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94-10-09 Dystopia - Unhinged - Deconsume

Did ‘Gluebag’ play??? Can’t remember… (See guestbook… Was a short-lived band with Phil ‘Hiatus’…)


I think ‘Dystopia’ didn’t play that show [They did write something in the V.V. guest-book and ‘Mauz’ & others remember…]. It was our (‘Deconsume’) 1st gig by the way… I believe ‘Unhinged’, ‘Hypocritical Society’ and ‘ABC Diabolo’ were billed but ‘ABC …’ never made it over… So there were only 3 bands.

‘Deconsume’ were 6 class-mates [Koen, Bart, Steffen, Pieter, Michiel, Nico] who decided to make music. After having seen ‘Disrupt’ (93-10-31) at the Vort’n Vis the choice to also play crust was easily made. We did about 6 or 7 shows I think, but they were all great: two at the Vort’n Vis but also with ‘Masskontroll’ in the Antwerp region, with ‘Kosjer D’, ‘Insane Youth’ and a lot more bands in Tongeren. After secundary school the band fell apart. Half also got different musical interests. One of our singers (Steffen Geypens) sang for ‘Visions Of War’ for a moment (he’s on their first split 7”). Koen Luyckx became the second singer for ‘Vuur’ for a few years after Yannick Daems had to stop singing. I still jam with Stef ‘Empower’ & Nico Peeters (‘King Terror’) sometimes (in the vein of ‘Drop Dead’, still hard and fast). I’m also in ‘Nervous Mothers’…

Bart Jansen, ‘Deconsume’ guitarist

I clearly remember being really disappointed when ‘ABC Diabolo’ was supposed to play but didn’t turn up as one of their guys had to get his welfare-stamp that day or something…hehe. [They did play the year before: 93-12-20.]

Stijn Druyts

It was the first appearance of ‘Deconsume’ (Bart Jansen – guitar, Koen Luyckx – vocals, Michiel Mostmans – bass, Steffen Geypens – vocals, Pieter Brosens – drums & Nico Braspenning – guitar) here but they came back 95-04-29

‘Unhinged’, from Liège, was the band of my mates Manu (vocals; later Nat) & Alain (guitar) – both running Nabate recs & distribution, with some lads of ‘Hiatus’: Wills (later Tomoy of ‘Scraps’) on bass and Azill (later Ben) on drums. They’d played at the Vort’n Vis a few times before (94-01-30 & unannounced on 94-08-06). Their 2nd demo was recorded (at Ape studio) April ’95 and these songs were later released (combined with 4 songs recorded in ‘96 at 195 studio) on the band’s debut LP Win Our Freedom In Fire (released by Nabate in ’96).

+++ 94-10-09 Unhinged+++ 94-10-09 Unhinged'‘Unhinged’, photos by Piero Majocchi

‘Hypocritical Society’ had been here before with ‘Disrupt’ (93-10-31)… Bart ‘Deconsume’ had the idea they were due here again but no-one seems to be able to confirm this…

‘Dystopia’ (from California) was termed ‘sludge’ (a mix of heavy metal and crust-punk – “doom-laden, metal-tinged, down-tuned punk”). Their sound embodied all of the horrors, pain, agony and desperation of modern day society; brutal, hateful and misanthropic – a “love earth – hate people” philosophy. The band consisted of Anthony ‘Dino’ Sommese (drums/vocals; nowadays in ‘Noothgrush’ & ‘Ghoul’), Matt ‘Mauz’ Parrillo (guitar/vocals), Todd Kiessling (bass/vocals) & Dan Kaufman (vocals; also ‘Mindrot’). Their very first European tour was booked by Michael Knopp of the German label Common Cause (he also did their tour in ‘97). They had a split-12” with ‘Embittered’ & a split-7” with ‘Grief’ out on Misanthropic recs (1993). The Human = Garbage LP (1994) was without Dan. (Later it was released as a 12 track CD on on Life Is Abuse (Mauz’ label), Misanthropic recs and Common Cause, featuring additional songs from their splits with ‘Embittered’ and ‘Grief’, and one unreleased track).


