90-03-17 Aphrodite’s Lawyer – Rothead – [C.O.T.] – [Scoundrels] – [Zero Positives]

Posted: September 15, 2012 in VV 1990
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90-03-17 Aphrodite's Lawyer

As you can read in the concert-review Bruno wrote in his zine Pyrobolum this was a bit of a disaster-gig… Let’s classify this as a youthly endeavour of which was to be learnt for the future of the Vort’n Vis… We would never have dreamt to have bouncers at the Vort’n Vis but I guess that was imposed by the owners of this (rather mainstream) venue in Bruno’s hometown…

‘Zero Positives’ couldn’t play because of a drummer-issue. The car of ‘Cry Of Terror’ (they did a memorable show for Smurfpunx 88-01-30) broke down and ‘Scoundrels’ (also played for Smurfpunx a couple of times: 87-12-12 & 88-04-02) didn’t show up…

A replacement was found in the band ‘C.O.D.A.’ (not the faintest idea anymore who they were).

I recall ‘Aphrodite’s Lawyer’ very well. This band from Alphen aan de Rijn (near Rotterdam) played complex, technical, inventive, arty stuff. I used to correspond with Daan, a nice and clever lad, and still have their demo… Daan/Daniel ‘Beef’ van der Velden did vocals & played guitar, Jeff was the drummer and Jao ‘Dealer’ Van de Langemaat plucked the bass.

Aphrodite's Lawyerpic from the booklet of the Als Je Haar Maar Goed Zat compilation (’92)

‘Rothead’ were Bruno Vandevyvere (vocals), Klaas Hardeman (bass), David Stubbe (drums) and Peter Vanthuyne (guitar). These guys were all in one way or another involved with the Vort’n Vis (early days). They only did 2 gigs though… They were heavily influenced by ‘Ripcord’. Read more on this in Klaas’ piece Bird Of Passage


Ah yes, I remember this. The venue, the people, … Our demo brought us to Brob and Bruno. It was a wonderful time, a lot evolved around camarderie and a strong underground network. There was a downside but that’s part of the deal…  The bands that did actually show up, did a great job. I remember Bruno doing the best he could to make this thing work out. He had a tough job there. I had a great day, played a good show and loved the town also!

Jeff , ‘Aphrodite’s Lawyer’s drummer


(Pyrobolum #3)

additions wellcome!…

  1. Pierre ter Bogt says:

    I remember that…broken-down van!
    [Pierre, ‘Cry Of Terror’s drummer]

  2. Jeeez… No phone. Some things hàve changed.
    Frank’s foot… Half a life ago, man!
    [Labie, ‘Scoundrels’ singer/guitarist]

  3. Bootsie says:

    ‘Scoundrels’ skipping a gig; did that ever happen? ;-) Nope; can ‘t remember any of that I do recall a gig at the Vort’n Vis where we were programmed between a bunch of trash-metal bands…we were a bit the black sheep then.
    [Bootsie, ‘Scoundrels’ drummer]

  4. Dirk 'Scum' says:

    Could be that I was there as a ‘spectator’, even though ‘Zero Positives’ didn’t perform. I was fairly good friends with Bruno by then and it was the first concert they organised…

  5. Frank 'Scoundrel' says:

    Can ‘t remember that we ever didn’t show up just like that! Must’ve been a slip of the pen… Only once we weren’t able to do a gig: when we were all waiting for Steven (singer for a while at that time). He was from Wuustwezel and when we finally got worried and went looking for him, we were told that he had gone fishing… That was his last encounter with the ‘Scoundrels’, you can understand that. I agree with Bootsie! Can’t imagine but it’s a long time ago… Time for a reunion in Belgium, I’ld say…

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