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Half a year after their previous appearance (92-05-02) Bristol-based ‘Nessun Dorma’ were back already. In Oct 1991 their Chew It Over LP was released on Mike Foster’s label M.C.R. so they were promoting that extensively… The band was Seamus Cummins (bass), Paul Perry (vocals), Phil (drums) and Ju(lian) Newby & Tony ‘Tone’ (guitarists). They came a couple more times…

‘Bad Influence’ were supposed to be guiding Steve ‘Ignorant’ (ex ‘Crass’; real name Steve Williams) around on his puppet-show tour… But I can’t recall have seen him at the V.V. He came over with Stratford Mercenaries (98-03-29).

‘Bad Influence’s line-up changed quite a few times in the 90s. About a year after this, on 93-09-04, the baddies had Tim ‘Crow’ Shapland (ex ‘Zygote’) as bassist and Egbert ‘Eggy’ played guitar. On the New Age Witch Hunt LP – which was released in ’92 (recorded May/June) – it was Pat Delabie & Thomas Noppe.

‘Pleum’ (‘Pleûm’), a punk/HC band from the Rouen area (Normandy, France), were: Nico (bass), Ludo (guitar), Fred ‘Frédo’ Lachnowich (vocals) & Cyril(lo) (drums). They did a tape called Et ça Craint (D.I.Y.; 1989) and a CD Pue-La-Merde (1995) on a label from Poitiers, called On A Faim! They were also on a bunch of compilations (see discography).


My guess is that Steve had canceled last minute. We played with ‘Labie’ and Thomas then…

Holy Herwin

I don’t think I still played bass for ‘B.I.’ at that time…

Pat Labie

additions wellcome!…

Intro: 94-09-16&17&18 6th Leed festival

Helena ‘Inkisiçao’ – This Is Not Amerikka tour

In 1993 ‘Inkisição’ (from Aveiro), a HC/punk band singing in Portugese, consisted of Miguel [Helena: Miguel Angelo Marques Tavares] (vocals), Rui Maia (drums), Oliviera (guitar) and Píncaro (bass). At the time of this gig Helena ‘Lena’ Paula Burbuleta (Rui’s girlfriend/later wife) had joined the band as extra vocalist. Píncaro then played guitar (also in ‘Mentes Podres’) and Sérgio bass. The latter 2 died in the summer of 1995 [Helena: 1996; in a bicycle-acident]. Lena, Miguel & Rui formed ‘Intervenzione’ then… I think I started corresponding with Rui because he distributed DIY tapes & vinyl (Fuck Off And Act!) and did a zine, Diabo No Corpo (DNC). He put out a compilation taped entitled When The Punks Go Marching In!!! (with live tracks of ‘Inkisição’). I also interviewed Helena for the Women in HC section of my zine Tilt! #8. They did a demo called 2”Arroto (2nd Burp) with the original line-up (Oliveira, Píncaro, Rui and Zé Vilao) and in ’92 they released a tape called Alternativa. Slime recs (Ataque Sonoro) put out the ‘X-Acto’/ ‘Inkisição’ split-CD in ’93 and a few years later a spit-7” with ‘Battle Of Disarm’. Their music was sometimes melodic, sometimes thrashy HC/punk… They toured with ‘Oi Polloi’ but these played on the Sunday…

Rui & Helena ‘Inkisiçao’ (band live pics will follow)

Third appearance of ‘Citizen Fish’ at the Vort’n Vis (after 93-02-21 & 93-10-24). Singer Dick Lucas had released a split-7” with ‘A.O.S. 3’ in 1993, hence the touring together, I reckon…? In March 1994 ‘C.F.’ recorded a couple tracks for a split-7” with the Japanese ‘Nukey Pikes’.

‘Citizen Fish’ Dick Lucas (pictured by Joeri Hoste)

Paula ‘Spitboy’ & Pete ‘The Roadie’ (wife & husband) were mentioned in guestbook… Pete was roadie-ing for many a band a that time. Nowadays he sings in the Californian band ‘Kicker’ (with ‘Mauz’ from ‘Dystopia).

‘Citizen Fish’ Jasper, Phil & Pete The Roadie

One of the umptieth gigs ‘Bad Influence’ played here. About a year before they already supported ‘Citizen Fish’ – they were the ‘usual’ support for bands from Bath/Bristol area. I reckon this was the Afterbirth (10”) era with bassist Tim ‘Crow’ Shapland (ex ‘Zygote’) on bass and guitarist Egbert ‘Eggy’ Verheyen…

‘AOS3’, now touring with ‘Citizen Fish’ and ‘Bender’, had been here earlier in the year (94-01-30). They were from Sunderland and played reggae-rock-ska-dub-punk. They state they were part of the anarcho-punk movement and that their “lyrics reflect the band’s political stance”. The band consisted of Bill Radford (bass), Colin Cumpson (guitar), Erl R. (drums) and John Horabin (vocals). By the time they played here, they’d already a a couple of 7”s out: one entitled Tottenham 3 (Words Of Warning ’92) and a split with ‘Citizens Fish’ (Bluurg recs ’93); the LP God’s Secret Agent would be released later that year (also on W.O.W.). They also put out a live+studio tape entitled Apparently We Had A Great Time (1992). When they split up (their last gig was December ‘94), singer John relocated to London and formed ‘P.A.I.N.’ (with Phil from ‘Radical Dance Faction’). ‘AOS3’ reformed in 2007.

‘AOS3’; photographed by Helena ‘Lena’ Paula Burbuleta

‘AOS3’ (Colin – John – Bill); photographer unknown (more band live pics will follow)

‘Bender’ (UK; reggae-dub-punk) also came along with ‘AOS3’ & ‘C.F.’ (see guestbook-entry). The band consisted of Alex Gordon (guitar/vocals), Jim Friedlander (bass) & Crum Hall (drums; he replaced Paolo). They had some tapes out and did a 7” & 2 LPs on Words Of Warning (94-96).

The Finnish ‘Selfish’, another band on Genet recs, performed for the 3rd time (after 92-07-25 & 93-10-31). October 1993 they had recorded for the split-LP with ‘Doom’ (out on Matthias Weigand’s label Ecocentric recs) with Otto Itkonen (drums), ‘Basse’ Sebastian Särekallio (vocals, R.I.P.), ‘Jaba’ Jaakko Penttinen (bass) and ‘Vikke’ (guitar; later also ‘Wind Of Pain’). In 1994 there was also the release of their split-7” with ‘Disclose’ (‘Selfish’ recordings from September 1993). This photo shows Sebastian, Otto & ‘Pedro Anthares’ (Petri Niskanen; on bass!?).

‘Selfish’ (pics by Wim De Leersnijder & Kurt van den Eynden)

‘Agathocles’ played too… [unannounced; read below] Another appearance of the ‘masters of mincecore’)… I was never a big fan and questioned some of their dealings in the past but I must admit, now that they’re still going, that I admire especially Jan’s perseverance and dedication. With the many line-up changes, I can ‘t really recall who played when. Burt was kind of a constant factor to me; having known him from the Hageland Hardcore days and the gigs in his hometown Scherpenheuvel. In my brain guitarist Steve Houtmeyers doesn’t trigger any neurons and Rudy Pans is connected to ‘Intestinal Disease’…

Forgot who ‘Der Machinisten’ were…


‘Der Machinisten’… I did backing-vocals for them with my sister Benedicte in Ieper. Didier Volckaert, Matthias Cruyssaert, Ludovic Colpaert was the singer and someone else I forgot… They didn’t use any ‘real’ instruments. All industrial stuff.

Caroline Rouseré

‘Agathocles’ played on this day as well…

Rui Maia, ‘Inkisiçao’ drummer

Yeah, we played there! Around 1993 it was me, Rudy (ex ‘Intestinal Disease’ and nowadays ‘League Of Mental Men’- with an old Australian punk singing) on bass, Burt [Beyens] on drums and Steve [Houtmeyers; also founder of Intestinal Disease’, now in ‘Hypnos 69’]. On the photo below ‘Agathocles’ guitarist Steve is doing the vocals. He couldn’t play then…he had sprained his wrist. We did a few gigs with that line-up then, no recordings. It was in the “hall” of the V.V., not in the pub… Can’t remember much else though…

Jan Frederickx, ‘Agathocles’

‘Agathocles’; pic by Wim De Leersnijder

I used to play guitar for ‘Inkisiçao’ before this. I came over just for the concert because I live in Brussels and caught up with them.