Dystopia - Human = Garbage

‘Dystopia’ did indeed play. ‘ABC Diabolo’ did not, they were supposed to but one of the guys couldn’t miss work that day for some reason… I think half of the band was there with us. We had van-trouble along the way there and arrived late, showing up right when ‘Unhinged’ was starting. So I don’t remember if ‘Deconsume’ played? I don’t think ‘Hypocritical Society’ played as we’d met them before and I don’t remember them being there. But yeah, we had a great time playing there with ‘Unhinged’ which was the beginning of a long and great friendship with them and the ‘Hiatus’ folks. After the gig we had wonderful evening partying with them and the locals… The equipment was still set up after the doors were locked and we started jamming covers with Azill and Wills. And I remember drinking a lot of amazing Lambics as well!

Dan wasn’t there as he left the band 6 or 8 months after we formed. Everyone in ‘Dystopia’ are still in contact with each other and we’re still good friends (though the band will remain finished; it’s much easier for all of us). Dino is still in Oakland and now singing in ‘Noothgrush’. Todd lives in Minneapolis now – he was playing in ‘Sour Vein’ for awhile but not active with any music at the moment. Dan lives in Long Beach, working at postman and plays in the band ‘Destroy Judas‘. I’m currently playing in the band ‘Kicker‘ and running a print-shop.

Matt ‘Mauz’ Parrillo, ‘Dystopia’ guitarist (

I was the driver for ‘Dystopia’ on that leg of the tour. Basically it was Andreas (the singer for ‘ABC Diabolo’) who couldn’t play because he had to report back to the unemployment-office the next morning). I’m fairly certain ‘Hypocritical Society’ didn’t play either… I went to sleep almost straight away after the show was over, only to be woken up (around 3:00 a.m., if my memory serves me right) by ‘Dystopia’ playing Sleep at full volume… How befitting, I thought. I think one of the Belgians talked them into it. I don’t think they played that song at any of the regular shows on that tour. There might or might not have been an incident involving a Belgian and the impossibility of peeing out of a roof-window that night, though the details of that part of the night escape me… Fun times.

Jürgen ‘Evil’ Bäuerle

During the winter of 1994-1995 I visited the Vort’n Vis many times while I was living in Leuven. I could write the same thing for every gig; that it was very exciting and fuckin’ funny, very good bands, the best available at that time (at least for me, living in Northern Italy). In those years Belgium had a historical HC-scene (I adored ‘Nations On Fire’) and crust-scene (‘Hiatus’, my favourite band), the best bands from all over Europe and USA were touring there and there were lots of active people, distros and organisers; plus endless rivers of excellent beer and mountains of Dutch weed. Also lots of music, talks, engagement, fun. The main difference with punk-gigs in Italy was that in Italy it was absolutely clear that you were in a political anarchist squatted social centre at a punk gig; most important was the political message, not the music as simple entertainment and fun. Belgian gigs were much less politically oriented but still DIY, not commercial, and with a very positive atmosphere; less problems (or no problems) with drunken aggressive people, no violent pogo. In Italy at that time, we still had problems with that… So, to describe just this one night: it was the second time I went to Ieper – as always alone and by train; the classic ritual of a punk gig (for me, at least): a look at the distros buying some stuff, talking with people, eating and dinking beer, then the gig. ‘Dystopia’ was a wall of screaming sound, a mix of political US hardcore (a mid 90s scene that I loved, with ‘Rorschach’, ‘Born Against’, ‘Nausea’, ‘Antischism’, ‘Subvert’, ‘Initial State’, … and European crust such as ‘Doom’, ‘Hiatus’). Then there was ‘Unhinged’ – the first time I saw them: fantastic, half of ‘Hiatus’ with Alain and Manu of Nabate recs. I was in contact with Alain since 1989 by mail, we shared the same feelings and ideas about punk, DIY, anarchy and life, we shared the goals (the death of the state and of money) and the way to achieve them (DIY, political engagement, creating alternatives to the shit, unified life resistance, no fuckin’ money!!!). All those years I distributed Nabate records in Italy. The ‘Unhinged’ gig was great: the feeling of all of this expressed in music and screaming, I still remember it… But the following part of the night was even better: an hoard of barbarian crusties (the Liège-block, with whom I shared a unforgettable alcohol-marathon in Liège that winter, was present) remained around the bar drinking all night, singing, shouting and making noise, hitting wood sticks against every possible surface in the room, total fuckin’ chaos. Late at night (morning?), I went upstairs to the sleeping-place where I met a gang of young punx from somewhere in Flanders; we talked, drank, smoked ganja, sat on the sleeping-bags, with the endless noise of the demonic hoards dowstairs, untill dawn. Holy shit, in grind we crust!

