95-10-20 Onward – Mainstrike

Posted: September 3, 2014 in VV 1995
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95-10 Onward - Mainstrike tour

The Norwegian straight-edgers of ‘Onward’ had been here already during their tour with ‘Blindfold’ (92-08-09). Arne (Olav) Haabeth (bass), ‘Bhakta’ Ollie Andersen (drums), Peter Amdam (guitar; later did Words Carved Into My Head fanzine together with Arne) and Torgny Amdam (vocals; later in ‘Amulet’) were touring with ‘Mainstrike’ now. According to Peter Hoeren (Crucial Respnse recs) it was the first time they supported the In A Different Place album which he released in 1993.

‘Mainstrike’ had played their 1st show January 3rd of that year at the Goudvishal in Arnhem (the guys lived in the Arnhem/Nijmegen area) and in March they recorded their demo (Youth Crew 95), and they played the V.V. on 95-04-09 already. After this one here, they’ld also play at the Vort’n Vis festival (95-08-19). Their 7” Times Still Here was out on Peter Hoeren’s Crucial Response recs only a few days before they started touring with ‘Onward’ (recorded early September). In the band at this time were: Jeroen ‘Beertje’ Vrijhoef (guitar; he ran Left Wing recs and later – when he’d moved to Den Haag – Coalition recs, together with Marcel Palijama), Jasper Meijerink (bass; later replaced by Johnny van de Koolwijk), Jonas Moberg (guitar), Roland ‘Big’ ‘Lord Bigma’ Roller (vocals; also guitarist ‘Man Lifting Banner’) and Pepijn Oostenbrink (drums, later also in ‘One Day Closer’).

I knew ‘Big’ from the time he lived in Apeldoorn (late 80s), where he – together with his mate Marcel ‘Gummo’ Schilpzand – helped organise concerts for a few bands that I was helping out. They did these in a local squat (called De Bank)…

Manon Laméris, who I knew from gigs in Terneuzen (The Netherlands) in the late 80s, and by then helped program and organise gigs at the Goudvishal wrote something in the guestbook. I’m pretty sure her friend Diana B. (‘Big’s girlfriend at that time) and colleague at the Goudvishal was there too…


I remember the tour really well. Great memories! it was the second time ‘Onward’ toured Europe. It was the first tour for the Mainstrike guys, their Times Stil Here 7” came out right before the tour. It sold like hot chocolate. The first pressing of 2000 copies sold in a short time. Onward would regroup with a new singer Trond and Truls on drums and record their best record These Words Still Pray later on. The tour was quite chaotic and wild… Lots of good shows and energy!

Peter Hoeren, Crucial Response recs

My then girlfiend and me went to Belgium for a break. A few days in Leuven with Jeroen [Lauwers?] and a night in Brussels. Somewhere along the way we went to this gig. Mainly to see Bruno [Genet recs] as we were doing that ‘B.H.S.’/’Kosjer D’ split. Had a great trip although we missed our bus back to the UK, hence 1 night in Brussels. It was unusually warm for Autumn. Always had fun in Belgium and enjoyed hanging with the Belgian ‘Kids’ (pun). Maybe we also went to Brugge to see that guy with the glasses and shaved head who lived with his parents. [Joeri Hoste] He was really great. All the Belgians were great. Even Edward… I probably wasn’t the biggest fan of most of the bands but it was always fun because of the people and the scene. It was a euro straight-edge affair. We met up with Bruno and spent the evening in the kitchen, missing all the bands.

Jason Kilvington a.k.a. Jase Kilvo, Caught Offside recs

excerpts from the V.V. guestbook:

VV 95-10-20 - (book B) Mainstrike

VV 95-10-20 - (book B) Onward

additions wellcome!…

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