92-09-05&06 * 1st ‘Ieperfest’ ?

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92-09-05&06 2 day festival VV

92-09 extra

Hardcore ’92… This could be considered as the first Ieperfest… The years before around half of September there had already been a few fests named Leed (the Vort’n Vis’ alternative to the city of Ieper’s mainstream Leet festival). The latter had a more punky/crusty feel to it. The Ieperfest tended to offer more straight-egde bands… It gradually moved towards a weekend around half of August. And eventually turned into a huge event (not unlike a lot of the commercial summer-festivals) outside of the Vort’n Vis premises.

Unfortunately (and that already was from the beginning), it turned out to be a market-place for big/commercial labels and distributions (local and others). I’ve never been able to see what the value of that was and I kept reacting against it…


The first weekend of September there was the double-day fesitival. It was supposed to be a promo-weekend for vegetarianism (there was 1! stall by GAIA, Global Action in the Interest of Animals) but it was more a promo-weekend for Warehouse recs (Edward’s pre Good Life label) and ‘Nations On Fire’ There was a music (record/CD/zine) -fair on Sunday but also on Saturday there was already a market goin’ on! Awful! I refused to set up my stall between Bernd (Lost & Found) Granz‘s table with bootlegs and other crappy collectioners’ items, and other money-greedy ‘distributors’. Sunday they were there too so I decided to show an alternative with really DIY stuff and fanzines (no-one else was selling any!). Saturday I talked and talked (hardly saw any of the bands – I already saw most of the SxE-bands here 2-5 times; ‘Abolition’ were great, and nice people!) to old friends, new friends and people from everywhere: UK, Germany, Holland, Canada, Portugal, etc. [Peter Hoeren (Crucual Response recs & Michael Müller, Armin Hofmann (X-Mist recs), Moses Arndt (Zap), Big (‘Man Lifting Banner”), David Dutriaux (‘Scraps’ & ‘N.O.F.’) & Belle, Dennis Niesing (‘Crisis Of Society’), Wil Van Straalen (WRF recs)]

Jaak, the drummer for ‘Nations On Fire’ (Vegan Society and GAIA militant) announced that this was a last show with the band for him. Apparently the ‘Positive / Powerful / Political’ slogan had become to empty for him and selling/collecting records (of some of the others in the band) was not fulfilling enough…

Quite some people didn’t want to come because they thought it was too militantly SxE. I thought it was too consumerist. Pity they didn’t show up, we could’ve offered some ‘counterbalance’…

Brob, personal communications Sep/Oct ‘92

More on the complete bill:

5 sep ’92: Ironside (UK), Strong Event (Ger), Blindfold (Bel), Shortsight (Bel), No More (Lux), Feeding The Fire (Nl), Spirit Of Youth (Bel)

6 sep ’92: Abolition (Ger), Nations On Fire (Bel), Strength Of The Will (Bel), Inner Circle (Ger), Agent 86 (USA), Punishment Park (Nor)

excerpts from the V.V. guestbook:

VV 92-09-06 - (book A) Stef Smits“Long time ago I saw so much uniformity”; Stef Smits, sociologist

VV 92-09-06 - (book A) Armin X-MistArmin Hofmann

VV 92-09-06 - (book A) Bernd L&FBernd Granz

VV 92-09-06 - (book A) Steffen Rosetour-promoter (‘Nations On Fire’ e.g.)

VV 92-09-06 - (book A) Anneke“Long time ago I slept so much!” ; Anneke Schuurman, Puffy zine

VV 92-09-06 - (book A) Corey AbolitionCorey von Villiez

VV 92-09-06 - (book A) Patrick, SwitzPatrick Kolb ???

  1. Michael Müller says:

    Nothing but good memories. Even the silly arguments with Moses and Armin can’t spoil this. Now it seems even crazier to drive 4 hours every other weekend. There was a unique energy at this place and the local scene was so lame at the time…

  2. Armin Hofmann says:

    One of the most bizarre events I’ve ever been to…and the very last HC-festival for me to go to! My words written in the guestbook were purely ironic: of course I perfectly understood that these people were ‘radical’ and narrowminded at the same time…

  3. Tom Chapman says:

    It was a great weekend! I got to meet a lot of people who I am still friends with, I came home with a bag full of zines (not records!) and saw a ton of bands that had never been to the UK.
    Was it overly commercial? I can’t remember…
    What I do remember is an extremely young scene, loads of kids in their early-mid teens who got an insight into a world beyond ‘established’ entertainment. Of course for many it was a phase, just as it will have been for followers of any (sub)culture. And the young kids, with sports-wear and short hair confused the fuck out of the older punks, just like they did in the UK when the edge/US hardcore kids started going to the 1 in 12 – it rocked the punk ‘establishment’. Nowadays those that remain (from ‘both’ scenes) have known each other for years and have built a great alternative culture. The rest – whether the old brigade anarchos or the edge kids who did it ’cause their friends did – have all rejoined the mainstream.
    Sure there was no doubt a lot of misplaced idealism there in ’92 as well as some distros that saw the opportunity to make a quick buck/ franc, but it brought a lot of people together and definitely was a starting point for many elements of the Euro DIY punk/HC-scene

  4. Holger Andt says:

    It was great to meet all those people. Music, fun and ideals. The first day ‘Strong Event’ played, the second day ‘InnerXCircle’. I slept in my father’s car somewhere in a street and had a discussion with Mike [Krajewski, singer of ‘Inner Cirle’] about playing in a band with members that are not straight edge… :-)
    The dawn of the European hardcore scene.

    • 'K Dog' Daniel Ikswossark says:

      I’m living in the area of Münster (Germany).
      I read the Holger’s comment and I remember that I met him someday in the 90s. I just had some recolections and wanted to say hey!
      My friend Robin and me (Back in ’92 we were listening to a lot of hardcore music and visited some good concerts.) were aubout 16 or 17 years young and hitchhiked to the festival, slept in Brussels in the flat of 2 guys (a dentist and an actor). They showed us the city, gave us to eat and the next day they brought us to a spot where we could hike on to Ieper. We had a gun to be safe on the road and were feeling like young rebels.
      The festival was exiting but I can’t remeber that much. I still have the ‘Ironside’ tape…gossebumps.
      Greets to you all!

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