92-10-10 Man Lifting Banner – Feeding The Fire – Blindfold – Shortsight

Posted: August 11, 2012 in VV 1992
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92-10-10 Man Lifting Banner - Feeding The Fire - Blindfold - Shortsight

One of the best shows I’ve been to at the V.V. Saskia [Verbeke; ‘Shortsight’ singer] set it up and I helped her. Great concert; with an amazing ‘M.L.B.’!

Rob Franssen, ‘Feeding The Fire’ singer

A year and a half before this one, Smurfpunx already co-organised a benefit for the Anti Fascist Front at Netwerk in Aalst (91-03-03) with ‘Seein’Red’ & ‘Man Lifting Banner’ so I was already acquainted with the latter. The Vandenberg bros (Paul & Olav, guitar & drums for ‘Seein’Red’ but also ‘M.L.B.) and Jos had been mates since I organised ‘Lärm’ gigs around here and interviewed them for my zine (Lärm interview Tilt! #3). I’d gotten to know bassplayer Burt (Griffioen) because of the stickers he did for ‘Lärm’ and the artwork in their Definite Choice zine. I’d exchanged some letters with singer Michiel aswell and I think I already had gotten to know Big at the time I was booking bands at the squatted ‘Bank’ in his hometown Apeldoorn (where he helped Marcel Schilpzand).

‘Feeding The Fire’ were already regulars at the V.V. aswell (91-12-21, 92-04-18, 92-09-05). There was a special connection between the Limburg pack and the H8000 crew… So it was obvious that Saskia’s band ‘Shortsight’ and her brother Hans’ band ‘Blindfold’ played aswell…

92-10-10 Feeding The Fire (René on drums) (Jase Fox) (-)‘F.T.F.’ pic courtesy of Jase Fox: Har(ald) Brosselt (guitar), Rob Franssen (vocals), René Natzel (drums), Illona Stephan (guitar)

92-10-10 FTF (JP Frijns)‘F.T.F.’ photo by Jean-Paul Frijns: Rob Franssen (vocals), Illona Stephan (guitar) & Roger ‘NBH’ (bass)

‘Inner Circle’ (no not the reggae band), a straight-edge band from Germany, were new to me. Rob Franssen tells me they were named ‘Spawn’ by then already. (They changed their name in ’92 but the guestbook still mentions ‘Inner Circle’ and they were still announced like that on the flyer…) ‘Spawn’ did a split 7” with ‘F.T.F’ on Peter Hoeren’s Crucial Response recs. René Natzel (drums), Patrick Uhle (guitar) and Daniel Frankowski (guitar) were also in ‘Spawn’ (with vocalist Chris Van Dornick and bassist Dirk Zeiser). Don’t know anymore who Mike and Holger (probably ‘Inner Circle’s bassist) were who signed the guestbook…

Brob Tilt

‘Inner Circle’ changed their name because of the silly reggae-band connection. They had a different vocalist than ‘Spawn’: Mike Krajewski. If he’s in the guestbook then he was most likely singing. I was at the show but I can’t remember the details. Christoph indeed replaced him later and Dirk Zeiser replaced Holger on bass.

Michael Müller, Counter Clockwise zine

Concerning ‘InnerXCircle’: there was Patrick Uhlemann on second guitar and myself on bass. The guy that replaced me later on was Dirk Zeiser, indeed. Great times!

Holger Andt

Tom De Pauw and myself were stagediving [and others] so much [see pics] that ‘M.L.B. were complaining/ criticizing us!

Vik Bulik

L.S.C., the Last Struggle Crew was a militant leftist, socialist, politically oriented group straight-edgers from various countries; hence also the name Red Edge. It was more a reaction to various op militant straight-edge groups, mainly in the US, that focussed purely on straight-edge. Straight-edge was of course also very important to us but it was a part of a bigger, politcal setting.

Har, ‘F.T.F.’ guitarist

In October, I took Ian [Simpson; Helene and him both ran the Darlington record-label] with me back [Helene had been here on 92-09-05 & 92-09-06] to Ieper to see ‘Man Lifting Banner’ play at the Vort’n Vis. We bumped into Nick Royles, who had also travelled over for the gig. Without the huge amounts of people travelling and sleeping over for the summer festival, this trip was a great opportunity to get more time to talk and hang out with new-found friends in Belgium and from Holland. Although I now wince a little at ‘M.L.B.’ stuff, the gig was really great. I remember myself, Saskia, Hazel and Mel (from Canada who was still over in Europe) all at the front together, screaming “Empire!”. Felt like quite a moment at the time, being up front with a small crew of women, a vivid contrast to standing at the side of gigs in the UK watching men do their pushing and shoving thing!

Helene Keller, Subjugation recs (subjugationrecords.wordpress.com)

‘Man Lifting Banner’ rocked the house… great show! Bart was drawing classic ‘Colt Turkey’ cartoons all the time. ‘Inner Circle’ (pre-‘Spawn’), ‘Feeding the Fire’, ‘Shortsight’ and ‘Blindfold’ were energetic too. In these days the European hardcore scene was blooming. Great memories.

Peter Hoeren, Crucial Response recs

‘Man Lifting Banner’ (photo by Karl Penando): Paul – Olav – Michiel – Burt – Big (spot Françoise ‘Hazel’ Lepers, Jeroen Lauwers, Tom Chapman, Rob Franssen, Jean-Paul Frijns,… in the crowd)

Tom De Pauw crowdsurfing during ‘Blindfold’s set (pic by Vik B.)

Jean-Paul Frijns crowdsurfing… (pic by ?; with Hans Verbeke, Jan Claus, Brob Tilt, etc. – & is that Willy Hiatus in front of the bar?)

excerpts from the V.V. guestbook:

additions wellcome!…

  1. Brob Tilt! says:

    For an interview with Kurt & David of ‘Shortsight’, go to: Shortsight (interview Tilt! #8)

  2. Jean-Paul Frijns says:

    Holger was at that time the ‘IxC’ bassplayer (later replaced by Dirk). I’m not sure about Mille but I think he was the vocalist at that time.

  3. Rob Franssen says:

    Red Edge was just a name for some kids that were SxE and politically left orientated. L.S.C. was a crew, a bunch of friends from the south of Limburg (Nl) and the Ruhr-area (Ger). More a joke than something serious…

  4. Diana Boerkamp says:

    No doubt I was at this ‘M.L.B.’ concert: I was together with Big at that time. All the people mentioned here are, or were, people I knew or friends. Memories, memories…

  5. Nathalie Depuydt says:

    In these days there was no such thing as a ‘H8000 crew’.
    [Brob: Correct Nathalie…I could have used that tag but I just wanted to indicate it was the ‘pre-history’ of that.]

    • Nathalie says:

      But the term ‘8000 crew’ was already used (see flyer). Just trying to be precise ;-)
      [Brob: Appreciate that Nathalie… I think the flyer was done by Ward…]

  6. Brob Tilt! says:

    For an interview with ‘Blindfold’ (1992), go to: Blindfold (interview Tilt! #7)

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