92-04-25 [Feed Your Head]

Posted: October 22, 2012 in VV 1992
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Chad – Rob – Frank – Mick (1989)

The last gigs we did were for the October 1990 French tour. [Brob: There was actually a show that we did with Smurfpunx in Aalst, Belgium: 90-10-06. The tour was organised by Arnaud Huftier of ‘Behind The Smile’. In 1989 a tour with ‘Oi Polloi’ brought them to Diksmuide…] If I remember correctly there was going to be another (mainly) French/Spanish tour around April 1992 which was arranged by a contact in France and was possibly with ‘Dan’ (another UK band around at the time) but I never saw the venue-list for it. In the end ‘F.Y.H. had to pull out due to a family illness and it was never re-scheduled.

We are currently setting up a new ‘F.Y.H.’ site…

Rob(in) Bain

I only saw/heard this band once (or twice) but I definitely liked them so even though they didn’t make it to the Vort’n Vis, I want to mention them here…

‘Feed Your Head’, from Manchester, were playing melodic/atmospheric/poetic (punk)rock that definitely stood out from the grindy/crusty stuff. The bassplayer was Frank, the drums were played by Chad (also vocals), Rob(in) Bain (vocals) & Michael ‘Mick’ Pye (had left the band in1990) both played guitar and violin. They did a split ep (with ‘Hex’) called‎ Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained (on Words of Warning), the ep Realm Of The Gods and the excellent lp Stargazer (the latter 2 on Crucial Climate).


review in Tilt! #5

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