93-04-04 Dirt – Hellkrusher – Instigators – Crisis Of Society

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93-04-04 Hellkrusher - Dirt - Instigators - COS

‘Crisis Of Society’, a political hardcore band from Dutch Limburg were Dennis ‘Crustbus’ Niesing (drums), Maurice ‘Mories Vies’ Truijens (guitar) & Rolf (vocals); Ferry Krop (bass) says he wasn’t in the band at that time…

I think this was ‘Dirt’s first appearance here after their reformation. ‘Gaz’ wrote about this on their website (gagsdirt.co.uk/dirt/story): “I got a call from Ali of ‘Hellkrusher’. He had heard from friends that me & Deno were working together and made us an offer! He had made some contacts and was booking a small tour for his band. We went along on a kind of low key ‘see how it goes’… It went well for us and we were all fired up! Karen, Mick and Stef were the recruits on guitar, bass and drums.”. That was also the line-up on the Feast Or Famine demo (1993): ‘Deno’ (vocals), Gary ‘Gaz’ (guitar), Karen (lead guitar), Mick (bass) and Stef (drums). ‘Hellkrusher’ also worked with ‘Kleister’ (Oliver Schmid) of Skuld releases (German label) and that lead to the Scent of the Kill EP in 1994 (with ‘Stick’ on drums, Cecile on bass).

93-04-04-dirt-by-annabel93-04-04-dirt-by-annabel93-04-04-dirt-by-annabel‘Dirt’ (pictures courtesy of Annabel De Jonghe)

‘Dirt’ Mick; pic courtesy of Benoit Hanssens

‘Hellkrusher’ were a UK thrash influenced crust-punk band from Newcastle (upon Tyne). In 1992 Neil Robinson had release the Dying For Who 7” on his label Tribal Ware recs. They were Andy – Andrew Turnble (NOT Turnbull who was in the original ‘Instigators’!) – on bass, Ian Curry – who had been in ‘Debauchery’ – on drums, Ian ‘Scotty’ Scott – ex ‘Hellbastard’ – on guitar and Ali Lynn doing vocals (Ali Lee was the guitarist from ‘Hellbastard’). On this tour Gary ‘Gus’ Raine did the bass (also in ‘94).

Dirt Hellkrusher tour kickoff 1993‘Dirt’ & ‘Hellkrusher’ kicking off their tour in London (with Jules Lowery, 2nd row on the left)

‘Instigators’ had been here before (92-05-02) and I’d organised some shows for them during the Smurfpunx-days aswell (87-04-03 & 87-12-12). They toured all the time, it seemed… Their melodic hardcore-punk has always been very popular; also thanks to singer Andy ‘Tez’ Turner’s constant PR-ing. The other ‘pillars’ were Simon Mooney (guitars) and Stephen ‘Cuzzy’ Curran (drums). Not sure if Bob Gorlik still did the bass then…?

‘Hellkrusher’ played the Vort’n Vis twice in line-ups I was involved in… I’m sure I only played this one and second time was in ‘97 I think….. This first gig was me, Ali, Gus, Curry… ‘97 was me, Ali, Rob, Scoot, Curry. The other gigs between ‘93-’96, I wasn’t in the band. I think I have the flyer from that first gig and a set of photos, as well as the video [Hellkrusher Ieper ‘93]. This first gig on the tour was with ‘Dirt’ and the ‘Instigators’… I remember because we got there late and ‘Instigators’. I think it was a case of they were just in the area and jumped on the bill…which pissed us off even more as they got there before us yet wouldn’t let us use there gear (which was already set up)…also one of the band walked in on me while I was having a shit…unforgettable…

‘Scotty’ Scott

Yeah, I played for ‘Hellkrusher’ twice (I think [See also 93-11-21]) at the Vort’n Vis. Both times were bad ass! Everyone was real friendly and helpful. Definitely one of the best punk venues in the world! I met Ali and Scotty through my other band at the time, ‘Armed Relapse’: we played with HK and they asked me to do some art for them (Buildings For The Rich lp cover), then they asked me to play bass – which I jumped at, since they were one of my favourite bands. After the Euro tour Scotty and Curry left; I went onto guitar and we went to America. I decided to stay in the U.S. and moved to Pittsburgh. I played a few shows with ‘Aus-Rotten’, then moved to South Florida – been here ever since. I’m a tattoo-artist in West Palm Beach… I’m still in touch with Scotty, working on some new art for HK – first punk art in allmost 20 years! I also played guitar on ‘Dirt’s U.S. tour…

Gary ‘Gus’ Raine

Curry played drums; I joined as 2nd guitarist late ’94: Scotty wasn’t able to tour then…


I wasn’t in ‘Crisis Of Society’ at that time, only joined later…. I was on the 7” [Freedom’s Luxury] though…

Ferry Krop

The line-up of ‘Crisis Of Society’ at the Vort’n Vis was our last one ever: Dennis on drums, Maurice playing guitar, Gaston bass and Marco singing… We had to start quite early and the rest of the bands hadn’t arrived so the majority of the audience stayed outside. When everyone finally got in, it was rather packed. I had been at the V.V. when ‘Feeding The Fire’ played so I’d gotten to know some nice people there…

Dennis Niesing

93-04-04 Karin Q Scotty Hellkrusher Arnaud Yannick‘Hellkrusher’ & friends from the Lille area: Karine (Stop zine) – Benoit – Scotty – Arnaud Waterblez – Yannick Moulière

some more pictures of this gig: 93-04-04 Hellkrusher (photos)

excerpts from the V.V. guestbook:

VV 93-04-04 - (book A) HellkrusherAli & Scotty (‘Hellkrusher’)

VV 93-04-04 - (book A) Hellkrusher+DirtCurry & Gus (‘Hellkrusher’) + Mick (‘Dirt’)

VV 93-04-04 - (book A) Gazzer DirtGary’s sarcasm…

VV 93-04-04 - (book A) Instigators‘Instigators’ impression of their gig

VV 93-04-04 - (book A) Crisis Of Society

additions wellcome!…

  1. Brob Tilt! says:

    Ali (‘Hellkrusher’), in the French zine Réagir (’93): >>The 1st line-up (on the Wasteland LP) was Steve-drums, Dave-guitar, Ali-vocals, Scotty-bass. After a bunch of disastrous gigs we split up (Dec ’91) to reform a couple of months later (Feb ’92) with Curry-drums, Andy-bass & Scotty changing to guitar. With this line-up we recorded the Buildings For The Rich LP and the Dying For Who 7″ on Tribal War recs. Then Andy got replaced by Gus and we did 2 UK tours and a trip through Europe… Later Scotty & Curry took off. We found replacements and will put out 2 EP’s: a split with ‘Dirt’ on Fobia recs and one on Skuld Releases. We’re planning 3 weeks through Europe in November and the next year a US tour supporting ‘Dirt’.<<

  2. Steve says:

    I was on tour with ‘Instigators’n selling shirts and records/CDs – great fun all round. Keith was playing bass for them at the time, not Bob. For the show at Vort’n Vis, if my memory serves – but it probably doesn’t – they couldn’t find guitarist Mooney at gig-time so Gary, who was driving, had to stand in on guitar for a few songs until Mooney came back from his exploratory photography trip around the town. It was quite funny to see him walk back into the venue only to find his own band already playing! Great venue and great beer, from what I can remember, though it was a looooong time ago…

  3. Deno says:

    Wow! You did well tracking this stuff down. I can remember quite a few times at Vort’n Vis but couldn’t tell which was which. I’m guessing for myself it must have been at least 4 times, maybe more… I do remember great breakfasts though… xxx

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