Rui Ferreira

[After their first appearance 94-01-30] We came back to a completely contrasting event – hundreds of punks, a great gig in the bigger space which ended another great tour-run, and many tales from the road-crew of grandads who’d escaped death at Ieper by being seconded to the catering-crew just before the ‘big push’ – both under-age too – weird! The festival was fantastic and we were treated very well, then off to bed – with the biological experiment mattresses and still the same underwear nailed up.


excerpts from the V.V. guestbook:

additions wellcome!…

Intro: 96-09-20&21&22 8th Leed festival

P.A.I.N. Tintin

‘Carcer Molochi’ played on Saturday early in the afternoon with Gork (who had been playing here with ‘Coche Bomba’ the year before: 95-09-16) and myself doing vocals, Michael [Maes] drumming, Yannick [from France] on bass and Erwin [Degryse; still] on guitar.

Inge Cappoen, ‘Carcer Molochi’ vocalist

The band of V.V. ‘shitworker Michael Maes, ‘Carcer Molochi’, had played here quite a few times before. Their line-up had changed here: bassist Danny Suffys, drummer David Stubbe & vocalist Johan Sys had left, Michael switched instrument and some new people joined as Inge pointed out… A few months later (early 97) partners Mike & Inge would start ‘Link’ with Greg on bass and Juju on drums…

‘Witchknot’ (from Bradford) had played here already (93-09-18). Jane Graham (bass & vocals) was replaced by bassist Kess. ‘Foundsters’ Sarah MacHenry (drums; was in ‘Curse of Eve’ in the 80s), Lianne Hall (guitar & vocals) had turned the band into a 6-piece with the addition of Sally Stone (vocals), Marion (violin), Gaynor Haggerty (cello). They were described as “Punky ladies knitting songs with a load of instruments”. They put on punk and riot grrrl gigs and Witchfests at the 1 in 12. Sned put out their EP (Suck; Tilt! #8: >>The music these wome produce is not based on the traditional rock’n’roll structures. The untypical use of instruments and the upbeat colliding rhythms make it sound really bright and refreshing. Songs about empowerment and protest. A true kick in the nuts of capitalism and patriarchy.<<) and LP (Squawk; Tilt! #9: >>Complex, rhythmic, yet danceable earthbeat-punk reminiscent of ‘Recusant’, ‘Dawson’… The dashing beats keep putting you on the wrong foot but these women are still able to drag me along in their whirligig. The violin and cello also give it a folky feel. […]<<) on his label Flat Earth recs during the years. Some people labeled their music (experimental jazzy) post-punk and mentioned influences such as ‘The Slits’, ‘X-Ray Spex’, ‘The Ex’, ‘Dog Faced Hermans’, etc. etc. Later Kes and Sarah formed ‘Baba Yaga’… Well into the new century Sarah’s in Wales, playing in ‘Mwstard’ with her partner Alec Mac…

96-09-21 Witchknot (Evilspeak 3)‘Witchknot’ (from Sascha May’s zine Evilspeak #3)

‘Quarantine’ (from Glasgow) were Brian Curran (guitar & vocals; ex ‘Disaffect’; later ‘Debris’), Tracey Fallon (bass & vocals) and Jamie Usher (drums; ex ‘Disturbed’, ‘Headstart’ & ‘Sedition’). If I’m well informed they did a tape – entitled Doin’ It Wrong – in ’95. Their LP Automatic Negative Thoughts was recorded in April ‘96 and released by Nabate. My reviwe in Tilt! #9 goes: >>Brutally refreshing music that provides people with the adequate energy to meet the demands and resist the pressure of life. Great melodic crusty HC with brilliant hooks and catchy riffs. ‘Strawman’ and ‘Jawbreaker’ jump to my mind. […] Wonderful!<< (The 7” Junction was registered July 1997.)

‘P.A.I.N.’ (Propaganda And Information Network) – with some people who were also in ‘AOS3’ and ‘Radical Dance Faction’- brought ska-punk with reggae/dub influences supporting anarcho-style rantings. They were compared to ‘Inner Terrestrials. The band was from London: John Horabin (vocals & keyboard; was here before with ‘AOS3’), Phil ‘Pain’ Beckett (guitar & vocals), Ozzy ‘Captain Ozbert’ Wilkins (bass & vocals) and ‘Dan the Man Bdlang’, Danny Sylvester (drums & vocals). In 1996 they put out the album Oh My God! We’re Doing It! on the Bristol label Inna State recs.

‘Bad Influence’ had also been playing at the V.V. many times… This was the period after the Afterbirth 10” was released (marketed as “the Belgian answer to ‘Amebix’ and ‘Zygote’), so this might’ve been with ‘Eggy’ Egbert Verheyen playing guitar…? And Tim ‘Cow’ Shapland on bass?

‘Kirous’ from Joutseno (Finland) were Jonne Kauko (drums; ex ‘Selfish’), Ossi Vepsäläinen (guitar), Toni Eiskonen (bass; editor of Downsided zine), Antti Valius (vocals; here replaced by ‘Sharpeville’s vocalist, later by Teemu Bergman). In 94 they’d put our a 7” the Parisian label Minstrel recs.

‘State Of Filth’ from Preston (Lancashire) played “fast, heavy crust-core with dual vocals”. A DIY/political band; in a later stage fronted by Wayne Southworth (vocals, ex ‘Sore Throat’, ex ‘Doom; also in ‘Blood Sucking Freaks’ with Bri & Stick of ‘Doom’; R.I.P. 2005). They did a demo (Forced Into Silence ; 20 tracks; “mostly sludgy punk/crust at 1000mph”) in 1996. Nick Loaring (‘Ebola’ vocalist) put out a split-7” with ‘Slain’ on his label Enslaved in 1998. 28 of their songs appeared on a split-CD in the noughties… On the 7”: Kev (guitar), James (bass), Adrian ‘Ade’ & Rob(bie) (vocals), and Stu(art) Knowles (drums; later ‘The Day Man Lost’). They also appeared on the The Boredom And The Bullshit 7” compilation (‘96, Refusenik) and on the 7” More Noise By Nice Boys (‘97, Czech compilation).

‘State Of Filth’ (pics courtesy of Kevin Whitlock)

‘Clutch Assembly’ was a duo into techno and techno-house: Hendrik Willemyns & Thomas Laureyssens. In ’97 they released some material on Nova Zembla, a Belgian label (based in Zwijndrecht) with a respected name in the techno-scene…


‘Clutch Assembly’ is the band ‘Arsenal’ nowadays… Hendrik was a friend of mine from uni…

Peter Vanthuyne (V.V. shitworker)

We always enjoyed playing the Vort’n Vis. Somewhere I have photos from one of our last (maybe the last…?) European gigs when we played there with ‘Quarantine’. Me and Alec [‘Health Hazard’, ‘Suffer’, …] live in the middle of nowhere now, but we do a band with a friend of ours [‘Mwstard’], maybe an oldies band on the way…

Sarah MacHenry, ‘Witchknot’ drummer

‘Quarantine’ played at the Vort’n Vis Leed fest in ‘96 along with ‘Witchknot’ (who were our touring-mates on that trip). First time I’d played in the big barn and not the bar. Really good gig I remember, apart from Tracey got her sleeping-bag stolen, that good times were had by all… We only stayed one day as we we were in Germany the day before and after. Think that was the only time ‘Quarantine’ played the V.V. We did quite a bit in a short period of time (95-98). LP, EP, demo, 4 Euro-tours with some pretty cool bands (‘Kort Prosess’, ‘Counterblast’, ‘Scatha’, ‘Witchknot’, ‘Battle of Disarm’, ‘Active Minds’ and plenty more). ‘I.B.’ and Adam [see guestbook] did come along with us as travelling companions on this trip.

