96-01-20 Misery – [Extinction Of Mankind] – [Carcer Molochi]

Posted: June 6, 2014 in VV 1996
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96 Extinction Of Mankind + Misery tourposter96 Extinction Of Mankind + Misery tourschedule96 Misery - EOM

Apparently ‘Müsgüb’ (driver/tour-organiser Martin Fleischner; I already knew him from tours in the 80s as he organised gigs in Göppingen’s venue Remise) had to switch around the schedule a bit… From a review I dó know this gig actually took place on January 20th.

‘E.O.M.’ (“anarcho crust punk metal” from the Northwest of the U.K.) did their 3rd tour of Europe, this time with ‘Misery’, with Marvin (Varukers) playing bass because of family-commitments of Ginny. The latter had replaced Fozzy (who left the band after the ’94 tour with ‘Doom’. Their LP Baptised In Shit had been recorded in May ’95 (with Ginny on bass, Dave Foz on drums, Mass Centi on guitar & Ste Dux on vocals) and released on ‘Kleister’s Skuld Releases. They didn’t play here though because their van broke down… On 94-08-06 they also didn’t make it but they did play on 95-09-17. Nowadays ‘E.O.M.’ (extinctionofmankind.wix.com/online) still exists (‘Doom’s Scoot plays guitar).

Dan (Profane Exstence) was back in Europe with ‘Misery’. He had been briefly in the band as bassist early on. They were an anarcho-punk/crust (with references to ‘Amebix’) band from Minneapolis. (Their 1st show was in Dec ‘88 with ‘Nausea’s Al Long on vocals.) In the band here: Todd ‘Gags’ Gaglione (bass & vocals), Gary Winger (drums), Sid Klingeman (guitar & vocals) and John Greenslit (guitar & vocals). The album Who’s The Fool…? had been relased in ’94 by Profane Existence & Skuld. These also put out an EP entitled Next Time for the tour. Their show in Slovenia (at MKNZ in Ilirska Bistrica, 96-01-19) was released on tape.

‘Carcer Molochi’, local band with V.V. shitworker Michael Maes, had played here a few times already (94-12-31, 95-03-05, 95-09-16)… According to ‘Insane Youth’s singer Steve Michael’s band didn’t play either: ‘Carcer Molochi’ cancelled. ‘Insane Youth’ were asked last minute but guitarist Tim wasn’t available…


After the record low with ‘Misery’/‘Extinction Of Mankind’, Flo [Helmchen; HeartFirst recs] and I agreed that there’s really no point in booking bands at the V.V. unless it’s emo/mosh…

Ilja S., Profane Existence Berlin; personal communication ‘96

When we went for some fries, there were 2 people of ‘Misery’ there, indulging in meat and cokes; rather disappointing… ‘E.O.M.’ didn’t show up because of car-trouble. More disappointment. When we returned home in Gent we met their guitarist who was returning to the U.K.

Steve ‘Insane Youth’ in Kurt Van Den Eynden & Anja Hermans’ zine (Wat Is Er Aan De Hand? #2)

1 out of 3 ain’t bad!? It was good we were still alive… Vort’n Vis was always the last show on the tours…

Mass Centi, ‘E.O.M.’

I remember it being very cold, same weather we get here in Minneapolis at that time of year. Some windows were broken in the upstairs so it made the whole place cold. We didn’t mind though. Also some guy was messing with everyone in ‘Misery’ and ‘E.O.M.’, Steve from ‘E.O.M.’ stood up to him and it almost came to a brawl, The show went well, being such a cold night the crowd was thin but very responsive to the music from all bands. All in all I would not have traded the experience for anything, life kinda is funny in that way, it was a fine time and I have another good memory to share with others due to playing there.

Gary Winger, ‘Misery’ drummer

I was there but don’t really remember any details of that show… We played so many in our 25 years together!

Todd Gaglione, ‘Misery’ bassist

Photographs by Wim De Leersnijder:

96-01-20 Misery (by Wim DL)96-01-20 Misery' (by Wim DL)

Pictures by Michael Maes:

96-01-20 Misery band' (by Michael M)Wim DL (R) enjoying a beer… and the band

96-01-20 Misery bass+guitars (by Michael M)Yannick ‘Pikpik’ (R) enjoying a beer… and the band

96-01-20 Misery drums (by Michael M) (-)96-01-20 Misery vox (by Michael M) (-)96-01-20 Misery bass (by Michael M) (-)

additions wellcome!…

  1. Both ‘Misery’ and ‘E.O.M.’ are still playing. It has been many years since I saw ‘Misery’ for the last time, Minneapolis, like 8 years ago I think, but they were totally excellent live. Quite a surprise.

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