to gig outside of Britain and Ireland, and I was delighted. ‘Brawl’s sound was fairly standard mid-tempo punk but the vocalist Murt had a distinctive Irish voice and great stage-presence. At this time ‘Crispo’ (legendary Irish drummer from innumerable bands [‘Pink Turds In Space’] over the years) handled the sticks, so I knew we would be a really tight musical unit. We rehearsed in Ireland for a week or so then started our tour in Glasgow. A great gig with ‘Disaffect’, and a great session that evening led to us being a bit hung-over and naïve in our parking-choice for our van in central Glasgow and it was stolen! All our gear and clothes were gone – including my Rickenbacker – we were snookered. Luckily I had my passport and money on my person. Anyway we thought of cancelling the tour but the rest of the guys had put too much time and effort into organising things so the decision was made to carry on. We got the van back from the police as luckily the thieves had not done too much damage to it. We borrowed guitars and drum-stuff from the fabulous people of ‘Sedition’ and ‘Disaffect’, and we picked up two amps from my house in London and carried on to the continent.

The whole tour was amazing but the gig in Ieper was one of the highlights. This was actually my first day ever in Belgium. We were struck by the WWI history of the town and were surprised to see they still play the ‘Last Post’ on the trumpet in the evening at the Menin Gate. It only dawned on us at that moment that we were in Ypres – we never knew the Flemish name of the town before as our history-books only ever used the French version and is referred to as ‘wipers’! But to be more accurate the thing that amazed us all the most was our first trip to a Belgian supermarket. Alcohol is relatively expensive in Ireland and in these pre-€ times the exchange-rate was around 50 Belgian Francs to the Irish Pound. We saw some beer on the shelves and it appeared that the deposit on the bottles was more than the cost of the beer inside – we looked like idiots standing in the supermarket trying to do the exchange-rate maths, giggling like children at the realisation that you could theoretically drink forever from buying one crate of beer. We got back to the venue and I reckon we came across to people as the worst bumpkins ever to hit town, telling anyone who would listen about our supermarket beer-adventure. However, we had a gig to play and what a line up it was!

I had never seen ‘Bad Influence’ before but I was aware they were ‘Amebix’ influenced and I knew I would enjoy them. I got talking to Herwin, their singer, and struck up a good rapport with him, a great guy who knew a lot of mutual friends from the scene. I was glad to make his acquaintance again in later years when the Baddies toured Ireland and for a period we broadcasted each others radio-shows that we exchanged on cassette through the mail – his show from the Antwerp [local] radio [Radio Centraal] and my show from pirate radio-station DLR in Dublin. It’s great to see they are still going.

‘Herb Garden’ I had met from playing around the UK, nice guys and a solid band, we swapped some small talk about how great the set-up at the venue was and had the typical chat everyone had at that time about how few DIY venues of the calibre of the V.V. existed in Britain or Ireland.

‘Contropotere’ were simply incredible, one of the greatest drummers in a band I have seen to this day, and amazing vocals and stage-presence. We tried to chat but very few of their crew spoke English – and Irish people are really terrible at other languages; we are lazy monoglots like all of the English speaking world…

Anyway we got to use our beer-tokens on trying fancy Belgian fruit-flavoured beers as we had our own stock of ‘free’ beer and really enjoyed our set. For a small room the sound was really great and I think the crowd enjoyed it. Across all of this tour ‘Brawl’ got a good reception, a lot of the time we were the light relief on bills shared with heavier bands and the contrast in styles seemed to work well with most crowds. After the gig we got to stay in the place upstairs and as far as I remember this was without incident – I was probably blacked out from the ‘free’ beer and still telling anyone who would listen about the beer in the supermarket in town…. My other abiding memory of the venue was the drinkers vs straight-edge graffiti wars. It struck me at the time as idiotic and so pointless in a town so small to have such hostility within the scene, especially as it was plain to see how hard people were working to keep the venue operating, some people don’t realise a good thing when they see it..

Thomas Maguire a.k.a. ‘Tommy Trousers’

First time I played at the Vort’n Vis was here with ‘Brawl’. I remember it was on a Saturday and the supermarket was shutting early enough. We and a few mates that were tagging along (Conor, Bengy, etc.) bought a couple a crates of beer and realised that the supermarket would not be open the next day, at least not before we were leaving; so we had less than an hour to drink all the beer to be able to get the bottles-deposit back. No place better than outside the supermarket where one or two of us spewed up much to the disgust of some of the people there. But hey that was punk and we got our deposit back which was probably all the money we had between us at the time and then off to the gig.