Brian Curran, ‘Quarantine’

We went on our first short euro-tour with ‘Kirous’ in 1996. First we took a ferry from Helsinki to Travemünde (Germany), and since we were young and didn’t have a car we rented one from Germany, the cheapest one available off cource. Something ended up going wrong with the rental company and they replaced our cheap car with a high-end Mercedes which was kind of silly and confusing. Our vocalist Antti was not able to tour, so we decided to double or nothing and ‘borrowed’ the two vocalist of ‘Sharpeville’. With this line-up we played around 5-6 gigs in Germany, some of them with ‘State Of Filth’ and I believe one with ‘Witchknot’ in Düsseldorf, and then the one at Leed festival. I vaguely remember that gig. There was a city festival at the same time and I remember going there to see some Japanese taiko drumming. I had a blast in Belgium and remember the taste of Jupiler quite easily to this day.

The guitar-player Ossi passed away in 1999 and that’s when ‘Kirous’ ended. Jonne and me formed a new band ‘Yhdeksäs Surmanluoti’ but we never did a record with that band.

Toni Eiskonen, ‘Kirous’ bassist

Angus McPhee, of ‘Glue’, drove ‘Quarantine’ around that tour!!!

Angus Quinn, ‘Sedition’

Your archival skills continue to impress me. It’s really nice to see the entries in the guestbook. ‘I.B.’ and Adam did travel with us and also a third friend Carolyn (not in bands). ‘I.B.’ and I were in a relationship at that time. Adam was Brian’s flatmate. We took Andy [Irvine] (‘Scatha’s) distro with us and Adam & Carolyn helped with that as well amongst other things. ‘I.B.’ played in Scatha – band that ‘Quarantine’ toured and played a great deal with due to mutual friendships and past musical connections – as well.

Tracey Fallon, ‘Quarantine’

I played guitar in ‘S.O.F.’ and bass in ‘The Day Man Lost’ (amongst others). Great to read up the reviews and remember so great times with great people. Even recognise my crappy handwriting in the guestbook ha! I We played the Vort’n Vis as a part of small tour (Chris of Aversion zine did a tour-guide that mentions we did a gig or two with ‘Quarantine’ on that tour. – see below). Loved the gig and people at the venue looked after us so well; real cool crowd. I played guitar. Prior to this I was in ‘Virus Insurrection’ (bass), ‘Hecatomb’ (guitar) and after ‘S.O.F.’ in ‘Belligerent’ and ‘Mass Of Bastards’ (both guitar and both with Stu Knowles) and ‘The Day Man Lost’ (bass). The others were Ade Goddard and Rob (God) Butcher to the best of my knowledge. Jimmy Rodgers played bass in ‘S.O.F.’ and was also in ‘Belligerent’ with me and Stu.

Kevin Whitlock

from Aversion #5

excerpts from the V.V. guestbook:

VV 96-09-21 - (book C) Quarantaine & Witchknot (1derde)VV 96-09-21 - (book C) Quarantaine & Witchknot (1derde')VV 96-09-21 - (book C) Quarantaine & Witchknot (1derde'')‘I.B.’ (‘Disaffect’), Angus (‘Glue’), Adam Johnston (‘Headstart’) were there as well…

VV 96-09-21 - (book C) Kirous

VV 96-09-21 - (book C) State Of Filth

additions wellcome!…

VV newsletter 94-09-16&17&18 (a)

VV newsletter 94-09-16&17&18 (b)

VV newsletter 94-09-16&17&18 (c)Evolution of announcements in the Vort’n Vis newsletters

=> the actual ‘bill’ (???) – Accounts of the actual festival-days can be accessed by clicking on the links below…:

16 sep ’94: Força Macabra (Fin), Insane Youth (Bel), Corpus Christi (Bel), Zabloudil (Cze)

17 sep ’94: Citizen Fish (UK), AOS3 (UK), Bender (UK), Inkisiçao (Por), Bad Influence (Bel), Selfish (Fin), Agathocles (Bel), Der Machinisten (Bel)

18 sep ’94: Rain Like The Sound Of Trains (USA), Ivich (Fra), Oi Polloi (UK), X-Acto (Por)

‘Inkisicao’, ‘X-Acto’ & ‘Oi Polloi’ toured together:

94-09 Inkisicao, X-Acto and Oi Polloi - This Is Not Amerikka tourThis Is Not Amerikka tour (somewhere along the road) – ‘Oi Polloi’s Matt Finch, Deek, Chris ‘Wheelie’ Willsher, Calum Mackenzie; plus Joao Barrelas ‘Libelinha’ (‘X-Acto’) & Guilherme Charters

94-09-17 Inkisicao Lena + Chris Oi PolloiHelena (‘Inkisiçao’) & Chris (‘Oi Polloi’) at the Vort’n Vis

‘Citizen Fish’, ‘AOS 3’ & ‘Bender’ were also touring together: the No World Order tour.

Since 1989 I was running a fanzine-distro-label in my hometown in Italy, Pavia, called AZ – DIY anarcho-punk hardcore crust stuff… In September 1994 I arrived in Belgium (Leuven, on a university-exchange program Erasmus) to stay there 8 months. I was already in contact with Brob (Tilt!, legendary epic mythological ‘zine) and Alain (Nabate, legendary epic mythological label), and I knew that the 2 places in Belgium to go were Vort’n Vis in Ieper and La Zone in Liège. My first gig was this festival in Ieper, and then for the following 8 months I was in Ieper or Liège in the pit at gigs, almost every weekend. At the time the mainstream in the Italian HC/punk-scene was US S.E. (not for me, I didn’t like the music and the stupid macho attitude and I’ve never been S.E.; my religion doesn’t allow me to be S.E. – I’ve always drunk, smoked, etc.) and Californian melo-punk (OK, the first 2 LPs of ‘Bad Religion’ are good but please give me something more powerful and political). I was into English anarcho-punk (‘Conflict’, ‘Amebix’, ‘Antisect’) and crust (‘Doom’, ‘Sore Throat’, ‘Nausea’) and Italian HC (‘Contropotere’, ‘Wretched’, ‘C.C.M.’). So Belgium in 1994 was simply fuckin’ heaven: the best beer of Europe at ridicolously ultra-cheap price, endless pubs with no closing-time, open all night long, just a few kilometers away from the Dutch border coffee-shops with the best weed of Europe and a lot of gigs to go see the best touring bands of Europe and US, and finally – my favourite band at that times – ‘Hiatus’.

I got to the Leed festival by train, it was my first punk-gig outside Italy and I immediatly felt surprised in a positive way: no people asking for money and cigarettes all the time, no drunk people getting aggressive and creating trouble, lots of distros (I remember the ultra big stall John of Active distro did, it was wonderful to find so many things that I could not find in Italy brought to me directly from London!), very good and cheap beer, lots of people to talk with (many of which I was already in contact with by mail; and it was great to talk directly with people!) and, last but not least, a fuckin’ great gig, with a lot of my favourite bands at the time, especially from England: ‘Citizen Fish’, ‘AOS3’ and ‘Oi Polloi’; and then ‘Selfish’ – skandicrust at its best!! Sincerely: after 20 years, I remember mostly the atmosphere – angry but positive, “We’re fuckin’ tired of this shit but we don’t destroy ourselves, we want to create something different and alternative, something better…” And I remember on the way back to Leuven: alone on the train, exhausted and with a hang-over (“kater”, the only word I remember in Dutch…), looking at my new records and reading the Situationist books I got from Active distro, thinking “Holy shit! Great gig! I’ll go back to the next!”.

Piero Majocchi

I was at the ‘Citizen Fish’/’AOS3’ concert! It’s possible that Sammy [‘Soyhead’ Schneider, from Switzerland] was with me on that occasion, although I don’t remember exactly. I was travelling with him to North England and back, and we stopped in Belgium, but I don’t have very clear memories of us going to the Vort’n Vis concert together. What I do remember is being there with you, Brob. I also remember losing my glasses in front of the stage when everyone, me included, went crazy; and finding them while everyone around me was dancing.

Tomaz Trplan, Papermouth zine (Murska Sobota, Slovenia)

I’ll come to Ypres for the concert of ‘Inkisição’ & ‘X-Acto’. I’m so pleased they play at your place. I’m very much looking forward to see them again, especially Helena.

