96-12-30 SxE @ 100 hours

Posted: May 16, 2014 in VV 1996
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Somewhere in the second half of the ‘90s, the Vort’n Vis also started organising something called ‘De 100 uren van de Vort’n Vis’. The days before New Year, the pub remained open for 100 hours non-stop. It became a yearly event. Various activities are organised to give the local crowd an opportunity to socialize and give them an alternative during the Winter holidays. Gigs too of course. Most of the time there weren’t many bands touring, so the bands playing were often local (starting). As was the case here…

‘Resist The Pain’ did their first ever show on 96-05-12 with Steve Noyelle on bass (guitar in ‘Lifecycle’), Pedro ‘Fifi’ Fioen (guitar, ‘Spineless’, ‘Congress’, etc.), Vincent ‘Murph’ Merveillie (vocals; later ‘S.O.Y.’) & Jan Volckaert (drums). According to what’s written in the guestbook Michael (Maes: V.V. shitworker and nowadays in ‘Link’) was the drummer on this occasion.

‘Ex Machina’ – Kurt (drums), Thomas (bass), Joris (guitar), Wouter (guitar); no idea who they were…

‘Sorehead’ (Ieper) were Laurent ‘Lorre’ Peene (vocals; R.I.P.), Dries Verclyte (bass), Pieter Derycke (drums), Jan Lazeure (guitar) and Pieter Desmyter (guitar). Steve Noyelle describes their music as resembling ‘Sektor’.

‘Spineless’ (from Kortrijk) had performed August of that year on the Fest (also on 97-06-27) but I wonder if they actually played on this day?

‘Defence’ apparently were Jeroen, Wim and Virgil. Probably the same guys of the band ‘Warcraft’ (from Ieper) that played on 97-06-12…

Valère & Sofie, 2 “straight-edge girls” also wrote something in the guestbook. I thought that was Sofie Vantomme (singer of ‘Lifecycle’ – but these didn’t play: their 1st show was a few months later), however Steve Noyelle tells me it wasn’t. They were 2 girls from Rollegem…


I believe the SxE girls were Sofie Vercaempst (from Moeskroen, near Rollegem; who died in a car-crash in 2004) and Valerie from Rollegem.

Bruno Callens, ‘Turn The Tide’ bassist

Yeah, I did indeed play drums for ‘Resist The Pain’… I also started a band with Edward and the bassist of ‘N.O.F.’ at a certain time: I played drums and no other than Vik sang… The band was called ‘The Jedi’! Never did a show then… [‘The Jedi’ did at least one show: Letske sang…]

Michael Maes

excerpts from the V.V. guestbook:

VV 96-12-30 - (book C) Resist The Pain

VV 96-12-30 - (book C) Sorehead

VV 96-12-30 - (book C) Ex Machina

VV 96-12-30 - (book C) Defence

VV 96-12-30 - (book C) Sofie & Valère

VV 96-12-30 - (book C) Spineless

additions wellcome!…

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