Goodbye to Kiekenmarkt 7

Posted: December 18, 2015 in History
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Siempre Vort'n Vis

Since the early days the activities of the Autonoom Jongeren Centrum (AJC; autonomous youth-centre) were taking place in the pub (and the ‘barn’) located at Kiekenmarkt 7 (Ieper/Ypres). The name would later be changed into Autonoom Regionaal Trefcentrum (ART; autonomous meeting-centre). In the spring of 2001 (April/May) the non-profit organisation was forced to move because the brewery that they rented the pub from, didn’t wanna continue the lease.

The (concert-)history we’re trying to give here is from the early beginnings to the moment of this move. As Jan Claus, co-founder, puts it: it spans the period of right before the fall of the Berlin Wall (89-11-09; the Iron Curtain was opened 89-05-02 in Hungary) until a bit before 9-11 (which was in 2001)… The foundation of the association was 89-05-21 and a month before that, the opening of the pub.

VV verhuis 2001the ‘second’ generation saying goodbye to Kiekenmarkt 7

They moved to a new location (which they bought June 2003) at Sint-Jacobsstraat 3, a small kilometre away. That building was in a poor condition so they decided to tear it down and rebuild it. There’s a main building and a multi-functional (concert-) venue (and rehearsal-space) in the back. They got some subsidy from the Flemish government but a lot of the costs of the reconstruction (which the collaborators are doing themselves) is payed for by donations and benefits. During this, activities were taking place in a TAZ (Temporary Autonomous Zone) @ Diksmuidseweg 59, where they’d moved to December 2012.

Read more on the Vort’n Vis today!

some images (courtesy of Steve Noyelle) of the ‘rehousing-procession’:

VV verhuis 2001 (Steph)VV verhuis 2001 (couch)VV verhuis 2001 (sign)

We need all possible help from anyone who was involved to complete the history – please get in touch!

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