91-09-01 [N.O.F.] – Agathocles – Cry For Change – Spirit Of Youth – Scraps

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This concert was meant to be the presentation of ‘N.O.F.’s lp but mid August Jaak had an accident with his car (crashed and went upside down) – (together with Jan ‘Blindfold’, U.J. and Hans – while returning from the studio in The Netherlands (where we’d done the final mix): I was suffering from a back-injury (couldn’t move for a few weeks) and Jaak was ‘out’ (in hospital) for a couple of months with some serious fractures and surgery. He didn’t start drumming again a few months later. The concert took place without ‘N.O.F.’ and the record only got released in March 1992. The album wasn’t ready anyway: the recordings had been in May and August; shortly after this gig Ed went to L.A. – beginning of September until end December – to work for his family, and got the record (re-)mixed (Onno [Hesselink]’s original mix was rather questionable) by someone who at that time also mixed ‘Bad Religion’.

Jeroen Lauwers, ‘N.O.F’ bassplayer

I believe all other bands were XXX and a big part of the audience as well, but I’m not really sure. If I remember correctly, everybody left when we got on stage with a tray full of beers and started our noise, haha. Those were the straight-edge heydays :-). Our line-up in ’91…that would probably have been Burt [Beyens, drums], myself [vocals at that time], Erwin [Vandenbergh, bass at that time] & Chris [guitar].

I really liked ‘Spirit Of Youth’ in their early days. Very young guys , full of commitment and energy. Coincidentally, a while ago, I ended up at a bar-counter with one of the members of ‘S.O.Y.’ when he was playing with his new band.

All in all, the end of the 80s/beginning of the 90s were great times at the V.V.

Jan Frederickx, ‘Agathocles’ bassplayer/vocalist/guitarist

I don’t recall ‘Behind The Smile’ playing that day. [Brob: ‘B.T.S.’ was considered to play there at some timepoint…] I think it was ‘Scraps’. [Brob: Could well be ‘cause David & Raph wrote something in the guestbook that day…]. ‘Spirit Of Youth’ was still Hans [Verbeke] drumming, Jan [Maelfait] singing, myself playing guitar and my brother Fré doing the bass.

Dominiek Denolf, ‘S.O.Y.’ guitarist

‘Cry For Change’ had played at the Vort’n Vis before and ‘Scraps’ were no new-comers either of course (with various crossings of the border into I-town; see e.g. 91-03-16).

91-09-01-cry-for-change-vortn-vis‘Cry For Change’ (photo courtesy of Johan Maes)

‘Scraps’ vocalist David was technically ‘unemployed’ with ‘N.O.F’ being half handicapped anyway. They kinda replaced ‘N.O.F.’, even did some ‘N.O.F’ covers. Besides the 2 brothers Dutriaux, there was Tomoy on bass and Xavier on drums. I think their show was taped on video for the SCALP-benefit that Wim & Chat’n (‘Blindfold’) did… By then, ‘Scraps’ had their LP Wrapped Up In This Society out on Be Yourself recs (Carl Levecke & Ghilain Vermeersch)…

‘Scraps’ – Raph, Tomoy, Xavier – pics from Wim Vandekerckhoves’s zine Reminder #1

‘Spirit Of Youth’ had just appeared at the V.V. for the 1st a few months before (91-06-08).

And does ‘Agathocles’ need an introduction…?

This was another organisation of the ‘Touch My Heart Crew’ (see 91-05-03). It would seem like Ed(ward) (‘N.O.F.’ guitarist, later Good Life recs) had adopted some sales-techniques during his stay in L.A.: he even had T-shirts printed of this bill (see picture)…


In the Vort’n Vis , everybody is taking care: we don’t need bouncers, we don’t need cops, we can decide for ourselves. Today was a good example: people can decide and act for themselves. This is what we’re into…

David Dutriaux, in Reminder zine 1991

pic kindly provided by Rudy ‘Rudee’ Penando

excerpts from the V.V. guestbook:

The ‘Scraps’ Dutriaux bros expressing their ‘warm’ feelings…

‘Crivits’ guitarist Jeff expressing his wish to play the V.V. That would happen a few months later (91-12-21)…

additions wellcome!…

  1. Brob Tilt! says:

    For a band-presentation by ‘Cry For Change’ * ca. 1990 go to: Cry For Change (band-presentation Tilt! #6)

  2. Dominiek 'Dompi' Denolf says:

    That morning I went skating on the Kerelsplein [Roeselare] ramp before we head off out to that gig – in my camo shorts, ready to play later on. Edward was at my house with the new shirts. I remember having this print on a black longsleeve (really cool) – as usual too big for my age that time (L). But I wore it with pride on my first day in a new school (KTA); I had switched ’cause the old one (VTI) was too catholic and had this stupid dress-code, so I got outta there.
    Anyway, cool to read Jeroen’s comment and explanation about it Back then I really was into my own world, my band and maybe too young to have attention for all these details. The interest in all of that came later on :-). I recall going to a ‘Nations On Fire’ gig at the Vort’n – with Hans – a long time before this one. ‘N.O.F.’ had been playing in december or so in the UK and then played the Vort’n [Brob: that was on 91-02-08]… I already was so into them at that time… “Where the meat is red, you die a cancerous death”… Ed with his red Gibson SG that had such a powerfull sound, I was really impressed. Really into guitars…and that would never change :-). I bought the same Gibson SG as Ed later on for ‘S.O.Y.’, but in blue and, that became the guitar that made the ‘S.O.Y.’ line-up with Merv on vocals. As can be seen on the H8000 DVD, this concert was really a highlight for us.
    Great to hear that Jan ‘Agathocles’ was diggin’ our style then; it was indeed really furious and straightforward. I was really into bands then like ‘Straight Ahead’, ‘Wide Awake’, ‘Up Front’, ‘Infest’,… (to name the only grindy stuff I was listening to :-).). And Jan: the guy you met was my brother at a ‘Fields Of Troy’ gig – the band we play in nowadays. It was at Wuustwezel… After that gig my brother got carjacked and his complete drumkit and my 2 cabinets stolen out of his car. It was our first gig with ‘Fields Of Troy’ and what happened afterwards was a bummer…

  3. Hans Verbeke says:

    Great fuckin’ memories!

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