93-04-04 Hellkrusher – Dirt (photos)

Posted: December 4, 2012 in VV 1993
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More on this concert: 93-04-04 Dirt – Hellkrusher – Instigators – Crisis Of Society

Photos (by Yannick) scanned by Ian ‘Scotty’ Scott:

93-04-04 Hellkrusher - Curry+Ali+ScottyCurry – Ali – Scotty (Pedro & Arnaud W. in the crowd)

93-04-04 Hellkrusher - Ali & Scotty

93-04-04 Hellkrusher - Ali & Curry

93-04-04 Hellkrusher - Curry

93-04-04 Hellkrusher - GusGus (under the watchful eye of Siesele – on the L)


more pics of the ’93 ‘Hellkrusher’ & ‘Dirt’ tour (courtesy of Scotty):

93-04-04 Dirt VV Stef (by Scotty)Stef ‘Dirt’  …desolation (probably the allyway next to the V.V.)

93-04-04 Hellkrusher & Dirt in rusty transits outside the VV (by Scotty)‘Hellkrusher’ & ‘Dirt’ in their rusty transit outside the V.V.

93-04 Hellkrusher & Dirt tour Gus Karen Scotty in GermanyGus, Karen & Scotty somewhere in Germany…

  1. Scotty Hellkrusher says:

    Hope the photos are of use, some of ’em never been seen before. [Brob: Posted here and other pages…]
    I have loads from that tour… Here is the full tour-schedule – we were meant to go on to France but the van fucked up and we came home early:
    3/4/93 Liège, Belgium (La Zone) – 4/4/93 Ieper, Belgium (Vort’n Vis) – 6/4/93 Berlin, Germany (Knack Club) – 7/4/93 Lodz, Poland – 8/4/93 Katowice, Poland – 9/4/93 Brno, Czech Republic

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