Michèle Marnach, Persons Unknown zine (Lux), personal communication Sep ‘94

Gregor Kanitz (A Jour distro, Düsseldorf) visited…

Was at this gig too, don’t remember too much of it I am afraid.

Bart Jansen, ‘Deconsume’ guitarist

I was there…

Luc Ardilouze, Scream zine (Bayonne, France)

I was there too, already my second Leed Fest at the V.V. Some great bands and amazing atmosphere. I kept coming to this fest for a few more years, always a pleasure!

Pawel, Scream recs (Gdansk, Poland)

I really don’t remenber how long we stayed in Belgium but I can recall that I really loved it and I talk about that tour-experience as the experience of my life :-)))) Unforgettable!

Helena Burbuleta, ‘Inkisiçao’ singer

excerpts from the V.V. guestbook:

VV 94-09-17 - (book B) Joao PratoSome Portugese stayed the whole weekend…

VV 94-09-17 - (book B) Fun prods???

VV 94-09-17 - (book B) Cross FaderOne of the S.F. movies that were shown?

96-09-20&21&22 Leed fest #8 poster 196-09-20&21&22 Leed fest #8 poster 2

Accounts of the actual festival-days can be accessed by clicking on the links below… My descent into hell had commenced a bit before this, I don‘t think I attended this fest (or not all of it); so not really sure about the playing-order…:

96-09-20: D.D.I. (Ita), Boycot (Nl), Eversor (Ita)

96-09-21: P.A.I.N. (UK), Witchknot (UK), Quarantine (UK), Bad Influence (Bel), State Of Filth (UK), Kirous (Fin), Carcer Molochi (Bel)

– Clutch Assembly (Bel) was invited to set of a techno night/party

96-09-22: Strain (Can), Ananda (Fra), Systral (Ger), Elision (Ger), Sektor (Bel), Vitality (Bel), Family Of Dog (Bel)

‘Portobello Bones’ (from France) were announced at some timepoint but I think they didn’t come… There was a photo of the Berliner band ‘Y’ playing in the V.V. barn in Sascha May’s zine Evilspeak or was that from a gig earlier that year…?

Some pics courtesy of Dario Quatrini (‘D.D.I.’) – taken by the members of the band:

96-09-20 distrosdistro-stalls in the pub (first evening) – Joeri Hoste, Jeroen Lauwers, etc.

96-09 Irith - Q - Q distroAZ distro from Pavia (with the charming Irith Davidzon on the left)

96-09 Mila - Luca - Gio yard cookingThe ‘D.D.I.’ gang cooking dinner in the yard, DIY-style (L => R: Mila – Luca – Gio)

96-09 Gallo resting‘D.D.I.’s Gallo taking a break in front of the famous corner-shop…

 93-09-04 Contropotere - Herb Garden - Bad Influence - Brawl

93-09-04 Contropotere banner

The baddies of ‘Bad Influence’ had a way of showing up with a lot of great bands and interesting people: 90-10-27 (with ‘Zygote’), 92-11-01 (with Steve Ignorant), here with ‘Contropotere’, 93-10-24 (with ‘Toxic Waste’), 94-09-17 (with ‘Citizen Fish’) and 96-09-21 (with ‘P.A.I.N.’)… Hard-working lads eh! ;-) This here was at the time when Tim ‘Crow’ Shapland (ex ‘Zygote’) played bass for them. Thomas Noppe did the guitar-work on the New Age Witch Hunt LP but only played about half a year or a year with the band after its release (’92). Here it was Egbert a.k.a. ‘Eggy’ playing guitar.

93-09-04 Bad Influence93-09-04 Bad Influence'‘Bad Influence’ pics, courtesy of Ben Wallis

‘Herb Garden’ was a 5-piece band from Bristol: David ‘Dave’ Crook (bass), Ben(edict) Wallis (drums), Phil(ip) Marsden (guitar), Richard Charles ‘Rat’ Crook (guitar) & Carl (Benedict) Graves (vocals). Their music was sometimes described as power-punk-pop and others labeled them as a “psych-thrash, absurdist funky-punk outfit”. Their 1st release was a 12” entitled Bulldozer Jones (’89). Then there was the Destructive Natural Agent LP (’92). Karl Horton (Words Of Warning) put out the H.M.S. Disaster LP in ’93 out. And in between there were a few 7”s; e.g. Forever on Ralf Sander (Stuttgart) ‘s 42 recs.

Herb Garden promo 2‘Herb Garden’

93-09-04 Herb Garden - Rat rhythm guitar & Phil lead guitar‘Herb Garden’s ‘Rat’ (rhythm guitar) & Phil (lead guitar) getting ready for the show

‘Brawl’ were a hardcore/punk band with great, fast, singalong tunes; from Wexford county, Ireland. The band consisted of Murt Flynn (vocals), Mark ‘Crispo’ Christie (drums; ex ‘Pink Turds In Space’ & ‘F.U.A.L.’, also ‘Bleeding Rectum’), Thomas Maguire a.k.a. ‘Tommy Trousers’ (bass; replaced Alan) and Greg O’Brien (guitar). The band had a demo (called Barney) out around that time and and a few tracks on compilation-LPs. Their tour had started with a disaster because their van and gear got stolen on the second day. The van was retreived but not their material. They got help (and some money) from the people of ‘Sedition’ & ‘Disaffect’. (Read Tommy’s contribution). This here was ‘Brawl’s first appearance at the V.V. They came back 2 times: 94-03-19 & 95-09-08.

‘Contropotere’ was an Italian anarcho-punk collective (not a real ‘band’ with a steady line-up; they called it a “laboratory” themselves…) that started in the squat-scene of Naples but there were people from various places involved: Lucia ‘Lucy’ V. (vocals), ‘Bostik’ Adriano C. (keyboards), ‘Alli’ Alessandro P. (drums), Andrea de M. (guitar), Andrea S.-H. (bass), Valeria M. (bass/vocals), Cesare ‘Cjzj’ M. (bass, guitar). Ben Sicko interviewed them during their UK tour for Raising Hell #22 (‘90): he mentions Ciro Greco as guitarplayer & Ciccia as bassist. They used to tour with sound-mixer Riccardo and ‘performer’ Anja M. Their ‘songs’ were sometimes quite lengthy and their approach could be described as D.I.Y. ‘hardcore-punk’ ideologically but their music was influenced by various styles. It was referred to as “a seething cauldron, dark and sinister with grating guitars, thin arabesques, eastern melodies and echos, sharp riffs… Lyrics were desperate, poetic, …; carried by screamy voice. It balanced from gothic to punk, from hardcore-thrash to industrial and techno-tribal.”. It all started with the E’ Arrivato Ah Pook! Demo in 1986. In ’88 they did the Nessuna Speranza Nessuna Paura LP. A bit later Oliver ‘Kleister’ Schmid (and his partner Andrea) – who ran the label Skuld releases – put out the Il Seme Della Devianza LP (’91) and the Solo Selvaggi 7” (’92). There’s also a live tape from 2 German shows: Nagold (93-05-21) & Münich (93-05-22). In 1994 ‘Contropotere’ changed their name in ‘CP/01’ and recorded the Cyborg 100% CD (experymental electro-industrial stuff).

Contropotere promo‘Contropotere’

I remember their show left quite an impression. Not in the least because of Lucia’s expressive vocals and theatrical performance that grabbed us by the throat. Unfortunately it was difficult to communicate as they only spoke little English and most of us didn’t master Italian…

Here’s some live footage of them in Bremen & Frankfurt in 1990; and a full concert (Höfingen, Germany, 1992).


We were indeed an Italian anarcho-punk collective-tribe-family and not a standard band but it’s difficult to explain about this anarchism because there are many anarchist ways. We started with an anarcho-punk spirit in the hardcore scene in Italy but we were all different persons with different experiences, different ages. Our anarchism resembled to that of ‘Crass’, something more like spirit than ideology. We didn’t read that much books about anarchism and we all had different visions about it: someone more individual-nihilist, some more mystic and deep. We started (’86) in the squat-scenes in Padova & Venezia. Bostik and Lucia came back from Berlin. After one year we decided to go to Napoli and live all together in a big house (called Stella). We squatted a place called Tienament for concerts. ‘Contropotere’ was together for 10 years, our concept and philosophy transformed. Around the time of this concert (1993-94) the band was: Lucia (vocals) – Bostik (keyboards) – Alli (drums) – Valeria (bass) – Cesare Cjsj (bass) – Andrea D (guitar) – Lavinia (second voice & performer) – Riccardo Serpenta (mixer) – Anja (performer & driver).

