96-08-18 Swing Kids (extra photos)

Posted: May 20, 2017 in VV 1996
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More on this concert: 96-08-18

taken from the Swedish zine Handbook For Revolutionaries

photos by Roel Brals (1: ex ‘6 Foot Over’ & ‘Rood Arch’ Pierre Anne, centrally; 2: Peter Hoeren?, centrally)

pic courtsey of Cathy Bennett, taken by Rudy Penando (the sisterhood – Nathalie D./’Hazel’/Cathy)

photo-shoot by Joeri Hoste (Erwin van Looveren – Saturn distro – holding camera in top and bottom photo)

Swinging kids ? ;-)  Ivonne Davies-Kreye + Marco Walzel (Avocado Booking) & Eric Allen + Justin Pearson (photo taken by Joeri Hoste)

Out on the town: Marco Walzel – Eric Allen – Yvonne Davies-Kreye (pic by Joeri Hoste)


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