I saw one of the best drummers ever at this gig playing for ‘Contropetere’ from Naples They were such a good band. I think we played OK, it was all a bit blurry after the supermarket. We stayed there that night and there was some weird sleepwalking incident involving a friend, Helen. Again very blurry.

I drummed for ‘Toxic Waste’ (93-10-24) at another gig there, within the next month or so, featuring Dino from ‘Dirt’ on vocals.

Mark ‘Crispo’ Christie

I was there, I was just in the van…

Conor Koresh, driver/roadie for ‘Brawl’

We were staying at Herwin’s (singer of ‘Bad Influence’), in Antwerp where he had a place with his girlfriend Benedicte. This we found unusual as she had the same name as me! This is from my tour-journal: >> Up and breakfast of tomatoes-bread-cheese in the top sleeping-rooms. Bloody moquitoes. Bit of football and frisbee outside Herwin’s, then Joris (‘Bad Influence’s great drummer) arrived to drive with us to Ieper’s Vort’n Vis. Smallish venue (bar/club) type place. Space only afforded a very modest light-show and projector. Got well fed [yeah!]. Line-up (first on): ‘Bad Influence’, ‘Brawl’ ‘Herb Garden’ & ‘Contropotere’. Quite a mix of styles. ‘Contropotere’, arrived very late as they had to travel from Bremen or something. They played an intense, theatrical, sort of heavy-metal-jazz, with an opera feel. We got paid 4.000 BeF (£ 76 !) [€ 100]. ‘Brawl’ have had all their gear nicked. They were in England (Bradford?) and went to a chip-shop, parking their van in a busy street. 20 minutes later they got back and the van was gone. Phoned cops – not towed away. Eventually they got their van back with nothing inside it. Bad. Also my bass-pedal clip had broken!! What? At the beginning of the tour. Why me? Why now? Why! Why! Why! … I drove the whole trip back to the sounds of an hypnotic highway and ‘XTC’s Rag and Bone Buffet. Bed. <<

There was an amazing buzz about the place and throughout the gig. For us it was a ‘European’ buzz! I also remember being seriously impressed with ‘Contropotere’s theatrical, dramatic stage show. They put so much ‘performance’ into their show with amazing lighting, tension and passion – along with ensemble drumming on industrial plastic containers. But my memories of them are mixed up with the next day’s music: we played two nights in succession with them together with ‘Bad Influence’. The next day’s gig was the ‘Clichee Alternatief Festival’ in Sint-Niklaas, where we were billed as “Bristol’s nicest boys”! It was also Joris’ birthday.

Due to a gig change we had a day off on Monday, 6 September and had some fun and beers in suburbia. But importantly Benedict & Benedict fixed the bass (kick) pedal – with wire, block of wood and yes, gaffer tape! A quality repair that has kept the pedal alive (with a bit of solder) to this very day – 2014! Lesson for bands: always have a spare of this kind of gig-accessory in the van!

We will tell more about our exploits on tour and elsewhere in future entries at the ‘Herb Garden: Bristol Band’ blog. People can listen to some of our music on ‘Herb Garden’s bandcamp.

Ben Wallis, ‘Herb Garden’s drummmer

93-09-04 Herb Garden kick pedal survival

From my tour-journal : >>Day 3. Good sleep, sat around Herwin’s, drove to Ieper, met Irish geezer from New Ross, did gig – it was jolly good, Italian crew were weird. Drove back to Antwerp and had disturbingly weird dreams… << I think I meant their music was ‘out there’ rather than they were weird people!

Phil Marsden, ‘Herb Garden’s guitarist

I remember playing football with ‘Brawl’ in the outside area of the venue. We had met them previously in New Ross (Eire).

Carl Graves, ‘Herb Garden’s vocalist

excerpts from the V.V. guestbook:

VV 93-09-04 - (book B) Herb Garden

VV 93-09-04 - (book B) Bad InfluenceVV 93-09-04 - (book B) Cro

VV 93-09-04 - (book B) Brawl'VV 93-09-04 - (book B) Brawl'''VV 93-09-04 - (book B) BrawlVV 93-09-04 - (book B) Brawl''Tommy T: “There was a guy Benjy with us too – I presume he is talking about black moroccan hashish?? cryptic and stupid all at the same time!”

