92-01-12 That’s It – Behind The Smile – Chronic Disease – Parkinson Square

Posted: October 24, 2012 in VV 1992
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‘That’s It’ was a melodic pop-punk-rock band (they’re influences – as they stated themselves – being ‘The Pixies’, ‘Fugazi’, ‘Gang Of Four’, ‘The Jam’, etc.) with ex ‘Youth Brigade’ guitarist/vocalist (and Better Youth Organization founder) Shawn Stern. Bassist Greta (replacing Andy Hadel on this tour) wrote something in the V.V. guestbook. Besides them there was Mark Phillips (guitar, vocals) and Tom(my) ‘Stupid’ Withers (drums). But the latter left or was kicked out somewhere along the line… I didn’t go and see them because I had the impression the whole thing was rather hyped. Bruno, in his well-known marketing style announced this as some kind of hardcore all-star band…

‘That’s It’ put out a 7” on Frank Babel’s Blasting Youth recs in 1992 featuring David Andler (drums & vocals), Shawn Stern (vocals & guitar) and Mark Phillips (guitar, bass + vocals). The recordings were done at Southern Studios in London (January ‘92). There was also a 12” on Shawn’s B.Y.O. recs the year before (entitled Really?!; with Tommy Stupid on drums)…

In the guestbook Shawn writes this was the 2nd to last show but there’s another entry in the guestbook on 92-05-24…

Nowadays Tom Withers is a DJ & he produces drum’n’bass under the alias ‘Klute’…

‘Behind The Smile’ vocalist Christophe Chojna ensures me his band played aswell. They’d performed at the Vort’n Vis before (91-10-12) when they had their demo-tape out. My mate Arnaud Huftier (who did Uprising Decay zine) played bass; Laurent did drums and Rudy guitar. In 1992 they did a split 7” with the Finnish ‘Juggling Jugulars’ called ‘A Wish To Dream’ on Sylvain Vilette’s Bad Card recs (1992) on which Laurent & Christophe were replaced. (They took a second guitarist, Pierre, later). ‘B.T.S.’ played another show on 93-02-21.

‘Parkinson Square’ was a HC band from Lyon (France) with Gilles Laval (guitar), Laurent Frick (vocals), Lucien Mingoia (drums; replacing Hugo Maimone) & Richard Gaultier (bass; replacing Akis Amprazis). Don’t remember much about them, except that they seemed to aim to become mainstream and were just using the D.I.Y. scene as a stepping-stone… Not sure if they actually played?

Probably the last ever show of ‘Chronic Disease’…? ‘Leffe’ (vocals), ‘Sling’ (drums), ‘Meyer’ (guitar) and ‘Vrokker’ (bass) were about to call it quits. The following years they would start a string of bands.


<<I don’t talk to any of the guys that I recorded with. Tommy Stupid left in the middle of the tour, which was really screwed because we were on the East-coast and were about to leave for a 7 week tour. I think he’s an asshole and he’s lucky I didn’t beat the crap out of him. He would be wise to stay the hell away from me! Mark Phillips is a great guitar-player, just a strange person and I don’t talk to him. He was in ‘Down By Law’ and ‘Joykiller’, but I guess that didn’t work out either. David Andler, who played on the European tour and on the German 7”, still keeps in contact. He lives in Maryland and has played in various bands and now runs a small label/distro called Morphius. He’s a really cool guy, we had fun touring Europe.>> (interview with Shawn in Enough fanzine 1999)

I was the 1st bassplayer of ‘Four Walls Falling’ but I didn’t tour with them in Europe; but I did tour with ‘That’s It’. The singer/guitarist was Shawn Stern from ‘Youth Brigade’, the drummer was named Dave [David Andler] and the other guitarist was Mark [Phillips] who also played in ‘Down By Law’. We toured with a lovely bunch of English guys called ‘Frogs Of War’, among them was bassist Kieran Heneghan and drummer Tim Green.

Greta Brinkman, ‘That’s It’ bassplayer

I do remember the gig; it was around December of 1991. I think there were a few other bands on the bill; one of them was kind of a crust-core type band from Belgium and the guitar-player spoke English with an accent from south London which seemed odd because most Europeans speak American English.

Mark Phillips, guitarist ‘That’s It’

The ‘Frogs of War’s part of the tour with ‘That’s It’ had come to an end by the time they played your venue. We’d been their support for around 5 weeks, from November ‘91 to January ‘92. Great memories – the ones I can actually remember! Never made it to Belgium unfortunately…

Kieran Heneghan, ‘Frogs of War’s bassplayer

We played with ‘That’s It’ but didn’t play the Belgium leg of the tour I think… 100% sure (ok – 99% sure) that we didn’t have the pleasure of playing there (unfortunately)…

Tommy Withers (ex ‘Stupids’) left ‘That’s It’ for the following reason: he met a girl after a show and just refused to get in the van and leave for the next show…just refused to leave her…

Tom Cockcroft, ‘Frogs of War’s guitarist

That’s not true. I was there.

Andy Turner, Full Circle recs label-boss & tour-manager [released their LP All Said And Done in 1990]

‘Frogs Of War’ hailed from Huddersfield (also hometown of Andy Turner and his ‘Instigators’). They were supposed to be influenced by the likes of ‘H.D.Q.’, ‘Snuff’ and ‘Instigators’: UK melodic hardcore punk. The band was: Tim Green on drums, Adrian Day – rhythm-guitar, Tom Cockcroft – lead-guitar, Kieran Heneghan on bass and guy called ‘Digby’ singing…


excerpts from the V.V. guestbook:

additions wellcome!…

  1. Steve W. says:

    “Kind of a crust-core type band from Belgium and the guitar-player spoke English with an accent from south London.”… Hahaha, it’s very likely that this is about ‘Neuthrone’ and myself. :-) But I can ‘t remember anything about this gig. It’s possible that we were invited to play a short set because a band had cancelled; but once again: It’s a total blank for me.

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