‘Alli’, ‘Contropotere’ drummer

I got the call to fill in on bass for ‘Brawl’ from some old friends in Ireland who recommended me for the gig. I was living in London at the time playing in the band ‘Stockwell’ with some stalwarts from the Welsh anarcho-bands ‘Shrapnel’ and ‘Symbol Of Freedom’, in a more post-HC and melodic direction than all of us previously played. I heard that ‘Brawl’s bassplayer couldn’t do the tour and they needed a stand in. I was only too pleased to accept. It was my first time to get the opportunity to gig outside of Britain and Ireland, and I was delighted. ‘Brawl’s sound was fairly standard mid-tempo punk but the vocalist Murt had a distinctive Irish voice and great stage-presence. At this time ‘Crispo’ (legendary Irish drummer from innumerable bands [‘Pink Turds In Space’] over the years) handled the sticks, so I knew we would be a really tight musical unit. We rehearsed in Ireland for a week or so then started our tour in Glasgow. A great gig with ‘Disaffect’, and a great session that evening led to us being a bit hung-over and naïve in our parking-choice for our van in central Glasgow and it was stolen! All our gear and clothes were gone – including my Rickenbacker – we were snookered. Luckily I had my passport and money on my person. Anyway we thought of cancelling the tour but the rest of the guys had put too much time and effort into organising things so the decision was made to carry on. We got the van back from the police as luckily the thieves had not done too much damage to it. We borrowed guitars and drum-stuff from the fabulous people of ‘Sedition’ and ‘Disaffect’, and we picked up two amps from my house in London and carried on to the continent.

The whole tour was amazing but the gig in Ieper was one of the highlights. This was actually my first day ever in Belgium. We were struck by the WWI history of the town and were surprised to see they still play the ‘Last Post’ on the trumpet in the evening at the Menin Gate. It only dawned on us at that moment that we were in Ypres – we never knew the Flemish name of the town before as our history-books only ever used the French version and is referred to as ‘wipers’! But to be more accurate the thing that amazed us all the most was our first trip to a Belgian supermarket. Alcohol is relatively expensive in Ireland and in these pre-€ times the exchange-rate was around 50 Belgian Francs to the Irish Pound. We saw some beer on the shelves and it appeared that the deposit on the bottles was more than the cost of the beer inside – we looked like idiots standing in the supermarket trying to do the exchange-rate maths, giggling like children at the realisation that you could theoretically drink forever from buying one crate of beer. We got back to the venue and I reckon we came across to people as the worst bumpkins ever to hit town, telling anyone who would listen about our supermarket beer-adventure. However, we had a gig to play and what a line up it was!

I had never seen ‘Bad Influence’ before but I was aware they were ‘Amebix’ influenced and I knew I would enjoy them. I got talking to Herwin, their singer, and struck up a good rapport with him, a great guy who knew a lot of mutual friends from the scene. I was glad to make his acquaintance again in later years when the Baddies toured Ireland and for a period we broadcasted each others radio-shows that we exchanged on cassette through the mail – his show from the Antwerp [local] radio [Radio Centraal] and my show from pirate radio-station DLR in Dublin. It’s great to see they are still going.

‘Herb Garden’ I had met from playing around the UK, nice guys and a solid band, we swapped some small talk about how great the set-up at the venue was and had the typical chat everyone had at that time about how few DIY venues of the calibre of the V.V. existed in Britain or Ireland.

‘Contropotere’ were simply incredible, one of the greatest drummers in a band I have seen to this day, and amazing vocals and stage-presence. We tried to chat but very few of their crew spoke English – and Irish people are really terrible at other languages; we are lazy monoglots like all of the English speaking world…

Anyway we got to use our beer-tokens on trying fancy Belgian fruit-flavoured beers as we had our own stock of ‘free’ beer and really enjoyed our set. For a small room the sound was really great and I think the crowd enjoyed it. Across all of this tour ‘Brawl’ got a good reception, a lot of the time we were the light relief on bills shared with heavier bands and the contrast in styles seemed to work well with most crowds. After the gig we got to stay in the place upstairs and as far as I remember this was without incident – I was probably blacked out from the ‘free’ beer and still telling anyone who would listen about the beer in the supermarket in town…. My other abiding memory of the venue was the drinkers vs straight-edge graffiti wars. It struck me at the time as idiotic and so pointless in a town so small to have such hostility within the scene, especially as it was plain to see how hard people were working to keep the venue operating, some people don’t realise a good thing when they see it..

Thomas Maguire a.k.a. ‘Tommy Trousers’

First time I played at the Vort’n Vis was here with ‘Brawl’. I remember it was on a Saturday and the supermarket was shutting early enough. We and a few mates that were tagging along (Conor, Bengy, etc.) bought a couple a crates of beer and realised that the supermarket would not be open the next day, at least not before we were leaving; so we had less than an hour to drink all the beer to be able to get the bottles-deposit back. No place better than outside the supermarket where one or two of us spewed up much to the disgust of some of the people there. But hey that was punk and we got our deposit back which was probably all the money we had between us at the time and then off to the gig.

I saw one of the best drummers ever at this gig playing for ‘Contropetere’ from Naples They were such a good band. I think we played OK, it was all a bit blurry after the supermarket. We stayed there that night and there was some weird sleepwalking incident involving a friend, Helen. Again very blurry.

I drummed for ‘Toxic Waste’ (93-10-24) at another gig there, within the next month or so, featuring Dino from ‘Dirt’ on vocals.

Mark ‘Crispo’ Christie

I was there, I was just in the van…

Conor Koresh, driver/roadie for ‘Brawl’

We were staying at Herwin’s (singer of ‘Bad Influence’), in Antwerp where he had a place with his girlfriend Benedicte. This we found unusual as she had the same name as me! This is from my tour-journal: >> Up and breakfast of tomatoes-bread-cheese in the top sleeping-rooms. Bloody moquitoes. Bit of football and frisbee outside Herwin’s, then Joris (‘Bad Influence’s great drummer) arrived to drive with us to Ieper’s Vort’n Vis. Smallish venue (bar/club) type place. Space only afforded a very modest light-show and projector. Got well fed [yeah!]. Line-up (first on): ‘Bad Influence’, ‘Brawl’ ‘Herb Garden’ & ‘Contropotere’. Quite a mix of styles. ‘Contropotere’, arrived very late as they had to travel from Bremen or something. They played an intense, theatrical, sort of heavy-metal-jazz, with an opera feel. We got paid 4.000 BeF (£ 76 !) [€ 100]. ‘Brawl’ have had all their gear nicked. They were in England (Bradford?) and went to a chip-shop, parking their van in a busy street. 20 minutes later they got back and the van was gone. Phoned cops – not towed away. Eventually they got their van back with nothing inside it. Bad. Also my bass-pedal clip had broken!! What? At the beginning of the tour. Why me? Why now? Why! Why! Why! … I drove the whole trip back to the sounds of an hypnotic highway and ‘XTC’s Rag and Bone Buffet. Bed. <<

There was an amazing buzz about the place and throughout the gig. For us it was a ‘European’ buzz! I also remember being seriously impressed with ‘Contropotere’s theatrical, dramatic stage show. They put so much ‘performance’ into their show with amazing lighting, tension and passion – along with ensemble drumming on industrial plastic containers. But my memories of them are mixed up with the next day’s music: we played two nights in succession with them together with ‘Bad Influence’. The next day’s gig was the ‘Clichee Alternatief Festival’ in Sint-Niklaas, where we were billed as “Bristol’s nicest boys”! It was also Joris’ birthday.

Due to a gig change we had a day off on Monday, 6 September and had some fun and beers in suburbia. But importantly Benedict & Benedict fixed the bass (kick) pedal – with wire, block of wood and yes, gaffer tape! A quality repair that has kept the pedal alive (with a bit of solder) to this very day – 2014! Lesson for bands: always have a spare of this kind of gig-accessory in the van!