VV 93-09-04 - (book B) BregoVV 93-09-04 - (book B) LuxBrego and friends of the Luxemburger band ‘Because’ announcing their concert on 93-09-18

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Brawl Thalidomide coverBrawl promo

After 93-09-04 & 94-03-19 ‘Brawl’ were here for the 3rd time. Their first release was on Bruno’s Genet recs but they were about to release an ‎EP (Thalidomide) on John Yates’ Allied recs (1996). The band’s vocalist Murt Flynn remained and guitarist was Greg O’Brien. I believe the drummer was named Keri Jones. Don’t know who played bass at thet time (a guy named Dave signed the guestbook). Their music was described as “post-punk-core”.

95-09-08 Brawl' (by Henk L)95-09-08 Brawl (by Henk L)‘Brawl’; photographed by Henk Loobuyck

Tim De Graeve goes under the moniker ‘Tiny Legs Tim’ ( nowadays. He was born in 1978 in the quiet, rural area of the West-Flemish ‘Heuvelland’ (Westouter & Poperinge). “As a kid he listened to Bob Dylan and old blues-maestros. He took lessons classical guitar but quickly started experimenting with the music of his favourites and developped his own style.” — “Back home we didn’t have TV. I played outside a lot with my brother, read books, listened tot the radio and records. I went to music-school. As a little boy I found and old guitar from the 30s in my grandpa’s attic. I got into my dad’s music: Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen and the blues- & country-grandmasters. The First CD I bought myself (age 11) by John Lee Hooker.” Tim lives in Gent nowadays… The city of Gent promotes his ‘One Man Blues Band’: “own blues-songs inspirered by the old Delta Blues – uptempo with a lot of slide guitar and a foottap-board”.

There’s also an entry of a metal band (in German) in the guestbook… No idea who that was…


That’s the later line-up without me. I don’t know the name of the drummer or bass-player off hand. It was still Greg on guitar and Murt on vocals. It’s not me or Crispo in the photos, that’s for sure.

Tommy, ‘Brawl’ bassist in ‘93 & ‘94

1995 must’ve been my early days. I was a teenager then… My entry in the guestbook says it was my second time at the Vort’n Vis so I must’ve been there before…? Later I played there with ‘The Heartfakers’ and also with the ‘Greenhorns’ [played at the V.V. before: 90-10-13 & 91-09-21] – the band of Alex Brackx.

It also says “Anti-Rally-Aktie”. The ‘Ieper Rally’ was always in June but apparantly we also did things in September… I recall recordings once for a radioshow called ‘Piazza’ (with Friedl Lesage on Radio 1). And there’s also been a docu on the ‘Rally’ on the radio where they played one of my songs in the background. That was recorded at the Vort’n Vis.

Tim De Graeve

We’ve done something with ARK [Anti Rally Komitee/Koepel] in September once; that could’ve been ‘95. Three of us skipped a wedding-party because we thought our actions were more important… It was a reaction to the death of a little child during the Rally… We made flyers and probably cycled the the trail of the Rally, ending at the Vort’n Vis. ARK was a group of organisations and individuals that commited to opposing the ‘24 hours of Ieper’. We agitated many years (and were each time administratively arrested and as a group put in jail) against the Rally. We often congregated at the Vort’n Vis.

Mien De Graeve

Tim probably played solo here but I played bass with him as ‘The Heartfakers’ the second time at the Vort’n Vis (no idea about the date, we might have even played twice). It was a funny, sunny lazy sunday-afternoon. Our friend Peter Vanthuyne was the bartender and probably booked us too. He made a last-minute flyer with a bloody ‘Heartfakers’ logo and told us we could play as loud as we want while he was leaving the front-door open. It was the last day of the rally and of course a few rallyfans entered the pub (we were playing some sort of psychedelic blues rock) while Tim played with his ARK stickers on his guitar. To us it was quite amusing.

Korneel Barbry

excerpts from the V.V. guestbook:

VV 95-09-08 - (book B) Brawl

VV 95-09-08 - (book B) Tim De Graeve

VV 95-09-08 - (book B) metalreal or spoof?

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