94-03-05 Ex Cathedra & Kitchener (extra photos)

Posted: July 24, 2013 in VV 1994
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More on this concert: 94-03-05 Health Hazard – Kitchener – Ex Cathedra – Nessun Dorma – As Usual

Pics kindly donated by Isobel ‘Issy’ Craig, unless stated otherwise

94-03-05 Ex Cathedra 1 (Issy)Alex (guitar) – Jim (drums) – Issy (bass) – Andi (vocals)

94-03-05 Ex Cathedra 2 (Issy)94-03-05 Ex Cathedra 3 (Issy)94-03-05 Ex Cathedra 4 (Issy)(Alain & Laurent from Liège paing attention…)

94-03-05 Ex-Cathedra (by Maynard Schut)pic courtesy of Maynard Schut

94-03-05 Ex Cathedra Issy (Issy)Issy in the upstairs room

94-03-05 Kitchener bass (Issy)94-03-05 Kitchener bass+drums (Issy)94-03-05 Kitchener bass+drums' (Issy)‘Kitchener’s Tim (‘NoMeansNo’ shirt), Pete (drums) & Steve (bass also; Tim & Steve switched instruments)

  1. Isobel Craig says:

    That pic of me in the ‘upstairs room’: I had just woken up… I left my soft pillow there by accident and had to sleep without it for the rest of the tour! If anyone found it: can you send it back to me? ;-) ;-) ;-)

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