92-12-31 Infezione

Posted: February 16, 2014 in VV 1992
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92-12-31 Infezione cover92-12-31 Infezione intro

New year’s eve in the Vort’n Vis? Of course! When there’s a band of intelligent people playing great music. ‘Infezione’ were a great HC/punk band with an anarchist message, from Modena (Italy): Enrico Manicardi (guitar & vocals), Barbara (bass & vocals), Lory (drums) and Chicco (vocals). They did a demo called Oppressione Quotidiana (Daily Oppression; re-released as a benefit for the political prisoners of the Genua G8) and 2 LPs entitled Chiediti El Perche (Ask Yourself Why) & Religione Oppio Dei Popoli (Religion Opium For The People) – both with extensive booklets.

The gig was only announced a week before so it was a real surprise! I gave them a bunch of questions for an interview in my zine Tilt! They didn’t want to do it on tape ‘cause they thought their English was too poor… It should’ve been in published but the disk crashed and I lost everything… Later I was told they’d split up and did their last concert at the El Paso squat in Torino in May ’93 (after being together for 10 years).

Nowadays Enrico is a lawyer and author (enricomanicardi.it) but apparently still doesn’t speak any English… ;-)


Infezione (Rise & Fall #2)

excerpt from the V.V. guestbook:

VV 92-12-31 - (book A) Infezione

additions wellcome!…

  1. I have written two books: LIBERI DALLA CIVILTA(2010) & L’ULTIMA ERA (2012) about the anarchist anti-civ practice. The first book was translated into English and published in USA under the title: FREE FROM CIVILIZATION. You can buy it on-line.

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