96-04-05 Carcer Molochi – Resist The Pain – Control

Posted: September 15, 2015 in VV 1996
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96-04-05 Carcer M - RTP - Refugee (VV)

96-04-05 Refugee q jam (VV b'day)96-04-05 Refugee q jam (VV b'day)'‘Control’ rehearsing before their actual performance…

That’s ‘Sientje’ [Nico Sinnaeve] on drums, Freddy [Frederik Vanhee] on bass (both in ‘D.S.A.’ around that time) and, I believe, ‘Lorre’ [Laurent] Peene (‘Sorehead’; R.I.P.) jamming with Steve Noyelle in the V.V. rehearsal-space… The performance was, in my opinion, a one-off.

Steve Lammertyn

I know that my first band was together with Steve Noyelle & Nico but the name escapes me… Frankly, I can ‘t remember… On the photo of the rehearsal I think that’s ‘Murph’ [Vincent Merveillie, ‘Resist The Pain’ vocalist] sticking out above the rest and Jan Volckaert [‘Resist The Pain’ drummer] on the left.

Frederik Vanhee

Yep, that was our first band, with Steve Noyelle: ‘Control’. We only played this one time. Pierre ‘Congress’ was there too and sang a few songs…

Nico Sinnaeve

Actually this wasn’t an official concert; just a cozy get-together in the rehearsal-room – no particular occasion. Piling too many people in a small shack and go nuts …

Pedro Fioen


a ‘concert’ díd take place… pics by Steve Lammertyn:

96-04-05 Carcer Molochi (VV)96-04-05 Carcer Molochi Mike & Erwin (VV)‘Carcer Molochi’: Inge Cappoen (vocals), Michael Maes (drums), Erwin Degryse (guitar); Johan Sys, Danny Suffys & David Stubbe might’ve just left the band around that time…


96-04-05 Resist The Pain - band (VV)‘Resist The Pain’: Steve Noyelle (bass), Jan Volckaert (drums), Vincent Merveillie (vocals), Pedro Fioen (guitar)

96-04-05 Resist The Pain - drum' (VV)96-04-05 Resist The Pain - Pedro (VV)96-04-05 Resist The Pain - Steve' (VV)96-04-05 Resist The Pain - vox - Pedro' (VV)



96-04-05 Refugee q Lorre & Sien & Steve (VV b'day)96-04-05 Refugee q Lorre & Fre (VV b'day)96-04-05 Refugee q Steve (VV b'day)


  1. 'Biff' Bert Verschoot says:

    Lorre @ it’s best!! Rest in peace mate, forever among us! Never forgotten…

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