We will tell more about our exploits on tour and elsewhere in future entries at the ‘Herb Garden: Bristol Band’ blog. People can listen to some of our music on ‘Herb Garden’s bandcamp.

Ben Wallis, ‘Herb Garden’s drummmer

93-09-04 Herb Garden kick pedal survival

From my tour-journal : >>Day 3. Good sleep, sat around Herwin’s, drove to Ieper, met Irish geezer from New Ross, did gig – it was jolly good, Italian crew were weird. Drove back to Antwerp and had disturbingly weird dreams… << I think I meant their music was ‘out there’ rather than they were weird people!

Phil Marsden, ‘Herb Garden’s guitarist

I remember playing football with ‘Brawl’ in the outside area of the venue. We had met them previously in New Ross (Eire).

Carl Graves, ‘Herb Garden’s vocalist

excerpts from the V.V. guestbook:

VV 93-09-04 - (book B) Herb Garden

VV 93-09-04 - (book B) Bad InfluenceVV 93-09-04 - (book B) Cro

VV 93-09-04 - (book B) Brawl'VV 93-09-04 - (book B) Brawl'''VV 93-09-04 - (book B) BrawlVV 93-09-04 - (book B) Brawl''Tommy T: “There was a guy Benjy with us too – I presume he is talking about black moroccan hashish?? cryptic and stupid all at the same time!”

VV 93-09-04 - (book B) BregoVV 93-09-04 - (book B) LuxBrego and friends of the Luxemburger band ‘Because’ announcing their concert on 93-09-18

additions wellcome!…

I saw ‘Toxic Waste’ (anarcho-punk band from Ulster) live in 1986 (86-04-05 at the Wolsack in Antwerp). The line-up then was Patsy Preston & Roy ‘Wally’ Wallace singing, Stuart ‘Marty’ Martin (guitar), Phil Coffey (bass) and Glen ‘Grub’ Thompson (drums). I might’ve heard them on the Mortohate’s We Don’t Want Your Fucking War compilation already too then. Bought the split-12” (with ‘Stalag 17′; see 86-05-10) The Truth Will Be Heard (released by the Warzone collective from Belfast, together with Mororhate recs). I was a fan! Especially the opener Traditionally Yours (with the aetheric guitars and Patsy Preston’s fragile singing) always brought me in a rebellious mood! They were also on the We Will Be Free LP (with ‘Asylum’ and ‘Stalag 17’ again). Couldn’t find their Unite to Resist demo (1983) then… In 1987 they put out the Belfast full album (on Belfast recs – NOT (see Marty’s correction below) with Petesy Burns on bass; ex ‘Stalag 17’, also drummer of ‘F.U.A.L.’ and Louanne Martin, singer of ‘F.U.A.L.’ – both visited the V.V. when touring with ‘The Next World’ – see 90-05-01).

93-10-24 Toxic Waste - Stalag 17 cover93-10-24 Toxic Waste - Stalag 17 back

The story about how Roy ended up in Antwerp and set up this tour can be read in Ian Glasper’s book The Day The Country Died… The ‘line-up here (the .V.V. was the last gig on this tour…) was: Roy (vocals), Deno ‘Dirt’ (vocals), ‘Marty’ Martin (guitar), Petesy Burns (bass) and Mark ‘Crispo’ Chrsitie (drums; ex ‘Pink Turds In Space’, also in ‘Brawl’ at one time…).

Marty was also in ‘Bleeding Rectum’ (with Wally & Crispo) and ‘Pink Turds In Space’ (with Crispo). Info on these bands can be found on his website.

This is what I wrote on the gig of ‘Culture Shock’ played for Smurfpunx (88-05-13) “an anarcho-punk / reggae-dub-ska band with Dick Lucas (formerly ‘Subhumans’; Bluurg recs)”. Very danceable tunes but socio-political lyrics aswell.”. I could use the same intro but with a couple of different band-members: ‘Citizen Fish’ (from the Bath area) were (at that time) Jasper Patterson (bass), Phil Bryant (guitar), Dick Lucas (vocals) and Trotsky (drums) – can ‘t remember if they had their ‘horns’ on tour. They had been here already before (93-02-21) and would come back later (94-09-17). In 1993 the band had their LP Flinch out (on Dick’s Bluurg recs; recorded right before this tour in August). Live Fish (in Germany)… They also did a split-7” with ‘A.O.S. 3’ a bit earlier. The guys are still playing ( and so is ‘Subhumans’ (with Dick, Phil & Trotsky).

‘Bad Influence’ were the ‘usual’ support for bands from Bath/Bristol; this time they had Tim ‘Crow’ Shapland (ex ‘Zygote’) on bass (Labie had left the ‘baddies’). The others were ‘Holy’ Herwin (vocals), Joris Rombouts (drums) and Egbert Verheyen (replacing Thomas Noppe on guitar); bringing a new variety of their ‘pagan’ HC. (See also 90-10-27, 91-07-07, 92-11-01 & 93-09-04, etc.). In this line-up they recorded (’92) for a split-7” with ‘Sharon Tate’s Children’ (42 recs) and the Wake Up/Unacceptable 7” (42 recs & Skuld releases). Right after this they started recording for the Afterbirth 10” (with ‘Eggy’ on guitar)…

93-10-24 Bad Influence (by Wim DL)‘Bad Influence’; photo by Wim De Leersnijder

‘Wounded Knee’, a HC band from Niederkorn were: ‘Schof’ (drums; also ‘No More’), René Penning (bass; does coordination/booking at the Kulturfabrik – nowadays), Phillippe ‘Phlép’ (vocals), Stéphane Machel (guitar) and Claude ‘Pattex’ Werer (guitar, also ‘No More’). In 1993 they recorded the Not Proud Of My Country/Race tape (February ) & (in October) the Psycho Path 7” (Strive recs). They also had a track on the on the 500 Years Of Genocide 7” compilation (benefit for the Mohawk Nation). At first René also played guitar but he filled on bass when Don left to play for the French band ‘P.R.A.C.H.’; a bit later Claude joined.


I do remember playing and staying at the V.V. a few times; it was a great venue. I was there when I sang for ‘Toxic Waste’ too.

Deno ‘Dirt’

93-10-24 Deno's Toxic Waste tourDeno – Roy – Petesy – Micky Tierney (‘Bleeding Rectum’) – Crispo – Marty

93-10-24 Toxic Waste + Denofrom Deno’s diary (thanks a lot!)

Another great night… Probably played there with ‘Bleeding Rectum’ on another occasion but not sure if it was Vort’n Vis or not. ‘Brawl’ probably played there again with a different drummer as they did a couple more European tours after I departed. Fond memories of this place even though they might be a bit hazy…

Mark ‘Crispo’ Christie

My memories of that tour are all a bit blurred (it was 20 years ago!). What I can say is that we always got one of the warmest welcomes in Belgium, there was an excellent anarcho-punk /alternative scene throughout the 80s and 90s, well organised, friendly and they always took care of us really well. We had played loads of gigs with Dick’s various bands (‘Subhumans’, ‘Culture Shock’ and ‘Citizen Fish’ down through the years and they always “blew us off the stage” which was fine by me because I was a big fan of all those bands. ‘Bad Influence’ organised this tour as they did a few other ones for bands I was in, and they did an excellent job as always. They came to Ireland as well and we tried to return the favour. Great guys all of them. The crowd at that gig, from what the remains of my brain can remember, were excellent, really enthusiastic and completely surprised me that they knew so many of our songs. The venue was brilliant and we were very well looked after. Places like this were alway a real inspiration for us going back to Belfast. Many thanks for having us and maybe we’ll get back sometime in the future…

One correction that probably should be made to your blog is that Petesy and Louanne from FUAL did NOT play on the ‘Toxic Waste’ album Belfast. It was Roy playing bass and singing, Deno from ‘Dirt’ singing, Gary from ‘Dirt’ playing guitar and Grub playing drums.