Piero Majocchi, AZ distro (Pavia, Italy)

excerpts from the V.V. guestbook:

VV 94-10-09 - (book B) Dystopia

VV 94-10-09 - (book B) Deconsume

VV 94-10-09 - (book B) GluebagVV 94-10-09 - (book B) Gluebag Phil

additions wellcome!…

93-12-20 Assuck-Blindspotfront

Assück - ABC Diabolo tourposter 93

I remember that gig! A cold and wet Monday evening… I was walking around aimlessly in Ieper, when I met someone who told me that there was a concert going on at the Vort’n. I just arrived when ‘ABC Diabolo’ were playing their last song. Then ‘Assück’ got on and they blew everybody (some 15-20 people) away. Super gig but a last-minute affair I suspect… I had a long and good conversation with Rob (‘Assück’s drummer) on obscure Floridian metal-bands from way back when…

Steve W., ‘Neuthrone’

‘Assück’ were an “anti-capitalist anarchist grindcore band” from St. Petersburg, Florida. Daryl Kahan (vocalist for ‘Citizen’s Arrest’ and for a short while drummer for ‘Born Against’) sang for ‘Assück’ on this tour (I think Michael Knopp of Common Cause recs was travelling with them.) with ‘ABC Diabolo’ (Paul Pavlovich, co-founder and original singer had left the band the year before). Steve Kosiba played the bass, Rob Proctor was hitting the drums and the guitarist was Steve Heritage. They had an LP out called Anticapital (on Sound Pollution recs). There were also a bunch of 7”s including a limited edition for this European tour called Blindspot and State To State on the Roman label SOA recs. The music is fast, furious, brutal and heavy; the vocals low and guttural. To just call it ‘grindcore’ is too easy; this description (written by Felix Von Havoc, I think) fits better: “Low-calibre battery of brooding, malicious, doom-ridden grind pitched somewhere between early ‘Napalm Death’ and even earlier ‘Bolt Thrower’. They combined shockingly well-written poetic and political lyrics with catchy songs, insane musicianship and a short-fast-loud brutality that no one has topped since.”…

‘ABC Diabolo’, from Saarbrücken, were: Ulrich Steffens (guitar), Andreas Eid (vocals), Jean-Pascal Stoerck (bass) and Kai-Uwe Sommer (drums; later Marc Schönwald). Their music has been compared with ‘Neurosis’ or ‘Septic Death’. Intense, powerful and brutal metal-influenced HC with a crusty feel. They had a 7” on Off The Disk (’92), their debut LP Last Intoxication Of Senses (’93) and the later Give Rise To Doubts (’95) both came out on the Common Cause label.

‘Rezim’, a HC band (sometimes raging, sometimes melodic) from Zlotów (north of Poznan), were Piotr ‘Misiu’ Michas (bass), Tomek ‘Sypa’ Sypniewski (drums), Piotr ‘Skoda’ Skotnicki (guitar; also ‘Włochaty’) and Darek ‘Czacha’ Wesoly (vocals).

‘Störfall Mensch’ were from Metelen (near Münster) and I know they had a demo out… Reinhard ‘Madness’ Vinkelau was the drummer.


‘Citizen Arrest’ [vocalist Daryl Kahan, drummer Patrick Winter, bassist Joseph Brendan Martin & guitarist Janis Chakars] never toured Europe but my experience there with ‘Assück’ was very positive. My new band ‘Funebrarum’ [death-metal] has been touring Europe in February 2012.

Michael is a great guy and was an excellent tour-manager [93].

Daryl Kahan

I do remember playing the Vort’n Vis!

‘Störfall Mensch’ (‘man the intruder’) was a total D.I.Y. Band. ‘Tono B.’ on guitar and vocals, Thomas H. playing the bass and me hitting the drums & shouting. We called our music ‘Pampas-core’ as we were based somewhere in the countryside, far away from the German HC-epicentres, very close to the Dutch border, near Enschede. First time I heard from the Vort’n Vis was from somebody in ‘Chronic Disease’ who also did the artwork for our backdrop… [Brob: I guess that was Sling!?]

