93-03-14 Naïve (photos)

Posted: March 14, 2013 in VV 1993
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More on this concert: 93-03-14

Here’s a bunch of photos -taken by Cammie Toloui-; kindly donated by Max Kotchetkov:

93-03-14 Naïve ruki 1 (-)93-03-14 Naïve ruki 2 (-)93-03-14 Naïve ruki 4 (-)93-03-14 Naïve ruki 6 (-)93-03-14 Naïve ruki 7 (-)93-03-14 Naïve ruki 8 (-)93-03-14 Naïve ruki 9 (-)93-03-14 Naïve stul 3 (-)93-03-14 Naïve stul 4 (-)93-03-14 Naïve stul 5 (-)

The text on the pictures is almost the same everywhere. It says Belgium 1993, and that the singer has inscriptions on his arms and torso (inspired by the ‘Ramones’, ‘Mad’, etc.) which you can read in English….

I can barely remember anything…I was ‘lucky’ enough to win a bet with the rest of the ‘Naïve’ guys and got to stay in the tour-van overnight and in the morning (without any guy snoring or farting and stinking next to me) with my future wife Cammie Toloui from the ‘Yeastie Girlz’ (the chick with a mohawk in front of ‘Anarcrust’). The guy with the moustache (same ‘Anarcrust’ pic) was our tour-manager Adam Schwartz from Copenhagen, who helped to put this tour together (42 shows in 14 countries, including Belgium) after the release of our first album Switch-Blade Knaife (LP and tape) on Maximum Rock’n’Roll in San Francisco (back in 1990). I remember Cammie, the-eco-bitch [Brob: I knew Cammie as a caring/intelligent woman…] making a fuss (“…What kind of a punk-place is this?…”) over the fact that drinks were served in plastic cups. No other recollections…we were getting drunk and stoned every night on that tour. It was a lot of fun!!!

In Russian the name of the band is spelled in Cyrillic as: НАИВ. Run a search and you’ll get a shit-load ‘Naïve’s music, videos and what not on numerous sites…

Max Kotchetkov, ‘Naïve’ bassplayer

That was me! I was on tour with ‘Naïve’. (I later married and had a child with Max, the bass-player.) In that shot I’m standing next to Adam P. Schwartz, the tour-manager.

Cammie Toloui

‘Naïve’ was formed in autumn 1988 by Maksim ‘Max’ Kochetkov (bass) and Alexander ‘Sasha’ ‘Mad’ Ivanov (vocals). [Michael ‘Mike’ Poleschuk – drums/backing-vocals, Ruslan ‘Stuporok’ ‘Stoopid’ Stupin – guitar, backing-vocals] They became part of the ‘Moscow Rock Laboratory’ [club that promoted musicians who do not belong to state concert-organisations]. Their debut-album was in the private collection of Kurt Cobain; he repeatedly said it was “the best that I know about Russia”. In 1993, after the release of the second album Beer For The Naïve, they toured Finland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic and Italy (a total of 40 concerts).


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