93-10-03 Four Walls Falling (photos)

Posted: October 2, 2014 in VV 1993
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More on this concert: 93-10-03 Four Walls Falling – Blindfold – Dawson – Shortsight

Photos courtesy of Jase Fox (‘Step One’)

‘Four Walls Falling’:

Taylor Steele (vocals), Robert ‘Bo’ Steele (guitar), John Peters (guitar),

William ‘Bill’ Thideman (bass) & Tommy Anthony (drums)

93-10-03 Four Walls Falling 1 (Jase Fox)93-10-03 Four Walls Falling 2 (Jase Fox)93-10-03 Four Walls Falling 3 (Jase Fox)93-10-03 Four Walls Falling 6 (Jase Fox)93-10-03 Four Walls Falling 7 (Jase Fox)93-10-03 Four Walls Falling 8 (Jase Fox)

[3] Björn Lescouhier, ‘Shortsight’ drummer (kneeled)

[4] Tom De Pauw, Holy Hardcore zine (central)

[5] Hans Verbeke ? & Philippe Klur, Uprising Decay zine (glasses) * Michael Müller, Counter Clockwise zine (baseball cap)

[6] Ed ‘N.O.F.’ & Saskia ‘Shortsight’ (L) * Françoise Lepers, Superfluous zine (M)

93-10-03 Four Walls Falling 4 (Jase Fox)93-10-03 Four Walls Falling 5 (Jase Fox)

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