I was very glad as Kapper [hairdresser] Roland [That’s Roland Molegraaf, guitarist of ‘Quite Fresh Phobia’], a D.I.Y. booker from Eindhoven who helped us out with some shows in the Netherlands, could also book us in the legendary Vort’n´ Vis on that dark & freezing tour in ‘93. After some serious troubles with our tour-vehicles we were glad getting to Ieper in time… Everybody in the club was very friendly and it was obvious that these people had organised shows before. Even if it wasn’t packed, the atmosphere was good and we had a good time with all the bands. I think we slept on the stage that night. Another thing I remember, was the breakfast. As we had to leave dead early the next morning (playing the Kellnerstrasse squat in Halle/Saale, Germany) we got cakes & tarts served for breakfast which was quite exotic for us, but far better than nothing! Thanx for helping us out!!!

My job nowadays is running a youth-club as a social worker… Old punks never die!!!


Of course I remember this gig at the Vort’n Vis. I recall that there was a nice atmosphere, lovely people (the guitarist of my favourite band ‘Nation On Fire), interesting conversations and a nice reception by the audience. Unfortunately I haven’t got any photos but I have this place in my mind and my heart…

‘Rezim’ was indeed a hardcore band from Zlotów. Now I live in Szczecin and play in Włochaty & ‘WC’ (Legendary punk-rock band formed in 1981. The name means the toilet or the idealized darkness.). At the time I was only playing only in ‘Rezim’. That was the band which outlined the way of playing of other HC/punk bands from Poland in that time. We were mixing hardcore with crossover but it was based on traditional punk-rock. ‘Rezim’ was an underground band, radical and not making compromises, with very anti-political lyrics. In the days of communism (80s) in Poland, ‘Rezim’ couldn’t play legally; the band couldn’t become popular, even in the punk-rock scene! But it became a legend for HC/punk people in our region. Indeed, ‘Rezim’ was playing sometimes raging and sometimes melodic, and the people you have mentioned are those who were playing in ‘Rezim’ in that time. ‘Misiu’ lives in Germany, he started the hardcore band ‘1125’. We have been playing together in another legendary Polish HC/punk project [“a super-group”, tribute-project with some 10 people from the Polish scene] called ‘Tribute To Rejestracja’. ‘Czacha’ has his own music-club in Złotów. I have no contact with Sypa…

I remember ‘Störfall Mensch’ well. They were our friends from Germany. We did 2 tours with them and released a split. We spent a lot of time together. I would like to refresh the contact with ‘Madness’, Tono, Thomas and the rest. ‘ABC Diabolo’ – really cool band, with distorted bass and powerful vocals – were playing fast and bluntly, with a lot of activity on the scene. They were very sympathetic people. ‘Assück’ were very proficient and nice people, we had interesting conversations.

‘Skoda’ from ‘Rezim’

All of us were pretty damn sick on that tour! Never tour Northern Europe in December-January… Though this Belgium show was at the beginning, before the van broke down, etc. This show was a great one.

Wearing my favourite ‘Rorschach’ shirt!

Steve Kosiba

Andreas Eid is running a record-shop in Saarbrücken called Rex Rotari…

Michael Knopp


93-12-20 Rezim (Pol) (by Henk L)93-12-20 Rezim' (Pol) (by Henk L)‘Rezim’ (photos by Henk L.)

93-12-20 Assück (by Henk L)93-12-20 Assück' (by Henk L)93-12-20 Assück (by Karl P)93-12-20 Assück (by Wim DL)‘Assück’ (1&2 by Henk L., 3 by Wim DL, 4 by Karl P. – thanx!)

excerpts from the V.V. guestbook:

VV 93-12-20 - (book B) ABC Diabolo

VV 93-12-20 - (book B) Assück

VV 93-12-20 - (book B) Störfall MenschVV 93-12-20 - (book B) Störfall Mensch'

VV 93-12-20 - (book B) Rezim

“Greetings to all hardcore people from Poland.” [‘Skoda’ informs: We knew about plans that in that time other bands like ‘Alians’ and ‘Witch World’ would be playing here. Our region was the cities: Złotów and Piła. That was the reason we wrote:] “Pilacy (crews from Piła) if you play here, remember the people from ‘Rezim’. Signed by: Misiu, Czacha, Skoda, Sypa” [I don’t recall what we meant but I can translate it:] Fuck The Geronimo Martens Co.

VV 93-12-20 - (book B) Jan ClausJan ‘Doomy’ Claus comments: “Awkward audience today: there were even 2 drunk B.O.B.-ers [special investigation brigade of the police]!! They liked ‘Rezim’ but they walked out after 10 minutes of ‘Assück’.”

additions wellcome!…