95-09-17 Spite – Catweazle – Extinction Of Mankind – Äpärä Kaaos

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95-09-17 Spite (by Albert C)‘Spite’ (photo by Albert Cheong)

95-09-17 Extinction Of Mankind (by Wim DL)‘Extinction Of Mankind’ (photo by Wim De Leersnijder) [Yannick Moulière on the L]

3rd day of the 7th Leed Festival

There was a band called ‘Spite’, from Bristol, with Beckie ‘Beki’ Gibbons (bass; ex ‘Chaos UK’), John Millier (drums; ex ‘Ripcord’ & ‘Can’t Decide’), Pete Rose (guitar, also ‘Icons Of Filth’) and Steve Hazzard (vocals; ex ‘Ripcord’). But the ‘Spite’ that played here was the band that would be named ‘Ebola’ (from Newcastle) – see 96-05-19 & 97-09-12 – with some people of ‘One By One’… This was their 2nd gig: Karin R. (vocals), Micky McGuinness (guitar), Andrew ‘Andy Stick’ Nolan (bass), Jonny (Jonathan ‘Lobster’ Shaw; guitar; R.I.P.) and Chris Patterson (drums). In the guestbook they compared their music with ‘Green Day’ (irony! – Bruno compared them with ‘Spazz’/’Crossed Out’).

‘Catweazle’, from Groningen, played raw, uptempo HC/punk with a metal touch. Michael Kopijn (drums & vocals; later ‘Tuco Ramirez’, ‘P.C.P.’, ‘Shikari’; Bacteria.nl), Erik Timmerman (bass), Emil ‘Reason’ (vocals; originally Maynard Schut of ‘Fleas & Lice’ was singing) and Axe Kooi (guitar). They did a few demo’s and afterwards the Cash And Pain Remain ‎mCD (recorded Oct ’95 and released by Profane Existence Far East), a split-10” with ‘Seein’Red’ (Kangaroo recs, Wicked Witch recs ’97) and the Form Of Fear ‎7” (Bad Card recs ‘98).

95-09-17 Catweazle bass+vox95-09-17 Catweazle drums95-09-17 Catweazle git‘Catweazle’ pics; courtesy of Michael Kopijn

After not showing up (or late) on 94-08-06, this was the 2nd time ‘E.O.M.’ was announced at the V.V. After the 1994 tour with ‘Doom’ Fozzy had left the band and was replaced by Ginny on bass. The others were Ste Dux (vocals), Dave Foz (drums) & Mass Centi (guitar). Work on the Baptised in Shit album began. The album recorded, the band set out on another tour of Europe with ‘Warcollapse’ in 1995 and the album was released during this tour. In 1996 they toured with ‘Misery’, were expected at the V.V. (96-01-20) but again didn’t make it…

95-09-17 Extinction Of Mankind Dave Foz95-09-17 Extinction Of Mankind vox95-09-17 Extinction Of Mankind bass Ginny95-09-17 Extinction Of Mankind guitar‘Extinction Of Mankind’; source unknown

There was something of ‘Contramenation’ (a German band – their guitarist Erol Schilder lived in Köln) in the guestbook and they had been mentioned in a newsletter but I don’t remember them playing. All I know of them, is that they featured on a compilation-7” with ‘Intestinal Disease’ (on Andreas Föcker’s label Born To Booze recs)…

A few of the ‘Uutuus’ (Finland) people improvised with a Turkish guy… This one-and-only project was called ‘Äpärä Kaaos’ (“Bastard Chaos”)… ‘Uutuus’ had played the V.V. already (93-10-31). I though it was Tay Ipek from the Turkish (Istanbul) band ‘Turmoil’ who joined in (He’d been at the V.V. before; 93-08-01) but apparently it was Kerim…


95-09-17 Apärä Kaaos (by Wim DL)‘Äpärä Kaaos’ (photo by Wim De Leersnijder)

‘Äpärä Kaaos’ (pics courtesy of Kerim Gönencer)

‘Äpärä Kaaos’ was just a drunken “project” where couple of guys just played some shit. [Marko Karimo (vocals), ‘Pedro’ Anthares (guitar)] We recruited a bass-player from the street during the festival – some Turkish guy [Kerim Gönencer; ex guitarist of ‘Moribund Youth’ & ‘Turmoil’] – and only did this show at the Vort’n Vis. We didn’t have any own songs, just covered classics. Jonne Kauko (‘Kirous’ drummer) joined in too.

‘Pedro’ Anthares

We were called ‘Spite’ at the time (for our first two shows only). The ‘Spite’ with John [Millier] was in, started at pretty much the exact time as us, we changed our name to ‘Ebola’, discovered there was a bunch of other bands called like that but big deal, at least we didn’t live in the same country as them…

That ‘Uutuus’ project was pretty funny/ terrible… ‘Äpärä Kaaos’ being so drunk the guitarist had to teach the bassplayer the next tune between every single song. On stage. In front of the entire audience. Quite the spectacle, I think they were just doing really bad covers of Finnish classics and formed on the spot when whoever it was dropped off…

After we played someone sincerely thanked me for head-banging the entire time we were playing. After the show there was almost a fight in the bar when some locals dared each other to come into the punk-bar and David (I think that was his name and I think he was maybe the drummer in ‘Neuthrone’ [He was in ‘Carcer Molochi’ at this time…]) jokingly said he couldn’t serve them because they were wearing the wrong shoes. A stand-off occurred and Jonathan (‘Spite’s vocalist) very helpfully decided to stand behind me with his hand on my shoulders, jumping in the air and yell “Me & Andy are from Benwell (the not particularly nice part of Newcastle we lived in at the time) and we’re going to fuck you up!”. It was stupid but also hilarious.

It was my first time in Europe and my first time experiencing punk as a global, spatio-political phenomenon.

Andrew Nolan a.k.a. ‘Andy Stick’, ‘Spite’ bassist (later ‘Ebola’, ‘Shank’, …)

This was a memorable concert…

‘Oene’ of ‘Fleas & Lice’ rehearsed with our band (as 2nd guitarist) for a while (autumn 1995) but he never did any concerts with us…

Michael Kopijn, ‘Catweazle

Well the thing is: the Vort’n Vis shows were always on the return for the boat… I think the pics were a sort of tour we did with ‘Warcollapse’. The ‘Misery’ one was 28 gigs in 1 month; so full on… When we landed with ‘Doom’ in ‘94 on the Police Bastard tour… I just remember Brian being pissed off as his cab had blown a speaker… Did so many parties since… I remember my mate Wim who took the pics; nice guy. I did look through a box of ‘E.O.M.’ flyers I kept but no info on this… I did see a flyer with a date that we never ever knew about. Think the promoter had watched Wayne’s World: book the band and they will come… Then you get slagged off; LOL! Looks like Foz wrote in the book…

Mass Centi, ‘Extinction Of Mankind’ guitarist

excerpts from the V.V. guestbook:

VV 95-09-17 - (book B) SpiteVV 95-09-17 - (book B) Spite'

VV 95-09-17 - (book B) Catweazle

VV 95-09-17 - (book B) E.O.M.

VV 95-09-17 - (book B) Äpärä Kaaos KarimVV 95-09-17 - (book B) Äpärä Kaaos Lalli

VV 95-09-17 - (book B) Contramenation

additions wellcome!…


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