‘Marty’ Martin

Micky Tierney was also playing guitar. We did some ‘Bleeding Rectum’ songs too and Micky was their lead guitarist. He played all of the set with us at all of the gigs. He’s in a video-clip on the www…

Petesy Burns

93-10-24 Toxic Waste + Deno (by Wim DL)‘Toxic Waste’; photo by Wim De Leersnijder (‘Crispo’ drumming in a ‘Brawl’ T-shirt)

‘Eggy’, or Egbert, from Herentals, played with Dirk & Munpie [Manfred Vinck] in ‘Dona Nobis Pacem’ [I think Gerrit played guitar in ‘Dona Nobis Pacem’.]. I never knew his full name, even though we played together in the band for a year or two. After the release of ‘Afterbirth’ he quit, I think.

Joris Rombouts, ‘Bad Influence’ drummer

Can’t really remember anything personally I’m afraid, it’s all a blur. Dick might find something in his diaries… When I see what he comes up with it might bring back some recollections. A Vort’n Vis sticker has resided on our bass-cab since we were there…

Phil, ‘Citizen Fish’ guitarist

Pedro Anthares (‘Selfish’, ‘Uutuus’, ‘Força Macabra’) came especially to see this gig.

Wim De Leersnijder

The day before (Oct 23rd 1993) we did our last gig with ‘Private Jesus Detector’ in Ternat (Some of the ‘Hiatus’ blokes sang along quite a few songs.). I was seriously ill then but I did go over to the Vort’n Vis on Sunday to go see ‘Toxic Waste’…

Koen ‘Siesele’ Lammens, ‘P.J.D.’ bassist

excerpts from the V.V. guestbook:

VV 93-10-24 - (book B) Wounded Knee

VV 93-10-24 - (book B) Bad Influence‘Munpie’ and baddie Herwin

VV 93-10-24 - (book B) Toxic Waste (Deno & Petesy)

VV 93-10-24 - (book B) Citizen Fish (Jasper P)VV 93-10-24 - (book B) Citizen Fish (Phil Bryant)VV 93-10-24 - (book B) Citizen FishDick ?

VV 93-10-24 - (book B) Canadian visiter on Toxic WasteCanadian visiter on ‘Toxic Waste’

VV 93-10-24 - (book B) Polish visiter (Pawel)Pawel (Scream recs) from Poland

VV 93-10-24 - (book B) visiters from Finlandvisiter(s) from Finland

additions wellcome!…

90-10-27 Zygote - Bad Influenceposter kindly provided by ‘Leffe’

90-10-27 Bad Influence - New Age Witch Hunt

90-10-27 Zygote cover

I wasn’t at this gig ‘cause the same day ‘Life But How To Live It’ were playing at the O.H.K. in Oostende… A show I had arranged for them…

‘Amebix’ was announced somewhere but by then ‘Zygote’ had risen from it’s ashes and they came over (and they would be back…91-04-21). They formed after ‘Amebix’ split up in the late 80s and consisted of ‘Spider’ (Robert Richards; drums), ‘Smutpig’ (George Fletcher; vocals/guitar) & ‘Stig’ (Chris Miller; vocals/guitar) (all 3 ex ‘Amebix’) with the addition of bassist Tim ‘Crow’ Shapland (ex ‘Smartpils’; later also in ‘Bad Influence’ for a while). The band was short-lived and only released one full-length album: Mike Foster released it on his label MCR that year (Wind Of Knives – Skuld releases compiled this and their demo a few years later…), making the Bath connection complete.

‘Bad Influence’ was about to record the New Age Witch Hunt LP (released by the German labels 42 recs & Skuld releases) so I guess the line-up here was ‘Holy’ Herwin De Winter (vocals) & Joris Rombouts (drums) – as usual, and Patrick ‘Labie’ Delabie (ex ‘Scoundrels’) on bass and Thomas Noppe on guitar (also @ Smurfpunx: 88-05-13). ‘Zygote’s Tim would join them later (and played on the split 7” with ‘Sharon Tate’s Children’ and on the Afterbirth 10”).

‘Private Jesus Detector’ were back too after only a couple of months (their first gig was 90-08-25): Spatje & Vrokker (vocals), Pette (guitar), Siesele (bass) and Leffe (drums)…


In 1990 ‘Amebix’ would have been disbanded. Maybe it meant ex-‘Amebix’. I remember (vaguely) playing there with ‘Zygote’ and ‘Bad influence’… ‘Amebix’ was over by 1987; the guys and me did ‘Zygote’ to keep doing something and so that we could abuse our way across Europe… And we did so successfully that I can’t really recall very much at all. Good vague times…

Christian Miller, ‘Amebix’/’Zygote’

The 2nd gig of ‘P.J.D.’ at the Vort’n Vis, I’m 100% certain that we did this one!…because it’s in the notebook with all our concerts that I kept over the years…and according to me ‘Hiatus’ didn’t play that day. [According to Leffe ‘Amebix’ didn’t play but Hiatus did… But maybe he’s mixing things up with the other ‘Zygote’ gig]. We played because we were all there anyway and ‘Amebix’ had cancelled or something… Although ‘Zygote’ = ‘Amebix’…

Siesele, ‘P.J.D.’ bassplayer

As far as I can recall this was the first time of many times to come over the following years. That we headed to the Vort’Vis. The name had a certain smell to it…we had heard about the place and getting into that little bar – with quite some house-rules, we would find out. One way or the other it directly felt like home. Memories from that night are vague en blurry. I remember ‘Stig’ (of the mighty ‘Zygote’) set the tone directly by dropping one of his pills in a beer, resulting in bubbling brew straight out of a ancient horror-movie. Not really well appreciated by the bar-staff. A colourful bunch we were in those days, us Baddies. Mr Thomas [Noppe, guitarist] – cowboy-boots, a blue or purple scarf (mostly worn in his hair) – immediately got a ‘Guns & Roses’ tag. Myself, I was completely in the biker-look, so leather-pants could have been part of the deal, as well as bondage-cuffs – directly a great topic for discussion. Same as the ‘Zygote’ crew. None of us looked punk by the book during those days, guess. We also were all in to wearing top-hats that ‘Ben’ [Herwin’s partner at that time…] made herself. George and Rupert (‘Zygote’) were real mad hatters. The crowd that night – big or small in numbers, I can’t really remember, as we played actually a lot of shows on tour with ‘Zygote’ – was “just we for them and they for us”. I guess punk wasn’t ready yet for these pagan sounds but I can remember that we did quite some new stuff that ended up on the New Age Witch Hunt LP. Two years later (to be honest, I found a set-list) we already had Thomas playing guitar with us alongside to Bart [Belmans, original guitarist] (but my brain fails me I think: Bart had left by then with Chris [original singer] – though the set-list says no). Some of the new stuff had this haunting phaser psychedelic twist to it… Songs like 3B, Unchained and of course Heavy World were still in their jam-phase then. We also played some stuff from the Together We Are demo and songs like The Innocent, The World Is Getting Dirtier, that never ever made it to vinyl or even on tape. My little scrabble-book of those days tells me we got the crowd moving to our unpredictable mix of old straight-forward Baddies punk from the 80s and our new premature New Age Witch Hunt sounds kinda paralysed them all in all. I think they liked us as we got a few times more invited to the Vort’n Vis.

What ‘Zygote’ did that night, I can’t remember but I’m quite sure they shredded the place to pieces. ‘Amebix’ definitely didn’t play! Who put that on the poster must have had a big fantasy or wishful thinking. The only ‘Amebix’ tune ‘Zygote’ ever played was Ride To Ride, which ‘Zygote’ changed into Man In The Crowd; a steady song in their set and I must say better then the ‘Amebix’ jam.

‘Private Jesus Detector’ – always loved the name – were fast and furious. Vrokker played for them in those days; they had two vocalist, I believe.

As usual the night ended in a drinking-session but someone must have driven us home… Hail to the freak behind the steering-wheel. Luckily I have a better memory of other V.V. passages. 2 things I’m sure of… Brob was dancing behind his table, selling zines & records. [That must’ve been another day ‘cause I was in Ostend with ‘Life But How To Live It’…] And we probably met Bruno their for the first time; first of many encounters to come as Bruno set up a lot of shows for us from then on and even co released the Afterbirth CD in 1995.

Holy Herwin a.k.a. Hellwin – as Brob invented so nicely :-)

About that whole ‘Amebix’ thing on the poster: I made it and it clearly states featuring EX ‘Amebix’ members. I remember Herwin looking at it and giving it his approval. If I find it I’ll post it straight away! Siesele might still have a copy I suppose… Anyway I also remember that Munpie (‘Dona Nobis Pacem’) did some poetry during the Baddies’ set, which was really good by the way! Quite a statement if you know they’re from Antwerp haha… They were really good that night!!!

The one thing I don’t remember is ‘Private Jesus Detector’ playing but we must have one way or another, blurry haze that one!

Tim (ex ‘Smartpills’) revealed that their drummer Richard Chadwick was moving over to the ‘Hawkwind’ camp where he still is. Also me and ‘Spider’ had a great time. ‘Zygote’ were brilliant that day. I went to see ‘em again in London with the ‘Subhumans’ head-lining. Ah good times; people; good times…

Spatje ‘P.J.D.’

A month and a half after our Germany/Poland tour, the lads from Bath came back to do some gigs together. I don’t remember where we all played but of course the V.V. was always a highlight in a kind of way. The nicest thing about V.V. was that you could park the van on the premises next to the venue, so we always had our ‘backstage’. At that time we always used my van, I was probably that drunken driver that Herwin mentioned earlier. I have to admit that I do not remember anything about ‘Private Jesus Detector’ playing then, but as most of the time, I was probably talking to other people outside (sorry guys). The times we spend with ‘Zygote’ on the road were mostly associated with a lot of blond beverages and other substances. Probably the reason why not everybody remembers everything from those days. I do recall we did a good gig but completely forgot about Munpie doing poetry before or in between. After reading it, I remember that he also did this at the other gigs in Germany. I think I enjoyed every ‘Zygote’ gig I’ve seen, so for sure they were good that night. The rest of the evening probably ended up like most of these evenings, drinking beer with my mate ‘Spider’ and the others. It’s sad to say but as Rob Miller from ‘Amebix’ said: “These days will never come again.”.

Joris, ‘Bad Influence’ drummer

the ‘Baddies’ as pictured on the New Age Witch Hunt LP:

90-10-27 Bad Influence (1990)90-10-27 Bad Influence' (1990)

additions wellcome!…

‘Political Asylum’ at that time was Steve Dewar on guitar, Ramsey Kanaan on vocals, Leo van Setten on bass (+ backing vocals) and Keith Burns on drums. The line-up changed a few times. We had them over at Smurfpunx gigs [5 jul 87 & 3 sep 88] and became good friends. Especially Ramsey who guided me to a lot of great literature…

‘Bat Attack’, from the Rotterdam scene, called themselves a post-punk band. Their drummer was Carla van der Marel and guy named Jeroen on guitar. Carla wrote an overview on the Rotterdam underground(punk)rock scene between 1983 en 2003. It’s titled Antiscene and has hundreds of photos of Rotterdam bands, “known faces from that scene and international underground stars”…

I can’t remember if ‘Bad Influence’ and the Groninger ‘Mushroom Attack’ played…? The first were on the flyer (provided by Benoit Hanssens, thx!), the second were not…


I’d gotten to know Steve Dewar when I was living in Rotterdam, where he was squatting (he was in a relation with Marianne from ‘Stinksisters’). Him & Ramsey wanted to make a new start with ‘P.A.’ and were looking for a bassist. I learned to play the songs from the albums, together with Steve. A bit later I met Ramsey & Keith for the first time. We rehearsed a few times in the squatted Poortgebouw in Rotterdam and did dome gigs in the Netherlands. Then a short tour through Germany and Belgium.

I was a few times in Belgium with ‘P.A.’, around 90-91 I think – can’t recall the dates precisely. I think we might’ve played Kessel-Lo (Leuven). Some of the gigs were together with ‘Nancy and I’ [from Germany; friends of Stevie] and also once with ‘The Itch’ (another band that I was in). We had Kees [de Greef] (from ‘Anarcrust’ – Stevie knew him from the R’dam squat-scene) drumming some of the times too (when Keith had left)… A lot of my memories are vague and possibly I mix things up. I remember a concert where Ramsey kicked a hole in the stage… There was also a gig where a performer fucked a plucked chicken while shouting: “La Guerre!! La Guerre!!” Rather bizarre… [Brob: That was at the Vort’n Vis; the ‘performer’ was a French guy who named himself ‘Cortes’…] I also recall we once had to go to a do-it-yourself shop urgently because the plugs of our amps didn’t fit the sockets. We had to mount other plugs. We also once played soccer against another band.

Leo van Setten; nowadays singer/guitarist in the band ‘Weissmuller’

some pictures of ‘Political Asylum’ by Eric W.:

Stevie was living in Rotterdam. After our first (and only) American tour in 1989, when we came back to Scotland, Ewan, our bass-player, emigrated to Australia and Stevie moved to Rotterdam. So that was basically it for the band. But Stevie started jamming with Leo van Setten so me and Keith (the drummer) went over to R’dam for a few days and practiced for a day, recorded the acoustic radio-session that would end up on that final 10”, a studio-track and played a few shows. Really great stuff. I don’t remember anything about the Vort’n Vis show, to be honest. Actually, I don’t remember anything about any of that tour in any detail, other than at a gig in Germany, I fell through the stage! I went back to Rotterdam on another trip and we recorded 2 of the studio-tracks that were on that final 10”. Leo on bass, and Kees de Greef on drums. I don’t think he ever played live, just on that record.
On the last tour we ever did, we had a German rhythm-section [the bassist & drummer of ‘Nancy and I’]. Stevie had moved to Germany and set up a tour. I came over and practiced with them for a couple of days. We played those dates, and that was that really.

Ramsey Kanaan, ‘Political Asylum’ singer

I see the Vort’n Vis in front of me… I really enjoyed ‘Political Asylum’ but can’t remember our gig… Our vocalist JW and Costes knew each other from a performance in the Jazzbunker (Rotterdam) where JW was programmer at that time. A week before the concert at the Vort’n Vis, Costes played with ‘Putrid Cadaver’ (friends of ‘Bat Attack’ from Paris) in ‘my’ place, De Vlerk. Costes was extremely popular in R’dam.

Also in ‘Bat Attack’ were Hilde (Veenstra, on bass/backing-vocals), Jeroen (Wessels, guitar/backing-vocals). Our first real concert was opening for Nick Cave in Paradiso, Amsterdam. Jeroen had some connections and that’s how we ended, as starting late-bloomers, hardly knowing to play an instrument. Somehow we didn’t get a lot of response in The Netherlands but when Arnaud (Azzouz), at that time a 16-year old chap from La Louvière [Belgium], presented himself as our promotor, we quickly became notorious in Belgium. France and Switzerland followed. We toured a lot, mostly in obscure places. Memorable was a gig in the youth-centre of Ternat [Belgium]. Only much later we found out that Arnaud always hid a piece of hash in the cassette-tapes stating “Smoke this before you listen the tape”. Yep that explained a lot, hahaha… A few months before the concert in Ieper, we also played in a packed venue filled with frenzied French at Printemps de Bourges. JW met his future wife Cati there, with whom he started ‘Stinksisters’. Marianne (mentioned in relation to Steve of ‘P.A.’) was the guitarist/singer of the Stinx…

Carla van der Marel, ‘Bat Attack’ drummer

Not a lot of recollections either, just that Costes played aswell and that he stirred things up… Reading back the guestbook-quotes, I remember indeed that the microphones gave of electricity. I believe it wasn’t a very memorable concert of ‘Bat Attack’…

JW (Jan Willem van Hemert), singer for ‘Bat Attack’

This gig with ‘Political Asylum’ was the first I attended at the Vort’n Vis. I forgot much about that time. Too bad, because I enjoyed Ieper, the V.V. and the people there a lot.

Carsten Pötter, Frankfurt [became a quite regular visitor]

pics of ‘Bat Attack’ by Eric W.:


excerpts from the V.V. guestbook:

Apparently that day there was a fair in town that Leo enjoyed…

Quite a lengthy epistle by ‘Bat Attack’s Carla, Jeroen & driver Henk (about the sweaty atmosphere, stormy weather, stinging microphones, etc.)

‘Bad Attack’s manager Arnaud (French-speaking Belgian) in a psychedelic mood… ;-)

The infamous Costes…

additions wellcome!…